South Park

Season 10 Episode 8

Make Love, Not Warcraft

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny are plagued by a character in the World of Warcraft who kills anyone who gets in his path. they divise a plan to stop him while the blizzard company tries to find a way to rid him themselves.

    Simply one of the best south park episodes ever made. The character of Al Gore and that bizarre-as-hell \\\"super cereal\\\" thing was pretty darn funny. But, the scene that made me adore this episode was one I\\\'m sure everyone will agree was one of the greatest Cartman/Kyle moments ever. When Cartman is superstitious of Kyle that he\\\'ll be stealing his gold(which of course is fake!), and he comes within inches of his face. Suddenly, Kyle wakes up, and they have that crazy conversation where Cartman tries to act like everything is completely fine. Cartman crapping out the treasure at the end, though predictable, was pretty funny.
  • OMG! South Park is so on point!!

    I am around so many people who are constantly playing World of Warcraft! This episode is so true! My sibling is this passionate about playing this stupid game! I mean, this game really is the only life that some people have and it is so pathetic! I do not understand how people can play this game for like 20 hours straight! South Park may have exaggerated a bit on how addicted people really are, but this episode was on point about how these people talk about this game like a part of their lives and the words they use and how you'll find the mother not caring and that's a big deal and then these old random people who play this game as a life profession, it is so PATHETIC and wierd! I just want to commend the writeers on this installment of South Park. They could not have captured the essence of this game and what it does to people any better!!!!
  • This episode made me a bigger fan of this show than ever before.

    I'm amazed that Matt and Trey had created this episode, because it looks kind of hard to do. The idea of our favorite characters playing one of the best MMORPG games of all time is a fantastic idea, as it gives them plenty of story lines to do for an episode. And it involves a guy who can wipe out just about anyone who plays it, as he killed 5000 players without dying once! Impossible, but it happened, and Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny had to spend every day playing the game just to beat him, and they got all fat and sloppy while at all. This is one of those episodes that show that South Park can be in the top 10 best shows on It could be the best episode ever created. Overall, I never saw a dull moment, and when Season 10 comes out on DVD, and if I buy it, I will see this one first. BEST, EPISODE, EVER.
  • South Park goes World of Warcraft!

    This episode was awsome! The first episode ive ever seen South park use a video game. It was amazing how they where with blizzard entertainment so that they could make an entire episode revolved around a game like WOW ( world of warcraft). Ive never played Wow but the graphics for it are pretty good. I loved how at the end Blizzard where with Stans dad and how they where talking about how they have lives and everyone else does.

    Another great scene was when they became nerds, i loved that scene! They where fat and Cartman pooped allover his mom. It was disgusting and hillarious. Id recomend this episode to everyone.
  • Best Episode of South Park yet!

    I love this episode. When it first came on, I was confused because I knew that South Park was supposed to be on...and I almost changed the channel, but then when it played out, I had found my new favorite episode. The idea to have the show based around the four main characters playing World of Warcraft (especially making Kyle a girl) was priceless. I spit out my drink when they said that the evil guy must be one big badass, and then it cuts to a fat, bald guy glued to his computer screen and pushing his glasses back up on his nose. Great episode!
  • South Park meets World of Warcraft

    So this episode, like I said, is South Park meets World of Warcraft. The episode starts with Cartman, Kenny, Kyle and Stan in their World of Warcraft (WOW) identities, then an un- identified player (UIP) comes and kills them with one hit. Then Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, and Stan rally all of the kids to try and be the UIP, in the meantime Stan's dad makes his own account. As person after person loses to the UIP, the game makers become aware the this player is too powerful, so they attempt to stop him. With all attempts failing (including Gang's and Blizzard's), they make up new strategies; the Gang will keep training against weak enemies to gain XP, while Blizzard would give this really powerful sword to the Gang (as they noticed they were training). While the Gang makes their final move towards the UIP, Blizzard struggles to get to them in time. Failing to find them Blizzard gives the Sword to Stan's dad to give to Stan. In the end the gang finally wins with; Stan's dad's character dying, Stan stabbing the UIP with the Sword and Cartman smashing his head. So I like this episode because it was cool using MMORPG and I liked how they showed the game and all.
  • This is why I watch South Park! But can they top it?!

