South Park

Season 9 Episode 1

Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 2005 on Comedy Central
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Mr. Garrison decides to get a sex change operation, a vaginaplasty which prompts Kyle to want a negroplasty so he can be tall and black enough to play basketball.

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  • Misunderstood as usual.

    While this episode may not be one of the greatest of South Park's run, people seem to take the wrong message from it. No, it's not transphobic. This episode's focus isn't the morality of plastic surgery. The theme is revealed as each of the characters realizes that "plastic surgery is cosmetic only". Kyle's dad is not really a dolphin, Kyle is not really an African-American, and Mr. Garrison is not really a woman (as he was born a man). Despite what people may like to tell themselves, biologically speaking, penis equals male. However, sometimes the mind believes differently. Plastic surgeries were made for the purpose of trying to accommodate as much as possible for this. I feel that, according to precedence, Matt Stone and Trey Parker understand and accept the disorder's existence. This episode, however, shows how the surgeries are simply accommodations, and nobody should try to kid themselves in thinking otherwise. I have yet to meet someone who has become intolerant of transsexual people due to this episode, and I have yet to find where this episode is so offensive. Overall, people need to become less sensitive to satire or else it will always be doomed to misinterpretation.moreless
  • The most transphobic piece of crap on television.

    I cannot believe this episode was even allowed on the air. Do people hate transsexuals that much? First of all, you can't "become a woman." I know this is confusing, but if you seek sexual reassignment surgery, you are what you feel even without that surgery. If a transwoman gets SRS, turning her penis inside-out doesn't "make her a woman." She has been a woman all her life, just with the body of a "male." Being a girl or boy is more than the appearance, and the creators of South Park just don't get that. It's like saying that grape jelly in a jar labeled "Peanut Butter" is peanut butter. A woman in a body labeled "Man" is not a man at all. I don't know about Mr. Garrison, but a genuine transwoman is a real woman. This episode gives off the misleading fact that penis equals male. It doesn't. The creators of South Park try to be "clever" by using Kyle wanting to be "black," and Gerald wanting to be a "dolphin," but those comparisons are stupid to say the least. Being transracial or transspecies are different subjects entirely. I have opinions about those issues, but I won't discuss them here. Overall, this episode is hurtful, offensive, and misleading. It gives people the wrong idea and spreads intolerance. If I could erase South Park from existence, I would.moreless
  • A hilarious tale about plastic surgury and the effects it has on people.

    This story is basically about the difference between what people think of plastic surgury, and what it's actually like. Also this episode marks the time of when Mr. Garrison becomes Mrs. Garrison! He originally thinks that he has gotten a sex change to make him a women, but later realizes that he's still a man no matter what, only now he has a mutilated penis.

    I liked this episode because it was crazily off the wall, funny, and the ending is straight gut-wrenching.

  • This show's "Point of No Return"

    After 8 seasons of being a good show, on March 9, 2005, the show officially lost it: Garrison is now a woman.

    This is wrong for several reasons: 1)He was a glorified male character, 2) his problems regarding his sexual orientation were hilarious, and 3) it's just plain AWFUL.

    My recommendations: Watch seasons 1-6 for AWESOME stories, season 7 is okay, season 8 is absolutely HILARIOUS; skip this season. This is the one episode about which I'm willing to say, "Avoid at all costs."moreless
  • I ain't watching this one again.

    First of all, the live action highlights at the begining were really sick and disgusting to watch. OMG I almost threw up.

    Second, the characters didn't look very good. Black Kyle looked like a tall, dumb version of Starvin Marvin, Kyle's Dad looked totally stupid as a dolphin, and Garrison's sex change is a dumb idea; he was much better as a gay man than a woman. The creators might not consider it, but they should return Garrison to his old gay self.

    Everything else is still the same as before; good thing, changing it might mess up the show even more.

    Overal this episode is not a good way to kick off a new season. If I see anymore live action highlights like thoses at the begining, I might not consider watching anymore new episodes.moreless
Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Herbert Garrison; Officer Barbrady; Terrance; Timmy; Ned Gerblanski; Satan; Randy Ma

Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Gerald Broflovski; Pip Pirrup; Jesus; Jimbo Kearn; Phillip; Saddam; Various Others

Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes

Voice of Jerome "Chef" McElroy

Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Voice of Sheila Broflovski; Linda Stotch; Various Others

Gracie Lazar

Gracie Lazar

Voice of Liane Cartman; Wendy Testaburger; Shelly Marsh; Sharon Marsh; Various Others

Hayden Brown

Hayden Brown

Voice of Unknown

Guest Star

John Hansen (V)

John Hansen (V)

Voice of Mr. Slave

Recurring Role

Dimitri Mendoza

Dimitri Mendoza

Voice of Unknown

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • At the store if you look at the Claw machine you can see Clyde Frog in there.

    • According to the DVD commentary on this episode, Trey Parker said he almost "pulled a Dave Chappelle", because he was disappointed with this episode and after having had such a stressful year in 2004 while making 14 episodes of South Park and working on Team America: World Police, wanted to leave South Park. He was apparently convinced to stay when they came up with the idea that Gerald Broflovski was half lawyer and half dolphin making him a "lawfin".

