South Park

Season 12 Episode 3

Major Boobage

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 26, 2008 on Comedy Central

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  • Cheesin'!

    Getting high via cat urine: A very unusual topic, even by South Park standards. But it was good of the writers to bring up the more unusual drug practises. I myself can't believe that there are actually people who get high, if not by that, then by similar methods. But enough of the morality lecture, on to the episode itself.

    As always, this episode provided an interesting and hilarious parallel to both historic and current events. The "cheesing" trips were completely surreal; For me, watching Kenny and Gerald duel in the "breastruary" was the highlight of the episode. This episode also stands out for me because of Cartman: For the first time in a long while, the foul-mouthed, racist kid does something purely out of the goodness of his heart. He hides and protects the fugitive cats of South Park, without even asking for some kind of payment. Of course, he completely failed to notice the similarity of the cats' predicament to the jews during the Holocaust, but if he did, he just wouldn't be Cartman.

    All in all, this was a solid episode, and I hope to see more of it's calibre in future.
  • Kenny gets caught in the latest drug craze and cartman hides cats in his attic.

    This episode is hillairious! It's about the latest drug craze called cheesing where they use a cat to spray urine on yuor face and you end up in a weird world with a lot boobs. (It's a parody of the film Heavy metal. I won't spoil anything else but it's just terrific. Another I liked about the episdoe was that Kenny finally had a significant role in the series since Kwnny Dies which was way back in the 5th season. Until this, he was just simply a background charecter that only had 2 speaking roles and not a lot of screntime as well. and are there complaints... no. This was just a good episode, with outstanding plots, comedy, and charecter development. I recommend it to any fan of south park.
  • Memorable and Best of Season 12

    In this episode, Kenny experiments with cat urine for a hallucinagenic(Blah) experiment to see how high he can get, a la Heavy Metal. Meanwhile, Gerald (Kyle's dad) works to get cats banned in South Park to avoid these kind of problems. This episode is awesome from the get-go with a great Mr. Mackey scene, and parodys Heavy Metal throughout the episode. While I haven't seen the aforementioned movie before, I will definitly have to look for it now. The funniest parts were the parts with Kenny, who is finally given a bigger role besides death's constant target, and it works well. The part that we learn Gerald's a former "Cheesing" addict is great, and it leads to a hilarious conclusion. Overall, if your a fan of SP then watch this one, as it's a great episode, and the best of season 12. 9.5/10 A
  • i felt really sorry for Kenny... and i was also grossed out by this episode, too ...

    this episode is wrong in so many level's. OK, the kids of South Park ( One of them including the hard to understand, Kenny. ) get high on cat urine. Cat's are then outlawed and Cartman hides his cat in his attic then eventually gets more cats in his attic. Kenny keeps his cats somehow and ruins his life by getting more high, he looked terrible. Later , Kenny somehow gets to every single cat in Cartman's attic and gets super outrageously high.

    Then, Gerald, Kyle's dad, gets high, thus meeting the same lady that Kenny been seeing while high. then cats are allowed back in South Park, Kenny doesn't decided to do the pee, but decides to get high by ... sniffing flowers. the episode tells you not to get buzzed, i think...

    the episode is bad, I now regret watching it. ( how many times did i say the word "high"? )
  • I know I love Kenny, but this episode is just ridiculous...

    There are factors here that simply made me disgusted about it.

    1.) Cheesing (I know they can make a better one than that)

    2.) Cat urine (Drug used to cheese)

    It's not cool, nor pitiful, it's disgusting

    3.) Cartman jumped the shark because of those cats

    I'm not used to see Cartman being kind, very out of character.
    It's possible since the loss of Clyde frog I suppose.

    But, there are some parts I liked

    1.) It's about Kenny

    About time they made about him, Go Ken!

    2.) Mixture of 2D and 3D animation

    3.) Satire on Eliot Spitzer

    Never thought of the satire to be that way, but oh well

    4.) the Boy's concern for Kenny

    They actually care for him for once, except in Kenny Dies though.

