South Park

Season 10 Episode 8

Make Love, Not Warcraft

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • South Park gets some funds for pumping World of Warcraft and Blizzard.

    How anyone can say this was a \\\"superp\\\" or \\\"perfect\\\" episode is beyond me. I laughed three times, the rest of the time I was waiting for something funny to happen that never did.

    This ranks up there with the Oprah\\\'s Vagina episode as worst South Park\\\'s ever. The plot itself was topical, but not humorous. They could have done a better job at poking fun at the \\\"sensation\\\" but they failed miserably to achieve even that. I honestly hope that this is not a sign of the type of episodes we will be seeing for the rest of season 10 and beyond. I know they can do better than this, here\\\'s hoping they do.

    Wait, maybe it's because too many of the south park viewers actually can relate to the dialogue and what was actually happening within the GAME that this episode is getting such good reviews from these users....
  • A "WOW" commercial, starring the kids from "South Park".

    When I turned on the TV, I expected to see an episode of "South Park". Instead I saw clips of "World Of Warcraft". And it wasn't even a parody, like in the "Chinpokomon" episode, it were real clips from the real game. The creators of it were involved in making this episode. And guess what the episode is about: The kids play the game. And they love it. They love it soooo much, that they forget everything else about it. They are getting fat and dirty, because it's worth to play "World Of Warcraft" all day long and save the virtual world from someone, who is ruining the game for everybody. That's the whole message of the episode: "World Of Warcraft" is great. Buy it, because you saw clips of it in the newest episode of "South Park".
    Sorry guys, enough is enough. I can get over the "Sony PSP"-episode and the "Nintendo Wii"-episode, because despite the shameless product placement in them, they were pretty good and told stories that had nothing to do with the product. But a whole episode in which the characters tell us all the time how they love their favourite game while we see clips from it is unbearable.
  • Poor plot. This South Park had no legs in terms of situational humour and character development. Cartman and Butters were seriously under utilised, although did have some nice moments, most were lost to a shallow exploration of WoW.

    Bad humour. I laughed probably 3 or 4 times during this episode. For South Park, that is WAAAY down on the average. Yes, there were some funny bits but these jokes had absolutely nothing to do with World of Warcraft and made the episode bareable in spite of it\'s theme.

    Too commercial. This basically screamed as an ad for World of Warcraft. The heavy colloboration with Blizzard in creating the episode seems to bring this in. I nearly had to supress vomit at overt phrases such as \"over 7 million playing\" and \"Butters get WoW and join the online sensation\"!
  • A terrible episode that seems to only have been made to publicise World of Warcraft.

    Simply put, this episode was not funny at all. Right from the start, I got the impression that this episode was just a publicity gimmick to get South Park viewers to try World of Warcraft, or to get World of Warcraft players to watch South Park. No, i'm not giving this episode a bad score because I don't play WoW; in fact, I used to play it. The content of this episode, however, is dull and lacks any sort of interesting plot or humor. Who cares that some guy is running around killing people in a game? Personally I'd have been happier if in the end the boys simply quit the game. All in all, this episode is just as boring as the game that it focuses on. If South Park keeps making episodes like this, it does not bode well for the series' future.
  • Too much WoW and not enough SP.

    This is probably one of the worst episodes of this season if not ever. There was just too much WoW in the game with voice-overs of SP characters. I'm a big fan of WoW and South Park, was really looking forward to this episode, they should've really made it more like the PSP episode. Its funny that they get a lot of the WoW terminology, but I think there was just way too much input from the Blizzard people in this episode, and we all know how funny computer people are. Anyways, big let down, had it's moments but definitely one of the worst episodes.
  • FUNNY! But few things.

