South Park

Season 7 Episode 6

Lil' Crime Stoppers

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 23, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • Right, but who was the fattest oldest skank on her period?

    In this episode parodying "C.S.I." and other Crime Dramas, the boys become Detectives, and after getting a Doll from the retarded kid Fosse that was stolen from a girl, the boys are put into an ACTUAL Police Station and find out how scary the life of a Cop is. They are involved in causing a Meth Lab explosion and stopping a Drug Ring Bos in a ***** bar. The funniest parts were Kennys drawing and Kenny in the strip club, Butters taking two days to "masterbeurnate", the crooked cops, and how the chief sent the little kids on dangerous missions. Good episode but it lost points for me having to see the boys naked in a shower.