South Park

Season 10 Episode 10

Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • Funny

    This was a very funny episode, and you didn't have to even know the parody of the original dog to know it was funny. Cartman gets a crew up and actually helps Kyle to get his brother back from a teacher who Ike and the teacher are in love. Cartman makes a theme song and tracks her down since she was in Cartman's halls and against the school policy, with no hall pass
  • Humurous, but not funny

    The actual \"Dog the bounty hunter\" rib was funny, and comical as Cartman continued to tell his offenders to \"go with christ, bro.\" For anyone who has seen a couple of the \"Dog\" shows, then you would understand.

    As for the main plot, I realize that the sex/teacher scandals seem to be in the news, but... I just didn\'t enjoy this one as much. The only time I laughed at this plot was when the music sequence hit... but not because of the dialog. I can\'t rate this show horrible, due to Butters bathroom incident, but it wasn\'t a stand out episode either.
  • Eric Cartman is....THE DAWG!.......

    This episode is to correspon the adualts having sex withy clidren thing that was going around at the time. And how everyone acted bad to men, but not to woman. So let's take a look

    Story- Upon coming the hall monitar, Cartman patrolls the halls 24 seven. When he spots some garbage in the halls, he brings it back to thje kindergarden. It turns out that Ike has a crush on the teacher, and at the end of class, the teacher does too. so she brings ike home and has sex with him, but calls it tutoring to disguise it to his parents Kyle, upon hearing this, tells the polise, but they don't care, in that matter of fact, they all go nice in a sleek way.the endings very bizarre.

    good-the whole episode is great!!!

    bad- can't find anything bad bouts it.
    bottom line: if you're looking for a great song, child sex, and cos saying nice in a sleek way? then chek this out.
  • Soo Funny!!

    This episode is so funny i was laughing soo hard.. Its one of the most funniest episodes on South Park!! The episode is about when ike is in love with Ms. Stephenson, the kindergarten teacher and he draws pictures of her and when she found out she explains to ike that there have been "teachers on the news lately who have been having relationships with young male students." but then, she admits she loves him as well. LOL its really funny.. and ive heard that this episode is a parody of the Debra Lafave teacher-pupil sex scandal, and the Dog the Bounty Hunter TV series.
  • Police say that a very young boy making love to a Hot teacher is nice.....

    I love it!I love it!I love it!I love it!I love it!I love it!I love it!I love it!I love it!I love it!I love it!I love it!I love it!

    This is the first time I saw Ike to have his own plot, good for him, but I'm not satisfied with his loss of virginity, although a kinder gardener having a relationship with his teacher is genius, not like the ones you see at the news.

    Cartman being the hall monitor, pretty cool, love the fact that it's a spoof of Duanne Chapman. Although I wish the quote "Respect my Authoritatah" was back.

    The way they animate Beth was really funny, she has giant boobs. Kenny would definitely love her.
  • Cartman, south Park Elementary's new hallway monitor, takes it personally when he finds out that a teacher has been kissing a student in class under his jurisdiction. He then helps Kyle stop his Canadian adopted brother's affair with his hot teacher.

    This was certainly a very revealing episode as it was about a teacher banging a pre-school student after school every day. This lucky adopted Canadian child lost his virginity when he was in pre-school.
    When Kyle finds out about this affair, he gets Cartman to help him stop the sffair. The teacher refuses to end the affair bercause she says that it is true love and not a one-night-stand sort of thing.
    then the officials of the school and the town find out and they start to try and campaign against it.
    Will the affair survive?
    Will the campaign work?
    Find out by watching! Bye.
  • When Kyle's Brother shows his affection for his teacher, by making out in the hall way, the hall moniter, Eric Cartman, reports them to the principle for being in the hallway without a hall pass. The teacher is fired, but runs away with Kyle's brother.