    5.) Influence on Heavy metal
  • KENNY AND THE T!TS !!!!!!!

    major boobage.another great episode.Kenny has his first drug encounter, and now he cant stop.after he cheeses, he goes inside a portal to a pornography style theme.parodying heavy metal.i gotta say,this episode is probably the most clever episode ever made by trey and pee drug, so original,and a illusion to a porno world,so original.i gotta say this episode is one of my favorite episodes.and definetly the best of season is a 21 min full of wild adventure and fun.many scenes are that is why this episode is not recommended for the faint hearted.highly it,its a total classic.
  • The boys try to help their friend as he goes on his first drug encounter.

    Drugs. Most people seem to get caught up into this. Whether it be pills, dope, heroine, or sniffing glue, there are always people there to get high. Now the latest craze comes out. Cat excretions. Kenny gets hooked and finds himself sucked into the world of boobs. the world is a reference to that found in "Heavy metal," in which a girl is told stories by this glowing orb of vile energy. The music heard in this episode was taken from the movie. However, only one song actually coincides with the exact part of the movie. This part is when Gerald is flying the bomber(not sure what kind, maybe a B-52)and the song "Heavy Metal" by Don Felder is playing in the background. the other songs heard are "Radar Rider" which plays when Kenny and Gerald are going to fight, and the song "Heavy Metal" by Sammy Hagar. In contrast, these songs are heard at different times in the show and movie. In the show we hear Hagar's version when Kenny is driving the car, but in the movie it was "Radar Rider." But still, the episode was done very well and is one of my favorites of this season.
  • Cheesein'.

    It is my personal opinion that this is one of the best episodes of South Park that they ever produced. It is one of the first installments in which Kenny becomes the central character without dying for a change. The way he and Kyle's father got high on cat spray was a definte scream, and the way Eric Cartman hid all those poor cats in order to keep them from getting put down shows that he is more human than he wants to be as he shows an emotion that he very seldom ever shows: compassion. It was a great episode.
  • Outrageously funny, easily the best episode of the season.

    "Major Boobage" is easily the best episode of the twelfth season of south park. Why? Because it's outrageous and hillarious.

    Why? I'll explain right now.

    The greatest episodes in this series are the random ones that have ridiculous storylines and moments.

    Mr Mackey is worried about the kids getting high, using techniques such as choking themselves and so on. Mr Mackey reveals to the kids that cat urine (not actually urine), can make you get high. So right away the kids (Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and Stan) attempt to get high using this "technique". Well, only Kenny tries this. Right away, Kenny becomes addicted and gets all sorts of weird allusions, he's flying, goes in to a flying car and on to some weird planet with a girl that has huge cleavage. There are other mentionable moments thought this episode, but in short: it was hilarious, had a random storyline. The two things you need to have a perfect episode of southpark.

    10/10, I simply love episodes like this and hope to see more of this sort in the other half of the twelfth season.
  • Waaaaay To Funny

    I have never seen the Heavy Metal movie and thought this was the funniest crap ever! Only Matt and Trey can get away with this stuff. Awesome "dream" sequences having Kenny be the drug addict was way to clever. Leaving all the other characters to go all "Saved by the Bell" on him. Gerald going back to cheesing and getting caught was to cool. Loved the whole Elliot Spitzer angle they used. Only on south park can they get away with monsters and mountian made only of boobs. Where do they come up this stuff? Anyone else wondering how many people tried to get high using cat pee after seeing this?
  • My favourite episode of Season 4!

    I really liked this episode of South Park. Like Mr Mackey used to say: Drugs are bad, well the fellows of the little mountain town dont go with that rule again. They start cheesing, another word for smelling asses of cats! The beggining with the Takin' a Ride song till the 'Boobage Mansion'. Also Gerald's trip with the Jewish Princess was very funny! The care of Cartman to the cats was great, also the fight between Kyle's Father and Kenny was quiet super. The fight for the big boobed girl. Overall one of the best episode's of Season 4.

    Cheesing Cheesing all day long!
  • Cat urine + Kenny = One Wasted Fellow

    Description: In a South Park homage to the 1981 film, "Heavy Metal", the boys try to help Kenny kick the latest drug craze that has become a hit with schoolchildren across the nation. Once Kenny cheeses, he trips into a world that he can truly enjoy.

    Storyline: I liked the plot in this episode. The fact that drugs were used, as well as Kenny and Gerald, we're the good points. The message was clear, and very specified.

