South Park

Season 14 Episode 3

Medicinal Fried Chicken

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • When South Park's KFC is closed down and a store selling marijuana opens up in its place, Randy deliberately gets testicular cancer to get a doctor's referral, while Cartman becomes involved with an illegal KFC cartel. A classic episode...

    Wow, where to start. This episode totally blew me away!
    Since the start of the season, I've been wishing for a decent Randy episode and a decent Cartman episode (and hey, I wish for that at the start of every season!) – here I get both at once. And boy, what an episode.

    This is classic 'South Park' – crude and vulgar, but well written and executed, with a great story.

    After being pretty much a secondary character in the early days of Randy has become such a great character in recent years – none more so that with season 11's classic 'With Apologies to Jesse Jackson', and this episode continues with that tradition. In fact, I'd say it rivals 'With Apologies...' as possibly Randy's greatest episode to date.

    The Cartman thread is also very good. Of course, we've had MANY classic Cartman stories over the years, so this one doesn't stand out as much as Randy's story, but even so, it is great Cartman, and adds to an already excellent episode.

    Also, it was really nice to see some characters we haven't seen in ages – Officer Barbrady, Jimbo and Ned, and a cameo from the Mayor. The episode only has brief appearances from Kyle and Kenny at the very beginning, and only a little Stan (and no Butters) but this didn't matter at all – in fact, I barely noticed it.

    Then there were the continual digs about the Pope covering up for paedophiles; never let it be said that the makers of 'South Park' are afraid to say exactly what the think about a subject!

    Things tie up in a typically twisted but pleasing manner, concluding what has to be one of the very best 'South Park's of recent years.

    I gave last week's enjoyable 'The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs' top marks, and 'Medicinal Fried Chicken' makes it a solid 10 from me two weeks in a row. After opening with the disappointing 'Sexual Healing', it really looks as if season 14 is really on the up – which looks good news for the 200th episode in two weeks time!
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