South Park

Season 9 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 26, 2005 on Comedy Central
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When Cartman finds out that the girls have a device that can see into the future, the boys come up with a plan to have Butters go undercover to get it.

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  • perfect

    What I liked: Butter's dad telling him if he did not jump, then he would not be grounded 'for more than two weeks', the ending with Butters in the basement asking for spaghetti-o's, Butters as Marjorine dancing for the girls, and pretty much everything Butters said and or did in this episode was great. Funny episode, one of my favorites from season 9. There was nary a dull moment and I laughed at quite a bit in it, so my final grade is going to be an A+.moreless
  • Buttters + dresses up as girl = pure gold

    I love this episode, all the boys in South Park find out about a future telling device the girls have. Well they need one of the boys to dress up as a girl to get the device, and its of cource Butters. They throw a dead pig off of the building, which makes a bloddy splash thinking its Butters comiting suicide SPOLIERS : When they go back to school, you find out the girls don't even know who Butters is by her comment. Well Margoine gets invited to the slumber party and gets singled out by being called ugly. He/she starts crying and they give him a makeover and you can tell Butters likes being a girl much more than being a boy. They have pillow fights and more. Then you hear Cartman's comment about i hope hes not lesing out. Butters runs away with the future telling device and they destroy it; thinking its to dangerous. Overall, my favorite line in this episode was Cartmans phone call about geting Butters invited to the slumber party and the line is "Margorine's mom said i shoud invite her over and I should respect her authority". This episode is so funny and humerous I'm giving it a 10. It's one of my favorite episodes. Definately, this episode is a must watch!moreless
  • Cartman and Butters make the show hilarious!

    Cartman and Butters make the show hilarious! They are just such good contrasts. Butters makes a cute girl, especially when he's crying in the bathroom when the other girls make fun of his hair. And this episode shows the kids actually acting like children thinking the fortune teller was real. Also you rarely see Wendy being mean to anyone and she's mean to Marjorine.
  • Cartman

    Ah, finally the episode where you learn how kenny comes back to life. His parents have had 52 kenny\\\'s in this episode. A large source of this humor is that SP is like a commercial. Nonstop activity, with no downtown and constant overlapping plots like seeing the trailer and the russel crowe TV show. Cartman is manipulative, contorlling, butters is insecure. both hysterical, perfect names for each, too. I can\\\'t beleive he went as hitler and actually had his mom make hte costume. Cartman\\\'s manipulation, rectum smuggling, catch phrases never stop being funny. Interesting that Chef is the only SP character with his morals aligned!moreless
  • With hilarious references to "Pet Sematary", plus some very funny and memorable scenes, this is one episode that illustrates exactly why South Park is so great.

    This episode is quite frankly the best South Park episode I have seen so far (and I've seen many).

    Butters' (spoilers ahead) death, for instance, was positively hysterical, as was his 'return from the dead'.

    The satire relating to typical action/sci-fi flicks is great, as are the many references to "Pet Sematary", the novel turned movie from Stephen King.

    Overall, this is a superbly scripted, well-timed and very funny episode. South Park at its very best.

    Since the minimum word count is 100, I'll have to pad this review up a bit.

    Ok, that's 100 words.

    All in all, watch this episode. To fully appreciate it, however, you should probably watch Pet Sematary first.moreless
Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Herbert Garrison; Officer Barbrady; Terrance; Timmy; Ned Gerblanski; Satan; Randy Ma

Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes

Voice of Jerome "Chef" McElroy

Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Gerald Broflovski; Pip Pirrup; Jesus; Jimbo Kearn; Phillip; Saddam; Various Others

Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Voice of Sheila Broflovski; Linda Stotch; Various Others

Paula Holmberg

Paula Holmberg

Voice of Unknown

Guest Star

Adrien Beard

Adrien Beard

Voice of Token Williams

Recurring Role

Jennifer Howell

Jennifer Howell

Voice of Bebe

Recurring Role

April Stewart

April Stewart

Voice of Unknown

Recurring Role

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    • Chris Stoch: Butters, if you come down, we promise not to ground you for more than a couple weeks.
      Butters: Oh geez. Now I'm gonna get grounded too.

