South Park

Season 11 Episode 8

Le Petit Tourette

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • Touretter

    As someone who has Tourette's myself, I thought this episode was funny as hell. Sure they got Tourette's way off and have no idea what it really is, but I hope no one is watching South Park for its education value anyway.
  • perfect

    cartman pretends he has tourette's syndrome, so he can swear all he wants without getting in trouble. but kyle does not buy into this and tries to prove to everyone that cartman is lying about having tourette's. is he?

    hilarous episode and one of my favorites. it had a lot of language but it was a hilarious episode pretty much the whole way through. the ending was also funny. overall, my final grade for "Le Petit Tourette" is an A+, and surely it is going to be one of my favorite episodes of the whole series. A fantastic episode methinks
  • If I could watch this episode all the time, that would be sooooo cool.

    This episode is, in my opinion, one of the best in the series, if not the best. It takes the time to point out that Tourette's is a serious disease, but also pokes fun at it. The fact that Cartman actually begins to lost control of what he says is hilarious, alluding to the fact that he wets the bed and more, and also shows his more vulnerable side, even going as far as to tell Kyle he loves him. The best part of the show for me though, was Craig. Espiecally 'If I could say **** sprinkles on National TV I would be sooooo happy.' The ending stole the show though, with 'Maybe we could hang out some time. I'll do your laundry.' This entire episode is genius.

    look at this. Cartman, tourette s syndrome and kyle trying to break him.A classic south park comedy like the olden days.le petit tourette is my favourite episode.when i watched it, i was laughing so hard i felt sick and happy at the same time.i found nothing bad about this episode.and i found every part of thisa episode entertaining and funny and extremely crude in a great way.cartman pretends to have tourettes so he can say anything he wants at school without gettin in to trouble.good old cartman.while kyle says he is faking it and will try everything to stop him.good old kyle.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED EPISODE.TRUST ME.
  • Ever wonder what Eric Cartman would do or say, if he knew there would be no repercussion?

    Well, the denoument (the last minute) was the perfect way to end this whirlwind episode! I won't spoil it, but I will set you up for it - a classic Kyle vs. Cartman duel, complete with power struggles, mastermind schemes, and unforseen repercussions. When Eric discovers Tourette's Syndrome, somehow he convinces the entire adult community that he also has the affliction. Ever wonder what Eric Cartman would do with a verbal "carte blanche"? I promise he does not disappoint!

    I'll be honest, when I read the plot of the episode, I was unimpressed. Indeed, the first act was kind of slow. But the rest of the episode really came together as time went on.

    Donkey Boner!
  • fUnny!!

    I love this episode .. Cartman was soo funny when he was pretending to act like he had tourette syndrome.. lol .. it was funny when he said somthing about jews and kyles mom was like what ! what ! what ! .. and when Kyle finds out about Cartman's "disorder", he quickly said that he's faking, which Cartman admits to him that its true. Anyway, Cartman continued to enjoy his newfound freedom, repeatedly shouting random curses to people which what he always wanted to do, and now he could couse everybody thinks he has the syndrome, except kyle obviously...
  • Average episode.

    This episode is really nothing great, but it is funny how Cartman gets these plans and executes them well, just like the writers of this episode. It isn't one of those episodes that gets alot of attention, some may even call it just a filler episode, but I think it's one of those good, decent pieces of writing that was executed just right in this episode. Everything kept together and nothing fell apart, although, I did not think that this episode brought as much humour as others do, but it certainly brought more than some others that bring me none. That is why I say it is an average episode.
  • Freakin' Hilarious!

    This is my second favorite episode and for good reason. Cartman see's a kid with tourettes in the beginning of the episode. The kid swears and doesn't get in trouble for it, so Cartman comes up with the bright idea that if he faked having tourettes, he could say whatever he wanted. But the plan backfires on him when he really starts saying things that he doesn't want to say, like about him and his cousin touching each other (eww, haha). So he confesses to god and what not before he makes a big appearance on national television, explaining what it is like to live with tourettes. Meanwhile, Kyle, knowing that Cartmans faking it, comes up with a plan that involves a bunch of petifiles going to the place Cartman is going to give his speach. But that backfires on him as well. When the petifiles go in, they see the host, who they don't like, and they all commit suicide. So now Cartman doesn't have to give the speech.

