South Park

Season 10 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 26, 2006 on Comedy Central
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While assisting an ex-Vice President in his quest for attention, the boys get trapped by a cave-in and while searching for a way out, Cartman discovers treasure. Now he has to figure out how to get out of the cave without the others knowing about it and he can keep it all for himself.moreless

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  • I'm super serial that this episode is awesome

    In this episode, the boys meet Al Gore, and he goes on and on about ManBearPig and how he'll destroy us all. Eventually, he gets them trapped inside a cave, where Cartman finds gold. Eventually they escape, and Cartman sh*ts out his gold, and Stan gets Al Gore to go away.

    Good: The premise is original, nice pardoy of Gore and Global Warming, Cartman being himself is great like always

    Bad: The Al Gore has no friends jokes gets old by the very end

    Overall: It's not the best episode ever, but it's still much better than most of seasons 9 and 10, so I suggest this episode definitly.moreless
  • 145th Episode

    This episode was okay but nothing great, Al Gore not having friends being a joke that should have been used once rather than repetitive times and Cartman eating the treasure also got a bit boring.

    Manbearpig being another creation of Al Gore's insane mind is a pretty funny plot but is a bit overused, much like a lot of the episode. However, there are some very funny moments such as remembering the four miscellaneous kids and Cartman freaking Kyle out by staring at him while he's asleep.

    This is the third season ten episode aired in Australia and the episodes haven't been very impressive so far but all the same, South Park is still funny.moreless
  • The wild aventure that happens when the boys go in search of manbearpig.

    Al Gore pays a visit to Southpark,while tring to warn people of manbearpig,but no one takes him, in his words,cereal.Stan who feels bad for Al gore convinces his friends to play along with his little charade.They go to one of his manbearpig meetings and Al Gore leads them to a cave where manbearpig is supposedly located.Al gore then takes the boys off the trail the tour guide is leading them on and causes a cave in,trapping the boys inside the cave.He then tells the rescue team that they need to flood the cave with hot molten lead.Meanwhile the boys search for a way out of the cave.During the search for a way out Cartman discovers what he thinks is buried treasure.He then decides to eat the treasure,so he can get it out of the cave.Al Gore decides to flood the cave with water.Cartman who ate all the gold cant swim,so Kyle atempts to save his friend.They finally find their way out of the cave.Stan then screams at Al Gore for nearly killing them and calls him a loser.Al Gore though belives he has killed manbearpig.A great episode that has a good plotline.moreless
  • Watch this episode... I'm SUPER SERIAL!!

    This episode is a fave of mine. Why? Two words... Al Gore. In this episode Al Gore comes to South Park to speak to the children about a dangerous creature lurking in the hills around town, Manbearpig. "Half man, half bear, and half pig." Al Gore is on a mission to kill Manbearpig and takes the children to some underground caves, he believes it's living in. After shooting up the caves, a cave in occurs and the boys are trapped inside. Cartman gets sick and the boys have to be rescued quick or take their chances and try to find a way out. This episode is filled with classic, repeatable quotes (mostly thanks to Al Gore's character), that made me laugh out loud. If you haven't seen it, watch it as soon as you can... I'm SUPER SERIAL!moreless
  • Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny find themsleves helping Al Gore search for 'ManBearPig', in this reasonable episode...

    This isn't really a series classic, but I found it watchable and enjoyable in what so far has been a shakey season.

    The dailogue flows much better and is funnier than much of the season's offerings up until this point.

    We get classic Cartman as he discovers the 'treasure' and plans to keep it all for himself.

    [spoiler] It might come as a slight surprise that the real ManBearPig doesn't make an appearance, making a contrast to Skuzzlebutt the early, first season episode 'Volcano'. [end of spoiler]

    All-in-all, not quite a classic episode, but quite a good one, with some funny moments.moreless
Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Gerald Broflovski; Pip Pirrup; Jesus; Jimbo Kearn; Phillip; Saddam; Various Others

Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Voice of Sheila Broflovski; Linda Stotch; Various Others

Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Herbert Garrison; Officer Barbrady; Terrance; Timmy; Ned Gerblanski; Satan; Randy Ma

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • At the first scene, when the kids are listening to Al Gore's lecture in school, Tweek's seat alternates every time. When the camera zooms out, we can see him seating with Craig in front of the boys, but on the close-ups, he seats behind them.

    • While in the cave cartman is seen drinking a bottle of water with a label that reads "Wottur".

