South Park

Season 11 Episode 3

Lice Capades

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 21, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • im sorry but this wasnt what it could have been

    This was a good next to last episode. The cuts and editing were different, this is true. But I thought that the stiff cuts and fade-ins were very useful, and gave us a feeling of what it would be like to be in the same situation. (Especially in the scenes featuring Ryan.) As an overall episode, I think it worked well, even if it wasn't the next to last one. It would fit in anywhere else in the series just as well. This had a lot of memorable scenes, especially between Julie and Kaitlyn Cooper. The scenes between Ryan and Seth were well played, and showed how well they work together. Everyone was at the top of their game on this episode. It was an excellent chance for everyone's best qualities to shine and give us an emotional view of what they're like when they're only thinking of others, something rare in Orange County.
  • it was alright

    Someone in the 4th grade has lice and Cartman takes it upon himself to figure out whom it is. In the end of the episode it is revealed that everyone in the 4th grade had it.

    Weird episode. The scenes of the lice in the hair was pretty weird and wacky. But I guess you got to get used to the wackiness of some of the episodes of the show. This really was not one of those plots I could enjoy. I was pretty bored by it. But there were some funny moments in it, so my final grade is somewhere in the "C" range. Pretty average episode, I think anyway.
  • Some episode this is

    In this episode the kids have to get their heads check for Lice and Cartman thinks its Kenny because he poor. And the freakin' Lice in Cylde's head can talk. And we meet Travis who sounds like Cartman and Stan's Voice and his Wife sounds like Kyle's voice then Cylde puts this soap in this head and then the lice people die and Travis Wife died and takes his unborn baby Hope to a other place. Then Cartman has this test that can tell the person who haves lice and it was Kenny and I like the part when he runs and there going to run soap on his and they took off his hoop and you see only his back and then everyone had lice. Then a destroy Travis is sent to a new place thats in angelina jolie's private area and sounds like a man
  • INTERESTING.........

    This is one of my favorite episodes in South Park.. It reminds of the time when i was younger and my school had head lice .. In the episode the boys want to find out who had them, but it turns out eveyone was lying and all of them had it.. The ending is really funny, Travis is almost dead and sees an apparition of his dead wife in the sky. It turns out to be a fly, and Travis grabs on to it, still holding his child. The fly finally lands on another body and Travis is welcomed by larger, red-colored lice (revealed moments later to be pubic louse), and is told they have lived in peace for "generations." The episode's ending reveals that this place is Angelina Jolie's pubic hair.
  • Below average episode.

    Nothing really happened in this episode. I really didn't care for all the scenes with the lice, but all of the scenes with Cartman trying to figure out who had the lice was pretty funny, but in my opinion the scenes with the lice ruined this episode. I do think that if someone else other than Clyde would have had the lice it would have been funnier but with all the scenes with the lice it still wouldn't have been any very good, but it may have of saved it from my score of 5. The ending kind of caught me by surprise when it turned out the whole class had lice. Overall, this episode could've been alot better.
  • My least favorite South Park by far. Voice of Travis Louse stupid and difficult to watch.

    I couldn't stand that Travis Louse's voice. "I have to save Kellay and my BEBAY" Everytime he said his wife louse's name it made me sick. The premise of the episode was good but the guys could have come up with a better character voice for the main character louse. My least favorite South Park by far. As I try to think of what the rest of the episode was about, nothing comes to mind but the voice of that stupid louse. Good ending with the Angelina Jolie having crabs though. That was the funniest part of the whole show.
  • Interesting concept but to be honest, that was not South Park standard.

    That episode had unfortunately several dull moments. This may be because of the lack of focus on the boys. The episode is not its good but nothing great in that. The headlice story was an interesting arc but to be honest, nothing was funny in that. The ending however was pure classic moment. It got me really laughing.
    Some cool scenes, but too many "roll eyes" moments and nothing memorable(Except may be the ending).
    I know this show can be much better. It may be a good episode(at best) but not South Park standard. We`ve seen much better.
    A 7.5 rating is fair here IMO.
  • An interesting concept with nice ideas...

    The concept for this episode was quite original, even if we could see where it was going at virtually every step.

    The parody of "The Thing" was fun to watch, and even though self-referential, still very entertaining. More could have been done with it, but it was clearly intended as a fleeting reference and not much more.

    The final quick gag with Angelina Jolie was a hilarious way to end the episode, so Kudos there!

    Not a classic by any means, and likely one of the weaker Season 11 episodes, but a tolerable episode? Absolutely - it could have been far worse, without a doubt.
  • Imaginative and Entertaining

    Clever! This episode took focus on the lives of the lice living in Clyde's hair (I think it was Clyde - it's been awhile). The point... our world is a living thing, and when we abuse it as much as we have (and continue to), it will try to expunge us from it... we are the lice on this planet. Classic scenes include the "blood test" performed by Cartman to find out who has the lice in their class, and the very end of the episode when the main character finds a new habitat to live on... I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but hahahahaha! I don't know about classic, but definitely entertaining while making a point! I gave it a solid 8. NICE!
  • I liked this episode. Its one of my favourites.

