South Park

Season 10 Episode 8

Make Love, Not Warcraft

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • a verry funny episode of south park

    this episode was hilarious playing this computer game was a very funny and unique episode of south park what sucks is that this episode got a 7.0 rating this is wrong this episode is one the best hear me the best episode not really so i give this episode a 10.0 rating end of review
  • Great way to kick of 10.5!

    This episode totally pwned - I mean humiliated - fatass nerds who have no life other than computer games. It starts out with the 4 boys and their friends playing world of warcraft (useing real animation from the game). They go from simply enjoying a fun game to being obsessed when a odd -looking character kills everyone, including the 4 boy\'s characters, Randy\'s character, and many others. While trying to defeat him, the boys get fat and get acne from sitting at their computers 24/7 and doing absolutely nothing else. I won\'t spoil the rest for you. This episode is a MUST SEE if people who dedicate their lives to the computer scare you. ;D
  • The boys play World of Warcraft and keep getting killed by another player, so they play nonstop for weeks, killing bores to get enough points to beat him.

    Truely a great episode in my opinion. Love the remix of the theme. Hate the fact that it shows scenes from A Million Little Fibers.This episode is so great that I've almost forgotten that A Million Little Fibers was ever even created. Yea, many older episodes are better than this episode. Thats why I can only give it a 9.5 . I'm assuming most people will say good things about this episode (and they should) but I'm guessing that some people will say bad things about it also. I can't imagine what they'd say. I think it was great though.

    BTW, this is my first review. It's really hard to reach the 100 word minimum.
  • Always clever in their ways to approach the current trend and keep their viewers happy, Matt and Trey managed to pull another golden episode in their 10th season opener.

    "Make Love, Not Warcraft" was a great way to kick off the new season. Not only hilarious in every right, but taking a jab at one of the world's largest MMO's ever (6 million people worldwide) was the best idea for a season opener they've had since Season Five. The plotline was tight, and dead on, even the game animations were hilarious. I love how they perfectly synched almost all of the games voice-overs. It made me laugh because it reminded me of an old dorm roommate and the way he played WoW. The episode had little plot-twists here and there, and I thought it very clever to see them defeat the uber-dork. I salute you Matt and Trey!
  • A nice episode based on a popular video game.

    Okay I've never played World of Warcraft myself but anyway this episode shows you how addicting a game can get. The 4 boys get their own characters in the game. Cartman's characters is the boss of the others and Kyle's character is a girl! It's funny how the kids get fatter from playing on their computer and have no lives. In scene Cartman's Mom even brought out a bowl for Cartman to poop in!

    Tweek (Who I don't think has said a word ever since Season 6.) actually has a couple of lines in this episode. This episode also starts with a new theme song wich is mostly a mix between Seasons 4.5 and 5 and Seasons 6-10.5. It's pretty catchy.

    Overall this probably the best Season 10 episode yet and no South Park fan should miss it.
  • Episode pokes fun at the online gaming craze.

    Has anyone noticed that South Park just keeps getting better and better?

    Watch Kyle, Stan, Cartman and Kenny brave the world of online gaming, but in their quest, will they sacrifice too much?

    Matt Stone and Trey Parker have created a gem of an episode here. Hilarious and well written, and with their ability to find humor in current trends, their show always seems fresh and funny. Loved it, and the ending (which has been a weak point of certain episodes of late) is HILARIOUS! I won\\\'t go into details, but I highly recommend watching this episode. Right up there with Awesom-O, The Death or Eric Cartman and Woodland Critter Christmas!
  • The children of South Park (and Randy) have been playing World of Warcraft online. When one player starts killing everyone, Cartman and crew must become experts in order to stop him. The fate of the World...Of Warcraft lies is in their hands.

