South Park

Season 11 Episode 8

Le Petit Tourette

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2007 on Comedy Central
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After seeing a kid with Tourette's Syndrome at the toy store, Cartman becomes obsessed with it. He finds out that with Tourette's, he can say whatever he wants without consequence. Naturally, he calls Dateline so he can get on National TV and take full advantage of his new found life.


Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Touretter

    As someone who has Tourette's myself, I thought this episode was funny as hell. Sure they got Tourette's way off and have no idea what it really is, but I hope no one is watching South Park for its education value anyway.
  • perfect

    cartman pretends he has tourette's syndrome, so he can swear all he wants without getting in trouble. but kyle does not buy into this and tries to prove to everyone that cartman is lying about having tourette's. is he?

    hilarous episode and one of my favorites. it had a lot of language but it was a hilarious episode pretty much the whole way through. the ending was also funny. overall, my final grade for "Le Petit Tourette" is an A+, and surely it is going to be one of my favorite episodes of the whole series. A fantastic episode methinksmoreless
  • If I could watch this episode all the time, that would be sooooo cool.

    This episode is, in my opinion, one of the best in the series, if not the best. It takes the time to point out that Tourette's is a serious disease, but also pokes fun at it. The fact that Cartman actually begins to lost control of what he says is hilarious, alluding to the fact that he wets the bed and more, and also shows his more vulnerable side, even going as far as to tell Kyle he loves him. The best part of the show for me though, was Craig. Espiecally 'If I could say **** sprinkles on National TV I would be sooooo happy.' The ending stole the show though, with 'Maybe we could hang out some time. I'll do your laundry.' This entire episode is genius.moreless

    look at this. Cartman, tourette s syndrome and kyle trying to break him.A classic south park comedy like the olden days.le petit tourette is my favourite episode.when i watched it, i was laughing so hard i felt sick and happy at the same time.i found nothing bad about this episode.and i found every part of thisa episode entertaining and funny and extremely crude in a great way.cartman pretends to have tourettes so he can say anything he wants at school without gettin in to trouble.good old cartman.while kyle says he is faking it and will try everything to stop him.good old kyle.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED EPISODE.TRUST ME.moreless
  • Ever wonder what Eric Cartman would do or say, if he knew there would be no repercussion?

    Well, the denoument (the last minute) was the perfect way to end this whirlwind episode! I won't spoil it, but I will set you up for it - a classic Kyle vs. Cartman duel, complete with power struggles, mastermind schemes, and unforseen repercussions. When Eric discovers Tourette's Syndrome, somehow he convinces the entire adult community that he also has the affliction. Ever wonder what Eric Cartman would do with a verbal "carte blanche"? I promise he does not disappoint!

    I'll be honest, when I read the plot of the episode, I was unimpressed. Indeed, the first act was kind of slow. But the rest of the episode really came together as time went on.

    Donkey Boner!moreless
Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Herbert Garrison; Officer Barbrady; Terrance; Timmy; Ned Gerblanski; Satan; Randy Ma

Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Gerald Broflovski; Pip Pirrup; Jesus; Jimbo Kearn; Phillip; Saddam; Various Others

Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Voice of Sheila Broflovski; Linda Stotch; Various Others

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • At the Safari Toy Store, the character logo looks strangely similar to the Fruity Super Adventure Club leader from "Return of Chef."

    • When Cartman comes up with a lie to get him to not go on tv he says his grandma just died then says uncontrollably that his grandma is just fine but in the episode Cartmanland his grandma actually is dead.

    • There is a total of 168 swear words and inappropriate words and a total of 9 visible suicide gunshots.

    • Chris Hansen says that when he was on To Catch A Predator, a guy shot himself because he didn't want to be on DATELINE. But the guy would've said he didn't wanna be on "to catch a predator".

    • It appears that Thomas' Mom was holding the PS2 game Okami in the toy store.

    • If you look hard enough in the toy store, you can see the leader of the Super Adventure Club in a picture above the sales associate.

      He is also seen in the in window of the shop in the very first shot.

    • There were more than 30 different obscenities and swear words used in this episode.

    • Craig's wishing he has Tourettes throughout the episode could be a reference to the many fans who thought that he had the disease

    • This episode is the first time we get to see the bathrooms of Whistlin' Willy's.

    • In the toy store there are many background toys that reference things like: World of Warcraft, Diablo, Star Trek, and Star Wars.

