South Park

Season 10 Episode 8

Make Love, Not Warcraft

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • might be the best ever

    coming at the perfect time, because so many people only play video games now a days, whether it be world of warcraft or runescape or halo. This episode uses the words that this players say without thought (like pone,newb,uber) it simply put was funny. This is a great way to start off the second half of an already good season
  • This is a great example of South Park at its best.

    The thing I liked best about this episode was the use of the 3-D imaging using the WOW game engine. I also like how it pokes fun at the one person in anygame who has no life and has nothing better to do than go than harrass other players (it has happend to me). I also like how the boys change physically during thier training period, it shows what we would all look like if we had no lives. Bravo South Park.
  • Not a bad start to the mid season premiere. Not the best episode of all time but def a great episode.

    I almost lost faith in SP after this season lackluster non funny episodes. Then came along this gem. They get together with Blizzard and get all the correct terms and even use 1337, n00b, and pwn all within the episode. An obvious play to show everyone how this world really works.

    I have never really ventured into the WoW realm but I have heard many times that if you want a great character you have to devote your life to it. Doing quests, building your character, and ultimately playing over and over again until you upgrade to a higher level. I play Oblivion and I know how time consuming it is to play these games.

    With that being said the episode is pretty funny. And I also find it creative to add their voices to the characters. After dedicating 2 unfunny family guy parody episodes I would say this is a refreshing change.

    Not the best episode but beside Tsst this is the best one of the season. Excellent job crew, I await your next amazing episode.
  • The boys are addicted to WOW

    Many began to say that this was a commercial episode to promote World of Warcraft.

    Well everyone thinks what they want.BUT I think it has the same ideea like evrey episode in SouthPark showing the people's weak points. Yes, the episode dosen't end with the boys ethics like an usual SP episode, but in it you cand find a lots of criticism twoards to MMO-RPG's and for that I let the quote speak :) :

    "Randy: You've been on your computer all weekend; shouldn't you go out and socialize with your friends?
    Stan: I am socializing atard, I'm logged on to a MMO-RPG with people from all over the world and getting XP with my party using team-speak!"

    I think that says it all
  • This episode was perhaps the funniest episode of South Park ever!

    This episode didn't have the best plot, but I laughed out loud more during this episode than I had in any other. World of Warcraft is a terrific game to parody because of its great poplarity and hilarious lingo. They were also able to make fun of the game without brutally bashing it, which is always better. The best part of the episode was the many funny lines from all the different characters. I personally like Randy Marsh as the idiotic childish father more than the self-righteous know-it-all, so I found him extremely funny in this episode. Most of all, this episode was centered around the kids and they are the best characters on the show. I've seen every episode and I think this was arguably the best.
  • An amazing episode of South Park that has to be the best one ever.


    This Episode starts with our heros playing WOW (World of Warcraft). They are enjoying themselves until a bad guy walks up to them and kills them in one hit each even though they have not agreed to fight him as is neccassary in WOW. As it turns out, this player goes on a rampage killing everyone in WOW over a many month period. Finally, our heros take a derastic step. They decide to train their characters in the forest killing boars. For 2 exp each. It takes 7 weeks, but finally our heros are high enough level to hope to win. The Blizzard staff monitors their progress and estimates their mortality rate at 90%. They then realize that the only hope is the Sword of 1000 truths. They give the sword to our heros and they prevail. End of story.
  • Greatest South Park Episode Ever. Period.

    This episode of South Park was very unique. I just recently quit World of Warcraft and it was a great game. The aspects of this episode was well put out. The skills and talents that they were all talking about were mostly true. This episode was pretty funny, but there were other South Park episodes that were more funny. I am pretty sure that this episode got most of the 7 million players to watch this. There were many parodies and "Easter Eggs" in this episode. I loved the quotes from the characters. All in all, this episode was very good, but South Park could've done better.
  • South Park is back finaly and better then ever i hop it just stays that way

    South Park is back finaly and better then ever i hop it just stays that way becasue if you have been watching it the last few month you would relise that south park has takin a turn for the worse and done so pretty crappy shows so im glade to anounce that its back a better.
    this ep was what you would exspect from south park a funny weird story line about the kids doing something we all do (well not me coz i hate warcraft) and then seeing what happin if it keeps going.
    although if you dont follow video games you might not really understan the words they use and not understand but other then that grate ep 9/10
  • This episode...was...AWESOME.

    Most shows fail horribly at their 10th season, or go down a lto in this value. But south Park dones't go down-t goes up. This episode is just as hilarious as other episodes, and even if you hate WoW (like me), you wills till love the peisode. Once again it manages to succesfully exateragge soem of it's events, like WoW characters dying. I was laughing throught the entire episdoes (except during the commericals). I recommend for evry SOuth PAkr fan to go and see it-even if thye already have. Simple: One of th ebets SOuth Park episodes ever. Along with eveyr other SOuth Park epsidoe.
  • After months of waiting we get an episode worth watching!

