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Season 10 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 26, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • I'm super serial that this episode is awesome

    In this episode, the boys meet Al Gore, and he goes on and on about ManBearPig and how he'll destroy us all. Eventually, he gets them trapped inside a cave, where Cartman finds gold. Eventually they escape, and Cartman sh*ts out his gold, and Stan gets Al Gore to go away.

    Good: The premise is original, nice pardoy of Gore and Global Warming, Cartman being himself is great like always

    Bad: The Al Gore has no friends jokes gets old by the very end

    Overall: It's not the best episode ever, but it's still much better than most of seasons 9 and 10, so I suggest this episode definitly.
  • 145th Episode

    This episode was okay but nothing great, Al Gore not having friends being a joke that should have been used once rather than repetitive times and Cartman eating the treasure also got a bit boring.

    Manbearpig being another creation of Al Gore's insane mind is a pretty funny plot but is a bit overused, much like a lot of the episode. However, there are some very funny moments such as remembering the four miscellaneous kids and Cartman freaking Kyle out by staring at him while he's asleep.

    This is the third season ten episode aired in Australia and the episodes haven't been very impressive so far but all the same, South Park is still funny.
  • The wild aventure that happens when the boys go in search of manbearpig.

    Al Gore pays a visit to Southpark,while tring to warn people of manbearpig,but no one takes him, in his words,cereal.Stan who feels bad for Al gore convinces his friends to play along with his little charade.They go to one of his manbearpig meetings and Al Gore leads them to a cave where manbearpig is supposedly located.Al gore then takes the boys off the trail the tour guide is leading them on and causes a cave in,trapping the boys inside the cave.He then tells the rescue team that they need to flood the cave with hot molten lead.Meanwhile the boys search for a way out of the cave.During the search for a way out Cartman discovers what he thinks is buried treasure.He then decides to eat the treasure,so he can get it out of the cave.Al Gore decides to flood the cave with water.Cartman who ate all the gold cant swim,so Kyle atempts to save his friend.They finally find their way out of the cave.Stan then screams at Al Gore for nearly killing them and calls him a loser.Al Gore though belives he has killed manbearpig.A great episode that has a good plotline.
  • Watch this episode... I'm SUPER SERIAL!!

    This episode is a fave of mine. Why? Two words... Al Gore. In this episode Al Gore comes to South Park to speak to the children about a dangerous creature lurking in the hills around town, Manbearpig. "Half man, half bear, and half pig." Al Gore is on a mission to kill Manbearpig and takes the children to some underground caves, he believes it's living in. After shooting up the caves, a cave in occurs and the boys are trapped inside. Cartman gets sick and the boys have to be rescued quick or take their chances and try to find a way out. This episode is filled with classic, repeatable quotes (mostly thanks to Al Gore's character), that made me laugh out loud. If you haven't seen it, watch it as soon as you can... I'm SUPER SERIAL!
  • Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny find themsleves helping Al Gore search for 'ManBearPig', in this reasonable episode...

    This isn't really a series classic, but I found it watchable and enjoyable in what so far has been a shakey season.

    The dailogue flows much better and is funnier than much of the season's offerings up until this point.

    We get classic Cartman as he discovers the 'treasure' and plans to keep it all for himself.

    [spoiler] It might come as a slight surprise that the real ManBearPig doesn't make an appearance, making a contrast to Skuzzlebutt the early, first season episode 'Volcano'. [end of spoiler]

    All-in-all, not quite a classic episode, but quite a good one, with some funny moments.
  • Manbearpig is the greatest threat ever to South Park and the world, I am super cereal. Or so says Al Gore at least. The former Vice President enlists the help of the boys to try to catch this foul beast, but is it even real?

