South Park

Season 14 Episode 3

Medicinal Fried Chicken

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • What do we want? Bigger doors. Where do we want 'em? Weed stores!!

    The episode was damn good. It was. It just wasn't funny!! As regards to the story telling & the humor, the episode was great. But it didn't feel like it was supposed to be funny. Randy was hilarious as usual, he got a few smiles outta me. Cartman was funny as well. But there was nothing "LOL"ing about the episode, and that's bad for a South Park episode. The idea of medicinal Marijuana itself is so damn stupid to make fun of!! The "Medicinal Marijuana" phrase itself is too funny to be true.
    As an overall, the episode was good. Not funny, just good. And it reminded me of the old-school South Park. It's an improvement over the past two episodes but still quiet not there yet.
  • Cartman wants to get KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) back when it closed down and became a medicinal marijuana store


    The new state law in Colorado says it's ok to smoke marijuana if you have a doctor's note. So Randy decides he's going to be the first in line for some, except without anything wrong with him, he's turned away and must come up with a medical malady to get his hands on the drug. Meanwhile, Cartman will do anything to get his beloved fried chicken restaurant back. I don't watch "South Park" a lot and I've only seen like maybe episodes of it and that's pretty much it. The three episodes I watched really weren't that good to me. Anyways, I wanted to try and get in this show so I wanted to start off by watching this episode of Netflix. I laughed so hard watching this episode... like all the way through such as Randy faking that he has stomachache and the coach says "It seems like you have a stomachache every time you have this class", Cartman shouting "KFC" after PE class was over, Cartman getting angry by saying "Dude, what the f***, what the f***" after seeing that KFC is now a medical marijuana store, Randy wanting to buy marijuana but must get a doctor's prescription, Randy trying to get himself cancer so he can buy the weed, Randy's balls being gigantic and bouncing around town with them, Randy and his fiends bouncing around town in their gigantic balls, and many more. I admit that the storyline was clever and the it was KFC made me even more clever and better. I know that if KFC was no longer legal in the state of Texas... I would be disappointed as well since I love that place and it's my favorite chicken place to eat at. Overall, a hilarious episode of "South Park"... I'll watch more episodes of this show on Netflix soon. 10/10

  • worst episode of the season so far

    and i cannot believe they did not blur out those balls. maybe because i am a man and found this episode hard to watch because i imagine my balls hurting, but i like the message it sends in this episode about medicinal mary. California is going to put the legalization on their ballot this year and we can only hope it passes and passes with out federal intervention. The legnths some people will go for to smoke was to show how far we shouldnt have to go. and if the govt illegalized anything they wanted, like fried chicken, thats how it would happen/
  • A Season 14 classic

    This is South Park at it's absolute finest/bizarre. Randy takes the boys to KFC, only to discover it's been banned and in place of it is a medicinal marijuana store. Needing a physicians reference in order to purchase the weed, he gives himself testicular cancer, making his scrotum of an enormous size. Getting around with a wheelbarrow full of balls, he's free to smoke weed whenever and wherever, amking every other guy in town get the same idea. Cartmans story of the banned KFC is great as well, with it adopting a part of the story from Scarface. Fantastic episode, it's so wacky, but how can you not love Randy and 10 other men hopping around on their enlarged testicles? Modern classic of South Park.
  • When South Park's KFC is closed down and a store selling marijuana opens up in its place, Randy deliberately gets testicular cancer to get a doctor's referral, while Cartman becomes involved with an illegal KFC cartel. A classic episode...

    Wow, where to start. This episode totally blew me away!
    Since the start of the season, I've been wishing for a decent Randy episode and a decent Cartman episode (and hey, I wish for that at the start of every season!) – here I get both at once. And boy, what an episode.

    This is classic 'South Park' – crude and vulgar, but well written and executed, with a great story.

    After being pretty much a secondary character in the early days of Randy has become such a great character in recent years – none more so that with season 11's classic 'With Apologies to Jesse Jackson', and this episode continues with that tradition. In fact, I'd say it rivals 'With Apologies...' as possibly Randy's greatest episode to date.

    The Cartman thread is also very good. Of course, we've had MANY classic Cartman stories over the years, so this one doesn't stand out as much as Randy's story, but even so, it is great Cartman, and adds to an already excellent episode.

    Also, it was really nice to see some characters we haven't seen in ages – Officer Barbrady, Jimbo and Ned, and a cameo from the Mayor. The episode only has brief appearances from Kyle and Kenny at the very beginning, and only a little Stan (and no Butters) but this didn't matter at all – in fact, I barely noticed it.

    Then there were the continual digs about the Pope covering up for paedophiles; never let it be said that the makers of 'South Park' are afraid to say exactly what the think about a subject!

    Things tie up in a typically twisted but pleasing manner, concluding what has to be one of the very best 'South Park's of recent years.

    I gave last week's enjoyable 'The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs' top marks, and 'Medicinal Fried Chicken' makes it a solid 10 from me two weeks in a row. After opening with the disappointing 'Sexual Healing', it really looks as if season 14 is really on the up – which looks good news for the 200th episode in two weeks time!
  • One of the best episodes in years....

    When I saw this episode, I absolutely loved it. Both sides of the story were hilarious. The Cartman Fried Chicken side of the story was awesome. I wasn't expecting a mafia type theme to Cartman's role. Randy's part was hysterical as well. Obviously, it was immature, but I was really laughing hard when a bunch of grown men went bouncing down the street on their you-know-whats with some really interesting music to go with it. Of course, South Park is one of those shows that can do that kind of humor, so be it. Throughout Randy's experiences, it got funnier and funnier. Same with Eric's role. Besides that, I loved how the show had several references to current events going on.

