South Park

Season 9 Episode 1

Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 2005 on Comedy Central

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  • Misunderstood as usual.

    While this episode may not be one of the greatest of South Park's run, people seem to take the wrong message from it. No, it's not transphobic. This episode's focus isn't the morality of plastic surgery. The theme is revealed as each of the characters realizes that "plastic surgery is cosmetic only". Kyle's dad is not really a dolphin, Kyle is not really an African-American, and Mr. Garrison is not really a woman (as he was born a man). Despite what people may like to tell themselves, biologically speaking, penis equals male. However, sometimes the mind believes differently. Plastic surgeries were made for the purpose of trying to accommodate as much as possible for this. I feel that, according to precedence, Matt Stone and Trey Parker understand and accept the disorder's existence. This episode, however, shows how the surgeries are simply accommodations, and nobody should try to kid themselves in thinking otherwise. I have yet to meet someone who has become intolerant of transsexual people due to this episode, and I have yet to find where this episode is so offensive. Overall, people need to become less sensitive to satire or else it will always be doomed to misinterpretation.
  • The most transphobic piece of crap on television.

    I cannot believe this episode was even allowed on the air. Do people hate transsexuals that much? First of all, you can't "become a woman." I know this is confusing, but if you seek sexual reassignment surgery, you are what you feel even without that surgery. If a transwoman gets SRS, turning her penis inside-out doesn't "make her a woman." She has been a woman all her life, just with the body of a "male." Being a girl or boy is more than the appearance, and the creators of South Park just don't get that. It's like saying that grape jelly in a jar labeled "Peanut Butter" is peanut butter. A woman in a body labeled "Man" is not a man at all. I don't know about Mr. Garrison, but a genuine transwoman is a real woman. This episode gives off the misleading fact that penis equals male. It doesn't. The creators of South Park try to be "clever" by using Kyle wanting to be "black," and Gerald wanting to be a "dolphin," but those comparisons are stupid to say the least. Being transracial or transspecies are different subjects entirely. I have opinions about those issues, but I won't discuss them here. Overall, this episode is hurtful, offensive, and misleading. It gives people the wrong idea and spreads intolerance. If I could erase South Park from existence, I would.
  • A hilarious tale about plastic surgury and the effects it has on people.

    This story is basically about the difference between what people think of plastic surgury, and what it's actually like. Also this episode marks the time of when Mr. Garrison becomes Mrs. Garrison! He originally thinks that he has gotten a sex change to make him a women, but later realizes that he's still a man no matter what, only now he has a mutilated penis.

    I liked this episode because it was crazily off the wall, funny, and the ending is straight gut-wrenching.
  • This show's "Point of No Return"

    After 8 seasons of being a good show, on March 9, 2005, the show officially lost it: Garrison is now a woman.

    This is wrong for several reasons: 1)He was a glorified male character, 2) his problems regarding his sexual orientation were hilarious, and 3) it's just plain AWFUL.

    My recommendations: Watch seasons 1-6 for AWESOME stories, season 7 is okay, season 8 is absolutely HILARIOUS; skip this season. This is the one episode about which I'm willing to say, "Avoid at all costs."
  • I ain't watching this one again.

    First of all, the live action highlights at the begining were really sick and disgusting to watch. OMG I almost threw up.
    Second, the characters didn't look very good. Black Kyle looked like a tall, dumb version of Starvin Marvin, Kyle's Dad looked totally stupid as a dolphin, and Garrison's sex change is a dumb idea; he was much better as a gay man than a woman. The creators might not consider it, but they should return Garrison to his old gay self.
    Everything else is still the same as before; good thing, changing it might mess up the show even more.
    Overal this episode is not a good way to kick off a new season. If I see anymore live action highlights like thoses at the begining, I might not consider watching anymore new episodes.
  • Too much for me to handle

    Kyle a tall black kid, Gerald a dolphin, that was pretty bad. But the opening scenes with Mr Garrison getting a sex change I knew I had to change the channel.
    I'd like to think that I have seen a lot of disgusting things in TV and Movies before and that my stomach is pretty tough, but I have never been grossed out that badly before.
    One of the best things about South Park is that its a show thats not afraid to stretch the limits, but you gotta know your limitations, this show went beyond them

    I want my half hour back!
  • Who rigged the score and brought it up to higher than 5?

    This episode wasn't boring and it made me laugh like all the other episodes, but it was disturbing. Kyle should NOT be a neigrow. (Is that how you spell it?) Kyle is ugly as a tall black guy and seeing his knees blow up was painful, scary and sick. Could you imagine that happening to you in a BB game? Plus, this kinda makes plastic surgery look like a bad thing... actually that could be the only reason this episode caught my interest. Really, Kyle's dad makes a horrible dolphin. And to make things worse, Mr. Garrison's a woman and that's just disturbing! I thought it might be okay until I found out it was permanent! This episode was just as painful to watch as "Erection Day", which I may review soon.
  • What's with all the bad reviews?? When you watch South Park don't puss out!