    Humor: It had it's moments, but some of the scenes we're pretty boring. Overall, the humor was very good, but lacking.

    Rating: Overall, I'd give this episode an 8.4. For it's well-focused plot, it's specified message and it's mediocre humor.
  • When Kids starts to cheese what should the parents do?

    This was one of the best South Park episodes so far of the 12th season. Trey & Matt still haven't lost their touch! They were able to make me laugh so hard!

    I absolutely adored it, especially the whole parents freaking out about their kids and the new drug : cats. I also like how they focused on Kenny a bit more, but every time it's an episode of Kenny.It always end up crazy.

    One of the good points also in this episode was the " powerful" emotion that Cartman was going through with his cat. It was so cute! I adored how Matt & Trey put him in the context of the Holocaust and how Cartman seemed ignorant of it.

    It was a daring episode! I love to re-watch it when I can!
  • cheesing out, and fantasizing about boobs

    Hilarious. what else needs be said? Out of the first five episodes this season, this is by far the best one. Nothing negative to say about it. It was simply humor, with little else getting in humor's way. Cartman's care of cats was great, especially contrasted to Kyle history with him. The fight between Kyle's dad and Kenny was the pinnacle point for this episode by far. So great to see how Kyle's dad was so happy to ban it, and then un-ban it, with his relapse right in the middle. The hallucinations were great as well, notably the killings popping in at random points.
  • Well worth watching and packed with good moments, but hasnt this idea been done enough already

    Its a classic plot. Family guy, American Dad, and Drawn together, to name a few I know have already done this idea: An unusual way to get high has been discovered, the town is alerted and key charecters get involved. Someone they know is doing it and someone else is trying to stop it. At the end we get the double cliche of Drugs are bad and all is over.

    Fortunatly this episode has good dialogue and many funny moments. Its also good to See Kenny take center stage for a change. Its somewhat depressingly cynical, but still halirious that Kenny is the one to get addicted, Giving us the typical portrayal of a lower working class kid becoming a junkie, and showing all the indignities that come from it. However this again is an overdone idea, it probably would have been funnier if it had a obvious parody such as Trainspotting.

    Overall this episode did a lot of things right, but this is not South Park even close to its best.
  • So now Cartman is suddenly hiding cats for people and Kenny is getting high off cat urine... huh, suddenly Cartman seems like the good guy.

    This was a good episode. The whole town is worrying over a new craze of concentrated cat pee getting squirted on one's face called 'cheesing'. Wow. I hope none of you try this one at home. Anyway, in this episode you'll see a little bit of a relation to some World History in Cartman's case. The town plans to get rid of all of their cats to end this sensation once and for all. But, Cartman hides his cat, and slowly he begins to hide more and more cats that are escaping the massive hunt in his attic. Does this ring a bell? Meanwhile, Kenny has become addicted to 'cheesing'. Every time Kenny 'cheeses', he goes into a state of euphoria, which sends to his own dream world. But, things only get weirder when Kyle's dad, Gerald Broflovski 'cheeses', which apparently he was addicted to about a decade ago. This leads to a battle for the beauty in the dream world between Mr. Broflovski and Kenny. The whole 'cheesing' thing may be disgusting, but that's "South Park" for you. If they're going to make a drug, why not make it totally obscene and nasty? I think this is a great episode, and it's one to remember. This episode, in my opinion, is probably the first episode that didn't disappoint me in the 12th season. Let's hope they can keep it this way.
  • I wouldn't say "jump the shark" but...

    Unless I am mistaken,( and it's quite possible I am) there were some... changes??? .... that kind made me feel at a loss here, you notices this review it's waaaay beyond it's time, i couldn't write it sooner, and PART of it is because this episode was too, hmmm, I dunno, weird?? And I'm not talking about the whole Heavy Metal stuff, that actually made sense to me (no, I was not chessing,but I'm a pseudo-fan of the classic rock era, hence the film) for the job those scenes had... but honestly, this chapter it's just more of the same first two...