    I really liked the adult guy with tourettes. He was funny with his line, "P!ss out my a$$!". and the best line was ,
    CARTMAN: Yeah! P!ss out your a$$ on Kyle's mom's fat Jew face.
    lmao that was one of the funniest things I've ever heard.
  • Very well done

    I must say this has got to be the funniest episode of south park i've seen in quite a while. The plot wasn't the usual 'big dramatic adventure' story layout complete with toned music that the writers of the show seem to have been going with recently, which is not why it was originally funny. This episode seems to have incorporated the best of their original format and the mentioned format quite well. The scene in the Tourettes centre has got to be the only literal 'ROFL' moment i've ever had watching south park and the Chris Hansen parody was well done and not too obvious. Good job South Park.
  • Great Episode!

    This episode was great. It was the best possible way to start off the second run of season 11. The kid at the toy store with tyrettes was really funny. Once again in this episode, Cartman is smart enought to find out a masterplan to get what he wants. The first being "The Snuke". Those were just the episodes i've seen. I haven't seen every episode quite yet but im sure Cartman finds out more masterplans in earlier episodes. When he kept cussing to the principlal and the guidenace conusloer was truely funny. One of the best South Park episodes so far.
  • South Park has lost things over the ten years that it's been on; Mary Kay Bergman who voiced all the female characters until her suicide and many recurring characters who hardly appear now but they have not lost the ability to make fantastic episodes.

    Cartman notices a Tourettes sufferer swearing in a toy store and he (you guessed it or perhaps not) pretends to have the syndrome too so he can swear freely without getting in trouble. But when the ethical rival of Cartman; Kyle learns what he's doing he tries to reveal his secret but ends up getting accused of "ignorance" and is forced to apologise and admit defeat. It looks like a shallow victory for Cartman until he totally loses the ability to filter what he says and reveals things like he cries at night because he doesn't have a dad and his cousin and him touched weiners, this being the same day that he has to appear on Dateline..... This episode is the definition of what South Park stands for; shocking TV, not only with it's depiction of Tourettes but with language that can only be said here like this: ******** ********* ******. The plot is easily engaging and doesn't lose the audience for a second and while it's very funny, it's very funny while you feel like you're going to go to hell for laughing at it. The aesthetics of this episode is absolutely second to none; the detail, the shading and the richness of the design makes this the best - looking South Park episode to date.

    This is yet another episode centered on the rivalry between Cartman and Kyle, in fact the episode is so devoted to their rift that Stan and Kenny barely appear and don't speak at all in the episode. The vocals are also good but having just two key voice artists is taking its toll as the voices have very little difference between them and while it adds to the low - key charm of the show, with the huge budget and advancements they have now you'd think they could hire some more voice artists. And i've yet to be convinced about the female replacements for the late and gifted Mary Kay Bergman, while the Principal Victoria is spot - on, Cartman's Mother and Kyle's Mother are just off. La Petit Tourette is a brilliant episode and just goes to show that South Park is still going strong after ten years.
  • Hilarious!

    Cartman is at a toy stroe and sees a kid who has tourettes, so he thinks its cool and decides to pretend he has tourettes. At school he shows off his tourettes having Kyle try to tell on him, but not working. kyle has to apoligise to Caretman and Cartman then decides to go on Dateline and show off his tourettes and blast the jewish people. Cartman then finds out because he hasn't been filtering what hes been saying that he says whatever comes to his head. Cartmans in a tough spot until Kyle and the first kid who had tourettes both stop the show by sending child molesters to the studio, saving cartman.
  • In this episode Cartman gets knowledge of tourettes syndrome, after this he fakes that he has the disease allowing him to say whatever he wants in public. Eventually he starts blurting out secrets of his life. Kyle tries to sabotage him but saves him.