    Wow... This was an awesome episode. I don't think they will ever beable to top this one. I find it funny that Blizzard helped them make the episode. I must digress for a moment. Because if you have ever played any of there games, you'll know what Im talking about. Usually theres a huge bloody delay for there games but worth the wait. Back to the review. I dont think you need to be a gamer to like this episode. It, as I already mentioned, is one of the best the have made so far. The way they talk about the game like its a real place and people's obsession with games. But the down side to this episode is that it really made me want to play WoW. And because of this Im sure more people went out and bought it. This almost sours me. But hey who cares the episode was great!
  • You know why Game Stop lowered the price of W.O.W? Sure, It was probably because of the expansion pack coming out, but I think everyone started buying W.O.W after watching this episode.

    This episode was fantastic. My friends and I keep holding up jumpdrives making heroic music. I love the fact that Cartman wound up acting like one of my friends; he would get absorbed in World Of Warcraft to the point where we couldn't get him out of the house, and in school, he would look up W.O.W information every time he was at a computer, even when he was supposed to be working. I loved the way the Blizzard exects acted when they heard anyone undermine W.O.W's "importance." Stan's Dad saves the day, and when his character dies, he sounds like he really is dying. "Well, now that this is over, what do we do?" "We play the game."
  • This episode is so hilarious I can't stop laughing.

    This episode was so amazing and cool I can't stop watching it the boys were playing World of Warcraft and so guy who was a higher level then them so they ask their other friends to help but it didn't worked. So Cartman has an idea by killing boars which they are worth 2 EXP so they trained for about two months and they got so fat and lazy they kept on playing until they kill the high level player and Stan got a legendary sword from his Dad from the people from World of Warcraft, and Stan used it and the guy was finally beaten by a bunch of 9 year olds. This episode deserves a perfect 10.
  • A step in the right direction.

    I can't tell you how glad I was to see this episode. The first half of Season 10 left me cold. It was truly terrible stuff. To open the second half of the season, though, with such a wonderful, hilarious, clever, old-fashioned classic style "South Park" episode was a real treat to behold. THE PLOT: Classic "South Park." This episode had something to say but never touched preachy. Thank goodness. THE HUMOR: Wonderful. Several laughs throughout, every character was prominent in the story and the undefeated World of War Craft champ was hilarious sitting there, crumbs of chip gently rolling down his large ball of a stomach as he effortlessly kills off every player, never saying a word. This has to be the weirdest "South Park" episode ever, but I was entertained for every single second of it.
  • The boys start playing world of warcraft. there is a mysterious character who goes around and kills innocent players. The boys decide to gain exp and level up to defeat the super nerd.

    This episode was a hilarous look into the 'nerd' steriotype. The boys get addicted to world of warcraft and spend all of their waking hours to gain experience and level up. Personally i have friends like this who rather play with thier giuld than go outside and hang out with actual people. Its funny how all the boys get fat (cartman even fatter) and are covered in zits, they look pretty realistic. They also manage to live in cartmans basement without having to leave to eat, drink, or use the bath room. It is also funny how they say words like "n00b" and "pwn".
  • Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Eric are excited to play the new online phenomenon World of Warcraft. But when a high level player starts killing everyone in the game, it\'s up to the boys of South Park to save the World...of Warcraft.

    After waiting five months since the first half of the season ended, we finally got a new episode of South Park. After a less than stellar first half (Cartoon Wars should have been contained to one episode and A Million Little Fibers was just flat out awful) South Park returns in what will definately become a series classic. Matt and Trey embodied absolutely everything that is hilarious and absurd about online gamers, even right down to one of Cartman\'s last lines, \"Dude, you\'re about to get pwnd.\" Hopefully the creators can keep this pace going for the rest of the season.
  • A truly inspirational story.