    In this episode. When a breakout of headlice hits South Park Elementary, Mrs. Garrison refuses to say which child brought the plague to the school. So, Cartman takes it upon himself to find out who it is so the kids can make fun of them. Meanwhile, a louse Travis, is desperate to save his fellow lice from imminent destruction from a conscious world.

    This episode was indeed one of my favourite South Park episodes. What can I say? It was genius!

    Plot: Great idea on the head lice part. Loved all the scenes of it, it was also original and exciting.

    Sub-plot: Great. The scene centering the boys trying to find out who had the lice added more to the main plot.

    Humor: Another great fact here. The scenes were hilarious and not to mention the Clyde's scenes.

    I recommend this episode for everyone. Its a very good and educational episode about lice.
  • The simple tale of a boy having lice, and one of those lice trying to save his whole race. Some people will dislike it, and at first I didn't think I was going to enjoy it, but I've grown to actually quite like this episode...

    I knew a lot of people wouldn't like this episode, and reading many of the other reviews confirmed it, but I grew to actually quite like this episode in its own strange way. My first expectations that this would turn out to be the equivalent of the previous season's terrible 'A Million Little Fibers' - i.e. a real dud. At first I wasn't keen on what it set out to be - a story about one of the secondary characters, Clyde, and a parallel story about one of the lice living on his head. But to my surprise, I grew to really enjoy the story, and... dare I say it... start to really care about that little dude.

    The ending is actually quite touching (considering we're talking about a lice here), and they manage to put the South Park spin on it with the final gag.

    Not one of my all-time favourites, but I can't say I dislike it.
  • I'm gonna Disagree with everyone here ! The end made me do something I've never done. Shed a tear and laugh my **** ass off.

    I'm gonna Disagree with everyone here ! The end made me do something I've never done.
    Shed a tear and laugh my **** ass off.

    Thats the kinda **** only Shakespeare and Trey Parker can give you.

    Really one of those special episodes. The episode premise is pretty wacky and crazy, but thats what South Park is all about.

    Now this is the part of the review were I hit a whole bunch of keys to get to the 100 word count thats required for this stupid ass comment system. sljf asljfd sajdf ajf ajflsakjf sa;lfjas;j 123 23 4@ $ !@ $ !@# $

    The End.
  • Lice take over South Park... scalps

    Lice Capades was a fairly good episode but it was definetly not a great episode by any means. Where the episode lost it was the side story of the lice in Clyde's hair. It just wasn't that interesting to tell the truth. They tried to make it all super dramatic but it didn't really work.

    I did enjoy the whole witchhunt to try and find the lice culprit, that was good I wish the episode focused more on that. The scene where all the boys are saying "Wait this is exactly what you would do if you had lice" is great. A highlight would be that we get to see Kenny with his hood off and get to hear him which is always rare.

    It was okay, I doubt we will see any more Clyde central episodes in the near future.

  • one of those episodes you don't like to think about.

    the episode starts off with garrison telling about a lice problem. then we see the inside of clydes head. and the lice. the lice plot was domb. it wasn't funny. it was actually sick. then we see them trying to find out who had lice. then all the lice are killed when clyde doors hair product in his head. there are a few still alive. then we see them doing an expirement to find out who have lice. they find out kenny had it. so cartman tries to beat up kenny. then vice president kills the main lice's friend as he lost his other wife. then vice president shoots the main lice. a fly comes and picks him up and takes him to a new place: Angelina Jolie's **** and i thaught that the anjelina jolie part was the only funny part of the episode.
  • This episode wasn't partcularly bad, it just feels as though the series as a whole is running our of steam, and that is slightly depressing.

    Ah yes. We all know lice. Those child-hood scarring little vermin that infested many a kids head, and ruined many reputations. All I have to say, is I would have hated going to South Park Elementary. The plusses of this episode are the constant tests Cartman puts the children through, to see who has lice so they can mock said child. Making them all look especially moronic when Mrs Garrison infroms the kids that they ALL had lice. The side story of a rogue lice who saw his wife get BRUTALLY murdered atop Clyde's head (who is the characters seen most in this episode *insert groan*), and who has to runaaway from his society while protecting his baby. Uh, yeah... mildly entertaining, if sort of weird. But then agian, I guess we've seen weirder things on South Park.