    This episode is a another great episode from the south park series. Firstly this episode is highly entertaining in the fact that a lot more swear words are said and that south park make fun of a very controversial syndrome. Secondly when Cartman starts saying whatever he wants he can finally lash out at the people who annoy him the most (mainly Kyle and his mother), because of this Kyle gets annoyed and he starts to try and prove that Cartman is faking which ends up in Kyle being shown as discriminatory towards the tourettes people. Furthermore a great part if the episode is when Cartman starts to blurt out secrets form his past this gives you an insight on how Cartman got to be who he is now. When Cartman has to give an interview on national television about his syndrome he is afraid that he will blurt out his secrets, Kyle on the other hand tries to sabotage him and by doing so actually helps Cartman which ends up with Cartman thanking Kyle and Kyle being pretty annoyed about it. :)
  • Hilarious!

    tell you although it is funny how how this many swear words are in this one I'm sure the number of profanities and swear words in it would probably count up to about 200 because from what i last heard the greatest number of swear words on a south park episode is 165 counts of the word s**t but aside from that its so funny because in it there is swear words and also paedophiles shooting themselves in the head Watch this for your own survival also look out for a mention of cartmans father and also the annoying voice of Chris Hanssseeeen and also kyle has to save cartman from paedophiles (the catch a predator show is also on dateline) and they track a peado down and when they got there the peado "shot himself"
  • This was a great uncensored episode.

    This episode is about Eric Cartman wanting to have Tourette's Syndrome because he say a kid in the local toy store having Tourette's Syndrome. I can't believe that this was uncensored. I loved this episode so much. Cleverly plotted is what I choose for the Classification. The most hilarious part was when everyone entered the building where Cartman was and always shot themselves. One guy shot himself and said "I knew there weren't brownies!" Then, shoots himself. Stan and Kenny don't have any speaking parts in this episode. Kyle tries to stop Cartman, and he actually does. Overall, I give this great episode a 9.6.
  • A Cartman Classic!

    So here we go for run 2 of Season 11. Well, that`s much better already. A Cartman classic! I like the episode, it had some memorable moments and was actually better than any other episode of the season until this one. Of course, I hate the lack of Stan and Kenny but the episode was still highly enjoyable. But it would be better if all the boys were involved.
    I love those Cartman classics but of course they should be limited, if all episodes goes Cartman centric, it will loose its spark. So overall Le Petit Tourette is not the greatest episode...far from it but its still have some classic Cartman moments and some great laughs.
  • Carman is once again selfish!

    Well, Once again, Eric Cartman attemps attention and getting his way with Kyle hot on his trail to stop him. I just loved Cartman's outbursts (i.e. "P*ss out your @ss and onto Kyle's mom's f*cking Jew Face!) and how Craig always was wishing that he could experience the joys of swearing in public and not getting in trouble. It was surprising that the "S word" was said on TV uncensored.

    Cartman singing "I've got a golden Ticket" was a pretty funny and memorable scene as well, it just strikes you that he's up to something.

    Overall, this is one of my favorite episodes and a great Season 11 debut.
  • We know what Craig makes him soo happy.

    In this episode, Cartman discovers about tourette syndrome. Realising he could say whatever he wants, he fakes out everyone by pretending to have tourettes himself, but it ends telling Cartman's worse secrets. Knowing this, Kyle must put a stop to this madness with the help from a kid with real tourettes syndrome.

    Ok, this episode has clearly gotta be the best of the season and it deserves a spot in the top 10 episodes of South Park.

    This episode was just fantastic. They used a serious and original plot mixed with uncensored vulgar words to add the humour.

    A definietly must watch episode for everyone.
  • One of the best episodes ever!