    GREAT EPISODE!!! Really funny and totally worth watching again and again. This episode is exactly why I like this show, it makes fun of current things in the news, with a storyline and everything. It was funny to the very end from running away to "Mulan", from the suicide of the teacher. If you ask any of my friends what is the best south park episode they will say this one! I have gotten this whole season and I have loved it. If you like this episode I reccomend you watch "Make Love Not Warcraft" it's good humor like this episode. There's not much else I can say about this episode but, Nicccccce!
  • A great episode with Ike.

    This episode was great! This episode is focused on Ike. His teacher has an affection for him. The teacher notifies the parents that he's not as smart as the others and that she would like to teach him. Meanwhile, Cartman is the new hall monitor. He's acting like Dog the Bounty Hunter. He had the beard and everything! Kyle wanted to know where Ike was at, then, he found the teacher and Ike in the bathtub. The teacher is arrested, then released. The teacher continues with her crimes at the end. Then, she wants Ike to jump off South Park elementary with him because they are surrended by police, Ike pretends to but doesn't. She does, and she does. Overall, I give this episode a 9.7.
  • Cartman gets some more authority

    I like this episode, even though I hate Ike, I liked the plot ! First of all, Cartman becomes the hallway monitor and gets lots and lots of authority which he loves. I think Cartman is quite great in this episode. Nobody gets away without a hall pass and nobody dare to kiss in Eric T. Cartman's hallways. (That second rule should be kept in our school too.)
    Also, Ike has a relationship with his teacher - that was hilarious. When I first saw it, between two laughs I called it sick. The whole "forbidden love, love nobody else understands, real love" stuff was actually funny. What I didn't really get was why all the men were attracted to that young teacher. (But I'm not attracted to females so no wonder I didn't get all the "nicccce" things.)
    In the end, the teacher killed herself (YAY !!!) but Kyle told Ike about love, first love and relationships. Kyle, who has absolutely no experience or interest at all. Good speech it was, though.

    My favorite part : Cartman singing about being the hallway monitor.
  • Cartman loves the 'authorit-ah' when he is made Hall Monitor and takes his duties a little too seriously. Meanwhile, Ike's teacher starts a relationship with him; in this enjoyable, amusing episode.

    I wonder what happened at the start of the tenth season of 'South Park'. As reflected in my earlier episode reviews of the season, it just didn't seem to completely hit the mark. From the bad-taste 'Return of Chef' onwards, things just didn't seem to completely work.
    And yet, from mid-season onwards, we've had great episode after great episode, of which this enjoyable tale is just the latest.

    Cartman loves the 'authorit-ah' that his position as Hall Monitor gives him. Although we've seen Cartman in various authorit-ah positions before (and taking them to extremes), it is still handled in a way that makes it fresh and watchable. Meanwhile, baby Ike's teacher admits she has feelings with him and begins a relationship with him.
    Some of the episode's biggest laughs come from Ike, in that he is just a baby and talks in garbled langauge, and yet his teacher somehow carris out a deep relationship with him. The scenes between Kyle and Ike are great too.

    All-in-all, a very reasonable episode. Lets hope this wave of great stories doesn't end any time soon.
  • Title explains it all.

    This was a very funny episode representing students having sex with their teachers. The funny thing about this episode was that the kid having sex with his teacher was only in kindergarden. The episode starts when the kids find out Ike has a crush on his teacher and then the teacher finds out. Then it turns out that his teacher also has a crush on him. So they start dating and having sex. Cartman also becomes the hall monitor and takes it very seriously and then becomes the "Dawg" and then helps Kyle with Ike. Overall this is a very funny episode but you may find it offensive if you are a teacher.
  • How can an episode get away with being this damn funny? Who the hell cares? Give me more episodes like this one if you ask me because it is brilliant.

    Definetly one of my favourite episodes in South Park history and the best episode to feature in it's season 10.

    It's Cartman's turn to be the school's hallway monitor and with this gig comes the one thing Cartman loves more than anything else... authority.

    He wouldn't possibly let it go to his head would he? Stupid question.