    OK, first of... I always thought Cartman's cat was female, I remember the episode "cat orgy", and even though Ms. Cartman said that a certain kitty was gonna sleep with her.... I was on the impression the Cat was female, now it turns out it's a male, is by any chance hemafrodite just like Cartman's mom??? Kenny's addictive personality shows once more that he actually enjoy living the live to the fullest, but then again when you used to die every week in a new more absurd way you either stay dead or seek refuge in other worlds... via chinpokomon, chessing, psp, whatever, and since kenny family it's poor and he always manage to get all the cool gadgets (pc, warcraft,psp, and more stuff) he is either dealing, or prostituting...wait, did he got jailed once for that ???

    Cartman helping the needy just because and not by direct own gain???, this and the clear shock and remorse on that Britney episode, clearly shows that Eric it's kinda changing...

    Kyle's dad making the whole cat ban and then when we learn he is in fact a cat user himself clearly it's the alussion to the whole War On Drugs Hypocrisity, the same politicians that make the rules and prohibitions are the first one to break them..or their family.

    And last but not least the whole news drama of Fox news, although it had been portrayed before, clearly makes another alusion a the fear-inducing media...

    I'd actually enjoyed the boobs, but it was actually some overkill, it kinda bored me after a while...some 20 minutes into the episode, the episode wasn't all that funny, but i give it some points extra for the subplots that were actually very well crafted....
  • Kenny is hallucinated by cat urine and Cartman keeping cats safe in his attic

    Wow the whole heavy mental parody was amazing with Kenny, the woman with the large boobs and Gerald. Also, Cartman being nice once by saving those adorable kittens and put them up his attic.

    My favorite scene: was when Butters comfort Kenny at the table and Kenny kind of vomit on the table and some sprinkle on Butters face.
    Cartman telling his cat write a dairy
    The heavy mental theme plays whenever Kenny cheesing out
    Gerald and Kenny fight on a sandbox and wouldn't know that gerald was bald through out the whole series. LOL.

    That episode was much better then "Brittany's new looks" because it was much fun and was well-written. Rating- 10/10
  • Looks like I'm in the minority.

    I did enjoy Major Boobage. But after last weeks train wreck I was looking for something amazing personally I felt Major Boobage was a little flat. Major Boobage to me felt very season one like. Maybe it was because of such a heavy use of Kenny (who I'd like to see more of please). I don't know why but this episode did have a certain charm I enjoyed. Cartman's sub plot was very well executed and my favorite part of the episode. The Spitzer reference was also very well done. For some reason this episode just did not sit right with me. The main plot just didn't appeal to me at all, maybe I did not get the references to Heavy Metal. But I'm glad other people enjoyed it more then I did. An average episode with some charm.
  • South Park suffers a new, albeit random, drug addiction scare. People are getting high on cat piss and Kenny gets addicted.

    Yet another disturbing episode of South Park. If people ask me what was wrong I am going to stand there and say "people are getting high on cat piss" in the definitive and plain tone that Stan does in some episodes.

    In this episode, Kenny suffers a drug addiction to cat piss, found that distubing and just....why?!?!

    Good parts about this episode were where Cartman hides cats in his attic, very ironic. And how the creators seem to have created a whole set of paraphanalia and setup for how the people get "cheesed". They have holders for the cats, and projectors to provoke the cats to pee. Disturbing, unusual and random.

    South Park can do much better
  • South Park is back to its old ways

    South park is back to its normal self with this episode with mr. mackey talkin about drugs and Kenny actually showing up in an episode. the fact that kenny gets high off cat urine and gerald ends up fighting kenny at the end is hilarious to me. The previous 2 episodes weren't normal south park, i think matt and trey were still on vacation because the last 2 episodes weren't that great. But this episode is classic and one of the best episodes ive seen since the world of warcraft episode. I hope the next episode is as good or even better than this episode.
  • A well blended story and new handling in animation make this episode just like the rest: Unpredictable

    In this episode, there is a trend of people getting high on cat's piss, this becomes a problem in South Park, and as a result, there are bans of cats.

    There are many entertaining problems with the characters personalities, Kenny gets high throughout the whole episode, Cartman tries to hide his cat, but attracts many more cats which he hides in the loft. In the end, Kyle and Stan find Kenny getting wasted in Cartman's loft, which becomes a serious problem for Kenny.