    Cartman is at the store where he sees a kid screaming cuss words and not getting in trouble. He learns the kid has tourettes and Cartman quickly pretends to have it. Everyone belives him, except for Kyle. After trying to expose him, Kyle has to go and learn about tourettes, where he meets a kid with tourettes. Cartman tells Kyle he is going on Dateline and with his tourettes he will say whatever he wants on national tv, about the Jews. Kyle vows to stop him. Cartman soon starts actually having tourettes and blurting out secrets about himself. He asks God to please somehow stop him from having to go on Dateline. The tourettes kid tells Kyle he knows Cartman is faking and the two get the Dateline show stopped. Cartman is happy and thanks Kyle, which of course, makes Kyle mad.
  • PISS!!!! PISS OUT MY @SS!!!

    Classic, not only did I watch it over and over again, but I rolled on the floor laughing each and every time. This is one episode that will stay on my DVR for a LONG time! Cartman discovers a "wonderful" disease called Tourette's and uses it as an excuse to say whatever he wants and not get into trouble for it. This episode wouldn't have been half as funny if it was censored, luckily for us, it was not! Favorite scene: Cartman rips on Kyle in class (can't really say how without being censored myself) and Kyle rips back but Kyle (who knows he's faking) gets yelled at by Ms. Garrison. Pairing that with the "school for kids with Tourette's" scene and you can see that this episode is classic South Park! LOVED IT!
  • Best episode ever..

    Wow.. this episode was, in my opinion, the BEST South Park episode ever.. Not just because of the continuous random swearing (though it was really funny), but it had a good storyline. Though some may say that it was an episode with no meaning - I say it spread awareness about Tourette syndrome. Though they did focus too much on the swearing part of Tourette's, they did represent the other behaviors too.. like in the counseling session with Kyle - that little kid with Tourette's also. In the end Cartman being unable to control what he was saying was a great idea, very well thought-out. I mean that was amazing. And finally, the part about Cartman's miracle & him actually thanking Kyle.. Oh yeah and for those who think tht the swearing just got repetitive and boring, it was the context of where & how he was swearing that was funny..
    Whew... To sum it up - reeeally good.
  • season 11 returns with a bang!

    Season 11 continues with a new episode where cartman meets this kid with tourrettes. he then fakes having the syndrome, and goes about his every day blurting any obscenity to mind. then he ends up on dateline. however, he then starts blurting out random sstuff he doesnt want to say.

    craig wishes he has tourretes.

    kyle learns what tourettes really is, and then formulates a plan to stop cartman.

    this episode was hilarious. random, and silly. i especially like the part where the guy screamed" there arent really brownies!" and shot himself. overall, a great way to continue the 11th season of the show.
  • After seeing a kid who has Tourette's Syndrome, Cartman decides that it is the perfect cover to get away with wildly swearing at everyone. I shouldn't like this episode... but I do.

    The second half of season 11 kicks off with this daring episode. Daring not because of the swearing, but daring to tackle Tourette's Syndrome.

    It is the second episode to feature heavy swearing uncensored (the first being the fifth season's 'It Hits The Fan'). Only the 'F' word is bleeped out.

    Of all of the subjects that 'South Park' has tackled over the years, this is one of the most controversial, especialy considering that it has no real moral, just Cartman finding the perfect cover to swear wildly as he pleases and not get punished for it.

    But that's not to say that he doesn't get his come-uppance, as eventually he finds himself blurting out just about anything, including things that he'd rather not reveal about himself, and preys to get rid of Tourette's.

    This is one of 'South Park's crudest episodes. I can understand why some people don't like it. Trouble is - I can't help but liking it. Any Cartman episode is usually reliable for a few good laughs, and this one really hits the mark. I don't think it is overly poor taste - I feel for people who have Tourette's Syndrome; this episode just shows what happens when Cartman tries to use it for his own means.
  • If I could say that I would be so happy :D

    Cartman fakes the syndrome and makes them believe that he has tourette's and he uses the condition to say everything he wants out loud and he uses the situation to go on national television so he can say everything and anything about jews.
    He later discovers that he has that condition and starts telling the secrets and he can't help him and asks god for forgiveness and Kyle has a plan and lot of pedophiles were killed because of Chris Hannson and his Dateline show is cancelled and Cartman is saved.
    South Park truly never dissapoints and it is always fresh and full of humor. :D
  • Cartman finds out that if he gets touretes he can say whatever he wants to people... that about it this episode sucked