    I can not believe some of the poor ratings people gave this episode. I am a big fan of it and it has good replay value. Every time Al Gore says Excelsior or I'm cereal I die laughing, it never gets old. It had a decent plot and lots and lots of great sound bits, all in all making it a very good episode of South Park. A good friend of mine was pretty high up in the Al Gore presidential campaign and after everything she told me about him I just get an extra kick out of this episode every time. It might be a silly episode, but I highly recommend it!
  • Another Stupid One

    This is another crummy season ten episode. Just about some stupid meanbearpig. This episode had nothing to do with real life. All that happened is the boys get trapped in a cave looking for manbearpig. They only help Al Gore cause he has no freinds. Which is also really stupid. Cartman also eats fake treasure thinking its real. At the end they get out and Al Gore thinks he killed manbigpear. Though there was no manbearpig. Then cartman craps all the treasure and learns its fake. He gets mad and is like ahh.It got annoying when Al Gore kept saying im cereal instead of serious. This was not as bad as other season ten episodes. Mainly cause i wasnt insulted. It still was pretty bad as very unfunny and just dumb about manbearpig. Also that Al Gore had no freinds is lame. In the end, another crappy season ten epsiode.
  • This episode is mainly just a vehicle for making fun of Al Gore. His film, An Inconvenient Truth, warns about the dangers of global warning. Obviously, South Park didn\'t think that this film was necessary.

    This episode is mainly just a vehicle for making fun of Al Gore. His film, An Inconvenient Truth, warns about the dangers of global warning. Obviously, South Park didn\'t think that this film was necessary.

    They chalk it up to Al Gore\'s boredom and loneliness... and his desire for people to notice him.

    And ManBearPig... a ridiculous myth that is not a threat to anybody. Well, that is obviously what South Park thinks about global warning.

    Deep intellectual meanings aside, this episode is hilarious. Gore\'s characterization is great. He\'s like a small child, doing anything to get attention, even throwing temper tantrums and crying.

    Cartman\'s attempt at stealing the fake treasure was great. But my favorite moment: Kyle wakes up while Cartman is talking to him in his sleep.

    \"Hey, what\'s up Kyle? How are you doing? Good?\"
    \"What are you doing?\"
    \"Oh, you know.. hanging out.\"
  • I think that it is true Al Gore doesn't seem to have friends. Yet, it seems like it was hard to make fun of him since it wasn't based on anything near truth.

    I guess the episode was okay. I mean I think that there was surely a conservative candidate to make fun of way before Al Gore (especially since hasn't really done anything in five or six years), but that's Trey and Matt for you. I think that it is true Al Gore doesn't seem to have friends. He didn't really do much as a vice president. Yet, it seems like it was hard to make fun of him since it wasn't based on anything near truth. It's obvious that Trey and Matt are Republicans clearly from this episode. I don't vote, but I know many liberals who liked this show. It just seemed to be going downhill. Yet, I still tune in because I think it is one of the best shows on television.
  • A spoof on Al Gores global warming speeches, showing he only wants attention, as he warns everyone about manbearpig(half man, half bear, half pig).

    This episode is proof that the best is yet to come with south park. I can barely even tolerate the old episodes, only because they are not up to par with the new ones. The plots are getting better, the comedys getting smarter, and the laughs are consistent. i sorely suggest any veterans of the show give these new ones a try, because i sure wasnt disappointed.
  • Manbearpig sure scared me...

    You heard it here first. For about 10 or 15 minutes I was like "o my god, is Manbearpig real? What if he comes near where I live? This is frickin creepy!" But as I watched I realized that not only did Manbearpig not exist, DUH, but he also wasn't even in the episode. They were just ripping Al Gore to shreds... something they do REAL well. Back on the episode, it was hilarious. Why is Cartmen so much himself? Eating gold... that was fake. Al Gore not letting the kids out. Flooding the mine. Great work, great great work!
  • the best episode of south park ever made go trey parker and matt stone cuz u 2 rock i luv south park my fav character is cartman he is the best screw u guys im goin home and kenny is also 1 of the best kyles mom is a big fat b**ch

    \\\'\\\'manbearpig is real im super cereal\\\'\\\' this is the best south park episode out there. Al Gore is a weird guy in this episode. cartman ends up eating fake treasure and crapping it out at the end Hilarious!!! i think its also pretty funny wen kyle wakes up and cartman is right there cuz hes tryin 2 sneak away 2 get 2 the treasure. on a scale of 1-10 10 bein the best i would giv this episode a 9.5 trey parker and matt stone are awesome creators also for team america that was a funny movie Trey Parker and Matt Stone rock!!!!!
  • Southpark finally shows the narrowminded views of its creators by adopting an anti-global warming stance and spraying it all through the episode.

    One can understand that South Park is there to offend pretty much anyone - but these days its just become a sounding board for their creators to just state their views on pretty much everything. Which would be fine if it werent for the fact that they have SOMEHOW managed to completely leave Bush out of their firing line in all these years no matter how much of a mess he has made of the country.

