South Park

Season 11 Episode 9

More Crap

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • Why we watch crap shows

    Even though this shows was crap, you gotta know one thing, the whole show is crap. If you watch this shows in general, you'll probably laugh at the ***ed-ness in this episode.

    I mean, there is Randy, in the beginning, really constipated, and then it goes to his restroom. He gets so sweaty and raged its just so funny because we all know, we sometimes get enraged when we are taking a huge crap. And then, the sillyness of making something that should be ridiculous, look serious to people who are "professionals", is another thing that makes it funny, where european people come to measure the poop and make a huge deal between Bono and Randy for largest crap. Then it just got weird towards the end where you find out why Bono has a huge crap, since Randy does a random ironic poop that makes him almost fly in the sky...

    It would have been funny if they did some Bono blitz at the end though...
  • One of the worst ever.

    There was really nothing good or funny that happened in this episode. It was almost boring if I must say so. The joke wore out early on in the episode. It just couldn't be sustained for a half an hour segment. Also, the fact that Cartman, or Kyle wasn't in really brought it down to a low level. That is why I give it a score of 3. It just wasn't funny at all, I didn't laugh, at all. It didn't keep me interested and I will not be watching it again. It would make the list of top 5 worst episodes of all time in my opinion.
  • Pretty Much bottom 10 all time.

    I'm one of the biggest SP fans, and have to say I was excited to hear they were doing this episode. 1st 1/2 was funny 2nd 1/2 was terrible.
    I know Trent met Bono , and Bono did say he thought it was funny.

    Knowing U2 and Bono win so many awards I thought it was so great the angle the show took the 1st 10mins - having Bono sing a bit and really get into winning this.

    But wow the after that it was just weird, I don't recall an episode of SP that turned this sour so quickly.

    I think what should have happened is Cartman go to a U2 concert at the end of this episode......
  • what was that i just watched

    Randy is constipated, but when he eventually does take a dump, it becomes a record for largest dump ever. But soon Bono believes he has taken a bigger one. Who has the biggest dump ever? And does it really matter!

    What an episode this was. I mean, what? Biggest dump? Uh… I don't know how to respond to that. It's surely a weird episode but I don't know if it is really 'bad.' just… one heck of a weird plot, am I right? I'd say my final grade would be a "B". It's wacky but it was pretty good, I thought.
  • "More Crap" is episode 1109 (#162) of Comedy Central's South Park. It was originally telecast on October 10, 2007.[1][2] It parodies The King of Kong, a documentary about an underdog who is attempting to beat Billy Mitchell's infamous Donkey Kong record.

    Alright, this episode is really funny. The unfortunate thing about this episode is that 85% of the humor is completely lost on probably most people. This episode is more or less a direct spoof of the movie, The King Of Kong: Fistful of Quarters. I am sure a bunch of people just see it as an episode about poop or something. But this episode definitely maintains the topical humor that really makes south park such a good show. The movie is about some guy who sets the world record Donkey Kong score, then like 25 years later, some one beats him in his own garage. The rules state that he has to beat the high score in front of judges. While the original high score record holder is able to just submit a tape. I promise, the spoof quality in this is amazing.

    It's a shame that they the spoof is so obscure though.
  • I'm glad somebody said it, because it has to be said!

    Look, I'm glad that there are people like Bono, who give their time and treasure to people who really do need it. The key phrase, of course, is "LIKE Bono."

    This episode summed up exactly how I feel about Bono. Spot-on! And the Randy plot is awesome, as usual. I never get enough of Randy Marsh, the stupid, but devoted family man - he's Peter Griffin before there WAS a Peter Griffin, and I'll always watch an episode that features him.