    It almost seems as if a lice-centric episode is the mandate for all cartoony shows with kids (yeah, I know it's not a KIDS show, but the stars are all mostly 8 years old). Does it seem to anyone else that Matt and Trey might be running out of ideas, because this 11th season has been sort of a snore compared to ones prior.
  • This Episode Wasnt to bad actualy it was a little weird though but overall i think it was pretty good.

    This Episode Had some pretty interesting stuff in it but a little off the wall i do like the facts that the lice dont know that they're world is alive. Allso that half the episode is about lice. The one thing is the stupid main lices voice man i hate that voice! But what was probably the funniest was the end lol and the paradoy of full metal jacket with the socks and the bar of soap lol. Allso the twist they had on that. All in all the episode is pretty funny kinda risky though to do episode like this but i thought it was pretty funny. definatly an above average episode.
  • After maintaining constant laughter through 2 episodes at the beginning of the season, South Park's Season 11 stumbles quite a bit when this episode was made.

    There seems to be only one LOL moment part, and that's the part about Angelina Jolie when that lice was in her vagina hair.

    Here are some funny moments: The Jew Problem joke, the death scenes from the lice, when Clyde said he had aids to that girl, when Kenny was being attacked by the school boys with soap bars, when Jimmy curses, and Cartman trying his best to make fun of the person who had lice, saying that poor people like Kenny had lice and when Mrs. Garrison said that all boys and girls had lice in their hair(along with a very few other jokes). Unfortunately, not many of them will make you laugh as hard as the LOL moment I already mentioned.

    Yet, there was nothing truly funny about the whole lice thing, it was serious and sort of entertaining. It's the weakest episode so far because it wasn't "Ha-Ha" funny, but better than average funny. Still, it's an episode you don't want to miss though.
  • Matt & Trey are the Robert Altman's of Cartooning

    I love the parallels that the writers make to world events & South Park, they are the Robert Altman of cartooning...the Head getting angry and fighting back at the infestation of lice is a very obvious correlation to Mother Nature and global warming...we the people are the lice of the Earth and eventually through El Nino (and other nicknames that we apply to situational anomalies that are increasingly affecting us), Earth with effectively rid itself of the perpetrators that are us. Until then we can laugh.
  • hopefully season 11 wont have many more like this

    the worst episode i have seen in a long time hopefully this will be the last, the writers seem to have run out of decent ideas to make episodes about and funny things to put in the episodes. the end was the only funny part of the whole episode. the voices of the lice were the most annoying thing i have ever heard and all the detail when the lice were dieing wasnt that good south park needs to go back to the good old days when everything looked crap but the storys were real good and were funny. i wouldnt recommend watching this episode its just stupid
  • not one of their best

    This episode was about a lice outbreak at South Park and the kids trying to determine how initially spread them. The parts of the episode where Cartman tried to find the one responsible for the outbreak was hilarious especially how he framed Kenny. the fact they all had lice made it even more funny. However the part about the lice living in Clyde's hair was one of the dumbest things ive seen on south park. The way the lice almost all got killed and had to struggle to survive was supposed to be funny but i felt it was just overly dramatic and dumb. The only funny part about the lice was at the end when the one father and daughter lice wound up on Angelina Jolie.
  • Decent episode but worst of season 11.

    So far i'm glad season 11 has been going well and all the fans i've been talking to liked it. Then I saw this episode and thought - "Uh-oh."

    It's another parody of the day after tommorow with the lice part of the episode. The other is basicly about how kids act socially when someone has lice. I can relate to that even though I've never had lice.

    Personally the lice part of the episode was extremely annoying. The way Travis always yelled, 'Kelleh.' It really got old fast and I almost wanted to fast forward the Lice part.

    Although it was nice to see Clyde get an episode to himself... well sorta. Clyde/Lice (XD) It was also nice to see Kenny take off his hood. He even got an unmuffled line.

    In the end it turns out everyone had lice and Kenny got socked anyway... overall it wasn't a bad episode.
  • Two-fold episode. The South Park kids have head lice and the lice's story of dealing with environmental catastrophe as their 'world' rejects them. This is done in a parody of trashy Hollywood films in the vein of 'The Day After Tomorrow' and the like.

    This represents a good example of South Park being able to be be very funny without all the gross, derivative toilet humor that the show is famous for. The lice storyline is incredibly hilarious as they do a perfect emulation of everthing that is terrible about these lame Jerry Bruckheimer films and other Hollywood garbage of the same type that we see all the the time. I suppose it's not as funny to people who actually enjoy that kind of movie which may explain the polarized reviews. The voice acting for Travis is totally hilarious and I haven't been able to stop saying things like "Kelly, c'moone" all week. The moral for this week is a basic witch-hunt type where everyone is guilty-a-little, nothing that groundbreaking for this show. I thought the punchline at the end with Angelina was unfunny and trite and they could have done better by using a South Park character such as Kyle's Mom or something. The humor in this episode is comparable to lemmywinks and the satanic forest critters from season 8 for comparisons.
  • Unfunny, Not Typical...