    An uplifting tale of a group of close friends faced with overwhelming odds ... but eventually triumping. In this episode we see an inspirational Cartman once again demonstrating all the qualities of a great leader.

    He convinces his friends that they must stand together if they are to defeat their nameless foe.

    The show is not without its sad moments as we see Randy lay down his own life to save his son and his companions.

    I am not ashamed to admit that I shed a quiet tear as he expressed his love for his son.
  • Journey into the online World of Warcraft with the gang...

    I loved this episode! It's episodes like these that keeps me watching South Park week after week. Although i have never played World of Warcraft before, i thought it was awesome how the writers used graphics from the game to be part of this episode. I was so fascinated that i actually went online to check out what the game's all about (it was good). I would put this one in my top 5 SP episodes of all time! Favorite line from the episode - Randy: "I'm not an R-Tard...." lol Classic! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • This could be in the all time top 3 South Park episodes of all time!

    I have never played Warcraft, but I have played on-line games before and the mindset that is portrayed in this episode is classic. Actually, Stan's dad steals the half hour with his sudden embrace of the Warcraft game and the high emotion that he puts into his level 2 hunter. Perhaps the best line of the episode is "Out here I am I simple geologist, but in here, I am Falcorn, defender of the alliance, I have fought (all the things he listed only to have the super nerd stab him in the back and walk off)" Co-worker, "Looks like that other guy killed you." Randy Marsh, "Why!? Whyyyyyyy?!"
  • Reminiscent of the "Anime" episode, this makes good use of another format woven in with the classic (now unfortunately computer generated classic as oppose to the construction paper).

    I've lost friends to WoW (World of Warcraft), and it's a pity they're coming out with an expansion because I'm about to lose another friend. Good thing for the foursome of South Park, they're all in this one together. This was a hilarious spoof of WoW. Seriously, people start to look like that after they play that game, and they start to speak like fools feeding on mad cows: "R-Tard," "my RL friend" (Real Life), they start prefacing everything with über, but without the umlaut b/c they don't speak German. Seriously, Cartman's mom taking out the "bathroom" is not far from the truth. Kyle looked the most disgusting I have to say after their marathon. Great episode for anyone familiar with WoW and video games in general. Let's us spoof our old or current ways with the SP masters and maybe inspires to take a day outside.
  • The boys enter the popular world of Warcraft. This episode is shown as the first of new episodes in its TENTH season (special emphasis in commercials about this). At first, I thought that this episode would dissapoint, but I still cracked up laughing.

    I first thought that this episode would simply be a tedious attempt to bring the popular online game "World of Warcraft" into South Park (because after slightly more than 9 whole seasons, what more could they possibly come up with?). Regardless, however, I soon cracked up laughing upon seeing "Cartman the dwarf" talking to Kenny, Kenny speaking gibberish (with his mouth visibly moving), and Cartman responding with "exactly." Yet my favorite part of this episode was where Butters says "I don't own World of Warcraft" and Cartman then asks "what have you been spending all your time on the computer doing?" And Butters hilariously responds with "I've been playing Hello Kitty Island Adventure." Ingenious. Seeing Kenny, or rather Kenny's computer character die twice is still somewhat funny, even to fans of every South Park season, because it adds to the fact that Kenny dies in almost every episode. What else is funny about this particular episode of South Park, is the blatant message that those that play World of Warcraft don't really have much of a life, which is feasibly true when it comes to people who play World of Warcraft to a rediculously excessive amount, and never do anything else with their lives. Of course, this message doesn't apply to everyone who plays the game, but the way they portray a 40-something year old man lounging on a chair playing this computer game non-stop, as well as the boys devoting so much time to "leveling up" to the point of them becoming extremely obese(which is a little more excusable for 4th graders than 40 year olds,) is undoubtedly quite funny. In fact, this message of excessive World of Warcraft playing actually helps make this episode so hysterical. Yet I did not give this show an outstanding 9 or 10 because there just isn't a lot of original jokes in it, but rather, a lot of jokes one can easily make about playing computer games such as World of Warcraft. Nevertheless, while this episode of South Park doesn't even come close to being considered one of the best South Parks ever, it is still a fine example of how this show brilliantly mixes making fun pop culture with original silliness to produce a strikingly original product, that which is South Park.
  • A very good episode

