South Park

Season 7 Episode 2

Krazy Kripples

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 26, 2003 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

It is stand up comedy night for Jimmy. The only problem is that there is no one in the audience, except for Butters. Everyone else in town is seeing an appearance by Christopher Reeve. Jimmy is outraged and he goes to where Christopher Reeve is making an appearance to support Stem Cell research. Jimmy finds the boys and is angry with them for not showing up, he put together a comedy show and he has been crippled since birth (unlike Reeve). Stan and the boys decide that they should probably stay out of this fight and decide to go off and play with their trucks. Jimmy finds a kindred spirit in Timmy. Christopher promises everyone that in the coming days he will prove that Stem Cell research is a miracle. Jimmy and Timmy form a club for those who have been crippled since birth. They flaunt it in front of the boys, who don't want anything to do with it. Jimmy and Timmy try to get T-shirts made for their new club, "The Crips." They find out that Denver all ready has a club with that name. So they go to Denver to join up. Meanwhile on the Larry King Show Christopher Reeve shows that Stem Cell research has allowed him to raise his arms. Reeve illustrates how he gets Stem Cells to help him out, by taking a fetus and cracking the back of its neck open and sucking out the insides. It affects him immediately by giving him a greater mobility with his arms. Meanwhile, in a run-down neighborhood in Denver, Jimmy and Timmy look for "The Crips." They find them and introduce themselves. To join they first have to "pop some punk ass Bloods." Jimmy and Timmy travel to the convenience store where "The Bloods" are hanging out. As they are crossing the street a tanker truck crashes into the store, killing 13 members of "The Bloods." With all these kills in one night, Jimmy and Timmy are full members of "The Crips."

Back in South Park, Jimmy's parents are becoming worried about their son's new friends. At the Stem Cell Research Center, Christopher Reeve announces to everyone present that with the help of Stem Cells he can now stand. At City Wok, Jimmy and Timmy (dressed in their gang paraphernalia) come in to order some Chinese Food. The owner (who doesn't want any trouble) gives them all the money out of his cash register and their food order. Jimmy's parents talk with him about his recent behavior. He tells them that he can't tell them about his new super-secret club. Christopher Reeve is pacing, awaiting his arrival of new fetuses. His old movie nemesis, Gene Hackman tries to talk him into playing with the hand he has been dealt. Reeve refuses and no longer wants to be called Christopher; he now just wants to be called "Chris." At Jimmy's house, "The Bloods" arrive in a car and attempt to exact revenge by killing Jimmy. The special gang unit from Denver comes to make a report and determine the only way these boys (Jimmy and Timmy) are going to get out of their gang is to get killed. Jimmy realizes that something must be done to bring "The Crips" and "The Bloods" together. He decides that a lock-in at the recreation center is the solution. He'll bring "The Bloods" and Timmy will bring "The Crips" to the center, where they will be locked in overnight.

Christopher Reeve shows off his new strength, garnered from the Stem Cells. Hackman continues to try talking him out of his Stem Cell about. Reeve responds by picking up a car and throws it at Hackman and the crowd. Then Reeve bounces out of town laughing manically all the way. In Denver the gangs have been assembled at the recreation center and are poised on the brink of an all out war. In the meantime, Christopher Reeve has set up "A Legion of Doom" with Bin Laden, Saddam, Professor Chaos, General Disarray and others. Reeve's only purpose in forming this group is to get rid of Hackman. Gene Hackman and others enter the Legion's headquarters to inform Reeve that a ban has been placed on Stem Cell Research and that "his fetus sucking days are over." Hackman also promises that Reeve is going to be put into a place where he will never be able to touch another fetus again. The gangs are ready to fight, until a Jimmy says "C'mon" at the right time that causes both gangs to decide to try having fun together. Some of the gang write and perform a song about it. Up in space, Christopher Reeve is spinning off into the distance in a "Phantom Zone" threatening Hackman that he will be back. Back on the ground, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny are glad they've kept out of this one.