South Park

Season 5 Episode 13

Kenny Dies

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 2001 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

A truck carrying aborted fetuses for research goes over the side of a mountain. A passing Eric Cartman takes possession of the cargo. With all the recent talk about stem cell research he plans to sell them for a lot of money. Meanwhile the other boys are lighting cow crap on fire and Kenny shows signs of an illness. Cartman tells the others of his plans. Cartman tries selling his fetuses, but when the government changes the rules, Cartman is out of the money. Back at school, Stan and Kyle are called out of class to see the principal. In the office Mr. Mackey, Chef, Principal Victoria and their parents tell them about Kenny's terminal illness.

Stan and Kyle tell Cartman about Kenny and they all go to visit him. Stan has a problem seeing Kenny in the hospital. Cartman promises to find a cure for Kenny. Kyle sees him crying. Cartman goes to one of his possible clients to learn everything he can about stem cell research and he learns that stem cells can replicate an item just by being placed beside it.

The Make-A-Wish foundation stops by the hospital to offer Kenny a wish. His first choice is not to die. They counter with Madonna and he declines. Chef talks with Stan to help him understand. In Washington, DC, Cartman appears before Congress to appeal them to restore stem cell research. His sings Asia's "Heat of Moment" and the whole assembly joins in.

Congress lifts the ban on stem cell research and Cartman is getting women to sell their fetuses for research. Stan goes to the hospital only to find that Kenny's room is vacant. At the funeral Cartman comes in to tell Kyle and Stan to come out and witness his miracle. Using the stem cells of unborn fetuses, Cartman was able to create his own Shakey's along side of an existing one!

Kenny dies from his disease and is officially dead with this passing and he will "allegedly" never die again after this episode.