South Park

Season 10 Episode 8

Make Love, Not Warcraft

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • In this notable episode, Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny must save the world (of Warcraft) from a player who is killing off the character of anyone who tries to play the game...

    Another top-notch episode - maybe this season isn't so bad after all!

    This is classic 'South Park' - well written, well executed, and funny.

    It is from the start of the second half of the tenth season (complete with remixed opening theme), and has all the credentials of a real season opener (I'd much prefer it to the terrible 'Return of Chef', but that's for another review!)

    Although I haven't personally been sucked into the whole World of Warcraft (...yet) I am a sad no-lifer who spends a lot of time on-line and have seen how such MMORPGs can suck people in and take over their lives.

    As with many episodes of recent seasons, Stan's father Randy almost steals the show with a few great lines and moments.

    Cartman's toilet break (or rather, not) may be a little too graphic, but hey - this is South Park, what else would you expect!

    A top-notch episode, and I can easily see why it ranks amongst many peoples favourite episodes from the series.

    (Oh, and after seeing this episode... I may just have to check out World of Warcraft for myself!)