    • (The boys have a dead pig disguised as Butters, ready to fake Butters' death by throwing it from the top of the building.)
      Cartman: Okay, ready! Step down, Butters.
      (Butters is seen stepping down from the edge of the building.)
      Linda: H-He's stepping down! Oh thank God!
      Officer: No, no wait. What's he doing?
      (The dead pig is seen approaching back on the edge as the boys are trying to push it over.)
      Cartman: Okay. One, two…
      Officer: JESUS CHRIST!!
      (The dead pig is thrown off the building and splatters all over the ground and the audience.)
      Linda: OOOOHHHHH MY GOOODDD!!!!!
      (The doctor approaches to the splattered pig and checks its "pulse".)
      Doctor: He…didn't make it.
      Linda: NO!! NOOOO!!! MY SON IS DEAD!!! NOOOOO!!!
      Cartman: (watching the whole scene) Nice.

    • (Butters' dad kills a woman and pushes the corpse over to his son)
      Chris Stotch: Here you go, son. Eat!
      Linda Stotch: What are we becoming?
      Chris Stotch: Come on. Don't watch it feed. (they walk upstairs)
      Butters: (tied up in basement) Can't I just have some Spaghetti-O's?

    • Butters: (tied up in basement) Can I please just have somethin' to eat? Well, I'm pretty hungry.
      Linda: It's… hungry.
      Chris: Yes. It must feed.

    • Butters: (tied up in basement) Mom, Dad, can I come upstairs now?
      Chris: Sorry, son, but you're a demon spawn now. You're an abomination.

    • Cartman: Let's just start with something simple. (to the paper fortune teller) Will Kyle die before he's 20?
      Kyle: Wait! I don't wanna know that!
      Clyde: Ask it if the Broncos are gonna win on Sunday.
      Jason: No, dude, then it won't be fun to watch!
      Cartman: Will you all just shut up so I can do this?
      Craig: You shut up, asshole!
      Kyle: I don't wanna know when I'm going to die, fatass!
      (the boys start arguing)

    • Cartman: (having the paper fortune teller) We have the device now! The power belongs to us! (runs away with the other boys)
      Heidi: (to girls) Anybody have a piece of notebook paper so I can make another one?

    • (phone conversation)
      Cartman: Butters! Just what the fuck do you think you're doing?
      Butters: Well, I'm just havin' some fun with my girlfriends.
      Cartman: You aren't there to have fun, you black asshole! You were supposed to be getting the future-telling device.
      Butters: Well, I'm workin' on it!
      Cartman: Working on what? Your dance moves?
      Butters: Now look! I'm getting pretty sick of this! Well I put myself through a lot, and you can't talk to me like that (notices Heidi's parents), uh, mom.
      Cartman: Just do what you were sent in there to do, dickface! (hangs up)

    • Heidi: Marjorine? Marjorine? Hey, we didn't mean it.
      Butters: (as Marjorine; crying) You don't know how hard it is to be me.
      Bebe: Marjorine, we were just teasing. We think you're great.
      Butters: (as Marjorine) You think I'm ugly!
      Wendy: You're not ugly, Marjorine.
      Butters: (as Marjorine) You said I'm ugly and I'm flat!

    • Chris: (while digging up his "son's" dead body) Oh, Butters… smell like… bacon.

    • Butters: (as Marjorine after watching the girls play Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board) Witches! You're all witches!
      Heidi: Marjorine, what is your problem?
      Butters: (as Marjorine) Huh? Oh nothin'. Hey, you guys wanna tell each other's futures now?
      Girl: Yeah. I can tell you your future, Marjorine! You're going to live alone your entire life because you're a nerdy dorky geed!
      Heidi: Yeah, and your hair is totally stupid! (Butters looks sad)
      Bebe: Yeah, and you're flat! (Butters looks down at his chest)
      Heidi: Marjorine, why don't you just leave? Nobody wants you here!

    • Wendy: I know. Let's do "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board". Who wants to go first?
      Girl: I will.
      Butters: (as Marjorine) Oh geez, are we gonna start lezzing out?

    • Cartman: Remember Butters, you must get that future-telling device from the girls at all costs! And just roll with it if they start lezzing out.