    • Cartman is to appear on "Dateline NBC" (as the tv announces); however, later in the episode, at the beginning of the Dateline show, there is an HBC turtle logo in the bottom left corner.

    • Contrary to popular belief, Craig apparently DOES NOT have Tourette Syndrome (he's always flipping people off). He said he wished he could have Tourettes so he could get away with saying bad words.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Cartman: ... ô I've got a golden ticket.. I've got a golden twinkle in my eye.. ô Ha ha haha!
      Cashier: Hey, don't you wanna buy that toy?
      Cartman: I don't need the toy! I've found something better! ô Cuz I've got a golden ticket! I've got a golden chance to make my way! ô
      (runs off dancing)

    • Cartman: Hey Wendy. DUMB BITCH! Oh sorry.

    • Cartman: Excuse me, everyone. I guess you have all noticed my awkward ticks. ASSHOLE! PUSSY ASSHOLE! Ahhh. I just want you to know that I can't control it.
      Principal Victoria: It's okay, Eric. We all understand, and we think you're very brave.
      Kyle: He's faking!! (Pointing at Cartman)

    • Man: Poor kid
      Casher: Yeah!
      Cartman: (Turning around to see everyone) All right!! Hold on just a second here, are you telling me that if you have this Tourette Syndrome you can say what ever you want all the time and never get in trouble?
      Cashier: It's a neurological disorder, he can't help it
      Man: Yeah!

    • Thomas: ASSHOLE, ASSHOLE! (he covers his mouth)
      Cartman: Wait, wait, wait, wow, wow, wow, you're telling me there is an illness that makes you blow out obscenities?

    • Cartman: (Pointing to the Ginger Kid) GINGER RETARD, ASSLICKER DICKFACE!!
      Kyle: Dude, you better watch it, the principal's right over there.
      Cartman: Good Morning, Principal Victoria. SHITBALLS!!
      Principal Victoria: Good Morning Eric.
      Kyle: Did Cartman just say shitballs to the principal?
      Butters: You didn't hear? Well, Cartman has some mental disease called Tourette Syndrome or something.
      Kyle: What?!
      Craig: He is the luckiest kid in the world. if I could say shitballs to the principal I'd be so happy!!

    • Sexual Predator 1: Aw, I knew it. (shoots himself in the head)
      Sexual Predator 2: There aren't really any brownies! (shoots self in head)

    • Thomas: Mom, can we go home now please!?
      Thomas' Mom: It's okay Thomas, they understand.
      Thomas: I want to go!
      (They both walk away)
      Thomas: SHIT FAG!

    • Chris Hansen: Why don't ya take a seat? Take a seat right over there.

    • Cartman: Finally, my wish of going public with my illness can come true. GODDAMN JEWS! SUCK MY ASS BARF!

    • Cartman: Yea! Piss off your ass right onto Kyle's mom's fat f**king Jew face!

    • Craig: If I could say "ass pussy" to the counselor, I would be SO happy.

    • Chris Hansen: It'd be a shame if we tracked you down and you (makes quotes with fingers) "shot yourself."

    • Cartman: Thank you everybody. SUCK MY BALLS!

    • Cartman: I'm going to blast the Jews Kyle.

    • Cartman: (To kid with Tourette's) Isn't having Tourette's awesome?

    • Mrs. Garrison: OK now what do we get when we add a negitive number?
      Cartman: Dick Tits!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Le Petite Mort:

      The title: "Le petit Tourette" might also reference the French nickname for an orgasm: "La petite mort" (the little death). It would mean that this discovery is, in a way, highly exciting to Eric. Which there is obviously no doubt about.

    • NBC:

      When Cartman is waiting backstage to go on Dateline, the poster behind him resembles the NBC peacock (with rainbow feathers), except the animal is actually a turtle with a rainbow shell.

    • To Catch a Predator:

      Louis Conradt, Jr commited suicide after being caught by the show To Catch a Predator. Much like the men in this episode did.

    • Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory:

      Cartman's "I've got a Golden Ticket" song at the beginning and end of the episode is a parody of a song in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory(1971).

    • Bugs Bunny:

      When Kyle is forced to apologize to Cartman. Cartman cocks his head and blinks his eyes just like Bugs Bunny used to do.

    • Title: Le Petit Prince: The title is probably a reference to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's novel, Le Petit Prince.