South Park

Season 5 Episode 13

Kenny Dies

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • Seriously Emotional and Real

    I see a lot of reviews that think that Cartman had selfish intentions all along, but the scene where he visits the stem cell research lab after seeing Kenny in the hospital, is where he get the inspiration for building the Shakey's Pizza with stem cells. Up until that point, he was acting out of genuine care and concern for his friend, but then found that he could potentially build a clone of the pizza place with stem cells and switches focus. The ending still make Cartman quite evil in many ways, but is still capable of real human emotion. His scene, crying in Kyle's arms to me was very real, the seed hadn't been planted yet for personal selfish gain.

    Overall, this episode is one of the most emotional episodes of TV I've ever seen. I was accused of having a heart of stone by many, because I can see sad storylines coming from a mile away and I get mad at lazy writers for trying to tug at my heart strings, but this episode of South Park handled the situation of Kenny's death in a very real, raw, genuine way that brought a tear to me eye on more than one occasion (started when they were first told, when they first visit Kenny, Stan and Kyles conversation outside the hospital, Cartman's senate plea and subsequent song and when Stan finally showed to see Kenny).

    To me personally, this is an achievement in story telling unlike anything I've seen. Yes it's first and foremost a crude, but clever comedy show, but this episode transcends that or even most drama's. I think this is one of their best episodes to date, but is lacking on the typical joke front, choosing to pepper in the jokes to break tension, instead of it leading the storyline.
  • I guess there is something inside this show after all.

    This episode was emotional. Unlike some animated shows, including Family Guy, this show is one of the only animated programs that has something more than comedy. Despite it's dumbness, there is some good and touching moments inside them. It was sorta sad watching Kenny die. Really was.
  • I liked Kenny

    Yeah Kenny was awesome but the death scenes were getting a little old but they were funny for awhile. Thats why i'm glad in the later seasons, they kill him but they don't kill him as much. Anyways Kenny died and we were all suppose to assume this meant forever but i'm glad they brought him back, having butters and twitch replace kenny wasn't that good of a idea. I think they both suck. Cartman of course doesn't care and trys to take advantage of kennys death. If this was permently the death of kenny i would probably get it a higher rating
  • perfect

    Kenny becomes seriously sick, and in the hospital, and doctors do not think he has much time to live. Stan can't live with this fact. Cartman tries to supposedly help Kenny. Is there anything anyone can do? Or is Kenny about to really be dead?

    Good episode. Someone I talked to said that this episode was satirical, but I don't care; it was a sad episode. Whether or not it was trying to be, it was. It had some funny parts but it was also a pretty sad episode, I think so. And the plot was good. So, my final grade for this episode is an A+
  • Best ending of a South Park episode.

    Kenny dies slowly, painfully and for real in this episode, and Cartman paints a revealing portrait of himself in one of the sickest and funniest episode endings of an installment of South Park. Working feverishly with stem cells obtained from a truckload of aborted fetuses, Cartman manages to grow his very own Shakey's pizza franchise while Kenny kicks the bucket. This was a four star howler of an episode and one of the most memorable episodes of the series. One derives a major sense of satisfaction as Kyle beats the holy living snot out of Cartman in retaliation for being such an amoral little piglet as his little friend lay dying. I laughed myself into a hemorrhage! Four gold stars!
  • "Where's Stan"

    Oh my gosh. This episode proves what many of South Parks' detractor's thought impossible. South Park's got Heart. The episode starts with the words, "And now a very special episode of South Park". I thought they might parody the very special episode to pieces, but this really is a serious episode. There are a few jokes here and there but mostly it's just really sad. The social commentary isn't hard to see. But I found Cartman's own lack of conscience at the end unbearable. If it wouldn't have had that last "joke" the episode would have been absolutely perfect.

    In the end, this really is a very special episode of south park.
  • This was the most emotinal epsiode EVA!!

    Seriously! Kenny dies every single episode (not really, but still...) but comes back, like a little useless character. But, this episode had made everyone care about a terminal disease Kenny has. Stan was the most emotional, as he thinks he is Kenny's worst "f-f-f-friend." Kyle, though also emotional, bottles it up and still keeps a happy exposition, until the very end. And Cartman - though is still a bass n this eppoe - still goive a crud to Kenny! He even sang to Congress! It made me cry until Stan went, "hy! I'm not Kenny's worst f-f-f-f-riend! Cartman is!" It made me laugh and cry and... this episode is perfect!