    This episode was painfully unfunny... Tried to reuse one joke over and over again... Painful to watch in comparision to the previous 2 episodes of the 11th season. Had one funny joke at the end... but other than that its just went on and on, using the joke of a lice with a weird accent pronoucing "baby" like "BA-BAY" Also tried to be witty, making the allusion of lice are simialr to humans in the fact that we both live on planets that are "conscience" (lice live on humans, humans live on earth") Really surprising to see the slip from NI**ER Guy and the homosexual episodes to this.
  • All the kids get tested for lice. Clyde finds out he's got them and worries the other kids will find out. Meanwhile on his head Francis the louse fights to avenge his wife and save his unborn baby.

    Attention: If you go into this episode expecting it to be laugh a minute than you're not going to like it. That said, I thought it was a pretty inventive episode and that alone makes it ten times better than most of the crap on tv these days. This episode is mainly different in that the main characters in it are none other than Cylde (a supporting character who has never gotten this much attention) and Francis (a louse who talks similar to Cartman and says words like Kelly and Baby in a way you'll be quoting for quite some time). Having a story not focusing on the 4 main characters is risky but here I though it worked okay. Clyde spends the entire episode trying to hide he has lice in fear of what the kids will do to him. That becomes hard when Cartman is determined to figure it out. Do the kids figure out its him? Well on the offchance you haven't watched this yet I won't tell you but there is a twist ending and I didn't see it coming. Clyde's drama is nowhere near what Francis is going through however. His love Kelly dies from anti-lice shampoo in one of the most awesomly gruesome death scenes in South Park ever. He then goes to find help with his baby and a few survivors. His story is basically mocking the corny action movie. Its obvious Trey and Matt reference tons of movies here and thats always great. The only geniune laugh I got was the last joke which was one of those love em or hate em jokes. So the episode was overall not too funny but it doesn't always have to be. Season 11 so far still hasn't had any clunkers in my opinion.
  • Not the BEST ever made, but it was really okay :) The start of 11th season is better then the previous season's.

    Liked the episode, it was really nice... They made fun of many popular movie moments, like that dying lice coming to and also vision of Kelly in the sun. I also felt that there was something political about this episode, and now i read here about that thing Al Gor said...Ending of the episode was great:) Angelina Jolie saves lices for generations :D
  • One of the most original episodes of South Park ever.

    This episode was absolutely hilarious and out of this world. The whole lice society and happenings was awesome and hilarious. I can't believe that they come up with those stuff.
    Anyway the whole the Thing blood test was OMG Hilarious. I can't believe that and discovering that everyone had a lice and talk about jew problem and kenny can only have it. Awesome i can't believe. South Park is back on it's old track. It is amazing. It is as good as Season 6 or 8.
    But the ending....Oh my f****ng god. If i were Angelina Jolie I would kill myself :D :D :D
  • A fairly good episode.

    Well, for a South Park episode it could have been better, but I still liked it.

    The beginning was hillarious, the lice having their own lives, as if it was a movie. Couldn't stop laughing at them. Clever writers.

    It was also funny when everyne found out they ALL had lice, and still decided to "clean" Kenny. I'm glad South Park isn't as bad as The Simpsons now, after a few seasons aftetr the 10th, it got boring. Bravo to South Park for staying funny.

    Good episode, average really. I preferred "Cartman Sucks" that was one funny episode.

    7.9 :)
  • Cylde is shocked to know he has lice and the kids want to find who has lice so they can make fun of whomever it is.

    So, after "Cartman Sucks", I had great expectations for this episode to really be good. The kids are horrified when it is announced there is a lice problem. They all take a lice test and Clyde is found to have lice. This terrifies him because he is afraid of the constant teasing he will get when the kids find out he has lice. Meanwhile, the lice that call Cylde's scalp home are warned of terrors to come. No one believes the louse Travis and they are killed by the shampoo. Travis and a few others survive hoping for a better place to live. All in all, this episode is a small step better than "Cartman Sucks". What makes this episode is great is that it's not necessarily laugh out loud funny the whole time but it is entertaining and kept you watching. And it succeeded in keeping me watching down to one of the more hilarious endings in the show's history. This is a good episode and I can't wait for next week's.
  • It's all about lice

    I thought this was a great episode, per usual. I know some folks will disagree with me, but this show could go on forever and Matt and Trey would never run out of material. I thought this ep was tamer than Cartman Sucks and With Apologies to Jesse Jackson. Hey, we even got to find out Clydes last name this week, it is Harris. I liked the way they dealt with all the kids having lice, but none of them wanting to admit it for fear of the other kids beating the crap out of them. Keep it up Matt and Trey!
  • Realy realy funny.

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