    The ban was led by Kyle's dad, who finds a cat in Kyle's room and later gets high himself from cat piss. Kenny and Kyle's dad are transported into another world where the animation is high drawn and both get attracted by woman and a land full of breast shaped architecture run by an 80's rock and roll culture. In the end, Kyle's dad and Kenny are seen fighting in a sand box in South Park, thinking that their in the same world when they get high.

    I rate this a 9.5/10
  • The boys discover that when you inhale cat piss you are transported to the galaxy from the 80's Heavy Metal cartoon. Meanwhile, a suddenly kind spirited Cartman hides cats in his attic after they are banned from South Park due to their euphoric urine.

    This has been my favorite South Park since Le Petite Tourette, and one of the better ones in years. A perfect homage to Heavy Metal (right down to the music), this episode actually had me crying a bit from laughing so hard, the first time since last season's With Apologies to Jesse Jackson. I'm not sure why some people seem to really hate this episode (either scored very high or low on this site), perhaps part of it is people who never saw Heavy Metal. I always wondered what the deal was with the chicks huge boobs there too. Or maybe they just find a mutant headless blood gurgling Britney Spears or aids funnier. This is certainly the top episode this year. Anyways, I recommend this episode to every fan of this great show. South Park seems to be getting stronger and stronger...some of the best of the show have been in the last 2 years...

    "Curse your rockin' ti*s!"
  • Jenkem anyone?

    The funny thing about South Park is that every time my friends and I get an idea in our heads, or read something on the internet or see something on the news, South Park is writing an episode about it! Usually most of the ideas my friends and I come up with are ridiculous and usually so are most of the stories that I see on television news. So we are watching Fox News about 3 months ago and they report on how kids in Florida are experimenting with a new drug called "Jenkem". Jenkem is the fermenting of feces and urine to inhale the gas from it and get an insane high. Of course, this is absolutely disgusting, but when I logged onto on Monday last, I saw that Kenny was going to be experimenting with the new latest drug craze. Now, imagine my imagination running wild when I saw this description on this website. OF COURSE, my initial reaction was "South Park is going to make fun of jenkem!" Well, maybe not exactly, but the fact that the mention the fermentation of fecal matter at the end was especially hilarious to me!

    After researching many websites, I found that there is no such reports of any persons getting high off of male cat urine. The only thing I can think of that Matt and Trey were referring to would be jenkem. I love that fact that they keep getting into my head and reading my thoughts and making episodes! (Not really, but you have to imagine my surprise when I saw this episode!)

    I have seen the movie "Heavy Metal" and Matt and Trey were right on with their making fun of this movie. I hope that this show never ends and I know that this wasn't an actual review, I just wanted to kind of corrolate the two subjects: cat pee and jenkem. You decide...same or different??
  • Best of season 12 (spoilers)

    Wow i didnt care for season 12 somefar, but this heavy metal episode with drugs was kicking 8). I hope that the season stays good, I didnt mind tounsil trouble, but britneys new look was terrible (in my opinion) anyways heres my review.The season 11 finale felt like an older classic episode of South Park, and this felt even more like one. It had a message, but not much of one, and the episode was built just as much around the characters as it was the plot. In a strange combination, the main plot was Kenny's, and Cartman and Gerald Broflovski had the sub-plots.

    After Mr. Mackey tells Mrs. Garrison's class about ways of getting high, they try it. They decide to get Kenny high by having him sniff cat urine, and Kenny becomes addicted to sniffing cat pee, or cheesing. Gerald Broflovski decides to make cats illegal in South Park, and Cartman becomes hiding cats in his attic, ala Schindler's List. Cartman has never been as likable and dare I say "cute, as he was in this episode. It's one of the few times he acts more like an altruist than a complete jerk. The episode is full of funny lines and has a very good plot. Hopefully the season follows this episode, and not the first two average episodes of the season.
  • Now this is more like it! After the last two sub-par episodes this one shows that South Park still has what it takes to make clever and funny stories.