    • Heidi's Mom: Heidi, there's going to be one extra girl comng to your slumber party.
      Heidi: Who?
      Heidi's Mom: The new girl in your class, Marjorine.
      Heidi: Mom, I didn't invite her!
      Heidi's Mom: I know, sweetie, but I got a call from Marjorine's mother.
      Heidi: Her mother?
      Heidi's Mom: She said Marjorine is having a really hard time being in a new school. Her mom asked me personally if we could have Marjorine over, and besides, her mother told me that she works as a state official and that I should (thinks) respect her authroitay.

    • Girl: Where do you buy your clothes?
      Butters: (as Marjorine) Oh, um, you know. Girl places.

    • Butters: (as Marjorine) Well, I'm just a typical little girl. I like dancin', an', and ponies, and getting my snootch pounded on Friday night.
      Clyde: Nice.
      Ms. Garrison: Now Marjorine, that's not very lady-like. Us Colorado girls love to get pounded in the shnizz just like any woman, but we keep it to ourselves.

    • Ms. Garrison: Okay children, let's take our seats. Now I know that we're all still in deep, deep mourning over the tragic death of our classmate, Butters.
      Red: Who's Butters?

    • Fr. Maxi: And he shall be remembered as the peaceful little boy who warmed his parent's hearts. Lord, as we commit this child's body to the Earth, may we ask it be the last child you strike down so mercilessly. We know this request to be futile, Lord, but just thought we would ask.

    • Chris: (trying to stop Butters from committing suicide) Butters? Butters, whatever is troubling you, this isn't the answer! Look at all these people who've come out for you! Just come down now, son, and we promise we won't ground you for more than a couple of weeks.

    • Cartman: One of us is gonna have to go undercover, show up in school tomorrow disguised as the new girl who just moved to town.
      Kevin: You mean like that movie, "Juwanna Mann"?
      Cartman: No, not like "Juwanna Mann", Kevin, okay? It's way cooler than that!

    • Kyle: (about the paper fortune teller) The outside of the device seems to be covered in numerals. Inside are colors, which must open up some sort of temporal timewall.

    • Cartman: I warn you, these images may be too shocking for young children.
      Butters: Oh okay, I'm not lookin'.

    • Kyle: The girls do not have a device that shows them the future, Cartman! That's retarded!
      Clyde: (in an English accent) You, sir, mocked Cartman before, yet you too sit here demanding answers! Now, damn you, let him speak!
      Cartman: Thank you, Clyde.

    • Cartman: Now, Butters, we don't know exactly what it is girls do at slumber parties, but if they all start, you know, lezzing out, just roll with it.
      Butters: Lezzing out? What's lezzing out?

    • (Kenny blows up the 'fortune telling device', making a huge explosion visible from space)
      Cartman: Damn, Ken!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Bratz:

      On the wall at Heidi's house is a poster reading 'Twerpz' with several young girls on it. This is a spoof of the Bratz line of merchandise, which is targeted for adolescent girls.

    • E.T.:

      There's a poster on the wall at Heidi's sleepover that says 'I.T.' It shows two figures on a bike in the sky, with a full moon behind them. This is a spoof of Steven Spielberg's film E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982).

    • The Craft:

      The scene where the girls are practicing witchcraft levitating one another is a parody of 1995 film The Craft. In the film a new girl at a school joins a group of girls who study witchcraft.

    • The Monkey's Paw:

      The scene when Butters is knocking on his parent's door after he gets the device is an allusion to a part in a short story called "The Monkey's Paw" by W.W. Jacobs.

      The main character's son dies in this story and then they wish for him to be alive again. Their wish is granted, but when their son comes and knocks on their door they change their mind. They also refer to their son as an "it."

    • Juwanna Mann:

      Clyde: You mean like that movie "Juwanna Mann?"

      Juwanna Mann was a lackluster 2002 movie starting Miguel Núñez Jr. as an NBA player who gets cut from his team and dresses like a woman so he can join the women's basketball league.

    • Indian Burial Ground & Jud Crandall:

      The old Indian burial ground and It's curse is similar to the one from the 1989 film Pet Sematary, which is based on the novel by Stephen King.

      Also the old man that warns about the burial ground is a complete reference to the character of Jud Crandall as portrayed in the film, right down to the voice.