South Park

Season 9 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 26, 2005 on Comedy Central

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  • An Inventive Mix of Pop Culture

    This episode was very clever, and had several good laughs. It took a little bit from Pet Sematary, but I also noticed that they took several aspects from the short story The Monkey's Paw. Or something like that. Basically, an old man come upon a monkey paw that grants wishes, but comes at a price. His second wish is for 200 pounds. He gains it as compensation when his son is killed at work. His third and final wish is to bring back his son. At first nothing happens, but than his wife remembers they buried him three miles away, and he may still be on his way. After a bit there is a huge knock at the door. No one answers it because they realize their son is an animated corpse. The scene from South Park is exactly the same.