    As is pretty much a prerequisite for South Park these days this episode involves social commentary that this week is directed at kids experimenting with drug use. However what made this stand out was that it done from the perspective of one of the main characters, and to great effect. Whilst Mr. Mackey is lecturing the kids on drug use he accidentally (and hilariously) turns them onto getting high from cat urine. So Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny try it out using Cartman's cat on Kenny to see what the effects are. Kenny starts tripping and sees himself in a world overpopulated by breasts, and this is where the episode has what the previous two didn't; a hysterical and fantastic main idea that is ridiculous but still appropriate and intelligent satire.

    To mix things up the "boob world" is inhabited by traditionally animated characters, as opposed to that of South Park's style. This isn't as jarring as I would've thought as the animation isn't particularly advanced so it still works well with the rest of the show (but was most likely simply a result of time and budget restraints). As usual their parents overreact and ban every cat in South Park which forces Cartman to hide Mr. Kitty in his attic. However before long he's hiding many cats from all across town in there and the irony of Cartman doing this is made obvious to everyone except Cartman himself thanks to Kyle.

    The overreaction to the news that the kids could be experimenting with drugs, the "boob world", Kenny's addiction and Cartman's sanctuary are all played up superbly well in this episode making it very funny throughout. The image of Kenny getting high and going crazy has the fine line between sick and hilarious that South Park treads so well. The best thing about this episode is that for the first time in a long while each of the four main characters (five if we're including Butters now too) had a major part in it. And it was about time that Kenny was the focus of an episode as he tends to be seriously overlooked recently. This was a very funny and clever episode and hopefully the rest of the season follows suit. Plus, animated or not, boobs are always great!
  • A sigh of relief to many fans after an average first two episodes.

    For all those people who thought the series was dying after the first two episodes of season twelve, I can tell you all now that you can relax now as this one, could possibly be one of the best episodes I've seen in a very long time. The numerous references to movies was awesome, It had a wide variety of jokes that never seem to get old, and the look on Mrs. Brofloski's face during the speech at the end was classic. It doesnt hurt that the plot kept me interested the whole way through. If you havent seen the episode yet, DO IT NOW!
  • Thumbs up.

    Last week was a huge letdown IMO, it was literally painful to watch but with the latest south park episode,Major Boobage, Matt Stone and Trey Parker get back to quality as it was one hell of a fine episode.
    The opener was so classic. I was really happy to see Mackay again, the whole scene in the class was hilarious...mmmmok. It`s also great to see Kenny back in the front ground. It`s been a while. In this episode, each character was properly used, not another centric episode. However, I think it would have been even funnier if it was Randy and not Gerald who was cheesing. :D The final "Boobage battle" was awesome, even funnier when we see those to fighting in "non cheesing mode" I`ve never watched the Heavy Metal movie but it did not prevent me from liking this episode.
    But the best thing about this episode was the whole Cartman Schindler's List reference. I love it! The soundtrack and Cartman`s dialogues with all this situation made me LMAO big time! Definitely the best thing about this episode.:D
    Also, a little (almost nothing) of Jimbo. I really want to see more of him, Ned, Jesus etc... again, there all pretty classic characters.
    The ending felt a little bit it a hurry but was still funny.
    Proper usage of the characters, great dialogues, great story and even a great soundtrack...all in for a great episode.
  • Awesome show

    This show is amazing. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, season after season they come out with great new idea's. Once in a while they try to get ahead of themselves and be too silly or too creative, but eventually they come back with classic filler episodes to ease it out. This show has been very influential for American youth. It's the best satire of the day and puts into perspective issues from modern day popular culture, and rips it apart to the extreme. Great show, I love watching every episode. The creators also made Team America, funny movie.
  • He's cheesed out of his fukcin' mind!

    The best of the season so far!! IF you can grasp the references made between Heavy Metal, Elliot Spitzer, and the Diary of Anne Frank... you will LOVE this episode! Kenny takes front and center (for the first time in a while), and becomes addicted to the fad of huffing cat urine to get high. Cartman becomes a shelterer/protector of cats (since they became illegal thanks to Gerald), and Gerald gets found out as an abuser of cat urine himself. And "Heavy Metal" becomes the reality of people whom huff cat urine... this episode is excellent!!! From Gerald and Kenny fighting in the sandbox, to Sheila's expression when her husband gets caught "cheesing". Classic, and IMO the BEST episode of the season so far! 9/10!
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