    If you wanna escape the from comedy of South Park once in a while, this episode has the perfect touch. Hope this episode makes you cry... You cannont not cry in this ep.
  • actually a good ... and sad episode.

    in this episode Kenny died ... AGAIN! but this isn't the average "OMG, u killed Kenny " or " OMG, Kenny's dead!" episode. He actually stays dead for most of the season. Anywhy, Kenny dies and Cartman ACTUALLY gives a crap that he's gonna die! Stan doesn't even want to see Kenny in his condition and , so, Kenny's last words, according to Kyle, was " Where's Stan? " Stan feels bad a says that he's Kenny's worst friend. But, by the end of the episode, he finds out and say that Cartman is , because, instead of helping Kenny live after finding fetuses or whatever ,he makes a new Shakeys.
  • a very special episode

    This episode shows that everybody cares for Kenny, Stan cares for him so much that he does'nt like it seeing kenny die.

    I'm also suprised at cartman at this episode, I thought at first that he really cared for kenny, but at the end I got really uypset at his attitude

    Kenny to me is the Hero of the group, you guys see him die in every episode but look at some of his deaths closely, you can see that he sacrificed his life to help his friends.

    A very special episode, you're not a southpark fan until you watch "Kenny Dies".

    it's to painful for me to see kenny die at every episode but finally he can rest in peace
  • Oh my God...they really did kill Kenny.

    I hadn't seen this episode until a few days ago. In fact I had always wondered where Kenny was in the majority of the season six episode where he is, of course, absent until returning in the season six finale. So when I watched the episode I was in for a bit of a shot. Honestly, the words that came out of my mouth were 'Oh my God...they really did kill Kenny.' The entire storyline is not only touching, but really shows the versitility of South Park. I actually cried at this episode after seeing Stan so valiantly running to see his friend only to have Kyle tell him that he had died. And Cartman hugging Kyle was a surprise as well, proving that humanity does exist in Eric Cartman. I really do think Cartman's original plan was to save Kenny with the stem cell reseach. And despite all the sadness the episode maintained the humor South Park is known for, making me laugh when Cartman sang 'Heat of the Moment' to Congress and actually hearing Butters utter the words 'You're breaking my balls.' One of the best episodes of the series in my eyes, and the saddest one. The only upsetting part: the ending.
  • This was probably the only thing one Earth that ever made me cry a little, but has no real effect on my life whatsoever. I'm such a girl!

    The episode was pretty funny in the beginning, like when there was a laugh track in the abortion clinic, only turning out to be the TV. You could sort of see coming that for how insignificant Kenny's cough in the beginning was, they had to incorporate it later. However, you don't see it coming that when Stan and Kyle get called into the principal's office, that it had anything to do with Kenny. At first, when they keep saying: "Kenny can't die!" you'd probably expect the turn out to be different. Well, when Stan finally went into that hospital to face Kenny and he was gone and Kyle said his last words were "Where's Stan's?", it seriously brought a tear to my eye. This was a fantastically written episode and the only thing I've ever cried over that has no influence on how I live my life.
  • Oh my god they really killed kenny!

    This episode was funny yet upsetting at the same time.
    At the start it is mostly funny. Cartman finds a truck of fetuses and trys to sell them to all sorts of places. Meanwhile Kenny begins to have a bad cough. After a few days the boys find out Kenny's cough is more then just a cough it turns out he has a terminal vascular disease. From this point most of the episode is very sad and almost made me cry a few times. Stan cant handle the fact the Kenny is really dieing and Cartman seems like the most concerned but in the end instead of saving Kenny, He made his own Shakey's pizza.
  • The boys lose one of their best fuh-fuh-fuh-friends.

