South Park

Season 9 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 26, 2005 on Comedy Central

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  • perfect

    What I liked: Butter's dad telling him if he did not jump, then he would not be grounded 'for more than two weeks', the ending with Butters in the basement asking for spaghetti-o's, Butters as Marjorine dancing for the girls, and pretty much everything Butters said and or did in this episode was great. Funny episode, one of my favorites from season 9. There was nary a dull moment and I laughed at quite a bit in it, so my final grade is going to be an A+.
  • Buttters + dresses up as girl = pure gold

    I love this episode, all the boys in South Park find out about a future telling device the girls have. Well they need one of the boys to dress up as a girl to get the device, and its of cource Butters. They throw a dead pig off of the building, which makes a bloddy splash thinking its Butters comiting suicide SPOLIERS : When they go back to school, you find out the girls don't even know who Butters is by her comment. Well Margoine gets invited to the slumber party and gets singled out by being called ugly. He/she starts crying and they give him a makeover and you can tell Butters likes being a girl much more than being a boy. They have pillow fights and more. Then you hear Cartman's comment about i hope hes not lesing out. Butters runs away with the future telling device and they destroy it; thinking its to dangerous. Overall, my favorite line in this episode was Cartmans phone call about geting Butters invited to the slumber party and the line is "Margorine's mom said i shoud invite her over and I should respect her authority". This episode is so funny and humerous I'm giving it a 10. It's one of my favorite episodes. Definately, this episode is a must watch!
  • Cartman and Butters make the show hilarious!

    Cartman and Butters make the show hilarious! They are just such good contrasts. Butters makes a cute girl, especially when he's crying in the bathroom when the other girls make fun of his hair. And this episode shows the kids actually acting like children thinking the fortune teller was real. Also you rarely see Wendy being mean to anyone and she's mean to Marjorine.
  • Cartman

    Ah, finally the episode where you learn how kenny comes back to life. His parents have had 52 kenny\\\'s in this episode. A large source of this humor is that SP is like a commercial. Nonstop activity, with no downtown and constant overlapping plots like seeing the trailer and the russel crowe TV show. Cartman is manipulative, contorlling, butters is insecure. both hysterical, perfect names for each, too. I can\\\'t beleive he went as hitler and actually had his mom make hte costume. Cartman\\\'s manipulation, rectum smuggling, catch phrases never stop being funny. Interesting that Chef is the only SP character with his morals aligned!
  • With hilarious references to "Pet Sematary", plus some very funny and memorable scenes, this is one episode that illustrates exactly why South Park is so great.

    This episode is quite frankly the best South Park episode I have seen so far (and I've seen many).
    Butters' (spoilers ahead) death, for instance, was positively hysterical, as was his 'return from the dead'.
    The satire relating to typical action/sci-fi flicks is great, as are the many references to "Pet Sematary", the novel turned movie from Stephen King.
    Overall, this is a superbly scripted, well-timed and very funny episode. South Park at its very best.

    Since the minimum word count is 100, I'll have to pad this review up a bit.
    Ok, that's 100 words.

    All in all, watch this episode. To fully appreciate it, however, you should probably watch Pet Sematary first.
  • The boys fake Butters death and make him pretend to be a girl to steal a future telling device that the girls have.

    Cartman tells the boys the girls have a future tellng device, which is really a toy the girls made. The boys come up with a plan to steal the device. They fake Butters death by pushing a pig of a building, and dress him up as a girl. He goes undercover as a girl named Marjorine. Marjorine goes to the girls sleep over party. Meanwhile, a farmer tells Butter's dad not to dig up Butters body and place him in a old cementary. Butters dad does it. At the party, Butters manages to get the device and runs out. He gives it to Cartman and goes home to tell his parents he isn't really dead. When he goes home, his parents think burying him in the old cementary worked. They chain him up in the basement. After the boys fight over the device, they decide to destroy it. Butters parents get a women to go into the basement. They kill her and tell Butters to eat her.
  • hilarious.

    This is one of my favourite ever episodes of south park because it's hilarious and well written.

    at the start it shows cartman talking to his friends about the girls have a future telling device ( which is just a bit of paper with colours and numbers drawn on it) so they make butters fake his death and dress up like a girl so that he can get their device and ask it questions about their futures. My favourite part is when they get it and the girls say want to just make another one.

    overall: really funny episode.
  • Butters goes undercover.

    After noticing the girls playing with a new device, the boys are curious as to what it is. Cartman shows them a tape and tells the boys that the girls have a "fortune telling device." The boys want it so they realize they have to send someone "undercover." They choose Butters and fake his death. Now as Marjorine, Butters is sent to the slumber party where the girls are going to play with the fortune telling device. Butters gets it and the boys take it to their secret HQ. But when the boys start fighting over it, they realize they should not mess with a force with such power. They destroy the fortune telling device once and for all. Funny episode, Butters as a girl was hilarious.
  • of the best

    Really Amazing episode one of the best in the series. Eric Cartman comes up wid another GENius idea to take the future telling device from the girls. Butters steals the show here as majorine and his dad puts together an amazing performance also. The funniest part of this episode is when butters' dad tries to "raise" him from the dead...its a great send off to some classic horros flicks. The death sequence of butters is also very funny and stans speech near the end is also amazing...convincing the boys to destroy the device....overall a very amazing and funny episode, slightly underated on this site, in my opinion....great episode
  • Where's the humor?