    Best two parts of the episode - Sharon piching the bridge of her nose in disgust of her oafish husband, and of course, sticking the long-overdue Emmy award in a Jurassic Park-sized turd. Keep 'em coming Trey and Matt!
  • Randy takes the worlds biggest crap

    This has got to be the most appropriately titled episode ever. Everything about this was crap - The jokes, the impressions, the plot - Pure and utter crap. That thing about penis envy was funny for about 2 seconds, and then it got just plain annoying. Vulgar, obscene and utterly tasteless. Some of us fans thought that South Park was forever out of its days of stupid toilet humour and mocking good people. Yeah, thats right, good people. Bono is one of the worlds great Samaritans, dedicating his life to helping the impoverished peoples of Africa. He's entitled to have a slightly large ego. I mean honestly, if this is all they have left, take them off the air today.
  • Randy Marsh takes a large dump after a long bout of constipation and tries to get the record for largest crap but when the overachieving Bono tries to take the record off him it looks like little Stan will have to bring Bono down.

    In this episode; "crap" is said 50 times. I say that this episode is great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great. Not since the Michael Jackson - bashing episode "The Jeffersons" has Trey Parker and Matt Stone's hatred for someone been so apparent with the Anti - Bono theme proving cheap but hilarious. What makes this poo - centred episode work is that it's handled with very little self - parody and when it gets to an entire organization in Europe dedicated to the measurements and standards of faeces; it makes a tastless topic arguably entertaining. This episode is unique as Stan is the only kid of the main 4 who appears and even then he takes a backseat to Randy's story which goes to show how the kids are becoming extras in their own show. This is a funny episode but most of the tacky gags make you a little embarrassed to admit that you're laughing at it, as most South Park jokes do. Visually the animation has clearly improved with time offering one of the most detailed and richly designed episodes to date; the audio is not that daring with a pedestrian Bono impression that can be bettered in any installment of Saturday Night Live, the sound of Randy pasing the giant turd is a little cheesy with the yelling of "ahhhhhhhhhh" and "hot hot hot" but the voices of the characters are at the their best although not sounding quite as they did at the beginning of the series but that can be forgiven. This is a childish but effectively entertaining episode of South Park.
  • Bono is crap

    I will agree with some people, this is THE MOST disgusting South Park episode ever. An episode revolving around the subject matter on who can take the biggest crap is degrading and demoralizing. However, it's pulled off in the most tasteful degrading and demoralizing way, taking "poop" to a "hole" new level.

    I can also relate to the gross-out crapping least they get it right on, taking a BIG crap REALLY DOES HURT.

    So Randy takes the biggest crap ever, sets a new record, then Bono claims he's broken the record, but there's no proof, but they give him credit anyways because he's a douche (a big f***ing douche), so Randy has to break the record again, taking the BIGGEST crap ever.

    Then, not only is Bono full of crap, but HE IS crap, and was crapped out by one of the guys from the European fecal standards and measurements in Zurich, and to crap out something bigger than Bono is gonna be a challenge. Still, Randy craps out crap bigger than Bono.

    The episode's only point is to prove that Bono is a piece of sh**, which it gets across quite well. And that a television series that does toilet humor can win an emmy as well. Well, I'll be damned!
  • Randy VS Bono

    Randy has been constipated, so takes some laxatives to find thathe has crapped a really big turd. It turns out that randy has done the worlds biggest crap, beating bono. later, it turns out bono did an even bigger crap, topping randy. Randy then decides to have a crap off with bono. stan trys to get bono to let randy win, so that bono can become number 2, annoying bono. stan then finds out that bono is actually a real piece of crap. lol! randys crapping it out when stan arrives telling everyone the truth about bono. then randy craps a 250 pound poo, giving him the title!
  • Gross but somehow amazing.

    While this was not the best episode ever I hardly think it was unfunny. I laughed and have used the scale they created in this episode several times. While everyones tastes differ to say that this episode out right sucked simply means you probably have a hard on for Bono or Katie Courick. Plus nothing that Matt and Trey do is ever really bad. Perhaps some people should look deeper into their motivation prior to writing reviews. I liked this episode just fine and love the new season, so there. So apparently I need to write more so I can make a jab at the person who commented previously. Maybe I will just state that Southpark remains one of the most relevant and thought provoking shows on television. People who do not get what these two genius minds are up too simply lack the capacity and understanding required.
  • I loved how Bono was the one with World's Largest Crap.