    World of Warcraft was a great episode. It is very similar to Good Time with Weapons, which was the premier of season 8. In both episodes the kids along with many of their friends (which lead to some hillarious moments) escape to an alternate reality with brilliant alteregos. Randy Marsh plays a pivotal role in this episode which always leads to classic moments. Additionally, I love the way South Park tends to give their shows a cinematic over-the-top type feel, where even the seemingly smallest and insignificant problems escalate into saving the world. Sheer genius. This is similar to the marjorine episode as the boys try and recapture the time-travelling device as if mankind depended on it. Very strong ending as well. Highly reccomended for any fans of the show.
  • Hallarious. I havent LOL'd at an episode of South Park in a while. Mainly because i play them over and over again on my Xbox360. But nonetheless, great episode. Great Job Matt and Trey.

    This was one of the best episodes of the 10th season so far, followed by tsst, imho. Although the ending of tsst did kind of make it fall apart. This episode was totally classic to the end. Just about every MMO joke they made i got. It was great. "How do you give items again?" CLASSIC. The leet speek that the kids say, is just priceless. "We pwned him" Great. Trey and Matt really outdid themselves, aside from the new software that makes the shadows and what not, i felt like i was watchin ga classic episode. Although they did become a little preachy in the 10th season, this one clearly showed that their roots are still there. Keep up the great work guys.
  • Wow, that was amazing.

    South Park is back to their high-caliber work. The graphics were superb, and with the figures talking with the character voices, it came off as surreal.

    I doubt these kind of games exist because I've never seen a game that can talk in a person's voice; however, it's a fantastic idea and I wouldn't be surprised if gamers created one after watching the episode.

    Just excellent work all the way around, the buzz words, the idea, the characters turning into slobby nerds with no life, the over-dramatics on something that's nothing more than a game, the list goes on. Once again, South Park is the king of all animation.
  • best episode i've ever seen.

    as a friend of a group of people (well, pretty much ALL my friends) who play WoW, i can honestly say this is the greatest episode ever. they way they presented WoW and the way they portrayed the players as never getting outside and having a life... so true! i've only played once, and have been DYING to play again, but my computers not good enough... and im afraid of becoming like my friends! they seriously play every free moment they have, and 2 of them (including my boyfriend) are Marines! basically, this was the greatest south park they have ever come up with... it was about freaking time someone decided to poke fun at World of Warcraft!!!
  • PWNED!

    As a person who appreciates gaming (though I'm not the obese gamer portrayed in the show), this is one of the best video-game/tv show adaptation in a long long time, if EVER. It was great that they used the actual game engine to tell this tale, and it was so relevant and funny that I'm still chuckling about it now. It captures the fanatic World of Warcraft owner, uses gamer-talk amongst the kids, and the Blizzard references were authentic (notice the Diablo II box cover in one of the conferences). World of Warcraft will be featured on one of those "I Love 2006" on VH1 (it already has been featured on Jeopardy), and this episode will definitely be tied to any memory of the game and its following.
  • It was funny enough.. not in a way that you laugh all the time... the boys are newbies at WoW, and when a pro player, kills them just by fun, they decide to take a 3 week plot to revenge.

    I don't actually agree with some users that say it was a way to get people to try WOW, or vice-versa .. just because they had the help of Blizzard, doesn't mean that they can't criticize it. It was not a laugh-out episode... but the dialogues between them, the excessive use of words that were part of the game, made it funny to hear. Maybe most of people won't laugh at words like "missiles of something", "i'm out of mana", "uber sweet" but, it's the transformation of Eric, Stan, Kyle and Kenny, into major pro's by killing boars, the "geek-addict" look and the complete knowledge of the game and its vocabulary that makes the comic aspect of this episode. The "drama through headsets" is also very funny :P
    Cheers, (first review, sorry if my english is bad)
  • One of the best episodes on South Park.