    South Park re-emerges after a long wait and delivers on all cylinders. "Make Love, Not Warcraft" begins with the brilliantly directed machinima of the boys playing WoW. Suddenly, they are all killed by a mysterious gamer who is at an extremely high level. The boys are upset and are determined to stop this evil gamer's reign. So, they play WoW endlessly to reach near insane levels so they cane even have a chance at defeating this mad gamer. However, they can not defeat the gamer without a secret weapon which Randy must give to the boys. Overall, this episode was awesome. It had the rapid fire jokes and satire at its finest. Butters and Cartman as the same character was priceless. It was a nice way to start the season.
  • Uber and pwnage in the same episode!

    The funniest episode that Trey and Matt have done in years, possibly ever.

    The animation from the Blizzard was awesome and really makes you want to play this game or get back into your old video games.

    The underlying theme of video game obsession vs. casual play was well presented

    Everything from Stan gaining weight and acne was pure non stop laughs for me, the skinny trio were each bigger than Cartman initially, and Cartman himself looked every bit "Jaba" (the Hut).

    Randy was awesome in this episode, like Phoebe from Friends, whenever he overreacts to a situation, he pretty much steals the show, the "dying" noises had me howling at the sheer "r-tarded-ness", BTW, cool use of slang.

    Even as far as the 10th season, they're still pumping out classics such as this, and I didn't think anything would top "Cartoon Wars".
  • that was so funny.

    My brother and I were watching it and it was so funny. That was a good episode. The most part is when Cartman told Stan, Kyle and Kenny about they have to kill boars in the game to gain a lot of experience points. Kyle got mad about killing boars will get them 2 experience points a piece and Cartman said that they have to kill 65,340,285 to get up 30 levels to defeat this evil creature who was killing every game character in the game. Even so it took the four boys seven weeks and it was so funny when the boys got through getting the 30 levels, the boys didn't wash or use the tolit. They only drink and eat. But in the end they won the game when Stan's dad gave Stan the Sword of a Thousand Truths to kill the evil creature.
  • This is possibly my favorite episode of South Park ever.

    This episode was so funny. Everyone was playing World of Warcraft and a good amount of the episode was them in the game. I really liked how they did that. Everybody was acting serious about dumb stuff which made it even funnier. This was just an awesome episode. Every character was funny. I really liked Randy in this episode. I watched this a few times after it was shown. It actually kind of made me want to buy World of Warcraft. This is definatly a can't miss episode.
  • Nicely executed, but suffers from uninteresting story syndrome.

    I enjoyed this episode--not enough to make me laugh more than once or twice--but because I could tell Matt and Trey had devoted a good amount of resources towards its production. I think they call that high-production value in the AMoG realm. For all the value injected into the production, though, the story suffers from dullness. There isn\'t an action any of the characters takes that isn\'t wholly predictable. The episode explicitly dates itself (and implicitly with the WoW reference), ruining any chance of becoming a timeless classic. Moreover, there\'s not a happy resolution to the episode, as we do not see what happens to the vanquished warrior / fat dude leaning back in his chair. I don\'t even remember getting a take on the guy\'s face when his character was killed. All in all, I\'m glad to have watched it, and I applaud the efforts taken to make this episode accurate, but I probably won\'t watch it again.
  • Whenever all the South Park kids are involved this show will be good. This is not just good, it is my second favorite episode.

    This episode is a perfect example of why I watch the show and why I choose this as my favorite show! When the boys take fads and culture waay to seriously and Matt and Trey devote the entire episode to it. Examples the return of the fellowship to the two towers, good times with weapons, and the one where they had the south park sexy action news. In fact, the return of the fellowship is the only episode I laughed more in than this. There were definitely enough funny parts in this episode to make up for the rest of season 10. This is how it should always be.
  • Nice job, well done!!