    I never played WoW but how they made fun of it and putting the actual character voices into the players mouths was creative but very freakin' funny! The 4 kids are angry because they're is this low-life they keeps killing thier characters. The WoW support finds out and tries to ban him from the server but the only real way to get rid of him is to kill him. Their addiction to WoW is insanely funny and the sword that was taken out of the game "WE can't let it in the hands of a noob!" priceless! Matt n' Trey still got the comedy. This episode was as funny as hell!
  • After months of waiting we get an episode worth watching!

    I never played WoW but how they made fun of it and putting the actual character voices into the players mouths was creative but very freakin' funny! The 4 kids are angry because they're is this low-life they keeps killing thier characters. The WoW support finds out and tries to ban him from the server but the only real way to get rid of him is to kill him. Their addiction to WoW is insanely funny and the sword that was taken out of the game "WE can't let it in the hands of a noob!" priceless! Matt n' Trey still got the comedy. This episode was as funny as hell!
  • Funny as heck!

    I am like those SP kids as I have no life and play on the internet but at least that I work out but that's another story. Meanwhile, the kids gain weight as they can't stop playing the new wizard game and it shows Cartman using the restroom. I was just LOL all along when he did that. It is up to the parents to stop the kids before they self-destruct.

    Personally, I was beginning to have some doubts about the new season of South Park, \'what happened to Cartman\'s smart-ass comments?!?!?!\' But this episode recovered my faith in humanity. A hilarious sequence of events follows when the gang is playing an online game called \"World Of Warcraft\" a player begins to defy the game\'s rules killing characters without challenging them first. Enraged, the boys form a resistance to stop this \'artard\' and regain their free game play ability. Stating a well thought statement on what video and computer games are doing to our society, this episode was not made in vain!
  • The boys enter the World of Warcraft to do battle against a powerful villain.

    This episode fits the South Park formula, but is very entertaining to watch. Most of the entertainment value comes from seeing the Warcraft animation that is featured throughout the episode, and the characters\' voices over the animation. The kicker is the final scene, when the boys defeat the villain and Stan and his father share a dramatic scene in which Randy\'s character dies after saving the day.

    While this episode does nothing new for the series (it reminded me of the \"Good Times With Weapons\" episode), it is definitely entertaining to watch. The episode ends with the boys all fat and pimply from playing on the computer too much.

    While online gaming is considered, by some, \"socializing\", the episode makes the point, again and again, that these extreme video-gamers have no lives. The evidence of this is the villain of the episode, a fat guy.
  • The first episode of Season 10 starts off awesome!

    In this episode, the boys play World of Warcraft for over three months straight, trying to defeat a "no-life loser" who is killing innocent players online.

    I have already seen this episode twice out of the two times its been on. I mean, it's really that good. If you don't like South Park, I still suggest seeing this episode, as it appeals to all comedy fans.

    Animation always fascinates me, and I really like how Matt and Trey used the World of Warcraft graphics to make the episode. Apparently, the people who made the game actually helped out with the episode.

    If more episodes of Season 10 continue to be this great, then I will most definately continue watching this season's South Park.
  • The kids unite to kick some online mo-fo\'s behind ...

    This one reminded me a lot of that one episode that had all the anime visuals ... I find it very refreshing to watch \'non southpark\' visuals in SP .. and the story line was entertaining enough .. not the best .. but there have been far worse in season 10 so far .. this is actually one of the better episodes in season 10 ... if you know a bit about those games (used to play everquest a looong time ago) you will be amused :) .. i also liked the angle of the dad trying to understand what is going on with his son my signing up himself .. it would have been easy to make fun of wow players and show them all as morrons (sure, blizzard would not have liked that) ... but I am glad that they showed that, like in life, there are a few #$%(won\'t swear here) who spoil the fun of others ...
  • It might have been good, but I just didn't get it.

    This wasn't a bad episode, but it was extremely esoteric, on the level of Lemmiwinks' journey through Mr. Slave in Death Camp of Tolerance. Having never played WoW, I really didn't understand alot of what was going on. The game play look was very well done, and impressive even to one as ignorant as I. My favorite parts were when Stan's mom expressed her indifference to the fate of Stan's character and when the game's makers were like "No, I don't play. I have a life". One of my favorite things about South Park is their ability to spread around the disrespect. Clearly the staff are fans of the game, but they don't let that interfere with their ability to mock players, and thus themselves. This episode would have worked better in the middle of a run.
  • Excellent idea and execution, though not sure it suits being the 'mid season break premier'.