    At first, I prayed that this episode doesn't suck, but now, it's one of the best episode of South Park history. It's about that the four boys and othr people are making a quest, suddenly, a guy who has been playing the game for at least one year. He keeps killing them, until Cartman gots an idea. They stayed on the computer at the same time for 3 weeks and so, and the final part was cool and interesting.
  • The World of Warcraft hits southpark and the kids get addicted and must team up to stop a a-hole who keeps killing them

    This episode was a great start for the season in which the storyline focused on the boys in both southpark and in the online game World of Warcraft(WoW). In playing the game one day they come across a player who goes around killing innocent characters even though a duel was not announced or put through. To get thier characters up to stand a chance against this unknown fighter they stay in the forest sector slaying boars for 2 exp points slowly increasing thier levels during a 5 week time. The final battle was about to be fought against the boys and the unknown killer but they still weren't tough enough so the sword of 1000 deaths(i think that is it) was given to them by stan's father and the killer was brought down. In winning the battle randy's character was killed a sad day in WoW history. With slaying the killer the boys can now play the game.
    This episode was funny throught the whole thing from the characters that were chosen for each of the boys on the show to the classic scene with cartman taking a dump on his mother...a big boy..I would of liked to see more scenes with butter choosing characters that were already chosen...haven chosen the dwarf even though cartman was the dwarf..funny..

    I give this episode a 9/10 keeep up the good work

    Even though I have a life I might play this game slaying innocent lives until one day a group of four kids take me down.
  • Back and forth comedy

    The episode was funny, but it also stereotyped gamers and the WOW(World of Warcraft)community but the episode made somewhat of a point. Don't let video games take over your life. The point of the episode is sending a mixed message, but you can't miss the big picture, the episode was funny.
  • part2

    this was one of the best episodes ever finally 1 where us gamers can relate two it was the second best one they made they should make part two to this one where the man returns more powerful than ever or they make one where they are playing final fantasy an they have two kill the killers.
  • yeah

    by far one of my favourite south park episodes ever, the way they take World of Warcraft so seriously is hilarious, stan's father is the funniest and dumbest character in that, the fact that they didn't show any of south park was the best bit because it was showing you that they had no life, they just sat there and gained weight and took crap in a pot while there mother held, i wouldn't be suprised if some people actaully do that so they don't miss anything in the game which is really sad, i also loved how they took the piss out of World of Warcraft
  • A great episode to a really crappy MMO

    This episode was interstellar. It made a great joke of the biggest online sensation since that one fat kid with the fake lightsaber. They put a new spin on the whole the series by actually in game graphic to act instead of the regular cardboard like animation. It showed how WoW player player talk and acted on TeamSpeak when they raid instead of having a life. THe Diarreha was the best part of the episode showing how obesssed WoW players could be. The Edisode also gives way to a possible sequel with perhaps a certain screaming WoW fanatic eh. This episode was spectacular.
  • Oh gosh this episode was awesome and VERY funny! I wanna see it again!

    I'm glad they finally made fun of those loser people who spend their entire day playing online games and do nothing else! I love video games but playing them(especially if it's just only 1 game!) all day long everyday is pathetic! It reminds me of my lame sister who is on the computer all day long everyday playing that even more lame game "Runescape". But anyways back to the ep. I LOVED how they showed the South Park boys in their computer game characters whenever they were playing. It was something new to the show and a good thing too. Stan's dad is by far the funniest dumb guy in the entire show! I love how he takes simple things so seriously like it's a life and death situation! And he cracks me up everytime he calls out for Stan! Just his voice and the way he says it! LOL! I would give the ep. a 10 but because of the nasty scene of Cartman crapping into a pot and all over his mom made me lower it a little, cause that was really gross. But I bet there are people out there who do that! But to the good points in the ep. I loved the Warcraft creators and how they were freaking out over the fat loser guy who was killing every character in the game. This ep. rocks!
  • Now I see why I had to wait 5 months and 1 day for this. This episode is really funny!