    Where do I begin? This episode had a potentially GREAT storyline, but it was ultimately wasted on the overrated Butters (whose only good episode was "Casa Bonita"), and a jumbled, completely ridiculous storyline. Oh, and apparently humor wasn't supposed to be important in this particular episode. The boys witness a strange device (a fortune teller) in possession of a group of girls that they believe can tell the future. After finding out these girls are having a slumber party that weekend, they decide to send Butters in dressed up as a girl. Dullness and the annoyingly painful and unfunny Randy Marsh acting like his regular annoyingly painful and unfunny Randy Marsh ensues.
  • Absolutely hilarious. Best Episode of Season 9 by far.

    I missed the original airing of this episode, but luckily for me my tivo picked it up for me. The episode is really ultra mega funny. Cartman sees the girls at recess using one of those stupid little paper fortune tellers at recess. He video tapes them and calls a meeting in his basement where he has set up a lab. The boys all watch the video and are shocked and amazed. They of course play that dramatic music and they devise a plan to get hold of the "device". Funny. The best part is when they fake Butters death. They put a bag over a pigs face and toss it off a building. Then it splatters in a bloody mess on the ground. A doctor walks up and lays a stethoscope on it. Then he says "I'm afraid he didn't make it." I was laughing my ass off.

    10/10 Pure Gold.
  • 134th Episode

    This episode is very funny and shows just how idiotic the townspeople and fourth grade boys are, especially Cartman.

    Cartman suggests faking Butters' death so he can be disguised as the coincidentally named girl Marjorine instead of merely coming up with the excuse that Butters was out of town or sick and that's why Butters isn't at school.

    Another very funny subplot is the old man coming to the Scotch house and explaining what they should do to bring Butters back to life, assuming that they actually knew how to, while trying to convince them not to do it.

    Overall, this episode is very entertaining, especially Butters.
  • Only Butters could pull off being a girl!

    There are a couple of really bad episodes in season 9, but this is definately not one of them.

    The boys being boys believe the girls have a device that predicts the future. (Its one of those paper thingys!)

    I loved how the boys were like an army on a mission, they had their own secret little headquarters and they were all really focussed on the job.

    I wasn't surprised when Butters faked his own death to go undercover as a girl. He really was the perfect candidate for it.

    In the end the boys completele their objective, but decide its not worth knowing what the future is going to be!

    A fantastic episode!
  • the gang gets Butters to dress up as a girl, and sneak into the girls' slumber party!

    lol, once again, another great episode from the 9th season. I laughed all the way. The fake Butters death was funny, but also sad because Butters' parent though he was dead, but the overall episode was really cool! I knew it was going to be Butters to go to the party. It's always him. That's what makes Butters my favorite character in the show.
  • Leopold makes a nice girl.

    I like South Park commenting on the events of the moment, but it\'s great when they make something timeless and whimsical. I remember paper fortune tellers from when I was a kid, and it\'s very cute that one would spark this brilliant plot. Leopold as Marjorine is very funny, especially when all the girls make fun of him. Hurrah for the third appearance of the farmer guy who warns people of curses. The final scene with the curtain lady was awesome. Top grade South Park.
  • one of the better ones. kind of reminded me of pet sematary. they should have come out with a halloween episode this year. when you seen pink eye 40 times it of old. has a time limit of sorts. butter and marjorine are the same kind of butters.

    you hardly see kenny dying anymore these days. must have gotten a lot harder killing him off every episode. just when you think they wont they do.maybe a halloween episode next year. it would be nice to see a new one instead of spooky fish or pink eye. love this
  • Hmmmm.....Good!

    This is a good episode to watch but it could've been better. Yes I do like south park but this one was just bleek!! The show needs to take it up a bigger notch, it's normally revealing. I just hope that this season doesn't get lame at last minute and they wind up getting cancelled because they ran out of ideas for the show because they've been on air for years!
  • Shows promise

    Mostly episodes that Butters gets insulted or attacked make me feel bad, but somehow they are also my favourite. I enjoyed every moment that Stotch family suffered. That itself was enough to overlook that other kids did absolutely nothing to mention, except maybe for Cartman.. I didn't like the previoud one but this shows these guys can still come up with good stuff.. We can expect another 'instant classic' soon!
  • this is what south park should be more like. This is a very well thought out episode and i hope to see more like it in the future.