    • Did you notice in the picture of Cartman's "treasure" there was a Ginger kid?

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Al Gore: All right kids, I need you to keep an eye out for ManBearPig droppings.
      Kyle: What do ManBearPig droppings look like?
      Al Gore: Similar to pig droppings but more manbear-like.

    • Woman : Take a picture of the sound Steven.

    • Tour Guide: This one here we named "The Hanging Mushroom", and over here we have "Man With helmet and two bowling balls", and finally here of course are "The Two Sisters".

    • Cartman: Dude, what are you doing?
      Al Gore: I'm spreading manbearpig awareness.

    • Mr. Mackey: M'kay, students, we have a very special guest speaker today. Who can tell me the name of our country's last vice-president?
      Kyle: Dick Cheney?
      Mr. Mackey: No, the last one.
      Butters: Bill Clinton.
      Mr. Mackey: No, Clinton's vice-president. He is here today to talk to you students about some very serious issues. Please welcome Al Gore.
      Stan: Who?

    • Al Gore: Why won't anybody listen to me?! ManBearPig is in there and we have to kill him while we all have the chance! I'm cereal!
      Miner: Mr. Gore, please, we need you to calm down. Now, what exactly do you suggest we do?
      Al Gore: I told you we need to fill the cave with hot molten lead, cause it's the only way to make sure ManBearPig never comes out! And I'm sane and I'm totally cereal, but everyone just keeps digging!
      Miner: Well, see, the problen is that if we fill the caves with hot molten lead, it will kill those boys too.
      Al Gore: They're already dead! Didn't you listen to me? They got attacked by a ManBearPig and ManBearPig leaves nobody alive! I'm super cereal! Nobody will listen to me but I'm cereal! (he starts to weep)
      Officer: Do you want me to get the ex vice president out of here?
      Miner: Naw, I feel kind of bad for him. I don't think he has any friends.

    • Al Gore: (on the phone with Stan) Can you and your friends make it to an emergency ManBearPig meeting tomorrow morning? I have some evidence he could be in this area.
      Stan: Eh look, I'm sorry but, we're all kind of busy.
      Al Gore: … Oh. I get it. You don't believe me either.
      Stan: No, no, it's not that.
      Al Gore: Yes it is! Nobody believes me! I'm trying to warn everybody and nobody takes me cereal! (starts weeping) I just want somebody in the world to take me cereal just for once!
      Stan: It's okay, Mr. Gore, I, I believe you.
      Al Gore: No you don't!
      Stan: Yeah, I'm sure ManBearPig needs to be stopped. I'm just… I'm just scared that I can't do anything to stop him.
      Al Gore: Are you cereal?
      Stan: … Yes, I'm cereal.
      Al Gore: (reinvigorated) Don't worry! We CAN stop him! Bring everyone you can to my ManBearPig meeting tomorrow at 8 a.m. sharp!

    • Kyle: We need to get our friend to a hospital right away!
      Cartman: No! No I'm fine! I just need to get home, a-and rest.
      Stan: Cartman, seriously, you need to see a doctor!
      Cartman: No! I just need to get to a toilet. See you guys. I… habbeh… HABBEHHHHHHHHHH! (he craps out the treasure he ate. Everyone stares at him)
      Kyle: Dude, did Cartman just crap treasure?
      Cartman: It's mine! It's mine, you hear me?! I got it out of the cave! It belongs to me! Keep your greedy hands away!
      Tour Guide: Hey, that looks like the fake treasure from our Smuggler's Den photo room.
      Cartman: That's right, and I… fake treasure?

    • Al Gore: I am super duper cereal!

    • (Cartman poops out treasure)
      Kyle: You made us pull you back up because you ate treasure?! You son of a bitch!
      Cartman: Shut up, Kyle!

    • Stan: (talking to Kyle while carrying Cartman) I can't keep carrying him, dude! I got no strength!
      Cartman: (while coughing) Yes, you can!

    • Cartman: (begins coughing) Christ! Gotta' be strong! Still a lot more treasure to go! (Cartman starts eating and drinking water)

    • (The boys break through to the surface)
      Rescuer Team: Oh, my god! It's the kids! They're alive!
      Al Gore: Kids! I saved you!
      Stan: Stay away from us, asshole! I was nice to you because I felt sorry for you, because you don't have any friends. But now I see WHY you don't have any friends. You just use 'ManBearPig' as a way to get attention for yourself because you're a LOSER!
      Al Gore: Yeah right. The man who single-handedly killed 'ManBearPig' is a loser?