    Oh. My. God. This episode was so close to being perfect, at the start it was fairly funny, but it turned into an amazingly sad episode and I will never forget it. Cartman trying to sell those fetuses was incredibly funny, escpecially some of his one liners, 'fetal mistake', 'I wasn't born yesterday either' etc. etc. I liked the boys reaction to Kenny dying, since they don't usually react to when Kenny dies. Cartman was very touching throughout the episode and the only reason this episode didn't get a 10 was because it failed to have a touching ending. I don't think you should have a sad, touching episode finish with a sadistical twist.
  • "He just said 'Where's Stan?'"

    Oh, this episode was so sad. Perhaps it was made even more so by the fact that it's SOUTH PARK we're talking about, here. It's so rare that anything is taken too seriously in this show, yet we have this episode, which is truly a tearjerker if there ever was one. .
    The fact that Stan can't stand to see his friend die is touching. It's a natural reaction to a situation of that caliber. What's even sadder, however, is how badly Kenny wanted to see Stan, and then when he finally came...Kenny had died. This point is only driven home when Kyle tells Stan that "He just said 'Where's Stan?'" .
    Cartman actually acted like a human being through the majority of this episode. He showed that he actually cared about Kenny when he cried in Kyle's arms. Even more so when he went in front of congress and sang "In the Heat of the Moment" (which always makes me laugh and cry at the same time). However, we find out it was all a ruse so that he could get his own Shakey's, but it makes Stan feel better about himself. "I wasn't his worst fa-fa-friend! Cartman was!" .
    However, I'm not entirely sure getting a Shakey's was Cartman's intent all along. When he went to the lab, he stated that he had no idea what the doctor was talking about when he started explaining Stem Cells. If this was true, and he didn't know the function of Stem Cells, than he couldn't have planned the Shakey's scheme the entire time. He probably actually DID care about Kenny, but figured 'Hey, free Shakey's' by the end. In another light, you could even say he did that to make Stan feel better about himself, but that seems a little bit TOO nice for Cartman. .
    Either way, this was an amazing episode. Serious and funny at the same time. I'd recommend that you go watch it.
  • this episode really got to anyone who watched it...

    it showed alot about the relationships between Kenny and the others... especially Stan and that i think is really what makes this episode so sad yet brilliant... his friends and families reactions... It also brought up the fact of how not even Kenny was prepared for death and that Cartman truly cared (well kind of...) Matt Stone did what he had to though that you cant blame him for... lifting the ban on stem cells supposedly for Kenny but then using it to build a new Shakeys and the abuse of butters brang the humour into this otherwise sad heartmelting episode....
  • This episode is ironic on so many levels

    Cartman shows a glimpse of humanity by crying when he finds out about Kenny's imminent death. Everyone seems shocked that Kenny is dieing, and say it with a different intonation then when they normally say "oh my god they killed Kenny" this whole episode is moving but it's not rolling on the floor funny. There were funny moments. I can't say I was too sad Kenny died because I loved watching Butters. They abused him so much but it's so funny.
  • "You know, I'm just like the fetuses Chuck. I wasn't born yesterday either."

    In this episode Kenny... really... DIES! Actualy it could get some emotion which is strange for a South Park episode, kinda like some Simpsons episodes where you feel sad for the family.In this parody of Stem Cell Research [hey I'm just guessing] Cartman lifts the ban on Stem Cell Research to help Kenny... then he dies and Cartman uses them to build a new Shakeys. I liked the joke's about Maddona, God, Stem Cells and Erics constand line "you're breaking my balls". I also thought that that song "Heat of the Moment" was sang quite well by Eric. All in all this was a very heartfelt episode [ruined by Eric at the end ;)] and I loved it.
  • Kenny dies for good.

    The boys are catching poop on fire when Kenny starts coffing. Cartman finds a truck full of 33 fetis. He trys to sell them. Stan and Kyle are called out of school and it turns out Kenny had a terminal illness and he was dying. Stan didn't wasnt to visit him because he was so sad. Meanwhile, Cartman talks to a scientist and he finds out if he can get the law passed again to allow Stem Cell Research he could save Kenny. He gets the law passed, but it was to late. When Stan finally goes to see Kenny he is already dead. Cartman uses the fetis to build a duplicate of a restraunt and Kyle beats him up. Stan realizes that he is not Kennys worst friend. I really liked this episode and it is very sad.