    This episode is really faced on Randy Marsh, Stan Marsh's father. One night, Randy had to take a crap, it turned out to be the World's Largest Crap! Bono, was holding it first, then Bono crapped the World's Largest Crap! That..was weird. It looked exactly like a football. Stan Marsh appeared in this episode. Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenny McCormick did not appear. First time ever that Stan appeared but the other boys did not. Then, Randy took the largest crap. It was so big, it was like 10 feet tall! The word crap was used exactly 50 times in that episode. Overall, I give it a solid 9.
  • Silly+Disgusting+Funny=South Park

    Ahh....another of those Randy March classic. It was disgusting, silly but yet so funny.
    I love the treatment for the Emmy Awards in it! Lol...each disgusting scene, that "Emmy winning series" message appeared LMAO. It was also so funny to see Bona sing "oh yeah yeah yeah"`s so true. Randy is such a funny character and I love his interaction with the other men in the bar. The ending was classic. Bono is crap ;-). . I hope we get more Randy March episode. He`s one of my favorite character.

    This episode is is disgusting yes but I honestly laugh a lot and up to now, its one of the better episode of the season.
    Great episode.
  • This is the most disgusting episode of South Park ever.

    It was about where stan marshall's dad taskes a big crap and then he enters a craping contest and meets this campion but then it turns out he is crap who turnned human. I hated this episode it was gross what were the writers thinking where they on crack when they made this episode and plus Stan was the only main character to appear no death of Kenny. It turns out that this show keeps getting lamer and disgustinger season by season this show needs to stop now it was supposed to end next season but it got renewed with 3 more seasons someone needs to end this show now please trey and matt end this show now.
  • 4 words... "did not like it."

    Randy gets into a "back-and-forth" with Bono (yes, from U2) over who has taken the largest crap. My feeling is, this episode took the largest crap... the only good points were the constant ripping on Bono, the fact that I myself have looked at a crap of my own and thought "WOW", and the scene at the end with the Emmy award (a statement about winning their Emmy, perhaps?). Other than that, it was unfunny, uninspired, and after such a great outing with "Le Petit Tourettes", almost unwatchable. And I was SOO looking forward to an episode based around Randy's character... unfortunately, this one did not add up for me.
  • The episode was all about the biggest crap.

    This episode was a very silly and weird episode of South park.This was one of the few Randy Marsh episodes which I
    thought was very different because it involves Randy taking the biggest crap biggest crap breaking bono's record.When Randy gets awarded Bono sends a tape about a new crap he took so Randy pouts and Sharon makes him angry when she says the "lasagna is ready" how does that offend Randy?
    The storyline goes downhill when Randy tries to break the record again,and Stanley finds out from Bono's butler that Bono did not actually break the record,he is the record.What is that supposed to mean?Then Bono is sucking a
    old man's boob!where is this episode going? Randy takes a poop finally that looks so big.This was an average episode
    that became mediocre.
  • too much poop

    this epidoe was quite disappointing. the season got off to a nice start with the tourettes episode, (the circle of tourettes kids cracks me up) but after so many months waiting and so much time to work on episodes, this was not very good. a whole episode about a guy taking a poo??? not my type. also the few jokes that there were, about half just werent funy at all. true the bono scenes are pretty funny, thats all that this episode had. at least the imagination land episode made up for this disappointment. so hopefully south park can keep this season alive with the sequel.
  • poop, poop and poop...and poop.

    I used to love this show. It has for several years been one of my favorits. It was so refreshingly rulebreaking, rebellious and fresh for a long time. What has it come to now? forced poop humor (not as the fun and clever poop humor from before) just to get reactions. I mean (*Spoiler!*) Bono is really a turd??? come on! could have been a three year old who came up with that one. Where are the intelligent shockhumor from before?

    Or is it the same, but i have become older? could be... In any case, this was the last SP episode i will ever watch.
  • Randy does the world's biggest crap, then is disheartened when Bono claims to have done a bigger one, in this episode that starts off great but then doesn't know where to go...