    I love South Park, and I play World of Warcraft, alot of what they poke fun at in South Park about WoW is true! Yet, I didn't find it overly funny, not because I like WoW and was offended in anyway, I just felt alittle disappointed that I had waited 6 months for this and it wasn't overly funny.

    The last 2 seasons have been pretty poor from South Park on the whole with one or two special episodes. This will be a 'special episode', but not because it was funny, or had any outrageous moments in it, just for the nice touch of using the ingame engine of WoW to help move the story along.

    However, if they hadn't done that and stuck with the traditional South Park animation, this episode would have ranked even lower with me and left me pretty flat. If this had been next week's episode, it might have settled alittle better with me having had this week to sooth expectations and joy that South Park was back on.

    Mabyes I'll watch it again later on with a fresh opinion.
  • What can i say....*SPOILER WARNING*

    They've done it again.Another fine example as to why i watch this series. Very funny, highly entertaining and a weird way of expressing that those who are on the internet an exessive amount of time have no life.....

    The episode opened with graphics of the online game World Of Warcraft and Eric, Stan, Kyle and Kenny had their made their own character each. They got defeated by an unknown user and have been getting defeated by him for quite a while. So, they then decided to ring up the makers of the game and complain. The makers had previously been getting a lot of complaints about an unknown user killing off everyone from the game and that user had defeated the system and was unstoppable. The Children get browned off and find a way of defeating the user, who is lazy and overweight and spends all his time on the internet. Throughout the episode there were many remarks dirrected at those who go online all day saying they have no life. Stan's Dad saves the day in the end by creating a character of his own. A funny and interesting episode.
  • Plots about boys just being boys are the best.

    These types of plots truly capture the feel of the old episodes. I'm not saying the political ones are bad, but the best episodes are the ones about the boys just being boys. Matt and Trey themselves have expressed that. This is one of those episodes.

    There were many hilarious parts involving Randy, Ike, Butters, and Tweek. "I'm not a artard..." "I go poop my pants!" "I like Hello Kitty: Island Adventure better than this..." "AHHH I'M BURNING!" There were other great quotes too, such as "How do you kill that which has no life?" I also love when Randy's character was dying and we cut back to him at Best Buy making moaning sounds into the mic. Great, hilarious stuff.

    In conclusion, this episode was uber pwnage. I hope the rest of Season 10 is like this. With episodes such as Cartoon Wars (Parts I and II), Tsst, and Make Love, Not Warcraft, Season 10 is turning out to be one of South Park's best seasons.
  • Blizzard's ever-popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft, arrives in South Park, and takes the town by storm.

    World of Warcraft arrives in South Park and takes the town en masse. Our heroes (Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman) take on a vicious higher-level player that's been killing off other people's characters.

    This is a delightful take on the popularity of MMORPGs such as the aforementioned and it's players. With the cooperation of Blizzard, Warcraft's distributor, the action sequences that take place in-game makes this episode a classic for years to come.

    Now in it's 10th season, South Park continues to not only push the envelope, but to delight the viewers with it's imaginitive storylines. This episode deserves an Emmy.
  • I love South Park, but this season isn't really their best. The Return of Chef was Awesome and Tst tst was great, but the rest is like.... what?

    The episode was mildly entertaining. Because I understand how the World of Warcraft could be considered a waste of life. I'm lucky that I gave up on games since I started college, so I don't bother with games, especially computer games, which I was never for. The concept of World of Warcraft seems interesting, but not as an online game, to be played for days and weeks, and months, and even years! It's alright if you play once in a while, but hello you can't let your mind rot through games, go read a book or play outside. The episode was somewhat funny, espeically with Randy giving Stan the "Sword of a Thousand Truths" because the creaters had lives and didn't care to play the game. And Randy was making all those dying sounds, as he did back in Season 9, Bloody Mary. And when they were like, "This person must have reached a level so high, that it was deemed unreachable. This person must have no life" Then another says, "But how do you kill something that has no life." That was really funny. But again this season is going downhill for me, cause it seems that they are showing off with the animation. It doesn't even try to look like a show of construction paper.
  • totally awesome, thats why I love south park(might be a bit confusing for ppl that never played World of Warcraft)

    this episode is just killer

    the ingame World of Warcraft sequences kick ass

    the episode features the very famous online game (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game to be accurate) World of Warcraft, wich really got this game genre of the ground and started a hype arround the world. The boys start playing to, but are getting harassed by a super-mighty player who is killing all the players. Blizzard( World of Warcraft developer) is powerless and can\'t do anything against that player. So the boys stay in the forrest and level up by killing millions of bors until they are strong enough to conquer the evil player. The boys are about to lose the end fight, but than blizzard employees bring them a very strong sword on a flashdrive, which allows the boys to beat the other guy(which is some fatass lying in front of his computer)