    All the kids, espically Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, and Stan, are mad because some guy from World of Warcraft keeps killing them. They soon realize he is to powerful to stop because he has played the game to much since he has no real life. The creators of WoW are worried that the guy will eventually kill everyone. Cartman comes up with plan. Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny stay in the forest killing boars to make them stronger. After weeks of killing the boars, they figure they can beat him. But, as they fight him, they slowely start to loose. The WoW people give Stan's dad a disk. On the disc is a special sword. Stan's dad logs on to his WoW name and finds Stan. He gives Stan the sword and using the sword, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman kill the evil guy.
  • The episode poked fun at World of Warcraft and made me a fan again

    I had some reservations when I first started seeing the advertisements for the "new season" (its actually the second half of season 10). But I was, overjoyed to see that the show returned to what made it the mega hit it is [current topics sprinkled with sardonic & satirical humor, without becoming preachy). That was the MAJOR problem with the first half the season, which actually started with one of the best episodes ever produced {"The return of Chef"}. Every episode after that was like my grandmother reading me Time magazine, while shoveling applesauce down my throat. Matt & Trey had forgotten (or so it seemed) to have fun and not take themselves sooooo seriously. "Make love, not Warcraft", was a giant leap backwards [which for the sake of this review is a good thing]. It revolved around the boys becoming obsessed with the insanely popular game, World of Warcraft. The episode definatly made fun of the game (& its players "They have no lives..."), but it made you somehow understand how and/or why they were that way. I enjoyed it 10x more, because I know people who have devoted hours upon hours to video games.

    Also, Cartman s**t on his mom.....................yep

    If the rest of the season is as perfect as this episode, they may have gotten me back in their corner (which I've been standing in for the last decade). I'm proud to be a fan of South Park, but if they f**k up again, I may have to start watching The Simpson's full time...and nobody wants that.
  • So funny!

    this was great! What's the first line of the second half of season 10? "Oh man, that was a long dump!" I'm pretty sure that's not exactly right, but it's still funny. Butters continues to be an idiot. The creators were kinda funny too. And Stan's dad was an absolute idiot throughout this. But here was my favorite thing: the World of War creators didn't get made about this. Didn't make a scene of it at all. In fact, the exact oppisite! They helped with the episode! Ya! So funny. I wasn't sure if I was gonna watch this year, but now I am!
  • I need to play World of Warcraft! Seriously it looks really fun after watching this episode!

    This would be one of my other favorite episodes next to "Best Friends Forever". The even used internet slang in this, I mean you can't beat Cartman saying, "Looks like your going to get pwned."

    I was LOLing during the entire episode and made me think about getting WoW. Looks fun and interesting, and time consuming. Even though I'll have the risk of not having a lif-wait; I already don't have one :-P.

    -Cartman getter fat(ter)
    -Stan, Kyle, and Kenny getting fat
    -World of Warcraft

    What cons?

    So it was a pretty awsome to da max episode! And just have one thing to say, FOR THE HORDE!
  • World of Warcraft + South Park = Classic

    It's good that Blizzard Entertainment had a part in making this. And unlike Scientology, they have a sense of humor over this. Besides, it doesn't make fun of WoW. It only makes fun of game addicts. Now to the story, Cartman and the others get constantly killed by a game-addict on WoW. Through constant gaming and cheats from the creators, the boys win, but with some problems. They become so fat and full of acne. You could confuse a lot of them for Cartman! And why are they taking this to the extreme? Like with Stan's mom, I think that WoW is a little stupid.
  • Completely hilarious

    Hands down best episode this season. After several weak episodes this season, South Park is finally back on its elements. Such a hilarious portrayal of WoW players too. Good to see South Park poking fun on World of Warcraft, even though it's a little bit late (WoW is so 2004). It is interesting though that Blizzard and WoW seems to come off this episode clean. South Park didn't seem too cruel to them at all, in fact, this was almost a publicity stunt to a dying game. Maybe Matt and Trey are players in real life!

