South Park

Season 12 Episode 3

Major Boobage

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 26, 2008 on Comedy Central
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In a South Park homage to the 1981 film, "Heavy Metal", the boys try to help Kenny kick the latest drug craze that has become a hit with schoolchildren across the nation. Once Kenny cheeses, he trips into a world that he can truly enjoy..

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  • Cheesin'!

    Getting high via cat urine: A very unusual topic, even by South Park standards. But it was good of the writers to bring up the more unusual drug practises. I myself can't believe that there are actually people who get high, if not by that, then by similar methods. But enough of the morality lecture, on to the episode itself.

    As always, this episode provided an interesting and hilarious parallel to both historic and current events. The "cheesing" trips were completely surreal; For me, watching Kenny and Gerald duel in the "breastruary" was the highlight of the episode. This episode also stands out for me because of Cartman: For the first time in a long while, the foul-mouthed, racist kid does something purely out of the goodness of his heart. He hides and protects the fugitive cats of South Park, without even asking for some kind of payment. Of course, he completely failed to notice the similarity of the cats' predicament to the jews during the Holocaust, but if he did, he just wouldn't be Cartman.

    All in all, this was a solid episode, and I hope to see more of it's calibre in future.moreless
  • Kenny gets caught in the latest drug craze and cartman hides cats in his attic.

    This episode is hillairious! It's about the latest drug craze called cheesing where they use a cat to spray urine on yuor face and you end up in a weird world with a lot boobs. (It's a parody of the film Heavy metal. I won't spoil anything else but it's just terrific. Another I liked about the episdoe was that Kenny finally had a significant role in the series since Kwnny Dies which was way back in the 5th season. Until this, he was just simply a background charecter that only had 2 speaking roles and not a lot of screntime as well. and are there complaints... no. This was just a good episode, with outstanding plots, comedy, and charecter development. I recommend it to any fan of south park.moreless
  • Memorable and Best of Season 12

    In this episode, Kenny experiments with cat urine for a hallucinagenic(Blah) experiment to see how high he can get, a la Heavy Metal. Meanwhile, Gerald (Kyle's dad) works to get cats banned in South Park to avoid these kind of problems. This episode is awesome from the get-go with a great Mr. Mackey scene, and parodys Heavy Metal throughout the episode. While I haven't seen the aforementioned movie before, I will definitly have to look for it now. The funniest parts were the parts with Kenny, who is finally given a bigger role besides death's constant target, and it works well. The part that we learn Gerald's a former "Cheesing" addict is great, and it leads to a hilarious conclusion. Overall, if your a fan of SP then watch this one, as it's a great episode, and the best of season 12. 9.5/10 Amoreless
  • i felt really sorry for Kenny... and i was also grossed out by this episode, too ...

    this episode is wrong in so many level's. OK, the kids of South Park ( One of them including the hard to understand, Kenny. ) get high on cat urine. Cat's are then outlawed and Cartman hides his cat in his attic then eventually gets more cats in his attic. Kenny keeps his cats somehow and ruins his life by getting more high, he looked terrible. Later , Kenny somehow gets to every single cat in Cartman's attic and gets super outrageously high.

    Then, Gerald, Kyle's dad, gets high, thus meeting the same lady that Kenny been seeing while high. then cats are allowed back in South Park, Kenny doesn't decided to do the pee, but decides to get high by ... sniffing flowers. the episode tells you not to get buzzed, i think...

    the episode is bad, I now regret watching it. ( how many times did i say the word "high"? )moreless
  • I know I love Kenny, but this episode is just ridiculous...

    There are factors here that simply made me disgusted about it.

    1.) Cheesing (I know they can make a better one than that)

    2.) Cat urine (Drug used to cheese)

    It's not cool, nor pitiful, it's disgusting

    3.) Cartman jumped the shark because of those cats

    I'm not used to see Cartman being kind, very out of character.

    It's possible since the loss of Clyde frog I suppose.

    But, there are some parts I liked

    1.) It's about Kenny

    About time they made about him, Go Ken!

    2.) Mixture of 2D and 3D animation

    3.) Satire on Eliot Spitzer

    Never thought of the satire to be that way, but oh well

    4.) the Boy's concern for Kenny

    They actually care for him for once, except in Kenny Dies though.

    5.) Influence on Heavy metalmoreless
Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Herbert Garrison; Officer Barbrady; Terrance; Timmy; Ned Gerblanski; Satan; Randy Ma

Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Gerald Broflovski; Pip Pirrup; Jesus; Jimbo Kearn; Phillip; Saddam; Various Others

Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Voice of Sheila Broflovski; Linda Stotch; Various Others

April Stewart

April Stewart

Voice of Liane Cartman; Principal Victoria; Sharon Marsh; Wendy Testaburger; Shelly Marsh; Various Others

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • First appearance by Cartman's cat Mr. Kitty since the season 3 episode "Cat Orgy".

    • For the second time Kenny's mouth is visible through his hood when he vomits. The first was "Pink Eye".

    • There's a hole in the kitchen window at Kenny's house. It's a reference to "The List", in which at the end, a bullet went right through the window and killed Kenny.

    • This marks the first time Gerald is seen without his yarmulke.

    • By turning on Closed Captioning for this episode, all of Kenny's lines are translated to English from muffled Kennyspeak.

    • Throughout the series, it is implied that Cartman's cat Mr. Kitty is a male, but in Cat Orgy' from season 3, Kitty is a female and in heat.

      However, on March 25 2010 it was revealed in a FAQ by South Park Studios that he is infact, a hermaphrodite.