    all 4 boys get very fat too

    as a former WoW player I really loved the jokes(my favorite one: Blizzard employee:\"What? I dont have a World of Warcraft account... I have a life!!\"), also the addiction potential, the lack of content and the incompetence of blizzard are shown

    for people who now a little bit about the game or at least the genre it s very recommendable, even though some WoW freaks might be offended

    people who are totally clueless about WoW could be sitting in front of the tv for 20 minutes, thinking \"what the f*ck is going on here?\" though
  • Wow. Matt and Trey lived up to the hype and some with this one.

    They did it. Matt and Trey did it. They had to come up big with thsi new episode or else they'd probably lose lot of viewers, and they came through. This episode silenced all people who said that the episodes are spiraling downward. TERRIFIC STORYLINE. Amazingly funny how the producers keep referign to the peopel who play WarCcraft as "people with no life whatsoever." And then the line "I don't have a Warcraft character! I have a life!" Then of course in the end when the bosy are victiorious tops off this one. It was oen for the ages and it is definately a top 10 all time.
  • A rogue WoW player threatens the games players and the boys try to put a stop to it.

    I knew I would enjoy this episode. I read the sypnopsis and knew it was about World of Warcraft, so I was looking forward to it because I play MMORPG's myself (City of Heroes or Villains) and I wanted to see how they would rip on them. They went with the obvious "have no lives" route, and did it very well. People get so focused on their games, it begins to take over their lives. Actually, the funniest parts was seeing all the characters from the show interacting with each other in the game. All in all, it was a welcome back to a very funny show.
  • Great Episode of South Park

    I think that this episode of South Park was great. There were alot of funny things in this episode. I had heard of Warcraft before but I had never played it. I really liked this episode because we got to see the characters that Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny picked and it was there voices coming out of their characters. Some things that I thought were funny were when we got to see the man who was killing everyone in the game. I thought that his face was the funniest thing in this episode. I also thought it was funny when the boys all became over weight and had pimples from not getting any exercise or enough sleep. Another thing that I thought was funny was when Kyle's dad was showing his boss the game and the guy who was killing everyone killed him. Overall I'm glad that South Park is back and I can't wait until next Wednesday.
  • Completely hilarious

    Hands down best episode this season. After several weak episodes this season, South Park is finally back on its elements. Such a hilarious portrayal of WoW players too. Good to see South Park poking fun on World of Warcraft, even though it's a little bit late (WoW is so 2004). It is interesting though that Blizzard and WoW seems to come off this episode clean. South Park didn't seem too cruel to them at all, in fact, this was almost a publicity stunt to a dying game. Maybe Matt and Trey are players in real life!

    The funniest bit of this episode has gotta be when Butters announced that he plays Hello Kitty Island Adventure and then appeared completely unfazed.
  • World of Warcraft + South Park = Classic

    It's good that Blizzard Entertainment had a part in making this. And unlike Scientology, they have a sense of humor over this. Besides, it doesn't make fun of WoW. It only makes fun of game addicts. Now to the story, Cartman and the others get constantly killed by a game-addict on WoW. Through constant gaming and cheats from the creators, the boys win, but with some problems. They become so fat and full of acne. You could confuse a lot of them for Cartman! And why are they taking this to the extreme? Like with Stan's mom, I think that WoW is a little stupid.
  • I need to play World of Warcraft! Seriously it looks really fun after watching this episode!

    This would be one of my other favorite episodes next to "Best Friends Forever". The even used internet slang in this, I mean you can't beat Cartman saying, "Looks like your going to get pwned."

    I was LOLing during the entire episode and made me think about getting WoW. Looks fun and interesting, and time consuming. Even though I'll have the risk of not having a lif-wait; I already don't have one :-P.

    -Cartman getter fat(ter)
    -Stan, Kyle, and Kenny getting fat
    -World of Warcraft

    What cons?

    So it was a pretty awsome to da max episode! And just have one thing to say, FOR THE HORDE!
  • So funny!

    this was great! What's the first line of the second half of season 10? "Oh man, that was a long dump!" I'm pretty sure that's not exactly right, but it's still funny. Butters continues to be an idiot. The creators were kinda funny too. And Stan's dad was an absolute idiot throughout this. But here was my favorite thing: the World of War creators didn't get made about this. Didn't make a scene of it at all. In fact, the exact oppisite! They helped with the episode! Ya! So funny. I wasn't sure if I was gonna watch this year, but now I am!
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