    • This is one of the few episodes when we get to see Kyle's red "jew-fro."

    • When the announcer calls Kyle in for a sub he says Kyle is #8 however Kyle is wearing #4 and had been the whole episode.

    • Kyle is number 4, just like Stan in football.

    • Kyle and the rest enter the basketball center. Three people are behind them, then in the next scene they're gone.

    • In all the episodes prior to this, if there were ever abortions planned (i.e., "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut," "Kenny Dies," "Woodland Critter Christmas"), the clinic was called "Unplanned Parenthood", but in this episode, it's "Planned Parenthood" with the same doctor as the "Unplanned Parenthood."

    • In this episode we can see that Kyle's father LOVES dolphins and he wants to be one.

    • When Mr. Garrison is having his vaginaplasty, and the live flashes are being showed, there's a lot of blood, but when the doctor gives Mr. Garrison a thumbs up, and his hands are perfectly clean, shouldnt he have blood on his hands? And shouldnt he be wearing latex gloves while touching a patient's body? And why wasn't Mr. Garrison knocked out for the surgery? Normally, when people have surgery, they are unconscious.

      However, they could've done this for comical relief knowing how Garrison can react at times.

    • During the first airing they made a mistake when black Kyle went out to play basketball they announced his name and his number as "4" but the back of his jersey said "8". In later showings of the episode they changed his jersey to say #4 so the number would match what they called out.

    • When the doctor is explaining to Gerald how he will make him look like a dolphin, he says he will move the esophagus to the back of the head. This in fact should be the trachea, which will connect and form the new blow hole. The esophagus is used for eating, and would still be connected to the mouth.

    • When Gerald is talking to Sheila, he blows water out of his blowhole. This happens when a dolphin is submerged during swimming and needs to breathe. He was not in under water.

    • During the first scene with Black Kyle, after Dolphin Gerald calls him, Kyle's clothing goes from orangey themed to all white in a flash.

    • Mrs. Garrison says she's/he's going to pee out her/his new vagina but women pee out of their urethra not their vagina. Being a man though for all his life he probably didn't know.

    • Everyone keeps calling the new female Mr. Garrison "Mrs. Garrison". However, since she is not married, it should be "Ms. Garrison".

    • The 56A tunnel seems to be in two places at once, behind both the official and Kyle during the tryout.

    • When Mrs. Garrison and Dr. Biber rush off to save Mrs. Garrison's testicles and scrotum, the next scene is Kyle and his dadphin arriving at the Denver Convention Center. It is clearly night. After that, the doctor and Garrison are shown rushing up to the boys to ask where Kyle is. It is clearly daytime. Afterward, when the scene returns to the convention center, it is night again. So either the scenes are out of chronological order or that was one really long b-ball game.

  • QUOTES (35)

    • Gerald: Excuse me, where do you have special seating for dolphins?

    • Gerald: I love dolphins! Ever since I was a child I dreamed of… But that has hardly bearing on what I'm here to… (Dr. Biber interrupts)
      Dr. Biber: I can make you one.

    • Sheila: Kyle, you have to accept your body the way it is!
      Kyle: Why do I have to accept it when I can change it?

    • Kyle: But all my life I felt I was black. I listen to hip-hop, I watch UPN, and I love playing basketball.

    • Dr. Biber: With the scrotum open, I can now discard of your testicles...

    • Dr. Biber: Now, I'll just continue the incision up the shaft of the penis…
      Mr. Garrison: Ooh, that stings.
      Dr. Biber: Now, I'll just turn your penis inside out.

    • Dr. Biber: The first thing I'm going to do is slice your balls.

    • Butters: It's Kyle! He's a negro!

    • Dr. Biber: (Talking about Kyle.) Those testicles in his knees are ticking time balls!

    • Mrs. Garrison: You know what? I'm okay. Even though I'm not truly a woman, I think I still like the new me. I'd rather be a woman who can't have periods than a fag. Hey guys! This girl is staying a woman! Who wants to pound my vag?! Girl power!

    • Kyle: Mom? Dad? What's a sex-change operation?
      Gerald: What? Um, nothing. I'll explain it to you when you're a little older.
      Kyle: But our teacher, Mr. Garrison? He just had his penis made into a vagina. How come?
      Ike: Penis!
      Gerald: Your teacher had a sex change? Oh my God!
      Ike: Vagina!
      Gerald: That does it! I'm taking you boys out of that school!

    • Kyle: I love basketball. I wanna play for the Denver Nuggets one day.
      Coach: Yeah. Look, kid, you've got great skills and a great attitude. But you're just not physically ...built for the game.
      Kyle: What do you mean?
      Coach: Well, it's just that... Jews can't play basketball.

