South Park

Season 7 Episode 6

Lil' Crime Stoppers

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 23, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • A lame parody of crime drama shows. Not recommended.

    Basicaly this has the boys being promoted in the south park police dept as jr. detectives. It started out okay, but then got lamer as it went on. The storyline is pretty wack too. I mean, it could've been better, but the scriptwriting and flow of the story just doesn't get the plot told right. I'm starting to feel that seasons six and seven of south park are gonna suck - the first five seasons are awesome. If you want to watch season seven of south park, watch "South park is gay" or "Cancelled" instead of this crude, lame episode.
  • The Best Episode of season Seven!

    So far season seven hasn’t been my favorite but this episode has changed my mind. This episode is nothing but great. It’s kind of a mix of all the cop drama movies and TV shows. The boys become crime stoppers. After solving a crime of a mission doll they get real badges. There first job is to check out a meth lab. From that point on ward the show does nothing but get crazier and funnier. Overall this episode could be the best South Park in years. It’s great and so extremely crazy. Watch this episode it is the BEST of season seven.
  • The boys start a junior detective agentcy,but do they have what it takes to bring down a drug lord?

    This one is action packed with a lot of explosions and jokes to make this one a series classic.It starts off with the boys starting their very own detective agentcy.There first assignment is to find out what happens to an elderly womans pie.They come to a conlusion that the husband of the elderly woman was planning on murdering his wife in a grusome fashion,but before he could follow up with his plan the dog had already ate the pie.They earn their first dollar.They then get another assignment from a little girl who had lost her doll.They find her doll and end up becoming a official part of the force and their first assignment is to bring down a meth lab.They take down the meth lab in a very explosive way!After taking a bunch of crap from two dirty cops they discover that the dirty cops are working for the drug lord.They get into a firefight with the drug lord and the two dirty cops only to finally end it with everybody dead.They then turn down becoming full detectives and decide to start their very own laundry matt.
  • Right, but who was the fattest oldest skank on her period?

    In this episode parodying "C.S.I." and other Crime Dramas, the boys become Detectives, and after getting a Doll from the retarded kid Fosse that was stolen from a girl, the boys are put into an ACTUAL Police Station and find out how scary the life of a Cop is. They are involved in causing a Meth Lab explosion and stopping a Drug Ring Bos in a ***** bar. The funniest parts were Kennys drawing and Kenny in the strip club, Butters taking two days to "masterbeurnate", the crooked cops, and how the chief sent the little kids on dangerous missions. Good episode but it lost points for me having to see the boys naked in a shower.