    For someone who has touretes i fount this episode to be completely inappropriate and just awful. yes I know its a show and all but it was just a very un needed episode. I hated this episode so much, just because i have touretes doesn't mean i scream things randomly. Touretes is not a joke and there was no moral of the story. My life is really hard with touretes and its awful how they could make a joke about it. Its a mockery to everyone with this disability and i think the creators should rethink there episodes before actually making it. Just an Awful episode.
  • This was hilarious.

    This is another great episode of South Park. The "golden ticket" kept making me laugh. Everyone was too dumb to realize the was obviously faking it except Kyle and the first torrete's kid. It was great to see Cartman's scheme to take advantage of the torrete disorder backfire on him horribly, as it started causing him to reveal embarssing and personal things he didn't want people to know. Kyle's and the torrete kid's plan to stop Cartman was stupid,random,and hilarous. the very reason I watch this show. And in the end he plan to stop Cartman ended up helping him.... it was great...
  • Somehow the constant swearing was meant to carry this episode although I am not sure how, with occasional true to form South Park moments overall the show was disapointing.

    Somehow the constant swearing was meant to carry this episode although I am not sure how as after the first couple of minutes any interest in the tourette outbursts is lost as they are constantly used to fill in long stretches where you would expect character interaction but are instead treated to a myriad of repeated swear words at best jumbled up.

    The only relief coming in the form of Kyle who manages to stay true to form and provides solid South Park humor for us to enjoy between the nonsensical obscenities. In the end you feel like this has been more of an advert than an actual episode as it leaves little to savor for your viewing. The only thing to be said is "Where is Stan & Kenny??"
  • This show has officially lost all hope of being good.

    I used to be a huge fan of South Park. Back in the '90s, I watched the show religiously, always waiting for another subtle or clever pop culture reference, some witty humour, or just entertainment. However, ever since series 7, I see a consistently drastic decline in quality of South Park.

    This episode really didn't have anything special. We get it, Cartman wants to swear. Whether or not this was a publicity ploy to get an earlier watershed or not, I shall never know, but if so, I am ashamed of Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Those two knew how to write a great show, so funny and insightful, but now we get boring episodes that really only deal with shooting people. Nothing interesting there. So come on, bring back the good old days where I would laugh my arse off because every minute of the show was so brilliantly written. Overall, nothing new here and I'm about to give up watching this show.
  • Great Episode

    I thought that this episode of South Park was great. The show hasn't been on since April, so I was really looking forward to this episode and it didn't upset me at all. I thought that this episode was extremely funny. The stuff about Cartman faking about having tourette's and then later on blurting out things uncontrollably was great. I was also laughing alot with the parts about Chris Hansen and To Catch A Predator. I've seen that show before, and the way that it was being made fun of in this episode, to me was outstanding. Overall to me this episode was great and I can't wait until next weeks episode.
  • The series kicks off with a much hyped episode

    Fine. I like everyone else loves Cartman being evil- it's what he did next. And yes, this episode gave him rather a lot of scope for it. Don't get me wrong, this is a great episode from a show that's being getting steadily better. However the other thing I love South Park for is the messages, that level of satire, I must say has never been rivaled. Apologies To Jesse Jackson was a touchstone for comedy. Other than the show using Cartman's Tourettes to cross a boundary it has previously hesitated at; this being Cartman hurling some quite strong racist abuse at Kyle's parents. That I must say had me in hysterics. However once this premise had been breached the development was a little stilted; Matt and Trey had to force Cartman to learn a message, and other than the hilarious lines Eric inadvertently blurts out 'my cousin and I once touched weiners' the episode basically just parodies pedophiles (which it's already done), and the tv show Dateline, which as a Limey viewer, was quite lost on me. Not the best episode ever, but frankly we've been spoiled lately.
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