    The funniest bit of this episode has gotta be when Butters announced that he plays Hello Kitty Island Adventure and then appeared completely unfazed.
  • Great Episode of South Park

    I think that this episode of South Park was great. There were alot of funny things in this episode. I had heard of Warcraft before but I had never played it. I really liked this episode because we got to see the characters that Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny picked and it was there voices coming out of their characters. Some things that I thought were funny were when we got to see the man who was killing everyone in the game. I thought that his face was the funniest thing in this episode. I also thought it was funny when the boys all became over weight and had pimples from not getting any exercise or enough sleep. Another thing that I thought was funny was when Kyle's dad was showing his boss the game and the guy who was killing everyone killed him. Overall I'm glad that South Park is back and I can't wait until next Wednesday.
  • A rogue WoW player threatens the games players and the boys try to put a stop to it.

    I knew I would enjoy this episode. I read the sypnopsis and knew it was about World of Warcraft, so I was looking forward to it because I play MMORPG's myself (City of Heroes or Villains) and I wanted to see how they would rip on them. They went with the obvious "have no lives" route, and did it very well. People get so focused on their games, it begins to take over their lives. Actually, the funniest parts was seeing all the characters from the show interacting with each other in the game. All in all, it was a welcome back to a very funny show.
  • Wow. Matt and Trey lived up to the hype and some with this one.

    They did it. Matt and Trey did it. They had to come up big with thsi new episode or else they'd probably lose lot of viewers, and they came through. This episode silenced all people who said that the episodes are spiraling downward. TERRIFIC STORYLINE. Amazingly funny how the producers keep referign to the peopel who play WarCcraft as "people with no life whatsoever." And then the line "I don't have a Warcraft character! I have a life!" Then of course in the end when the bosy are victiorious tops off this one. It was oen for the ages and it is definately a top 10 all time.
  • totally awesome, thats why I love south park(might be a bit confusing for ppl that never played World of Warcraft)

    this episode is just killer

    the ingame World of Warcraft sequences kick ass

    the episode features the very famous online game (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game to be accurate) World of Warcraft, wich really got this game genre of the ground and started a hype arround the world. The boys start playing to, but are getting harassed by a super-mighty player who is killing all the players. Blizzard( World of Warcraft developer) is powerless and can\'t do anything against that player. So the boys stay in the forrest and level up by killing millions of bors until they are strong enough to conquer the evil player. The boys are about to lose the end fight, but than blizzard employees bring them a very strong sword on a flashdrive, which allows the boys to beat the other guy(which is some fatass lying in front of his computer)

    all 4 boys get very fat too

    as a former WoW player I really loved the jokes(my favorite one: Blizzard employee:\"What? I dont have a World of Warcraft account... I have a life!!\"), also the addiction potential, the lack of content and the incompetence of blizzard are shown

    for people who now a little bit about the game or at least the genre it s very recommendable, even though some WoW freaks might be offended

    people who are totally clueless about WoW could be sitting in front of the tv for 20 minutes, thinking \"what the f*ck is going on here?\" though
  • I love South Park, but this season isn't really their best. The Return of Chef was Awesome and Tst tst was great, but the rest is like.... what?

    The episode was mildly entertaining. Because I understand how the World of Warcraft could be considered a waste of life. I'm lucky that I gave up on games since I started college, so I don't bother with games, especially computer games, which I was never for. The concept of World of Warcraft seems interesting, but not as an online game, to be played for days and weeks, and months, and even years! It's alright if you play once in a while, but hello you can't let your mind rot through games, go read a book or play outside. The episode was somewhat funny, espeically with Randy giving Stan the "Sword of a Thousand Truths" because the creaters had lives and didn't care to play the game. And Randy was making all those dying sounds, as he did back in Season 9, Bloody Mary. And when they were like, "This person must have reached a level so high, that it was deemed unreachable. This person must have no life" Then another says, "But how do you kill something that has no life." That was really funny. But again this season is going downhill for me, cause it seems that they are showing off with the animation. It doesn't even try to look like a show of construction paper.
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