South Park

Season 12 Episode 3

Major Boobage

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 26, 2008 on Comedy Central

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  • I wouldn't say "jump the shark" but...

    Unless I am mistaken,( and it's quite possible I am) there were some... changes??? .... that kind made me feel at a loss here, you notices this review it's waaaay beyond it's time, i couldn't write it sooner, and PART of it is because this episode was too, hmmm, I dunno, weird?? And I'm not talking about the whole Heavy Metal stuff, that actually made sense to me (no, I was not chessing,but I'm a pseudo-fan of the classic rock era, hence the film) for the job those scenes had... but honestly, this chapter it's just more of the same first two...

    OK, first of... I always thought Cartman's cat was female, I remember the episode "cat orgy", and even though Ms. Cartman said that a certain kitty was gonna sleep with her.... I was on the impression the Cat was female, now it turns out it's a male, is by any chance hemafrodite just like Cartman's mom??? Kenny's addictive personality shows once more that he actually enjoy living the live to the fullest, but then again when you used to die every week in a new more absurd way you either stay dead or seek refuge in other worlds... via chinpokomon, chessing, psp, whatever, and since kenny family it's poor and he always manage to get all the cool gadgets (pc, warcraft,psp, and more stuff) he is either dealing, or prostituting...wait, did he got jailed once for that ???

    Cartman helping the needy just because and not by direct own gain???, this and the clear shock and remorse on that Britney episode, clearly shows that Eric it's kinda changing...

    Kyle's dad making the whole cat ban and then when we learn he is in fact a cat user himself clearly it's the alussion to the whole War On Drugs Hypocrisity, the same politicians that make the rules and prohibitions are the first one to break them..or their family.

    And last but not least the whole news drama of Fox news, although it had been portrayed before, clearly makes another alusion a the fear-inducing media...

    I'd actually enjoyed the boobs, but it was actually some overkill, it kinda bored me after a while...some 20 minutes into the episode, the episode wasn't all that funny, but i give it some points extra for the subplots that were actually very well crafted....