    This is something funny in a few terms of errors. like you cant die in duels, there is a lvl cap
    high lvled armor, killing boars for exp, Having trueshot aura for the other 3, arcane brilliance needed when unneccessary, unlimited durability, and few others probably but anyway, nice episode ,but how did blizzard agree to do this of such, and why would the creator make a episode after this, I think it's just I don't know, the need to make it like the real thing, like i dont know, viewing the game from some persons moniter, like cartman's or whoever's character the camera was focused on. But still, GREAT EPISODE!
  • Just Like Warcraft,it blows

    Another bad episode of season ten. It just dont get any better. This episode sucked cause of the plot. The episode was plain unfunny. Only funny part is butters talking about hello kitty game,but when isnt butters funny. If that ever happens,then they have truly run out of ideas. I didnt like that all they did was play the game the whole episode just to beat one guy. Then when they do,they just play more. The game is pointless and lame. The episode is baically one where i say who the hell cares. The whole plot of the epsiode was pointless. Also the fact they would not leave to even go to the restroom was stupid and gross. Like many season ten epsiodes,it just plain sucks.
  • 147th Episode

    I agree that most of the high rated South Park episodes are hilarious but this is by far the most overrated episode ever. I was really looking forward to seeing the episode after all the talk on the forum but this episode only made me laugh about three times (R-tard, Randy punching the guy after he took his car and Hello Kitty Island Adventure).

    The no life comment was barely funny the first time and was incredibly overused and since I don't play Warcraft or have any interest in it, half the comments were lost on me and Cartman instructing the others on what to do was unfunny since it was just WoW speak. THe diaohrea moment was disgusting and unlike most disgusting SP moments was also not funny.

    Fortunately, most South Park episodes aren't quite as bad as this one (and most people will probably disagree with me and say this is in the 90% of great episodes) but so far I am quite disappointed with the tenth season of South Park.
  • Best episode ever in South Park !!!

    This is my one favorite episode of south park In this episode the boys play World of Warcraft I love that game I wish I didn't have to pay 14 dollars a month to play the game but Wizard is more powerful In the game a butthole is cheating in the game and just kill without argeeing to duel and it freakin' funny when he kill Cartman and Randy and Cartman come up with a idea to destroy the guy with no life I can think of Staying up all day that game their bill is going to be super high 1000s of dollars and they end being fat and Cartman is more wider and Kenny,Stan,and Klye have the same shape like Cartman then the Creaters of the game get a Sword to Randy to give to Stan and the G.W.N.L(Guy with no life) killed Randy and Stan slice G.W.N.L and it awesome when Cartman slam his Head LOL
  • Highly overrated

    Make love, Not Warcraft is highly overrated. First of all I found the episode very boring. Maybe it's because I've never ever played Warcraft or many other video games for that matter, but I just found it completely boring. This one of the few episodes where I just didn't laugh that much. The premise of the episode sucked IMO. I guess it's just because I'm not really a gamer... Although there were a couple of funny moments with Randy. As always the few scenes Butters were in, were quite funny. Too be honest I had never even heard of Warcraft until this episode of South Park. Maybe there were hidden jokes that only Gamers would get or something. Either way i found the episode very boring and sickly overrated.
  • South Park are having fun playing the online game World of Warcraft when a rogue griefer, kills them yet again. The griefer, a highly dedicated player, is said to have been playing each day for a year and a half and has advanced through many levels

    "Make Love, Not Warcraft" is episode 147 of Comedy Central's animated series South Park and aired on October 4, 2006. This episode is a parody of the popularity of the massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), World of Warcraft, or rather, gamers themselves, and was announced by Comedy Central on September 30, 2006. It was advertised as the tenth season second half premiere.[1]

    The episode uses machinima in many of its scenes to create a better emulation of the game.[2] It was originally scheduled to air as episode #145, but was later delayed because of difficulties in creating the machinima.[3]

    Since the airing of the episode, it was planned that the fictitious Sword of a Thousand Truths used in the episode would be added as a part of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, although it would not have the same capabilities as in the show.
  • I love South Park, but this season isn't really their best. The Return of Chef was Awesome and Tst tst was great, but the rest is like.... what?

    The episode was mildly entertaining. Because I understand how the World of Warcraft could be considered a waste of life. I'm lucky that I gave up on games since I started college, so I don't bother with games, especially computer games, which I was never for. The concept of World of Warcraft seems interesting, but not as an online game, to be played for days and weeks, and months, and even years! It's alright if you play once in a while, but hello you can't let your mind rot through games, go read a book or play outside. The episode was somewhat funny, espeically with Randy giving Stan the "Sword of a Thousand Truths" because the creaters had lives and didn't care to play the game. And Randy was making all those dying sounds, as he did back in Season 9, Bloody Mary. And when they were like, "This person must have reached a level so high, that it was deemed unreachable. This person must have no life" Then another says, "But how do you kill something that has no life." That was really funny. But again this season is going downhill for me, cause it seems that they are showing off with the animation. It doesn't even try to look like a show of construction paper.
  • yeah

    by far one of my favourite south park episodes ever, the way they take World of Warcraft so seriously is hilarious, stan's father is the funniest and dumbest character in that, the fact that they didn't show any of south park was the best bit because it was showing you that they had no life, they just sat there and gained weight and took crap in a pot while there mother held, i wouldn't be suprised if some people actaully do that so they don't miss anything in the game which is really sad, i also loved how they took the piss out of World of Warcraft
  • Great way to kick of 10.5!

