South Park

Season 16 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2012 on Comedy Central

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  • I thought it was genius!

    The way they talked about religion in this episode was just great, and this episode had a great message and great writing. I'm not sure where the Cartman converting to Judaism thing will go in the future, but judging on Kyle's tone, it won't last long.
  • CARTMAN empathizes??

    Very interesting episode...makes fun of all those phony Ghost Hunter and Expedition shows. Also makes some interesting comments about how God is perceicing as all loving by Christians and hateful (sometimes) by Jews. I loved the flashback scene to Ancient Egypt. What I found quite "off" was the END. You mean CARTMAN, good old Jew ribbing Cartman, who did the episode The Passion Of The actually feeling remorse and a change of heart about the way Jews see God vs Christians. I would have expected Cartman to at leats devise a brilliant and ***ed at the same time way to COUNTER any empathy toward Judaism or its beliefs. Does this make Cartman a Christian traitor or a moe UNDERSTANDING person....or Both,. or do you all buy the ending..somehow I like Cartman the way he WAS before this episode lol PS--we are 4 episodes into Season 16 and I see many mixed reviews so as of this point this season is obviously not their best.
  • yea...

    well its quite obviously about ghost hunters international :D they go into jungle to be scared of voices and stuff when theres animals all over u... its quite funny
  • Ehhhhhhh

    This season hasn't been so good... This episode kinda sucked..
  • Good Ol' Cartman

    This episode was pretty different - they didn't add many outside sources (other than the food place), and although not many rib-cracking jokes were made, the entire concept was funny. I love the episodes with blood and time travel, and this one had both! They brought back Cartman in the beginning - the Jew hating Cartman, which brought back some memories. I really liked the lamb slaughtering and the ancient Egypt part, a nice touch - it didn't end on a laugh though, which honestly didn't like, but overall, it is still South Park, and this show at its worst, is still pretty good...
  • Not the best but enjoyable.

    Was an decent episode but nothing compared to previous ones. Previous season was better than this one in my opinion.
  • fair episode

    what i liked- the beginning, cartman dressed as a bunny, the ending with cartman being jewish (i wonder if this is for real or if he is going to resort back to being his usual self next episode), the entire third act, etc.

    This was decent, but man was it dark. I don't mind dark episodes of TV Shows, or comedies in general, if there is enough humor, but sadly, this episode did not have much humor. There were some funny parts but near the middle of this episode, it got pretty dark and seemingly left out some potential for humor. Still a decent episode though, C+/B- or so as my final grade