South Park

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 1998 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • Barbra asks who the boy is she saw on the news tonight yet the scene where this happens is during the day, so there is no way she could've seen Kyle tonight since that point of the day hasn't happened yet.

    • Live-action footage is used for the background when Chef is driving Maltin to Streisand's condo

    • A picture of Mr. Hankey can be seen on the newspaper that Mr. Garrison is sleeping under.

    • In the scene where Barbra Streisand lands her helicopter, Cartman shouts, "Oh no, Aliens!" and holds his butt; this references the episode where Cartman receives an anal probe from "Visitors".

    • The song that plays at the end when Robert Smith is walking away is called "Reminiscent of Love Song" by The Cure.

    • The word "Roshambo" is another name for Rock, Paper, Scissors, Yet Cartman believes that Roshambo is when opponents take turns kicking each other in the testicles until one of them falls over.

    • On the wall of Barbra Streisand's condo is a picture of herself with Satan.

    • When the Japanese women in the clam told Sidney Poitier that the Triangle of Zinthar had been found, he said "excellent" like he was pleased. Why would he think that?
      Response: Because he really, really wanted to kick Barbra Streisand's butt?

    • In front of the studio where Sidney Poitier is is a security guard, resembling a sunglasses-less Officer Barbrady.

    • When Cartman tries to steal the triangle from Kyle's room, Kyle can be seen in bed with his hat and jacket on.

    • While in the car with Chef, Leonard Maltin says that Barbra Streisand found the first triangle while shooting "My Fair Lady". Barbra Streisand was not in "My Fair Lady." Perhaps they were confusing it with "Funny Girl" or "Hello, Dolly!"

    • Also he was brought up in Scotland as it was shown in the episode where Kenny's soul is removed from Cartman's body.

    • When Officer Barbrady shows up to deal with Streisand and the boys, Kenny is next to Barbra's backside. On his hood, for a moment, is Cartman's glove from his left hand, even though Cartman has another one on the same hand.

  • Quotes

    • Mecha Streisand's Chant

      Barbra Streisand: Sugoi! Kono ima atarashii hajimari da! Ima kara atashi no na mae wa MECHA BARBRA STREISAND!

    • Mayor's Aide: Mayor! Barbra Streisand's attacking the town!
      Mayor: I heard! Call the National Guard! (to herself) We'll get you, you bitch! And to think, I actually watched your HBO special!

    • Officer Barbrady: What seems to be the problem?
      Barbra Streisand: Problem? No problem, officer... I was just introducing myself to these fine young boys.
      Cartman: Nuh-uh! She was being a total bitch!

    • Barbra Streisand: (in disguise while talking about the triangle) I want to give you boys a cash reward for finding it; it's worth a lot of money to me...
      Stan: Really? Wow, no wonder that Barbra Streisand lady was after it...
      Barbra Streisand: Oh, uh, heh heh... Who is that, I might ask?
      Kyle: She's this famous old lady who wishes she was still only 45.
      (The boys all laugh and Barbra Streisand glares at them.)
      Stan: Yeah. You should have seen her nose; it was big enough to land stealth bombers on!
      (The boys continue to laugh and Barbra Streisand becomes angered.)
      Cartman: Yeah, and talk about a bitch! All my life, I have never-
      Barbra Streisand: ENOUGH!!! (the boys stop laughing) I mean, ha ha ha...

    • Stan: Robert Smith is the greatest person who ever lived!
      Jesus: Our saviour!

    • Officer Barbrady: Shouldn't you kids be in school?
      Stan: It's Saturday.
      Officer Barbrady: No excuses! Now move along, you little trouble makers!

    • Cartman: I hate Barbra Streisand! I HATE her! Make her go away!
      Stan: My mom always said there were no monsters, but there are. Aren't there, Chef?

    • Barbra Streisand: Well??
      Officer Barbrady: Well, what?
      Barbra Streisand: You know who I am, don't you?
      Officer Barbrady: Well, you ain't Fiona Apple... And if you ain't Fiona Apple, then I don't give a rat's ass.
      (Barbra Streisand walks away, screaming in frustration.)
      Officer Barbrady: Whoa, what a bitch!