    Cartman becomes Dawg the Hallway Monitor (a parody of Dog The Bounty Hunter) and he takes hallway violations extremely seriosuly. Bear mace is often used to keep people in line and they are always given the advice to "Go with Christ brah!"

    Cartman discovers a piece of paper in the hallways belonging to Ike. It just so happens to be a picture of his Kindergarten teach Miss Stevenson. When she finds out about this she confesses to Ike that she to is in love with him and they pursue a relationship together.

    Kyle finds his brother in a bathtub with the teacher and is shocked to discover that Miss Stevenson is having sex with Ike.

    Kyle goes to the police where they claim they will help out by tracking down this kid and give him his luckiest boy in America medal.

    Cartman gets wind of a possible hallway violation from Miss Stevenson & Ike and when he finds them kissing in the hallway... without a hall pass! He takes them to the principal.

    The principal reports her to the police and she is arrested for having sex with a student, much to dismay of onlookers such as Randy "But, she's a women. But... she's hot."

    She uses the Mel Gibson defence to get off the charges but once free she trackes down Ike and they run away & are heading for Milan.

    Kyle joins up with Cartman's new crew that helps him deal with hallway criminals and they track Ike & the teacher to a hotel.

    After a few people get hit with bear mace, Ike & Miss Stevenson are eventualy cornered on the roof. If people can't let them be together than it appears they will have to go with plan b and take there lives. They both go to leap off the building but at the last moment Ike stops and Miss Stevenson leaps to her death by herself where she becomes what Cartman refers to as "the splattered b*tch on the pavement down there"

    Cartman's parody of Dog is fantastic, it shows why he is easy the best South Park character. Just a fantastic and hilarious episode.

    Here's some of the best quotes.

    Cartman: There you are! What are you doing?? You giving up brah?
    Kyle: Dude, my brother's in Milan. There's nothing I can do.
    Cartman: No, they haven't left yet! Their flight is tomorrow morning.
    Kyle: How do you know that?
    Cartman: I had Beth check out their Travelocity account.
    Kyle: Who's Beth??
    Cartman: Beth is my b*tch! I've put a whole crew together brah. I'm gonna get that hallway defiling slut no matter what it takes.

    Cartman: Everyone get a good look at our fugitive. I wan't her taken down fast and clean.
    Leeroy: She ran away, now she got to deal with the Dawg, huh?

    Cartman: Well, looks like once again the Dawg has prevailed. I hope you've learned kids, that if you don't go with Christ, you can end up just like that splattered b*tch down on the pavement.

    Cartman: Look, brah, I had to bring you in, but I don't have any hard feelings against you all right.
    Butters: Huh?
    Cartman: Here you need a smoke brah?
    Butters: Oh… Okay

    Kyle: Hey, he's underage. She's totally taking advantage of him.
    Lt. Dawson: You're right, we're sorry. This is serious. We need to track this student down and give him his luckiest boy in America medal right away.

    Cartman: B*tch get down! We can do this the easy way, or we can do it Dawg style!

    Cartman: You just dealt with the Dawg b*tch!

    Cartman: You know what this is? This is the mace they use on bears fa**ot!

    One of the best episodes of the series. 10/10
  • Classic.

    This was a very funny episode representing students having sex with their teachers. The funny thing about this episode was that the kid having sex with his teacher was only in kindergarden. The episode starts when the kids find out Ike has a crush on his teacher and then the teacher finds out. Then it turns out that his teacher also has a crush on him. So they start dating and having sex. Cartman also becomes the hall monitor and takes it very seriously and then becomes the "Dawg" and then helps Kyle with Ike. Overall this is a very funny episode but you may find it offensive if you are a teacher.
  • I just kept waiting for something funny to happen, but it never did. Cartman just looked so sh*t as dog, he was funnier as a police officer in the first series.