    Simply - a right wing piece of non funny trash making light of a serious issue. Well done guys, well done.
  • Al Gore, what happened to you?

    This episode was so funny. The idea of Manbearpig was so stupid. Al Gore made me think Napoleon Dynamite. His voice. His beliefs. I loved his catch phrase. \"I\'m super duper cereal!\" Cartman and the fake treasure was funny too. It made you think. How Cartman became so fat and made Stan and Kyle get him out. Kenny didn\'t really do anything. He was just there. Hopefully, Kenny will be more important in future episodes. It\'s sort of weird how Stan\'s dad was doing something on the show that Chef should have. Why is Stan\'s dad a surrogate Chef? Ugh.
  • Al Gore gets the boys stuck in the Cave of the Winds.

    At the school, there is a special guest. Al Gore. He wants to worn everyone about the single most threating thing facing the world, Manbearpig. He's half man, half bear, and half pig. The boys feel sorry for him. They don't think he has any friends. Al Gore takes a intrests in Stan, making him a member of the manbearpig club. He says he can get the boys out of school. They go with him to track down manbearpig in the Cave of the Winds. In the cave, Al Gore takes out a gun and shoots in the cave. He causes it to collapse. Everyone except the boys get out. Trapped in the cave, Cartman finds treasure. In order to hide the treasure from Kyle, Stan, and Kenny, Cartman eats the treasure. The boys think he is sick and they all go to get out of the cave. Meanwhile, as the rescue team tries to dig the boys out of the cave, Al Gore blocks a damn, and the water drains into the cave. Al Gore is super happy to have killed Manbearpig by flooding the cave. The boys continue to try and get out of the cave. The cave floods. Outside, the rescue team talks about how it is sad to have four innocent lives taken. Then, the boys manage to get out of the cave. Cartman tries to leave and craps out the treasure. Stan, Kyle, and Kenny are mad at Cartman, but he doesn't care. Then he learns that the treasure is fake. Al Gore tries to talk to Stan, who yells at him and calls him a loser. Al Gore says he can't be a loser because he killed Manbearpig. He graps his cape and runs around, pretending to fly.
  • Another hilarious episode from Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

    This episode was hilarious. The first funny thing that happened was how nobody knew who Al Gore was, probably because they were all too young to remember when Al Gore and Bill Clinton were in office. Then the boys finally cooperate with Al Gore when he promises to excuse them from school. Cartman: "You....have that kind of power?" Funny stuff. Another funny part was when they find the rock formations in the cave, and they look like male genitals, but they seem not to notice that at all, and call them completely different names. This episode was one of the funniest yet, and all my friends agree.
  • this is one of the best episodes of south park ever.....IM CEREAL!

    In this epidsode, ex vice president , al gore goes crazy and says global warming is gonna kill every one because a certain "man bear pig" is going to kill everyone. stan and the gang get forced in to helping him. they go to a cave of the blowing winds or something like that and there is a cave in and every one gets out except for stan and the gang. al gore says man bear big is still in there and they must fill it with lava, hot molten lead, or water to kill him and that he is "cereal." eric eats treasure to keep it from stan and the others. the cave starts to fill up with water and cartman is tooooooo fat to swim cause of the treasure. eventually the get out and al gore takes the credit because he was the first one to say that he saved them. after that cartman found out that he ate and crapped out FAKE TREASURE! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • This episode was great...i'm cereal.

    It was funny how the exagerated Al Gore's belife in global warming. One of my favorite lines were "He is half-man....half-bear....and half-pig."- Al Gore
    Cartman eats tressure. XD There is not really much i didn't like about this episode...I'm cereal. If you did'nt watch this should NOW! Its a series classic. It also makes fun of Gore in the way he always takes credit for things he didn't do. The end with Cartman finding out the tressure was fake and craping it out was halarious. It was funny when Gore was shotting at the cave thinking he was hitting MBP and blaming the collapse on him. You must see this episode....i'm super cereal
  • A real weak point.

    I am, and have been for many years, a huge fan of South Park. As such, even when I don't agree with whatever point Matt and Trey have to make, I will usually acknowledge that it's worth thinking about. This episode, however, was not the brilliant satire I have come to expect from the series.