    • (Stan, Kyle, and Kenny are sleeping)
      Cartman: All that treasure. It's all mine-so long as these greedy assholes don't find out about it. You would all just love to get your hands on my treasure, wouldn't you? Even though I found it, you'd love to think it's somehow yours, too. God, I hate you guys. (he starts crawling toward Kyle) Especially you, you money-grubbing snake in the grass. (Cartman is now inches from Kyle's face, and he starts to whisper) Well, I've got news for you, Kyle. You're never going to get my treasure. I've got a little plan going to get the treasure out of here without you ever knowing.
      (Kyle wakes up, they are still face-to-face)
      Kyle: C-Cartman?
      Cartman: Oh, hey, Kyle. How's it going?
      Kyle: Dude, what are you doing?
      Cartman: Not much. You know, just hanging out. How you been, man? Good?
      Kyle: Dude, get away from me.
      Cartman: Yeah. Nice talking with you, Kyle. See you around.

    • Randy: Boys, I don't want you hanging out with that ex-vice president anymore, okay?
      Stan: Aw, he's alright, dad. He was just trying to warn us about Manbearpig
      Randy: Manbearpig?
      Kyle: He's half man and half bearpig.
      Cartman: No dude. He's half man, half bear, and half pig.
      Kyle: That doesn't make any sense.
      Stan: He could be half bear and half manpig.
      Randy: Boys, there's no such thing as Manbearpig. The vice president is just desperate for attention.
      Stan: But I feel kind of bad for him dad. I don't think he has any friends.

    • Al Gore: I am here to educate you about the single biggest threat to our planet. You see, there is something out there which threatens our very existence and may be the end to the human race as we know it. I'm talking, of course, about 'ManBearPig.'
      Kyle: ManBearPig?
      Al Gore: It is a creature which roams the Earth alone. It is half man, half bear, and half pig. Some people say that ManBearPig isn't real. Well, I'm here to tell you now, ManBearPig is very real, and he most certainly exists--I'm cereal. ManBearPig doesn't care what you've done. ManBearPig just wants to get you. I'm super cereal. But have no fear, because I am here to save you. And someday, when the world is rid of ManBearPig, everyone will say, "Thank you Al Gore--you're super awesome!" The end.
      Mr. Mackey: Uh, Okay. Thank You, Mr. Gore.
      Al Gore: Thank you class. Excelsior!

    • Al Gore: Excuse me. excuse me! This cave-in was no accident, and it isn't going to stop unless we move fast. I am super, duper cereal.
      Rescue Leader: What do you mean, the cave-in is over.
      Al Gore: I'm afraid you have a much bigger problem than a cave-in.
      (Al Gore holds up a sketch of ManBearPig)
      Fireman: What is that a Pigbearman?
      Al Gore: No stupid, it's a ManBearPig.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Cave of the Winds:
      The Cave of the Winds is a real tourist attraction in Colorado. It allows people to take a tour inside the mountain on which it is located.

    • Apple Computers :

      One of the computers in Al Gore's headquarters looked very similar to an Apple system. The box near the monitor even had the Apple logo.

    • Stan Lee:

      Al Gore: Excelsior!

      Throughout the episode, Al Gore says "excelsior", which means "higher" in Latin. The word is used largely by Stan Lee, creator of many superheroes of the Marvel Universe. The Al Gore portrayed in this episode seems to think that he is a superhero for defeating "ManBearPig" and even wears a cape at the end.

    • CatDog:

      The episode name is similar to the CatDog episode named "CatDogPig".

    • Heroes of Might and Magic:

      When Al Gore is at the school telling the class about ManBearPig, right after he turns the page to show the sketch, a sound effect plays. (As if signifying danger or caution.) This sound effect comes from the game Heroes of Might and Magic II.

    • City Slickers 2:

      The fake treasure in the Cave of the Winds is reminiscent of the "gold" in the 1994 film City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold.

    • Al Gore:

      The Al Gore bashing in this episode is probably a response to Al Gore's upcoming movie, An Inconvenient Truth. South Park has frequently ripped on global warming, and Al Gore's "ManBearPig" speeches resemble his speeches in the movie's trailer.

    • Cereal:

      This can be used as slang for the word serious.

    • Comfort Inn:

      Al Gore's base of operations is a room at the Komfort Inn, a parody of Comfort Inn.

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