    Anyone who can give this 10/10 either needs to watch more than 1 southpark episode or is a dog fanboy. There was one moment in the entire episode which made me smile, not even laugh. Ive gotta say that was most likely the worst episode i have ever seen, all that happened was cartman plays dressup and ike\'s teacher is a peedo, WOW thats so freekin funny.
    If this route for the remaining episodes then i may go off SP forever.
  • Not one of my favorite South Parks, but amazing none the less.

    I liked the main plot of this episode. Ike and the teacher was quite funny, especially the "nice" scenes. Kyle's concern about his brother was cute and it was great how Ike came back to them in the end. However, it was not as good as some of the previous South Park plots, and I think it would have been possible to do more with it.

    The Cartman hall monitor was great, the outfit hysterical. When he walked in on Butters in the bathroom, it was priceless (espcially Butter's singing). Seeing Cartman's concerns about Ike and the teacher's relationship change as soon as he realized they were committing a hall violation, so funny.

    Overally 8.5, better than most shows on television, but not top-notch South Park.
  • South park writers topped themselves in stupidity and moral depravity

    I have seen many episodes and this is by far the worst. First, it's funny how quickly they have aged Ike from a toddler to being in kindergarten. Secondly, it gives the old double standard that it's ok for a female teacher-as long as she\\\'s \\\"hot\\\" to molest a student but not a male teacher. It\\\'s wrong regardless. The cops and male town members saying that Ike was one lucky kid to be having sex with the teacher was really messed up. Plus, it would be physically impossible for Ike to have sex with the teacher anyway. The only bright spot in the episode was Cartman having "authoritah"
  • Best Season Ten Episode

    Season 10 has had its ups and downs. Mostly downs that is. Anyways this is probaly been the best episode. I got alot of good laughs out of this episode. The best reason is the Cartman being hall monitor and acting like dog the bounty hunter. He was all crazy and like insane and it was just brilliant. It still doesnt save this season from being pretty crappy. Another thing i like was ike and the teacher was interesting. Also the cops who just say nice and think it is awesome the teacher and the student are together. Also the fact its the kindergarden teacher. In the end this is what makes South Park good. Just a shame the rest of this season couldnt be better as ive lost faith in the show. Still at times the show can be great.
  • Wow when I saw Kyle - Jew, I pretty much pissed in my pants and cried.

    This is by far one of the funniest episodes in season 10. I never seen anything like it! Cartman becomes hall monitor and informs the teacher Miss Stevenson she cannot have a crushed Ike litter in his hallways, but little did he know they would eventually love each other. Kyle finds out and tells his friends, and now Cartman and Kyle must team up to stop the madness. One of the funniest parts of this episode were the two theme songs for Dawg: Bounty Hunter, spoofing a television show. Cartman is hilarious with Beth, and especially what he called Kyle.
  • Basic South Park,always with Controversy

    the writers killed 2 birds with one stone in this episode,with Cartman showing the Dog,who always catches criminals,just to do it,and looks for anything to get them into trouble,and now,the teacher banging ike,this is a funny episode,because they are saying about how it would be funny if you saw a little 3 year old and the story said \"Teacher has sex with student\" you would laugh your ass off,especially that teacher being that hot,and having to get it from a student,this episode is EXACTLY why I watch South Park,to suprise the hell out of me and leave me laughing my ass off every time I talk about that episode
  • While everyone who knew the plot summary of this episode thought that it was going to be charicatures of a few actual student-teacher relationships, we the public, myself espescially, were surprised to see that it\'s really between Ike and his teacher!