    I am not much of a wow fan but this episode is clearly one of the best.It is about the time,because i desperately missed these little fellas.After the episodes about "ninja tools" and "pokemon mania",they choise a nice topic to work again and also good time to air.Especially when online gaming is so popular these days..The characterization and the visualization and the grafical effects are signs of a long time work.It is obvious why they were running little late to air this one.Also Randy has a nice goofy role again and it is pretty funny.Good cooperation with Blizzard Co.,nice job,well done!!
  • Best episode so far this season.. Randy Marsh is one of the funniest characters ever.

    This episode was pretty humorous, like most. The storyline was not my favorite, because I don't play World of Warcraft (like Butters). However, I thought they portrayed computer geeks perfectly. One highlight of the episode was when Cartman was preaching about Hitler to Clyde. I also liked his lecture to Butters, who apparently prefers Hello Kitty Island Adventurer... haha. One disturbing highlight was when Cartman's mom brought him the toilet. Also, Randy Marsh was awesome this whole episode, whether it was him being a n00b or however you spell it, or it was punching some guy in the face and highjacking his car. I look forward to the next episodes.
  • Randy Marsh is a comedic genius!

    I, as i'm sure many others do, believe that South Park is the greatest cartoon and funniest programme to ever emerge from our planet.
    Many great characters are portrayed, each in their own way hilarious, but there is one man that stands above all before him. That man is Randy Marsh.
    This guy is a clown, if there was a person like him in real life, they would be locked in a mental institution.
    This episode, perhaps more than many, portrays this belief. I belive there are two pivotal moments in the episode that prove that he is the funniest cartoon character ever. The first, when he is told that unless they can get the sword to Stan, his character will die, his 'Oh, my god' in the most serious voice he could muster.
    The second, the 'death noices' he makes into the headset when his character is dying on WOW.
    Both scenes are pure comedy genius and long may Randy Marsh's reign continue.
  • The boys devote their lives, or lack thereof, to take down the most powerful gamer in WoW.

    i dont understand some people. i have never even played warcraft, and i thought this episode was brilliant. it really showed the extremes people go to for computer games. to a nerd, i bet a lot of this stuff went over their head, but to me as a skater with real friends and no myspace, i was cracking up at stuff that wasnt considered a joke. the fact that there are 7 million players logged on?!? buy a skateboard, meet a girl(and the sun). i really wasnt aware it was such a huge thing. and people still wanna say childhood obesity is genetic?? Bulls#@t!!
  • They've taken South Park to strange new places!

    I'm not a World of Warcraft player, but have many friends who enjoy the game immensely. I loved the game humour, especially the fact that this is (to my knowledge) the first time the words "n00b" and "pwned" have ever been used on television.

    The episode features the more modern South Park animation techniques, which means the character's actions are smooth and very realistic. The inclusion of actual in-game sequences made me both laugh and cry (tears of joy) at the same time. Words can't express how truly insane watching animated characters play virtual characters in WoW really is.

    The scenes at Blizzard headquarters were also very well done (check out the whiteboard behind the employee with the 'Dwarf Needs FOOD' shirt, for instance) and were full of the tiny details that make South Park such a great show to watch many times over.
  • absolutely hilarious, especially if you know people who waste their life on this game.

    south park every once in a while will pop out an absolutely hilarious episode. this was the funniest episode they've ever made. i swear to god, i literally know kids that sat on their computers all day every day during the summer just playing this game, not leaving their house once. its so pathetic, but soooo hilarious. thank you south park, thank you for once again pin pointing how much i hate something (except when you did it to family guy, that wasn't funny). this continues to be one of the funniest shows on television. many seasons to come! MOM! BATHROOM! BATHROOM!
  • South Park plays WoW.

    Watching the episode as a once WoW player seeing them in the basement playing the game really brought back some really funny memories. I also loved watching the episode with my non-WoW friends who looked at me after they described the swords dps and other traits and ask \"Did you understand any of that?\" and i smiled and said \"Yes every word\"

    And how do you kill that which has no life?
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