    I hope the upcoming Season 14 episodes continue to be as funny and promising as this laugh out loud episode. This IS classic South Park here.
  • This episode is about a Cartmans favorite fried chicken place being turned into a medicinal marijuana store and its funny as hell.

    This episode is definitely one of my favorites of the last 3 seasons of South Park. The season opener was pretty funny but I didnt really like the Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs as much as I wanted to. I am a diehard SP fan, it is my favorite show on TV. It was kind of starting to seem like they were going downhill and maybe running out of ideas or relying to much on their stored away episodes. But after watching this one I know they still got it and I hope they go on to make seasons until the day they die. SOUTH PARK RULES!
  • A great mix of topical humor, sight gags, and analogies in true South Park style.

    This is my favorites South Park episode in a while, for a variety of reasons:

    It included a lot of references to current events, such as the recent catholic sex scandals, Jamie Oliver, and the increased legalization of medicinal marijuana. One of my favorite things about South Park is their ability to poke fun at recent events, a feat which many cartoon shows don't have a quick enough turnaround time to be able to do effectively.

    I also really enjoyed the sight gags in this episode. I cannot help but laugh when I see men bouncing down the street to music like that. It may seem crude and immature, but mastering these jokes is still a form of art.

    I loved how the roles of KFC and marijuana were switched in such a perfectly fitting way. When I first saw Cartman acting like an addict, I was worried that'd be the extent of the joke, but instead, they drew many analogies back and forth.
  • Randy deliberately gets cancer so he can score some medicinal marijuana.

    Strong episode of South Park tonight, where all KFC's are being shut down in all low income towns in Colorado. Enraged to no end, Cartman starts to discover KFC dealers and learns to find out Colonel Sanders has his own importation.

    Meanwhile Randy's balls increase to hilariously large proportions and he starts to buy medicinal weed. His friends join in as well, and all enjoy bouncing on their own balls around town with the perfect whimsical music playing in the background. As Cartman gets the higher ups in the business, he essentially gets busted by drug lords. And finally, Randy gives Sharon his new scrotie jacket.

    The episode was funny overall, and had its equal share of ridiculous moments. The role reversal of weed and KFC chicken was cleverly pulled off. In addition with multiple shots at the pope, it was a solid episode and somewhat of an improvement over the last two.

    Also, where was Towelie?
  • Don't mess with the Colonel!

    Medicinal marijuana becomes legal in South Park and the residents, well, mainly Randy Marsh, goes absolutely crazy. He will do anything he can to get his hands on some medicinal pot, even if it means giving himself cancer. We see the many ways that Randy can try and give himself cancer, but he finally decides on testicular cancer by, yes, you guessed it, sticking his boys in the microwave. Then, the next morning, poof, very swollen testicles and a prescription for pot. Meanwhile, Cartman is ticked off there is not a single KFC around for miles so he decides to bring it in illegally. This came from the story that said KFC's were being shut down in low-income neighborhoods due to not wanting to look like a stereotype. Hilarity ensues when Cartman takes over the "chicken ring" and ends up eating too much for himself and not enough for the others who are helping bring it in. Cartman decides to team up with Colonel Sanders who tells him not to "f--- with him" and of course Cartman does by eating the product. A good episode, not the best one this season, but still great quality for episode #198!
  • Best episode of the season.

    This is definitely the best episode of the season so far, both plot-lines were equally funny and ridiculous. I always enjoy Randy-centric episodes because he is so stupid yet his stupidity often leads to hilarious results. Of course testicular cancer is not funny, but bouncing around was. Cartman's plot was also good, a nice play on organized crime/the black market reminiscent of the tooth fairy episode in season 4. I like how they portrayed Cartman as an addict in the beginning, and that the comparisons between KFC and medicinal marijuana were pretty astounding, and funny. This show is always so current and I don't really know how they do it, but this was the best South Park in a while
  • Taking from current affairs, Cartman gets involved with an illegal KFC smuggling ring ala Scarface and Randy finds out that he can get medicinal pot so he gives himself testicular cancer. Both over reactions to different social problems.

    It's even funnier how they manage to tie them together. The old KFC is now the medicinal marijuana store and Randy finds out about it from taking the boys for KFC. It turns out that the state of Colorado has banned KFC for it being bad for people because of the trans fats. We get to meet Colonel Sanders who of course is dead, but in this reenactment he is the Columbia Drug Kingpin and Cartman is Tony Montana. They even kill the kid with Cartman just like in the movie for being a snitch.

    Randy spends his time trying to figure out to get cancer so he can get legal pot! He irradiates his testicles and ends up with huge ones that are cancer laden-ed. Causing half the men in town to do the same thing. They also come up with some very strange conclusions about this subject as well!?!

    In the end somehow they relate the two which is unbelievable but very South Park. A fun time was had by all! Thanks for reading...
  • how do they come with these ideas

    it starts out with cartman wanting kfc. man i love kfc just like kfc then converted to a weed selling place and cartman loses it and tries what every he can to get kfc. the crazest thing in this episode is that randy's balls are 100 times more bigger that look like he had a second butt growing and he uses it to bounes on it man thats kind of dumb how can they show that on tv. then the founder of the kfc the Colonel but how can he appear if hes dead ah it just a show and then the medicinal fried chicken is created
  • Amazing.

    I want to start by saying that Cancer is not funny... that aside, this was one of the funniest South Park episodes in a while. Hilarious Randy antics, classic Cartman, and some true random comedy thanks to Colonel Sanders, who, might I add, makes a perfect south american drug dealer- who would think of that? Why wasn't this the season premiere? I won't even go into the Pope related jokes- which came out of nowhere and took everything to an unforeseeable level of inappropriate. Genius. And now I am delighted to say that this episode of Ugly Americans I am now watching, is not half-bad either... good day.
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