      "Q: ...did Cartman's cat change sex? I mean, when Shelly brings her boyfriend over to Cartman´s house in "Cat Orgy," it is a female. On the other hand, in "Major Boobage" it is a male cat..."

      A: You're right about that, Cartman's cat has been shown swinging both ways. My guess is Mister Kitty is a hermaphrodite, just like Cartman's mom. Little bit of both worlds, with an extra side of cheese."

    • "Jewish Princess" was painted on the side of Gerald Broflovski's fighter plane.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • King: Hold! You cannot yet caress my daughter's awesome boobage.
      Gerald: Huh? How come?
      King: There is another suitor. (Kenny shows up)
      Gerald: What? Get out of here, kid!
      Kenny: Hey, f**k you! You should be the one leaving!
      Gerald: You're too young for this stuff!

    • King: I see that you're enticed by my daughter's awesome rocking tits.
      Kenny: Yeahhh
      King: Then bathe with my daughter in the fountain of Varnov. Appease the gods by lathering her boobs with soapy suds.
      Kenny: Okay!

    • Butters: My cousins in Florida says that the kids in their school get high off of cat pee.
      Cartman: Cat pee?
      Stan: That's not true, you can't get high off of cat urine, can you?
      Mr. Mackey: Well, it's not actually cat urine, but male cats when they're marking their territory spray a concentrated urine to fend off other male cats, and that can get you really high. M'kay. Really, REALLY high. M'kay.
      (Cuts to class staring at Mr. Mackey)
      Mr Mackey: Probably shouldn't have told you that, just now. M'kay. That was probably bad.

    • Cartman: Mr. Kitty you have to live in the attic now. Here, write a diary. (throws a diary on the ground)

    • Butters: (About Kenny) Oh boy! He's cheesed out of his mind!

    • Cartman: But ya know, we've all learned something, you guys. We can never persecute living beings and force them into hiding. It's wrong.
      Kyle: (annoyed) And you don't see any parallel between that and anything else in history?
      Cartman: Hmmm, nope. I have no idea what you're talking about Kyle.

    • (Gerald walks up to the blonde chick)
      Gerald Broflovski: I couldn't stay away cuz of your rockin tits.

    • Stan: Dude, we've got a big problem. Cartman says Kenny is really messed up.
      Cartman: He's cheesing his f**king balls off dude.
      Stan: He apparently got to all the cats Cartman has been hiding in his attic.
      Kyle: What are you doing with cats in your attic, fatass?
      Cartman: They're innocent victims in this! They have to hide or they'll be put to death. Something you just can't understand..

    • Butters: There you go.. Try some coffee Ken.
      Kenny: (muffled) Hrm..
      Kyle: Kenny, we need to have a serious talk.
      Kenny: (muffled) Ugh, no we don't guys.
      Stan: Yes we do. We're your friends dude. We're not going to let you ruin your life.
      Kenny: (muffled) I'm not ruining my life, okay? Can you guys just f**kin f**k off?
      Kyle: Look at yourself! You've got to lay off the cheese!
      (Kenny vomits and it hits Butters)
      Butters: Yeah.. That's it little buddy..just let it out.

    • (After Kenny is woken up from tripping)
      Kenny: *muffled* I wanna.. touch them.

    • Stan: You guys! Check it out! It's Kenny. Isn't that great? He's just getting high on life.
      (Kenny sniffs flowers)
      Kyle: He's getting...really high on life.
      (Kenny sniffs more flowers)
      Cartman: Dude, he's getting super-wasted on life.
      (Kenny sniffs all the flowers)
      All: KENNY!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Schindler's List

      Cartman's decision to take in cats to protect the from the DEA mirrors Oskar S's decision to protect 1,100 Jews from the Nazis. Also, the scene in which a woman begs Cartman to take in her cat seems to be a reference to a similar scene in which a woman begs Schindler to take in her elderly parents. Schindler and Cartman initially refuse but then relent. Also, the song playing during the "Cartman's List" scene was also played at some point in Schindler's List.

    • JB
      Whereas this episode is a nod to the
      Heavy Metal cartoon, the king's daughter
      has an uncanny similarity to JB from
      BraveStarr (much more than to Taarna).

    • When Gerald mentions "getting high off fermenting human feces", this is a reference to the hoax hallucinogenic drug Jenkem, said to be a hallucinogenic drug composed of noxious gas formed from fermented human sewage.

    • Eliot Spitzer:

      Gerald taking part in a practice that he was publicly fighting against, accompanied by his sorrowful speech with his wife at his side, is a reference to disgraced former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. During his time as New York's Attorney General (1999-2006), Spitzer openly and vehemently fought against prostitution rings; in 2008, it was discovered that Spitzer himself was in fact a client of such a ring. When it was made public, he gave a speech with his obviously-annoyed wife beside him. He resigned as Governor shortly thereafter.

    • Diary of Anne Frank:

      When Cartman hides Mr. Kitty in the attic and tells him to write a diary, it is an allusion to Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl that hid in a back end house with her family during the Nazi Holocaust.
      Anne Frank named her diary Kitty.

    • Heavy Metal Allusions:

      The blonde chick in 'Major Boobage' is an allusion to the character of Taarna, the last of a warrior race, from 'Taarna', the final story segment of the 1981 Anthology film, Heavy Metal.

      Other allusions include a segment set on board a flying fortress and a spaceship shaped like a sports car.

      The song heard during Kenny and Gerald Broflovski's cat-urine induced trips is "Heavy Metal (Takin' a Ride)" by Don Felder from the film, as well as "Heavy Metal" by Sammy Hagar, which was also on the soundtrack for the original film.