    This episode totally pwned - I mean humiliated - fatass nerds who have no life other than computer games. It starts out with the 4 boys and their friends playing world of warcraft (useing real animation from the game). They go from simply enjoying a fun game to being obsessed when a odd -looking character kills everyone, including the 4 boy\'s characters, Randy\'s character, and many others. While trying to defeat him, the boys get fat and get acne from sitting at their computers 24/7 and doing absolutely nothing else. I won\'t spoil the rest for you. This episode is a MUST SEE if people who dedicate their lives to the computer scare you. ;D
  • Back and forth comedy

    The episode was funny, but it also stereotyped gamers and the WOW(World of Warcraft)community but the episode made somewhat of a point. Don't let video games take over your life. The point of the episode is sending a mixed message, but you can't miss the big picture, the episode was funny.
  • The boys enter the popular world of Warcraft. This episode is shown as the first of new episodes in its TENTH season (special emphasis in commercials about this). At first, I thought that this episode would dissapoint, but I still cracked up laughing.

    I first thought that this episode would simply be a tedious attempt to bring the popular online game "World of Warcraft" into South Park (because after slightly more than 9 whole seasons, what more could they possibly come up with?). Regardless, however, I soon cracked up laughing upon seeing "Cartman the dwarf" talking to Kenny, Kenny speaking gibberish (with his mouth visibly moving), and Cartman responding with "exactly." Yet my favorite part of this episode was where Butters says "I don't own World of Warcraft" and Cartman then asks "what have you been spending all your time on the computer doing?" And Butters hilariously responds with "I've been playing Hello Kitty Island Adventure." Ingenious. Seeing Kenny, or rather Kenny's computer character die twice is still somewhat funny, even to fans of every South Park season, because it adds to the fact that Kenny dies in almost every episode. What else is funny about this particular episode of South Park, is the blatant message that those that play World of Warcraft don't really have much of a life, which is feasibly true when it comes to people who play World of Warcraft to a rediculously excessive amount, and never do anything else with their lives. Of course, this message doesn't apply to everyone who plays the game, but the way they portray a 40-something year old man lounging on a chair playing this computer game non-stop, as well as the boys devoting so much time to "leveling up" to the point of them becoming extremely obese(which is a little more excusable for 4th graders than 40 year olds,) is undoubtedly quite funny. In fact, this message of excessive World of Warcraft playing actually helps make this episode so hysterical. Yet I did not give this show an outstanding 9 or 10 because there just isn't a lot of original jokes in it, but rather, a lot of jokes one can easily make about playing computer games such as World of Warcraft. Nevertheless, while this episode of South Park doesn't even come close to being considered one of the best South Parks ever, it is still a fine example of how this show brilliantly mixes making fun pop culture with original silliness to produce a strikingly original product, that which is South Park.
  • It might have been good, but I just didn't get it.

    This wasn't a bad episode, but it was extremely esoteric, on the level of Lemmiwinks' journey through Mr. Slave in Death Camp of Tolerance. Having never played WoW, I really didn't understand alot of what was going on. The game play look was very well done, and impressive even to one as ignorant as I. My favorite parts were when Stan's mom expressed her indifference to the fate of Stan's character and when the game's makers were like "No, I don't play. I have a life". One of my favorite things about South Park is their ability to spread around the disrespect. Clearly the staff are fans of the game, but they don't let that interfere with their ability to mock players, and thus themselves. This episode would have worked better in the middle of a run.
  • A step in the right direction.