    Parody is funny because it exaggerates something's real traits, something which this episode failed to do. Moreover, equating global warming - something the majority of scientists actually agree is happening, and is partially a man-made phenomenon due to increased "greenhouse gases" in our atmosphere - with the clearly made-up "Manbearpig," dismisses a real ecological concern out of hand.

    Beside that, Al Gore has become a lot less of a douchebag since his tenure as Vice President. Give him a little credit, guys - the world needs some activists who are willing to put themselves out there.

    Also, the episode just wasn't that funny. I would be more forgiving if it were at least entertaining.
  • Haha I couldn't stop laughing - this is the best episode of season 10 so far!

    The Ex Vice President Al Gore is heading for attention, so he made up another thing that is threating the USA - a "ManBearPig", which is a monster mixed out of (can you guess it? :)) a man, a bear and a pig.
    Al Gore holds a speech at South Park Elementary but can not convince any of the students of ManBearPig's existance. Stan feels sorry for him and promises to follow him on a mission to a cave, the supposed location of the monster. Of course, there is no ManBearPig, but instead the hole caves in and only the four guys are trapped inside while the other visitors could get out. Cartman finds a fake treasure and think it's real, so he decides to swallow the coins which makes it hard for the others to get out because he became so fat.
    In the end, Stan is super p*ssed off at Al Gore who still thinks he is the hero of the day.

    Many jokes in this episode, rated it an 8, I'm serial!
  • Another incorrect, pretentious would-be diatribe.

    Like Parker and Stone's other unacceptably poor quality attack episodes, this one is built upon inventing things about their chosen subject of attack they wish were true, and then ridiculing and eviscerating their resulting retarded, crippled, helpless straw man creation based solely upon the creative ways in which they themselves skewed, distorted, and outright lied about it.

    Typically, this is accomplished by warping the subject's appearance, voice, and mannerisms to be more unflattering, and by attributing to them views they don't hold, and negative character traits they don't posses.

    Then, in lieu of making a point about whatver they are supposed to be making a point about, they just rename whatever it is they are attacking. In this case, the preposterous, nonexistant Manbearpig is equated with the overwhelming and ever-increasing breadth and depth of Global Warming evidence. This is intended to create the illusion of cleverness and meaning. Get it?

    Matt and Trey don't believe in global warming, Al Gore does. Because Al Gore has been trying to convince people about why and how he thinks it is for years, and because there's now a movie about it, logically, Al Gore is an unprincipled selfish scaremonger who will stop at nothing to get people to like him.

    It is petty and unbelievably easy to deride someone based on things you made up about them rather than to make a valid comedic criticism about them rooted in reality. Be funnier, South Park.
  • FRIKKIN BEST SOUTH PARK EVER! besides LOTR, scott tenorman and others i forgot.

    i dont c why everyone is trashin this episode. i thought is was perfect. just everything about it is funny, and plus for part of the episode it mainly focuses on the boys, which is rare now. everything from manbearpig to excelsior was a riot. even kids in my grade are making a national treasure based treasure hunt for science, based on manbearpig. OMFG i cant freakin describe how awesome and funny it is. \"Thank you Al Gore. You\'re super awesome. The end.\" lol i frikkin love this episode. theres not much else to say about it so uh.... yeah
  • Manbearpig is a funny super serial.

    Ok, so Al Gore comes to South Park to warn the kids over a threat that can destroy our whole world, MANBEARPIG. Obviously, the citizens do not pay attention to him. However, Al Gore visits the boys while they are playing basketball. He calls Stan to a secret meeting. Al Gore takes the kids to Cave of the Winds, where he believes Manbearpig is hiding. Out of his own stupidity, Al Gore traps the kids in the cave. While stuck, Cartman finds "treasure" in the cave. Now, the boys try to get out of the cave, and hilarity ensues. This is one of the great episodes of Season 10.
  • ManBearPig -- Why I Watch South Park

    South Park is it's best when it has an underlying message, but one that's entirely ignorable if you should chose to do so. A Million Little Fibers is a great example of this gone wrong; a message choking the life out of a story. Return of Chef was another bit of a blunder, but the opposite -- a complete lack of message, leaving fans who are unaware of the show's politics confused and out in the cold.

