South Park

Season 7 Episode 2

Krazy Kripples

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 26, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • No Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and still a great episode. (Spoliers)

    Usually episodes without Kyle, Kenny, Stan, or Cartman are pretty weak episodes (Pip, T&P not with my anus) but this one manages to pull of a great episode without the main characters. After Jimmy gets pissed off a Christopher Reed , He and Timmy join the “Crips”. Jimmy and Timmy misinterpret the gain to be for crippled people. Timmy and Jimmy then engage in various gang activities.

    Like I stated before episodes without Kyle, Kenny, Stan, or Cartman usually turn out really weak. But this one manages to find pull it off and make it funny. The saving grace of this episode is of course Jimmy. He manages to misinterpret everything. I love how Jimmy’s parents just seem to ignore him when he tries to get on a chair. This episode is great but would have been a bit better with the main boys in the game but it still turned out great.
  • great

    Jimmy is tired of people worshipping Christopher Reeve, because he thinks only people who were born crippled should be crips. He and Timmy join a gang called the Crips, thinking they were born crippled. But they are a real gang with real rivals. Will Timmy and Jimmy survive the rivaling gangs?

    Pretty good episode. The scenes with Christopher Reeve were a little boring but overall, it was nice to see an episode focused on Timmy and Jimmy. Because of all of this my final grade for this episode is a B or so. Good episode but could have been better
  • Christopher Reeve eats baby fetuses, the handicap children joins a gang,

    I can't even explain how absolutely offensive this episode is. Obviously the handicap children don't have very good parents, for 2 of them go to Denver to join the "crips", thinking it's a club for cripples. But boy, they are WRONG. And Christopher Reeve is wreaking havoc across south park, as he's finally rid of his wheelchair and sucking baby fetuses. On a level of offensiveness, this has to be the most offensive thing South Park has ever done. I feel so bad from laughing at it. Then the gangbangers get Timmy high. Offensive, OFFENSIVE. Yet, you can't help but laugh.
  • Jimmy and Timmy join the Crips thinking that they are people crippled at birth like them. They soon find themselves at war with the Bloods and decide to try to end the feud. Meanwhile, Christopher Reeves is using fetuses to become a supervillian.

    This is a great episode. Anytime you have Jimmy and Timmy together it makes for great television in my opinion. I love watching it over and over again because it has such a high replay value. Just the whole idea of Jimmy and Timmy joining the Crips is great. I love how oblivious they are to everything too. The lock in at the rec. center at the end of the episode is priceless as is the justification for ending the feud between the Crips and the Bloods, "I mean come on." The Christopher Reeves storyline is also great although not as funny as the Jimmy and Timmy plot line.
  • Jimmy and Timmy form their own gang after Christopher Reeve steals their limelight, but discover there's already a gang bearing their name, the violent "Crips".

    Jimmy and Timmy get the chance to shine in this episode, as they form their own gang which means that members have to be crippled from birth. Stan and the others sensibly stay out of it. Meanwhile, Christopher Reeve promotes the use of stem cell research in a strangely psychotic way. Funniest moment has to be the scene where Jimmy and Timmy walk down the street in their gang clothing. All in all, a fairly average episode.