    This episode starts off great. Yes it's crude, but hey, this is South Park. Randy and his friends are over the moon when he does the world's biggest crap (much to the dismay of wife Sharon). It is crude, but amusing. But from there on, the episode slightly looses its way, like it's come up with this great idea but then doesn't know where to lead it.

    [spoiler] The conclusion of Bono BEING the world's largest crap is a bit of a cop out, and not really the satisfying conclusion that the beginning of the story deserved. [end of spoiler]

    Not the worse 'South Park' by far, but it has trouble making the whole episode. This plot would have made a brilliant sub-plot to another story, but it is just too stretched to fill a whole episode of its own.
  • The episode revolves around crap so it would make sense that the episode is pretty crap.

    I'd have to say that this is my least favourite episode of the season so far. It was.... yep you guessed it fairly crap. It had it's funny parts so I haven't rated it incredibley poorly but for the most part it was just really stupid and not to funny.

    I can't really relate to braging about the size of my crap. If that's what guys brag about then yeah it's not any of the guys I hang out with. The whole Bono thing had it's moments like I loved how he walked around and how he answered his phone. But the whole Bono is a peice of crap twist was just dumb and yeah I didn't find it really funny.

    Hopefully none of the remaining episodes are as bad as this "crap" cos for the most part season 11 has been great.
  • The title says it all, still...

    Still, there is something that (so far I think) nobody has pointed out, they are mocking women and all the pregnancy concept. And I seriously don't get it, you have to spend 9 months puking with nausea, carrying some weight that bends your back and at the end excruciating pain and you end up like a deflated balloon. And still women dare to say that it is a marvelous miracle and that it's a pity for men who will never get to experience it. I would like to hear some women to express their opinion of this episode (what? Women don't watch South Park? Really?) And yes Bono is overrated good for them to call him crap I also would like to read what he says, probably, like most people with delusions of grandeur, will ignore it.

    All in all even though it still is toilet humor there is some depth to it, good work! Regards
  • Full of a good way!

    poop haha,eww... but it was funny i guess, crap! poop haha,eww... but it was funny i guess, crap! poop haha,eww... but it was funny i guess, crap! poop haha,eww... but it was funny i guess, crap! poop haha,eww... but it was funny i guess, crap! poop haha,eww... but it was funny i guess, crap! poop haha,eww... but it was funny i guess, crap! poop haha,eww... but it was funny i guess, crap! poop haha,eww... but it was funny i guess, crap! poop haha,eww... but it was funny i guess, crap! poop haha,eww... but it was funny i guess, crap! poop haha,eww... but it was funny i guess, crap!
  • Turd-riffic!

    I really liked this episode. The depictions of Randy trying to pass his monstrous turds had me laughing so hard I cried. The depiction of the "European Fecal Standards & Measurements Board" was a riot - over-serious and snooty, just like any Board tasked with measuring turds should be. I also liked that Bono is a big turd in this episode. Hello Hello! I also liked that the turds were measured in "Courics," so appropriate after Katie Couric's battle with Colon Cancer. That they grabbed the Emmy off the screen to award randy at the end of the episode was just the creampie icing on this craptastic cake of an episode!
  • Randy Marsh decides to try and make something of himself, by taking the record for "world's biggest crap."

    One of the funnier running jokes in the episode is that whenever a particularly gratuitous shot of feces occurs - a title flashes on screen proclaiming "Emmy Winning Series." This continues right up until the end when Randy craps his 100-Couric crap and a man actually grabs the Emmy from the super-imposed title and shoves it into the pedestal of poo. Somehow I find it reassuring that no matter how much critical acclaim or acceptance South Park receives, Matt Stone and Trey Parker are still willing to get their hands dirty. Good episode but nowhere as good as last week`s episode.
  • I feel that this is one of the most daring and outspoken South Park episodes yet. No one has had the balls to call the pompous fool that is Bono out on his crap. I am happy to see South Park be the show to do it.

    I feel that this is one of the most daring and outspoken South Park episodes yet. No one has had the balls to call the pompous fool that is Bono out on his crap. I am happy to see South Park be the show to do it.