    • Dr. Biber: Hello, Mr. Garrison, I'm Dr. Biber. I'll be performing your surgery today.
      Mr. Garrison: God bless you, Doctor. I know you'll make me well again.
      Dr. Biber: Now, you're absolutely sure you want a vaginoplasty?
      Mr. Garrison: My whole life I've been a woman trapped in a man's body. A sex-change operation is my last chance at happiness.

    • Ms. Garrison: Oh boy, men will do just about anything to get a look at our tits, won't they? Men are all the same. My boyfriend walked out on me! Turns out he was a fag. But I've been livin' it up ever since, havin' sex with all kinds of different guys! Girl power!

    • Ms. Garrison: Look, we can still be together. All you have to do is stop being gay!
      Mr. Slave: How can you say that!? You're gay too!
      Ms. Garrison: I'm not gay I'm a woman!
      Mr. Slave: Oh, Jesus Christ!

    • Gerald: Who do you think you are!?
      Dr. Biber: …Dr. Biber.
      Gerald: What kind of nut job would agree to surgically alter my son into a tall African-American!?

    • Dr. Biber: Oh, you want a negroplasty.

    • Mr. Slave: But I'm gay. I don't like vaginas.

    • Police Officer: So let me get this straight: that woman over there was trying to get to her balls, which were in the knees of a black child whose father is a dolphin.
      Stan: Yeah, that's basically it.
      Police Officer: Sounds like an open-and-shut case.

    • Mrs. Garrison: But I paid five thousand dollars to be a woman. This would mean I'm not really a woman, I'm just a guy with a mutilated penis.
      Abortion Doctor: Basically, yes.
      Mrs. Garrison: Oh boy, do I feel like a jackass.

    • Stan: Dude, is Kyle's dad a dolphin?
      Cartman: He's a Jewish dolphin... a Jewphin.


    • Cartman: ...Kyle, I'm totally ripping on you at a totally inappropriate time.
      Kyle: I know, I deserve it.
      Cartman: You know why? 'Cause Jews can't play basketball!
      Kyle: I know.
      Cartman: Jesus, that's no fun.

    • Dr. Biber: Oh, yes, we can give you a negroplasty, which is the opposite of a caucasioplasty, like Michael Jackson had.

    • Black Kyle: Coach! Coach! I'm all better; I'm ready to play.
      Basketball Coach: Who are you?
      Black Kyle: It's me, Kyle Broflovski! I had a negroplasty. Can I play on the all-state team now?
      Basketball Coach: Well, you're tall and black enough. Alright Broflovski, suit up!

    • (Finding out he can't get pregnant)
      Mrs. Garrison: You mean, I'll never know what it feels like to have a baby growing inside me... and then scramble its brains and vacuum it out?

    • Mrs. Garrison: I discovered a few days ago I wasn't bleeding out my kootch, so I guess I'm knocked up.

    • Mrs. Garrison: Would you like to take this beautiful woman to bed?
      Mr. Slave: No thanks.
      Mr. Garrison: No thanks? Come on Mr. Slave, I wanna try out my new snooch!

    • Kyle: I wanna be tall and black. ... I hate being short and Jewish.

    • Cartman: You guys ... Mr. Garrison has titties.

    • Mrs. Garrison: Well, I'm about to pee out my vagina for the first time. ... All right, here it goes. Oh wow, this is great! Look at that, I'm peeing sitting down like a dainty, dignified little woman.

    • Gerald: Look, you've gotta make special arrangements for transpecies people like me! I may be a dolphin, but I'm also a lawyer!
      Security guard: You're a... Lawphin?

    • Cartman: (about Gerald) He's a dolphin. A Jewish dolphin. A Jewfin.

    • Cartman: This is ridiculous, Jews can't play basketball.

    • Gerald: Kyle, you better stop being anti-Semitic right now, mister!

  • NOTES (2)

    • Mr. Garrison is now female (now known as Mrs. Garrison) and because of the change Mr. Slave has left him(her)it.

    • When Mr. Garrison is getting his 'vaginaplasty' they show actual clips of a sex change operation.

      In the episode commentary, Matt & Trey said they originally planned on having 4 minutes of actual surgery footage in the episode.


    • In-Joke: Asspen

      Look closely in the background behind Kyle the dinner table. There is a photograph of Kyle's family when they went to Aspen in the Asspen episode.

    • Chris Rock:

      When Kyle tries to talk his parents into the surgery, he holds up a picture of Chris Rock.

    • Dr. Stanley Biber: Dr. Stanley Biber, now retired, was a world-reknowned sex reassignment surgeon at the Mount San Rafael Hospital in Trinidad, Colorado. However, he retired long before this episode first aired, so would it have been the real Dr. Biber? Of course knowing South Park, they do parodies all the time so this doctor could've simply been a parody of the real Biber with the same name.

    • Mr. Man:

      Mr. Man was also the name of a cartoon series/set of collectable figures.

    • Misery:

      When Mrs. Garrison refers to men as, "Mr. Man!", it's referring to the 1990 film version of Stephen King's Misery.

      The character played by Kathy Bates frequently refers to the imprisoned author as "Mr. Man."