    One Of The Sad Lines Of The Episode
    Kyle: Stan, you can't leave!
    Stan: I'm not the one who's leaving, he is!
  • Kenny dies... For good.And kenny is my favourite charecter. =(

    it was a real tearjerker kenny dies but he always dies. but for good this time...He gets a terminal illness which results in his death.And cartman goes down to his low. i never thought i\'d see him cry.When Kenny dies he decides to copy shakeys pizza. and kyle well beats the living daylight out of him. it was a great episode i definatly want to watch it again. stan stutters all the time when he says friend. kenny is my favourite charecter but i hope to see more of him in the futer of south park my review 10/10. by
    south parker.=)
  • Kenny dies in this episode and dosen't return for a while.

    This was a very sad episode. Kenny is loosing musle tissue due to a bad disease and is slowly dieing on his death bed at the hospital. Stan can not stand to see Kenny like that and runs out crying. Kyle seems to care a lot about Kenny in this episode. Cartmen can't stand it either and plans to find a cure for Kenny. He gets the Government to continue to allow stem cell research at science labs. In the end Kenny dies wondering where Stan is, Stan feels guilty about leaving him but feels better when he find out that Cartmen used the stems cells to creat a depulate store and that he is the real "Kenny's worst friend".
  • Incredibly humorous and surprisingly touching. We definitely see Cartman at his worst here.

    I definitely have to applaud Matt and Trey for having the nerve to try something different. Kenny dying in a SP episode is like Homer Simpson screaming "D'oh": it just seems to come naturally. So imagine our surprise when instead of the usual, "Kenny-dies-in-some-over-the-top" fashion of most episodes, they have one that's actually treated in a very serious light with him slowly dying from a disease. In particular Stan can't stand seeing Kenny's slowing decaying body hooked up to all the machines. Even Cartman, who we've come to expect as a brat that doesn't care about anybody but himself, surprises us by showing up to visit Kenny bedside, and moments after this he bursts into tears in Kyle's arms, followed by him vowing to try and find a way to save his friend. Stem cells could provide the cure, but with them now banned by the government, he has to attempt to convince them to lift the ban.

    Despite the drama, there are many humorous moments here. Cartman first uses his, "You're breaking my balls" line, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation gets hilariously lampooned ("He said his wish is not to die. "........Okay. And if you had two wishes, then what would the second one be?"). Chef telling a distraught Stan why God lets bad things happen (he needs to drink the tears of humans in order to keep his power!) is a must-see and done in classic South Park style. And the moment where Cartman sings Heat of the Moment at the Senate is anything but unenjoyable. But in another shockingly heart-breaking moment, Stan finally racks up the nerve to see Kenny in the hospital, only to learn that he died a short while ago.

    The surprise ending where it turns out that Cartman was never really trying to save Kenny's life, but instead use stem cell research to create his own pizza place, is an absolute classic SP moment. This is a truly defining Cartman scene. Without any more doubt, we now know he is and will forever be an evil, selfish, little brat that doesn't think of others at all, and will use anything to his personal gain. Kyle going berserk and attacking Cartman is a perfect way to end one of the best episodes of the show.
  • 78th Episode

    When I saw this episode, I thought it was pretty funny that they devoted a whole episode to Kenny's death instead of a few seconds when we knew that he would be back the next episode anyway but it turns out I was wrong.

    Upon seeing later episodes, I realised that Kenny actually was dead and I thought it was odd of the show to kill off Kenny as his deaths are one of the funniest parts of the show, though he didn't bring much else to the table since nobody could understand him.

    Overall, this episode is quite funny, especially Cartman's quest but once you realise that Kenny isn't just temporarily dead, it makes the episode that much more special.
  • Kenny Dies! At least not for real!

    This episod was really sad! Kenny gets a disese. Especially the mean ending! I mean, Cartman could of made Kenny live, and the next season wouldn't be as boring. Without Kenny, the show isn't as funny, with his "mmmmm mmm mmm!" and "mmmm mm mmmmmm!!!" His lines are funny. I'm glad he's back in "Red Sleigh Down"! I love that episode! Also, Butters could never replace Kenny. Butter was good in "The Death of Eric Cartman" though! South Park would never be the same. I'm glad Kenny toys made good sales, or he would of never came back! At least he's not permanently dead...
  • A sad episode marking the (temporary) death of one of the funniest characters of South Park. Yet it's filler, so not recommended.