    • Guy on the Pony: Thanks Tom, the little eight year old was very shocked indeed when he came across a triangular object
      Kyle: Well I was just digging around, and I was like 'dude! i found the triangle!' and my friends were all like 'dude' and I was all 'dude'...

    • Barbra Streisand: I'm Barbra Streisand!!
      Stan: So.
      Barbra Streisand: So!...well...So i'm a very famous and very important individual!
      Stan: Like John Elway important?!
      Barbra Streisand: What!
      Stan: Do you know John Elway?
      Barbra Streisand: No!
      Stan: Oh, so you're really famous and important, but you don't know John Elway...

    • Barbra Streisand: (to Kyle) Little boy, did the triangle have two snakes joined at the end of it?
      Kyle: Yeah. How'd you know?
      Barbra Streisand: Okay... Now this is very important... Where is the Triangle of Zinthar now?
      Kyle: "The Triangle of Zinthar"?
      Stan: Why do you wanna know, lady?
      Stan: Whoa, dude!

    • Kyle: Wait, isn't there some rule about not getting to cars with strangers?
      Cartman: No, not when money's involved stupid!

    • Newsman: And so just weeks after the devastating attack of mutant genetic creatures, zombies, and Thanksgiving turkeys, the town of South Park has managed to rebuild itself once again be- (Mecha-Streisand destroys South Park) Oh God Dammit! Not Again!

    • Cartman: I said, 'Kyle, I will kick you in the nuts.' So I kicked him squ-ah in the nuts until he cried like Nancy Kerrigan.

    • Cartman: (singing while digging) Day is never finished, Massa got me working... Someday Massa set me free...
      Stan: Dude, shut up, Cartman!

    • Stan: So, what are you going to do with the triangle?
      Kyle: I'm going to put it in my room where Cartman can't find it!

  • Notes

    • Matt and Trey purposely decided to deny Robert Smith any context to the dialogs he would be recording, as they believed It would turn out funnier that way

    • According to the South Park 5th Anniversary special Trey Parker and Matt Stone are big fans of The Cure.

    • After Barbra Streisand saw how her character was portrayed in this episode she criticized the show, saying it was bad for children as it promoted cynicism. Matt and Trey responded to this by insulting Barbra again as they used her face to scare people in the Halloween episode "SpookyFish".

    • When Cartman sees the helicopter, he claims it's aliens and covers his ass. A reference to "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe".

  • Allusions

    • Sleeper

      "Barbra Streisand's" condo in Colorado is a representation of the "Sculptured House" on Genesee Mountain just outside Denver in Colorado. This house was featured in Woody Allen's movie "Sleeper".

    • Lethal Weapon 2:

      Barbra Streisand's $4,000,000 complex is a reference to the complex Mel Gibson demolished in the film Lethal Weapon 2.

    • The Omen:

      When Leonard Maltin tells Chef of Streisand past he says
      that Streisand's parents were a Jackal and an insurance salesman, This is a reference to the film "The Omen" as Damien's Mother was a jackal.

    • Aliens:

      Stan: My mom always said there were no monsters. But there are.

      Stan's dialogue is similar to the character Newt's speech in Aliens.

    • Gamera:

      Sidney Poitier transforms himself into a creature much like Gamera while fighting Mecha-Streisand.

    • South Park the Game:

      The destruction of the town the News Anchor is describing is an allusion to the South Park game for the N64.

    • Super Mario 64:

      The way Robert Smith defeats Mecha-Streisand ("Barbra") is similar to how Mario defeats Bowser in Super Mario 64.

    • Mothra:

      Robert Smith's transformation is a parody of Mothra from the Godzilla movies.

    • Ultraman:

      Leonard Maltin transformation is a parody of the Japanese show, "Ultraman."

    • Title: MechaGodzilla:

      The title of the episode is an allusion to the title of the 1974 film "Gojira tai Mekagojira" (Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla), where Godzilla fights a metal replicant of himself.