South Park

Season 10 Episode 8

Make Love, Not Warcraft

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • 147th Episode

    I agree that most of the high rated South Park episodes are hilarious but this is by far the most overrated episode ever. I was really looking forward to seeing the episode after all the talk on the forum but this episode only made me laugh about three times (R-tard, Randy punching the guy after he took his car and Hello Kitty Island Adventure).

    The no life comment was barely funny the first time and was incredibly overused and since I don't play Warcraft or have any interest in it, half the comments were lost on me and Cartman instructing the others on what to do was unfunny since it was just WoW speak. THe diaohrea moment was disgusting and unlike most disgusting SP moments was also not funny.

    Fortunately, most South Park episodes aren't quite as bad as this one (and most people will probably disagree with me and say this is in the 90% of great episodes) but so far I am quite disappointed with the tenth season of South Park.