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  • An Inventive Mix of Pop Culture

    This episode was very clever, and had several good laughs. It took a little bit from Pet Sematary, but I also noticed that they took several aspects from the short story The Monkey's Paw. Or something like that. Basically, an old man come upon a monkey paw that grants wishes, but comes at a price. His second wish is for 200 pounds. He gains it as compensation when his son is killed at work. His third and final wish is to bring back his son. At first nothing happens, but than his wife remembers they buried him three miles away, and he may still be on his way. After a bit there is a huge knock at the door. No one answers it because they realize their son is an animated corpse. The scene from South Park is exactly the same.
  • Cartman calls an emergency meeting to inform the boys of the "future telling" device the girls have. they come up with a plan for butters to fake his death and dress up as the new girl, marjorine. he then gets into the slumber party to get the future tell

    It was pretty funny but not the best south park episode. In my opinion the best part of this episode was the seriousness of cartman in situations that either arent serious at all or are just plain silly!!! Very creative plot, and some good quotes. Overall its worth watching but i bet it wont be on your top 10 list for south park episodes. Also it was nice to finally have an episode not relating to current events...
  • One of the best episodes I've seen. The guys discover the girls have a "device" that can tell the future, so they need to get it from them. They fake Butters' death and dress him up like a girl to sneak into a slumber party and steal it.

    Funny Funny Funny. The whole storyline is just so silly it's hilarious. Butters is my second favorite character (next to Eric Cartman) and any episode with Butters is great. I love the way they fake his death with a pig. ROFL. I also didn't know Butters last name was Scotch. It's so friggin funny man. I didn't like the first episode of this season, I didn't really find it that funny, but this really picked it up. There are a lot of mixed reviews on this episode. I personally enjoyed it a whole lot. Don't pay attention to the people who said this was not funny and "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow" was funny to them, then I don't know what they're thinking. Definitley a classic.
  • This is a timeless episode and the concept is something that I would have never have thought about.

    "Black a$$hole" That's all I needed in this episode. It brought back so many funny aspects of the show, including the adults stupidity/susceptability to being oblivious, in this case Butters' parents. Cartman was unbelieveable in this episode, and the whole operative mission to get the 'future teller' was ridiculously funny, and exactly why I love Cartman's scheming plots and naivety. Clyde was also funny. The slumber party was a riot too. Great episode.
  • One hit after another ...

    South Park has come a long way from the vulgar talking little boys (but very entertaining) to the plots they have today. Very intricate, well-woven, and they just never seem to run out of steam. What I really liked about this episode is the drastic plan of faking Butter's death and his mother's hysteria afterwards. I also thought the fortune telling child's toy being a source of fascination to the boys was a great idea. I like the line, "anybody have a sheet of notebook paper so I can make another one?" And making over Butters and having him dance like a girl was great. Wow. I'm so addicted. We're back to must-see tv.
  • I think its great they started writing South Park classics again instead of basing and centring it on celebrities and main issues, like the two days before the day after tomrrow. But again im a huge fan and i LOVE BUTTERS!! hes like the cutest thing EVER!

    I think its great they started writing South Park classics again instead of basing and centring it on celebrities and main issues, like the two days before the day after tomrrow. But again im a huge fan and i LOVE BUTTERS!! hes like the cutest thing EVER! lol haha haha
  • Worst Episode of south park ive seen so far

    I cant think of one part that made me laugh. I hate butters as a character esp. the MAIN character of an episode. Two days before the day after tomorrow on the other hand was probabally the funniest episode in a long time, so my expectations were high, and I was let down.
  • This episode is a good example of what it's like to be in Stan, Cartman, Kyle and Kenny's age. Your greatest enemy : The Girls.

    I don't know if it's for the good or the worse that these two new South Park episodes has taken, it feels like watching a 25 minute hollywood action movie throughout the episodes.

    Don't get me wrong, it's nice with a new approach on south park, but it seems like it's losing a bit of it's excellent humor this way.

    I miss the Cartman heavy episodes that seemed to fade out after the episode called: "Scott Tenorman Must Die". Cartman is my most favorite character because he's so extremely misinformed and picks up every single "grown-up word" he can find.

    And what's up with Kenny not dying anymore, did it get too old? It's tradition!

    So what about this episode?

    This episode was one of the best of the new ones so far, it was great in the beginning just like "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow" but just like "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow" it faded out in the end and was just boring.

    I will still watch it, like i have for the past years, I don't care what anyone says about me being "too old" for South Park, it's one of the greatest animated adult comedies out there.
  • After a lackluster half-season opener, I wasn't too excited for the second most recent installment, but boy howdy did I laugh my ass off!

    This episode was hilarious. I wasn't really too sure about how things were going over at South Park Studios after that abysmal Day After Tomorrow episode, but this one had me laughing all night long. I seriously recommend catching this one.

    And, between you and me, Butters makes one pretty hot chick.
  • Good Episode, anything with butter's is funny.

    I loved this episode. I thought it was great that butter's had to dress up as a girl, because butter's is such a push over! I thought it was also so clever that hey named him marjorine, it was hilarious. I also enjoyed that they brought that weird guy that comes knocking on the door and tells Mr. Stotch to bury butters "body" at the indian burial ground from that other episode where he gives butters directions on how to get home. I think it was way better than last weeks episode.
  • Pretty good episode overall.

    The strength of this episode was in the plotline and the ideas presented. Strong performances from both Cartman and Butters, and a really funny and silly plotline. It was great to see hwo seriously the boys took in getting back this device and deciding what to do with it once theye got it. IE. the whole idea and execution of the episode was quite good.
    However, there were very few good one-liners and individual moments in this episodes, which prevent it from being a truly great installment.
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