    ManBearPig's message was there, it gave the episode the life it needed, but wasn't at all overbearing. The comedy was also back on top form; South Park is the master of showing a point of view without having it's characters be biased, so you don't feel as thought it's getting shoved down your throat. There are tricks to do this, and many shows have tried using the same formula that South Park has: children, who are simply learning facts as they go along. But where other shows have actual actors, and have to stray from any especially strong sides, South Park has cartoons, with the power to make you empathize with them when they want, and disconnect when they need to.

    Hilarious digs like, "I feel sorry for him -- I don't think he has any friends" would be inaccessible to people working with child actors, even Dakota Fanning would make the line come across bratty, just because she's real.

    The character interaction, especially between Cartman and Kyle at the end, was outstanding. Trey Parker and Matt Stone obviously care more about these characters than a lot of people working with actual actors do, and it shows.

    A definite 10 rating for me. :3
  • A rare and damning miss

    The political commentary of \"South Park\" is at its best when it manages to capture and lampoon all sides of an issue. However, it is at its worst when it sets its ridiculing crosshairs on a single target and just keeps shooting long after the joke is dead. This episode is an example of just how bad the show\'s political commentary can get.

    Aparrently devoid of any good ideas, Trey Parker and Matt Stone resort to an episode devoted almost entirely to ridiculing a pathetic cartoon version of Al Gore. Here the former VP is portrayed as a whiny, panicky loser, so desperate for attention that he nearly drowns the kids in an attempt to kill an imaginary menace. I don\'t usually mind the parodies that SP does of various celebrities, but usually, the parodies are more fair and accurate. Here, though, it seems as though Parker and Stone have invented characteristics for the former VP for no other reason than to make fun of them.

    In all honesty, I\'m still trying to figure out how a great show like South Park could produce such a dumb episode.

    I do not care for Al Gore. Now that that has been disclosed, this episode is pure genius. ManBearPig represents that adorable cash cow the former vice president calls "global warming". Al Gore restlessly pursues something which may or may not exist as though it poses real danger to our way of life. He may even cause unneeded hardship to normal everyday folk like trapping them in a collapsed mine or cost hard-working men and women their jobs because their line of work causes "global warming". Even worse than his actions is the fact that Gore thinks we think of him as a hero for his efforts against ManBearPig and "global warming". Talk about self-delusion! And ladies and gentlemen, I am super, super cereal.
  • I love Al Gore, but....

    Oh my god, this was an absolute classic, and this is coming from a very liberal mind. When it was found that Al Gore would be making a movie about himself, he should have realized how perfect of an opertunity that is for Matt and Trey to make fun of him, I'm serial. Like I said, I love Al Gore, and I love all he's done to fight global warming, which is definatley a threat, but making a movie about himself? This was what he had coming. Also, funny is funny, this was an absoltley hilarious episode, with classic South Park writing, I'm super, duper serial.
  • Anti-thesis of southpark...boring....

    I absolutely hated this episode. Al Gore was horrible and I would really like to know if he has seen the episode. I like that the kids are only nice to him because they think that he doesn't have any friends,but everything else in this episode is useless and quite boring. When Cartman finds the treasure and smiles, It was pretty boring although I think it is the first time I have ever seen genuine happiness on his face. Probably the dumbest part was at the very end when Cartman has to crap out all of the treasure in front of everyone. It was the least I laughed in for south park in a while.
  • Absolutely Hilarious! My friends at work and I talk about ManBearPig all the time now and yell "Excelsior!" at one another!

    I absolutely loved this episode. Al Gore was awesome and I would really like to know if he has seen the episode. I like that the kids are only nice to him because they think that he doesn't have any friends. When Cartman finds the treasure and smiles, I was laughing so hard because I think it is the first time I have ever seen genuine happiness on his face. Probably the best part was at the very end when Cartman has to crap out all of the treasure in front of everyone. It was the hardest that I have laughed in quite a while!
  • Hmm... its alright.

    I can say that this is a trillion times better than \"A Million Little Fibers\", which aired a week before. The boys get trapped in the \"Cave of Winds\" because Al Gore was trying to find \"Manbearpig\" in there and the walls start crashing down. This episode showed how good the graphics in South Park have become - The caeve is colorful... downright gorgeous! However, the plotline isn\'t the greatest, and while the first time seeing it is pretty funny, it just isn\'t that great the second time.
    The last 10 minutes are the best part, and it is watching for that. Check it out, the ending is really bizzare.
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