    The tone of the otherwise funny and satirical series South Park reaches drama after Kenny comes down with a terminal illness soon to die. Cartman is fighting to get the U.S. government to legalize stem-cell research in order to save Kenny's life. But when he's done, it's already too late, and Kenny dies. Woudln't really suggest this ep to anyone who hasn't seen the sixth season, the worst season of South Park ever! I mean, I just HAD to watch this since i already saw two episode in season 6 that dealt with resurreting Kenny. If you've seen the eps "Ladder to Heaven", "Biggest douche in the Universe", and "Red Sleigh Down", this can help fill in a plothole. Otherwise, avoid this filler.
  • Kenny dies, FOR REAL!!!

    In this episode, Kenny actually dies (I know). Stan, Kyle, and yes, even Cartman, are all upset about this. Stan has trouble dealing with is, Kyle tries to comfort Kenny, and Cartman tells Kenny that he is his best friend and tries to save him (but changes his mind at the end). Cartman convinces congress to lift the ban on stem cell research after speaking to a scientist about stem cells. Meanwhile, Stan talks to Chef about Kenny dieing, he finally convinces Stan to go see Kenny but unfortunately Kenny dies, later at the funeral Cartman comes in and says he got enough fetuses to make his own Shaky’s pizza, Stan and Kyle are disgusted.
    I know its Cartman, but I really believe he cared about Kenny; he is Cartman’s best friend. Reasons why I think this, Kenny, in past episodes, he usually helps or teams up with Cartman ex: eps Clubhouse, Red Badge of Gayness, and World Wide Record Concert, Kenny is the only one of the four main boys to call him by his first name Eric ( he does this a few times), and Cartman usually only sings he hates Stan and Kyle, and apparently Cartman and Kenny have best friend forever medallions (weird). What I think might of happened, MIGHT, is that Cartman cared about Kenny then changed his mind when he heard about the pizza thing, or he tried to help Kenny but Kenny died but kept using Kenny as an excuse to get more fetuses.
  • In this episode Kenny dies for real. Until later in the show. (Which is good)

    I totally cried at the end when Stan went into Kenny\'s empty hospital room. It was so sweet that they cared so much. But Cartman... you think he\'d grown a heart but he goes and ruins it. But I\'m glad Kenny doesn\'t STAY dead... I love him too much. =)
  • For once, Kenny's death is not funny! Why? It lasts a long time.

    This is the first time Kenny's death will ever be taken seriously, and it never will again for this is the last time he'll ever die. Not because he dies forever. He comes back eventually, but because he never dies in the future eps. This episode was great, though I am shocked that people are taking Kenny's death more seriously than Chef's death in season 10! I can't believe this episode got better results! At least Kenny comes back eventually! Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself, here. Anyway, this episode marks Kenny's only real death and for once, one can actually feel sorry for the guy. For once, his death is for real.
  • in this eppi kenny dies(for good but he then comes back later in the series)

    in this eppi kenny dies(for good but he then comes back later in the series)anyways this episode litary made for cry it was just so touching and kinda funny at the same time and it was so sad how stan reacted toward the whole sistuation so if you havent seen this eppi then you should and make sure to get some tissues
  • man...this was a sad one...

    oh my...they finally killed, i almost cried while watching this episode, and i dont cry...not even at real funerals...seriously, im laying on the couch, and my little brother comes up to me and says *cassie, are you crying?* *no* i said, but i really was. it was so sad...
  • Too much boring mellodrama, not enough humor

    As you might have guessed, Kenny dies in "Kenny Dies," this time for good. That is, until the end of Season Six. This episode is filled with boring and irritating mellodrama that is over the top and annoying. While I will admit the episode is very sad and a lot of the mellodrama worked, I watch South Park for the humor, and this episode didn't have that. Funny moments include Madonna, and Cartman's final use of all his stem cells, but this episode fails in keeping the attention of the viewer and ultimately plunges into boring mellodrama. It was better when Kenny would die and come back the next episode, those were the good days.
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