    This episode serves as ample proof of why I watch this show: ingenious silliness. When I saw the teacher ask Ike if he would stay after class, I thought to myself \"Oh no\" (laughing). This episode was a great change back to what makes this show so great. Having a \"love\" affair with his kindergarten teacher? I was cracking up. Cause you got this kindergarten teacher confessing her \"love\" to a 3-year-old that\'s just learning how to talk. My favorite part of this episode was when Ike tells Stan that \"you\'re dead to me,\" and I just though \"wow, while I love this show, the things they teach a kid who\'s actually 3 years old or so are just rediculous.\" And when Kyle tells the pollice about the situation, that\'s pretty sad but true with their response of \"niccce.\" This is the type of South Park I love to watch. However, it wasn\'t perfect because Butters wasn\'t in it enough, and neither was Kenny.
  • This episode include Ike, kyle's lttle bro. I think he is a riot!! This episode is a parody of all of the hot female teacher scandals out there. It's funny when the cops are like "oh yeah!" when they hear the teacher molesting Ike is "hot&q

    These episodes for the 10th season in my opinion are the funniest that I have watched in a while. Always love South Park, but now I really love it! Ike is the funniest and I wonder how Matt and Trey make the voice the way it is...sometimes you can distinguish what he says and other times you can't...they made fun of this when Ike is standing outside Kyle's door and he says "You're dead to me"...Kyle say's "what??"...and Ike repeats himself. It's also funny the look on Ike's face as they are sitting down to dinner with their parents and Kyle is about to bring up the teacher and what she is up to.
  • Hot teacher sleeps with Ike (Kyle's 3-year-old brother) and all the guys in town are impressed.

    Yeah the whole Cartman part was funny, but what upset me about this one was that it didn't really address any of the issues it dealt with. The way all the guys kept saying "niiiice" when they heard the hot teacher was sleeping with a student, reminded me of that character in Family Guy who always make the sex references. That would have been fien with me, if they had made some sort of parody about how maybe that's not the best attitude to take, but they just left the issue hanging! What would Mrs. Garrison think?! Please, South Park, I know you have to change somehow since losing Chef, but don't become more like Family Guy!! We need you for your willingness to face up to the social issues of today, instead of just offering an escape from them as 99% of the entertainment out there does. I'm probably overreacting a bit. Matt and Trey have always come through before, and I believe they will again, but man, I'm starting to miss Chef!
  • One of the best 10th season episodes!

    Along "Make Love, Not Warcraft", this episode is one of the funniest episodes out there!

    The episode begins as Cartman is called to the principal's office and is informed that it's his turn to be the hall monitor, and Cartman takes the job <i>Dog the Bounty Hunter</i> style. Meanwhile, Ike's kindergarten teacher develops a relationship with Ike as they start...well, you know...getting it on. Kyle then discovers the story and tells it to his other three friends and when Cartman discovers that the teacher/student duo make out in the hallways, he catches them redhanded, but the story doesn't stop there...

    This is great wicked satire on one of the worst problems of the world: teacher/student molestation; I mean, why would teachers have relationships with their students, anyway?

    Anyways, not only do the funniest bits come from Cartman and the <i>Dog the Bounty Hunter</i> parody segments, but this is also one of the few episodes that Cartman helps Kyle, although he hates Kyle for being a Jew.
  • The kindergarten teacher falls in love with Kyle's brother Ike as Cartman is made the new hallway monitor. The teacher is caught, goes to rehab and comes back one final time for Ike but kills herself in a failed suicide pact with Ike.

    This is a great example of Matt and Trey starting to come back from the over-preachiness of the previous season. This episode does a great job of tying together a number of recent issues, the obvious Dog the Bounty Hunter's zealotry for kicking ass and for praising Jesus and the string of teacher-student sex scandals. But this episode also takes a nice shot at Mark Foley, the Congressman who recently blamed his alcoholism for his inappropiate emails to underage boys. Some have said that this mockery of pedophile crosses the line but it is apparent if one has seen any other South Parks, there is no line. Cartman as the big bad Dawg is a riot, spoofing Dog the Bounty Hunter's love for Christ even as he's beating down some poor soul. All in all, this episode does what South Park does best, attacking sacred idols.
  • Great episode!