    I can't tell you how glad I was to see this episode. The first half of Season 10 left me cold. It was truly terrible stuff. To open the second half of the season, though, with such a wonderful, hilarious, clever, old-fashioned classic style "South Park" episode was a real treat to behold. THE PLOT: Classic "South Park." This episode had something to say but never touched preachy. Thank goodness. THE HUMOR: Wonderful. Several laughs throughout, every character was prominent in the story and the undefeated World of War Craft champ was hilarious sitting there, crumbs of chip gently rolling down his large ball of a stomach as he effortlessly kills off every player, never saying a word. This has to be the weirdest "South Park" episode ever, but I was entertained for every single second of it.
  • Great Episode of South Park

    I think that this episode of South Park was great. There were alot of funny things in this episode. I had heard of Warcraft before but I had never played it. I really liked this episode because we got to see the characters that Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny picked and it was there voices coming out of their characters. Some things that I thought were funny were when we got to see the man who was killing everyone in the game. I thought that his face was the funniest thing in this episode. I also thought it was funny when the boys all became over weight and had pimples from not getting any exercise or enough sleep. Another thing that I thought was funny was when Kyle's dad was showing his boss the game and the guy who was killing everyone killed him. Overall I'm glad that South Park is back and I can't wait until next Wednesday.
  • World Of Warcraft.

    This episode was unexpectedly funny because at first I thought it would be stupid. After it developed, I really started to like it. My favorite part is when the characters get all fat. "They must have no lives" Hilarious! Kenny died in Warcraft, which is always funny. The disturbing part is when Cartman took a crap on his mom. I felt like puking! The whole setup was hilarious, Stan's dad in my opinion was the funniest. Anyways I have a feeling that South Park will never run out of ideas. An amazing crossover episode, producers were hilarious as well. Nine out of ten.
  • Most of the kids get hooked on the MMORPG World of Warcraft, but some guy threatens to bring an end to the world...of Warcraft. It's up to Stan, Cartman, Kyle and Kenny to stop him.

    If I had to sum up the episode in two words, they'd be "kick ass"! This episode has to be one of the best episodes in season 10, if not to date. Also, the boys' WoW characters having their actual voices makes it that much funnier, just like that episode, "Good Times with Weapons", which is another great episode, if i may add. It just goes to show you that when South Park pokes fun at a video game, only good things come out of it. One of the best episodes I've ever seen. Keep up the good work Trey and Matt!
  • Very funny and gross!

    this show is very funny! the episode is about cartman , stan , kyle and kenny play world of warcraft. they have to stop one of the best players on the game. he is a fat middle aged man who doesnt have a life. so how all of them have to stop him is to level up and destroy him. over the weeks they level up they become fat and start to get acne all over their faces. on the day they are ready to destroy the other gamer,stans dad interfers. they only way to stop the gamer is to use a holy sword. this is a wonder well written story of 4 friends on a mission.
  • Basically a renegade player on world of warcraft achieves a level so high he can attack players without having to challenge the other player to a duel first. After much training the kids battle the renegade player. After a long battle they win.

    This is by far one of the best South Parks ever made. I'd say the only one better that this is the one with Micheal Jeefferson. The cool thing about this episode is that half of the show is filmed on the actual World of Warcraft game. Not only that but the Sword of a Thousand Truths is a real sword on the game(in the Burning Crusade expansion). By sticking to the actual game rather than the normal South Park expansion they made this episode soooo much better. I don't actually play World of Warcraft but my friend does. Based on what he says the only thing i find wrong with this episode is that the rengegade player would just ressurect and go back to killing everyone.
  • Not a bad start to the mid season premiere. Not the best episode of all time but def a great episode.

    I almost lost faith in SP after this season lackluster non funny episodes. Then came along this gem. They get together with Blizzard and get all the correct terms and even use 1337, n00b, and pwn all within the episode. An obvious play to show everyone how this world really works.

    I have never really ventured into the WoW realm but I have heard many times that if you want a great character you have to devote your life to it. Doing quests, building your character, and ultimately playing over and over again until you upgrade to a higher level. I play Oblivion and I know how time consuming it is to play these games.

    With that being said the episode is pretty funny. And I also find it creative to add their voices to the characters. After dedicating 2 unfunny family guy parody episodes I would say this is a refreshing change.

