South Park

Season 3 Episode 10

Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 27, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • A nearly flawless episode

    Not only is this episode a fun Halloween devoted chapter, but is also a spoof of old Scooby Doo cartoons and does it all perfectly. Guest stars Korn represent the Scooby Gang as they enter South Park for a concert, and everything from their dialogue to the animation of their characters is perfect parody.

    There is so much that is 'right' with this episode that it is difficult to review it. Everything from the witty one-liners (Stan's slam at the local easy listening radiostation booth), the spoofs (Kenny's costume) and signature character jokes (the crowds instant transformation into "lynch mob", Cartman's lack of sensitivity) are all perfectly delivered. I laughed throughout the entire episode. One of my favourites!

    And the crude cemetery watchmen were hilarious!
  • A great episode with my favorite rock band and parody of Scooby-Doo

    The boys meet metal band Korn to solve a mystery of who's screwing up Halloween in South Park. This is a well written funny episode making fun of Scooby-Doo and putting up Korn in there. In fact, they even perform "Falling Away From Me" to end the episode, which I feel made the ep very structured and worth watching.
  • A periody of Scooby-Doo,in the form of a rock band...hmmmmm... totally lol gotta watch tho.=p

    The boys are having trouble with the 5th graders on halloween,so they attempt to dig up kyles dead grandma in order to scare them...Meanwhile the hard rock band...Corn are scadualed to play in south park but they run into some pirate ghosts... its a Scooby-Doo periody that will make you laugh your socks off.They find that Kyles granny has been dug up.And the 5th graders threaten to scare them on halloween.Kenny enters a halloween costume with a totally awsome costume...a robot. But he loses lol to wendy who is dress in a really fake Chubacca costume that you can tell has been drawn. =p c ya, South_Parker!
  • Different styles of animation are always welcome on South Park. Not because the animation sucks otherwise, but because playing with the nature of the animation has always been a large part of South Park.

    Different styles of animation are always welcome on South Park. Not because the animation sucks otherwise, but because playing with the nature of the animation has always been a large part of South Park.

    That being said, it was incredibly rewarding to see the boys of South Park meet the boys of the mystery-solving band Korn, animated to look like the mystery-solving teens on Scooby-Doo. The episode was at times transformed into a Scooby-Doo episode, to hilarious results.

    They also play on some of the other Scooby-Doo conventions, such as the lame dialogue, lame disguises, and lame chase scenes.

    In all, this groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery is a success.
  • Korn comes to South Park to promote the new Halloween party. Pirate ghosts soon invade the town.

    I didn't particularly like this episode and I much ratehr preferred the past 2 Halloween specials. Korn comes to South Park but on the way there they see Pirate Ghosts. They go to South Park anyhow and attempt to get rid of the ghosts which turn out to not really be ghosts at all! It is just Father Maxi who is upset about the evil nature of Halloween. He was using shadows to make ghosts. I thought this episode was a filler episode because I really did not particularly like it. But oh well, a true fan should watch it, just to gain an opinion.
  • I liked this episode a fair bit, really out there!

    This episode was very, very different to every other South Park I have seen so far. And I thought it was different in a good way. Father Maxi added intrigue to the episode, as I didn't know of the Catholic Church's stance on Halloween, well, I don't really know much of Halloween since I'm an Aussie. The special guest appearance of Korn was pretty funny and Kenny's halloween costume was pretty awesome, while his death was really quite disappointing. Maybe they should have stopped killing him off earlier. Cartman's 'Christmas present' was without a doubt the funniest aspect of the episode.
  • Korn's Groovy Private Ghost Mystery

    So, we are at one of the worst episodes ever here, and even if I do adore the badn Korn and their headachin` excellent tunes - this episode is just way below Trey and Matt's genius mind. Come on lads! If you are going to start Season 3 with one of the best episodes and then go down hill - How crappy of men can you be?
    Korn go on a Scooby-Doo type mystery, what else can I really say apart from "crap", maybe? Not one of the best episodes, I can assure you - or reasure you. Worst episode.
    >:( Crap.
  • Worst... episode... ever.

    I really did NOT like this episode... it did have it's moments, but it seemed more like a cheesy way to promote an upcoming album. And KoRn? Really? You're kidding, right? Anyway, this one is centered around Halloween, and a haunting at the local docks, with KoRn stuck in the middle because their van just happen to break down while traveling through South Park. Yes, they do their own voices, and yes they were terrible voice-over artists - do I need to bring up their musical ability here? The episode progressively gets worse with a "scooby-doo"esque ending, and then tops off the terrible-ness with a "sneak preview" of one of KoRn's new songs (at the time). BLEH!!! Not typical South Park style and I'm glad to see it was the only one of it's kind.
  • 3rd of the halloween spiechials, and probibly one of the best

    this south park ep, has a different tone to it. korn comes to south park and helps solve a mystery, scooby doo awesomeness insues. it was awesome. at first, i thought it was a bad ep, because it was the animation,. but it was hilarious. it marks number 1 on my top five. witch is:#1 korns groovy pirate ghost mystery
    #2 chinpokomon
    #3 canada on strike
    its a great ep. check it out. and the ending was freakin awesome. with kenny in that sute, awesome. d d d d d hhh hh h h h h h h h h hh h j jj j j
  • Southpark Halloween masterpiece!

    South Park does Halloween like no other show in existence. In a twisted parody of the Scooby Do cartoon mysteries, The band Korn helps the boys solve the mystery of the 'ghost pirates', and tries to help figure out what a bunch of pirates are doing in the landlocked state of Colorado in the first place. And all the while, the boys are trying to figure out what they're gonna do now that a stray dog has eaten the freshly dug up corps of Kyle's grandmother, disinterred by the lads for use in a Halloween prank. Another masterwork of bad taste from Trey Parker and the gang!
  • a scooby doo parody with KoRn

    I thought this episode was hilarious because korn and the gang were trying to figure out who the pirate ghosts were, in scooby doo style. It was funny how they always used words like "Groovy" and "swell". so, the gang was going to scare the 5th graders for scaring them by digging up Kyle's dead grandma to scare them. This episode was very funny and groovy and the pirate ghost mystery is solved. At the end, KoRn performs their song "Falling away from me", as their new single then. the song was pretty groovy. so this episode was cool and stuff.