    Quite possibly the ONLY watchable episode of this half of this season. The \\\"Dawg\\\" stuff was funny, and accurate, and the teacher sex scandal was brilliant. This is classic S.P. I could not stand the crappy Warcraft or the horrid Urinal Deuce episodes, and was almost going to give up this season. Then this lovely masterpiece came upon my screen. Cartman was more \\\"in character\\\" than I\\\'ve seen him in weeks, though the lack of Stan and Kenny (though understandable) kept this from being a perfect episode. This is the one I\\\'d recommend to any friend who couldn\\\'t stand the dreck of previous episodes.
  • Cartman takes his new job a little too seriously when he becomes "Dog" the hall monitor.

    I didn't really care for the teacher/Ike hookup, but perhaps that is because I am a teacher. It did remind me of the teacher who recently did a Dateline (or whatever news special) and literally showed herself as being a complete idiot. I found that rather amusing.

    I thought Cartman as Dog was absolutely hilarious! I laughed my tail off the whole time! I especially loved him calling everyone "Bra" (spelling?) when talking to them, just like the real bounty hunter. Also hilarious was Beth, whose face was hidden behind her enormous chest.

    This episode was so funny I watched it the following night and laughed just as hard.
  • Humorless.

    From the deepest rotten depths of the earth comes a "South Park" episode that brings us back to the crap we were fed in Seasons 9 and most recently the beginning half of Season 10. After a good old-fashioned tase of the older, funnier "South Park" with "Make Love, Not Warcraft," we get the displeasure of this disturbing and sometimes tasteless episode void of any sort of humor. It's impossible to make pedophilia funny, and this episode confirms that in a very preachy matter (Oh, yay, after the last episode I was hoping the preachiness was over, but alas, Matt and Trey have no steam anymore with it...). If you haven't seen this disgusting episode already, skip it by all means and move on to the next episode.
  • Maybe South Park isn't down and out just yet. I actually knew what current event this episode was making fun of.

    Ms. Stevenson is having a relation with Ike. This is from the story of the blonde teacher who had sex with a 14-year-old boy. In my opinion that boy must have been the luckiest boy in the world. Such as the joke with the cop, "Sure I'll find your brother and then give him a badge for luckiest boy" And throughout the episode all the guys were like, "Nice..." Because the teacher was really hot, which makes Ike pretty damn cool, as Cartman would put it. It was nice at the very beginning when Cartman looked at the sash and said, "I have authori-ta?" Which brings you back to memory lane with "Respect my authori-ta!" And how funny was it that Cartman brought in Butters with his pants down? That was funny. And my fav line in the episode is, "What's to understand? You get a boner, slap her tytties around, stick it inside her and pee." -Stick it inside her and pee?- "Well sure if you don't want to get her pregnant, you just take it out and pee on her leg." Pure genius!
  • Well Miss Teacher Bangs A Boy was about how the schools kindergarten teacher, Miss Stevenson and how she is having sexual relations with Ike and Cartman becomes the new hallway moniter and he and Kyle have to put a stop to Miss Stevenson.

    I mean Miss Teacher bangs a boy I thought could've been better and I don't think that the student should've been Ike it shouldve been a different or older kid but I thought it was kind of weird because its like how can you fall in love with a little kid but it wasnt the worst episode because I've seen the worst episode but it was okay but Cartman made it really funny and there wasn't really much of Stan or Kenny that wholE episode was basically based on Miss Stevenson,Ike,Kyle,Cartman, and other minor characters.
  • Ike's kindagarten teacher is caught sleeping with Ike, and the episode surrounds that with a guest appearence from Cartman as Dog the bounty hunter out to capture the teacher for hall infractions.

    I have mixed feelings about this episode, while I love the Dog bounty hunter parody, I absolutely hated the teacher and Ike sleeping togethor storyline, I didn\'t find that to be to funny at all, but Cartman as Dog was classic, one of his best episodes. I found myself playing videogames when Cartman wasn\'t on screen, and then being glued to it when he was on there, and I was also just so damn annoyed by Kyle, I just can\'t stand his character at all, his nagging, it\'s just to much, I think they should practice killing him every episode like they used to do to Kenny. But it was a watchable episode.
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