    Not the best episode but beside Tsst this is the best one of the season. Excellent job crew, I await your next amazing episode.
  • The World of Warcraft hits southpark and the kids get addicted and must team up to stop a a-hole who keeps killing them

    This episode was a great start for the season in which the storyline focused on the boys in both southpark and in the online game World of Warcraft(WoW). In playing the game one day they come across a player who goes around killing innocent characters even though a duel was not announced or put through. To get thier characters up to stand a chance against this unknown fighter they stay in the forest sector slaying boars for 2 exp points slowly increasing thier levels during a 5 week time. The final battle was about to be fought against the boys and the unknown killer but they still weren't tough enough so the sword of 1000 deaths(i think that is it) was given to them by stan's father and the killer was brought down. In winning the battle randy's character was killed a sad day in WoW history. With slaying the killer the boys can now play the game.
    This episode was funny throught the whole thing from the characters that were chosen for each of the boys on the show to the classic scene with cartman taking a dump on his mother...a big boy..I would of liked to see more scenes with butter choosing characters that were already chosen...haven chosen the dwarf even though cartman was the dwarf..funny..

    I give this episode a 9/10 keeep up the good work

    Even though I have a life I might play this game slaying innocent lives until one day a group of four kids take me down.
  • The children of South Park (and Randy) have been playing World of Warcraft online. When one player starts killing everyone, Cartman and crew must become experts in order to stop him. The fate of the World...Of Warcraft lies is in their hands.

    World of Warcraft was a great episode. It is very similar to Good Time with Weapons, which was the premier of season 8. In both episodes the kids along with many of their friends (which lead to some hillarious moments) escape to an alternate reality with brilliant alteregos. Randy Marsh plays a pivotal role in this episode which always leads to classic moments. Additionally, I love the way South Park tends to give their shows a cinematic over-the-top type feel, where even the seemingly smallest and insignificant problems escalate into saving the world. Sheer genius. This is similar to the marjorine episode as the boys try and recapture the time-travelling device as if mankind depended on it. Very strong ending as well. Highly reccomended for any fans of the show.
  • All the kids in south park are obssessed with the worls of warcraft computer game but there is one player that is on an impossible level and can kill any character anywhere in the game.The kids must fight back!

    This episode is really good!it has music from the original game and new graphics never before seen in south park and this is the first episode since"bloody mary" randy marsh has been in.its really funny when they plan a war against the "invincible" player.This episode had me in stitches because the phrase "this is the end of the world...of warcraft."!! The only bad thing about this episode is the story line.It has everything but a good story line because its just a set of random events.I mean,They all have a goal,to defeat the invincible player,but there is no real danger unlike all the other episode.Anyway this episode is great
  • South Park is back finaly and better then ever i hop it just stays that way

    South Park is back finaly and better then ever i hop it just stays that way becasue if you have been watching it the last few month you would relise that south park has takin a turn for the worse and done so pretty crappy shows so im glade to anounce that its back a better.
    this ep was what you would exspect from south park a funny weird story line about the kids doing something we all do (well not me coz i hate warcraft) and then seeing what happin if it keeps going.
    although if you dont follow video games you might not really understan the words they use and not understand but other then that grate ep 9/10
  • A rogue WoW player threatens the games players and the boys try to put a stop to it.

    I knew I would enjoy this episode. I read the sypnopsis and knew it was about World of Warcraft, so I was looking forward to it because I play MMORPG's myself (City of Heroes or Villains) and I wanted to see how they would rip on them. They went with the obvious "have no lives" route, and did it very well. People get so focused on their games, it begins to take over their lives. Actually, the funniest parts was seeing all the characters from the show interacting with each other in the game. All in all, it was a welcome back to a very funny show.
  • It was funny enough.. not in a way that you laugh all the time... the boys are newbies at WoW, and when a pro player, kills them just by fun, they decide to take a 3 week plot to revenge.

    I don't actually agree with some users that say it was a way to get people to try WOW, or vice-versa .. just because they had the help of Blizzard, doesn't mean that they can't criticize it. It was not a laugh-out episode... but the dialogues between them, the excessive use of words that were part of the game, made it funny to hear. Maybe most of people won't laugh at words like "missiles of something", "i'm out of mana", "uber sweet" but, it's the transformation of Eric, Stan, Kyle and Kenny, into major pro's by killing boars, the "geek-addict" look and the complete knowledge of the game and its vocabulary that makes the comic aspect of this episode. The "drama through headsets" is also very funny :P
    Cheers, (first review, sorry if my english is bad)
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