    Bono is so full of himself and so pompous that he has to give money to starving people and act all humanitarian just to cover up his materialistic pompous lifestyle. His ego is so inflated and disgusting that I wish he would just pop. Maybe this episode will do something to pop the "happy-little-bubble" that surrounds his reeking cloud of "smug."
  • Oh boy, another Randy Marsh episode. The question is - how many Courics did this episode weigh?

    Let me first say that I have been a fan of South Park since the very first season. I do find a lot of what Matt and Trey do to be absolutely hilarious. That being said, I thought this episode was crap. First off, they've already done plenty of eps dedicated to going number two - crapping out of the mouth, the last crap before you die, and so on. Also, it's about the 20th or so episode focused on Stan's Dad in the last two seasons. Hell, I've even noticed a pattern with the episode focus lately - Cartman, Randy Marsh, Cartman, Randy Marsh - which continues to this episode. We've already established that Randy has the personality of a kindergartner, but My God, he doesn't need his own episode focusing on the biggest achevement in his life (An 8 Couric Crap.) As such, many of the jokes were entirely unfunny, and have already been done. (These jokes were much funnier in the episode with Batdad.)

    Also, the point with Bono being a giant number two was....dumb as hell. Him walking everywhere singing "Vertigo" was pretty funny indeed, but when he was revealed to be a piece of crap...umm...yeah. What was the point? Oh yeah - to basically call Bono a piece of crap. Clever. Were there funny points of the episode? Sure. Everytime Randy took a dump, the words came across the sceen saying "Emmy Winning Episode", until the end, when one of the characters took an emmy and put it in Randy's massive dump. Aaaannnnndddddd...that's about it. So, in short, this is not one of the episodes I would bother to watch again. If I want to see Randy being funny, I'll pop in the Batdad episode, and wonder where Matt and Trey went wrong.
  • It's baaaaaack!

    To me this episode is the best South Park's eleventh season, it had what most great episodes of South Park have; ridiculous story lines, ridiculing celberities and classic catch pharses. I love how the made fun of Bono, I found it was one of the better ways they made fun of a celeberity. I almost perfect. I loved how this showed how women didn't understand the situation, again refrencing classic South Park situations. I hope this continues throughout the season. I don't know why many people don't like this episode, I think if the rest of the season goes on like this we won't have to worry about South Park being cancelled any time in the future. I always find the in later seasons the latter part of the fourteen episodes are the best. I give this episode a 9.7.
  • An episode that makes me think: what is with guys and poop? :)

    This is actually a very funny episode. I will never understand the connection between a guy and his crap, but I never will WANT to. I loved how they acted as if Randy was 'pregnant'. That was hilarious.
    The only thing though: Where was Cartman, Kyle and Kenny? Stan and Kenny didn't have any lines last episode, and I like it when it was the 4 of them having adventures. Ya, the other people are funny, but...two episodes in a row without all four of them? Hopefully the next episode will be different, but as funny as this one was. :]]
  • This episode was really clever in making fun of Bono and the whole emmy thing.

    It was just classic south park once again. I think they can make fun of anyone if they wanted to and they even make fun of themslves which is clever. Once again Bono and Emmy thing was funny. Stan's dad taking a crap and being proud of it is such old man thing to do that why it was really really funny. Some people just need to undertand it. I think this episode was suppose to be tasteless on purpose to piss off people who don't get it. Which is most South Park episodes. This is looking to be a good rest of the season.
  • Tray Parker is a genius!

    Come on guys, this episode is awesome!!!
    I think South Park keep growing from the 1st to the 11th season!!!
    Family Guy and The Simpsons are not as good as this incredible show! They had their time but now the quality of their episodes is very low...
    Trey Parker is the man! He's keeping, with his talent, South Park the best show ever.
    There isn't a character in this show that I don't like.
    The way Randy cares about his crap is fantastic, he cries when he lose the competition and smiles when the doctor shows him the image of his crap on the ecographer (just like they do with the pregnant women).
    Bono is so funny when star singin for no reason...

    Trey Parker is a genius
    South Park best show

    P.S. I'm Italian so forgive me for my bad english!
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