South Park

Season 5 Episode 13

Kenny Dies

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 2001 on Comedy Central



  • Quotes

    • Principal: Hello, boys.
      Stan: Wait, what's going on here?
      Kyle: Alright look, we don't know for sure why Cartman is ditching school, but it has something to do with abortions.That's all we know.
      Mr. Mackey: You didn't do anything wrong, boys; We just need to talk to you. Have a seat.
      (Stan and Kyle sit down)
      Mr. Mackey: Well boys, your little friend, Kenny, went to the hospital last night, m'kay? And well...he's pretty sick.
      Kyle: Kenny's sick?
      Stan: Well, how sick?
      Chef: Children, Kenny has been diagnosed with a terminal disease.
      Stan: But the doctor's are gonna make him better, right?
      Sharon: Oh, dear.
      Stan But mom, that's what hospitals are for, they can make him better.
      Sharon: Oh, Randy.
      Randy: They don't think so, Stanley. Your friend is terminally ill, and that means--well son...that means he's gonna be going to Heaven soon.
      Kyle: Wait, Kenny's going to die?
      Gerald: He might, Kyle.
      Stan: But he's our f-f-friend.
      Mr. Mackey: We know, and that's why he's going to need you boys to be strong for him, m'kay? He needs you now, more then ever.
      Stan: No! This can't happen! Kenny can't die! Kenny can't die!
      (Stan begins sobbing into his dad's shoulder)