    There is nothing wrong with this episode. This was one of the funniest one's yet. They don't worry about who they rip on, and the truth is always revealed. Just because you get your penis cut up and shoved inside you does not mean you're a woman! People do this all the time; Sick, retarded people just like Mr. Garrison. The way they went about showing how stupid it really is is BRILLIANT. Kyle wants to be black so they turn him black. But just because he looks black, he's not REALLY black. He just has Mr. Garrison's balls in his knees (funniest thing ever). Kyle's dad wants to be a dolphin. But just because he looks like a dolphin, he's not really a dolphin! This was an amazing episode, and had me rolling on the floor. It pisses me off when people complain about blood and vilolence and disgusting things on tv, especially on South Park. That IS South Park. A hillarious, gross-out, unbearably Awesome show that bares all in every episode. If you can't handle it's glory, don't complain and write bad reiews like an ass. Grow some balls and kneel before the awesome power that Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
  • Some parts were funny,but not much because of what happened in the beginning.

    this episode should be banned from tv because of what happened in the beginning.

    why would they show a sex changed operation?

    this should be on the health channel for god's shakes!

    it's not even funny at all.

    the funny parts were after the operation.

    it's just gross to watch something like this.

    it's like nip-tuck but even worse.

    south park could of never made this episode!
  • If not one of the best, then definately one of the ones you'll remember. SPOILERS!!!

    I just rewatched this episode and I must say I like this one. It's a turning point for Mr. Garrison, who becomes Mrs. Garrison. He decides to get a sex change, becoming Mrs. Garrison. It was suprised me that they would make that permanent a change. I like it though, I don't get why so many people didn't. Garrison was getting a little old as Mr. Garrison anyway. So after the sex change Kyle decides that he wants to become a black kidd who can play basketball well. His father also becomes a dolphin, whoich was hysterical. It also made Mrs. Garrisons sex change permanent because Mr. Garrison's balls were in Kyle's knees which Kyle blew out.

    All in all a very funny episode. All in all a great episode.
  • Very underrated episode

    Kyle wants to play basketball but he isn't tall enough so he gets surgery, negroplasty (I think thats how you spell it) anyway, he than becomes black which to me was very disturbing, seeing Kyle as a tall black man. Kyles dad then gets pissed at the doctor that performed the surgery only to come back home as a dolphin. When I saw that, I lost it. Ms. Garrison has to get her balls back out of Kyles knees to become a man again, but Kyle blows her balls out when he hits the floor (weird sentence). Ms. Garrison has to stay as a woman at the end. A very underrated episode, one of the best of Season 9. I give it a 9/10.
  • Nasty. just nasty

    In this episode of South Park, Mr. Garrison decides he's a woman trapped in a man's body, and has a sex change operation, and becomes Mrs. Garrison. Meanwhile Kyle is angry about the fact that Jews can't play basketball, and when he hears about Mrs. Garrison's operation, he goes to see if he can get a Negroplasty, to become tall and black. This episode is just plain disgusting from minute 1, when they show footage of a real sex change op. while Mr. Garrison has his. Also, Kyle's dad is also influenced enough to become dolphin (WTF) leading to a pretty messed human-animal combo, that should have been forgotten. And also, the episode put out this moral that you can just get fixed if you don't like change. If you get a Vaginaplasty, You can't go back, so idk why my 2 favorite writers would add in this moral that you can. overall, it's one of the worst episodes of SP, that if anyone has true common sense, they'll burn this episode, so that it can never come back! 3/10
  • good

    Mr. Garrison gets a sex change operation and becomes Mrs. Garrison. Kyle wants to be good at basketball but apparently "Jews can't play basketball", so he becomes a tall, black basketball player. Mrs. Garrison soon feels she has made the wrong decision, but is it too late to change the effects of the operation?

    Decent episode. Really wacky of an episode but it was still fun and an overall enjoyable way to spend 22 minutes. It was kind of boring and gross in parts and not very enjoyable, so my final grade for the episode is in the "C" range. Good episode but could have been handled better
  • You all mad because they use the "V" word?

    Most reviews are negative, so I guess some topics are definitely off-limits. Don't know why Woodland Critter Christmas (totally offensive) gets such high scores but not this one. Is it because Trey and Matt are poking fun at the sacred Vag? (no pun intended). Ever notice how many jokes abound about the male member, but when it comes to the female v-organ, silence is observed or else it's taboo! Nothing funny about the "gateway to life", is there? Very un-PC to parody "it", so better stick to making fun of jugs instead. Who want to pound my vag?
  • 126th Episode

    This episode is way too crazy, even for South Park! Granted, there are a few funny scenes such as Gerald's lifelong dream being to become a dolphin (I wonder if a dolphinplasty is a real thing).

    The rest of the episode was an abomination, Mr Garrison actually becoming a woman is ridiculous because he's always been funnier as a homosexual man and Kyle's knees (made of Garrison's balls) exploding is just as bad.

    The whole episode is stupid and I was disgusted more than laughing while watching this and there were no moments that I laughed out loud.

    This is a poor excuse for a SP episode but fortunately, the rest of the season isn't this bad.
  • I was unsure what to think when I first watched this episode. I had seen the later episodes after Mr. Garrison\'s sex change. I have mixed feelings about this episode.

    This episode begins the character development of Mrs. Garrison and we see why Mr. Slave leaves her. It is a good episode. But, the scenes where it showed the actual surgery procedure just grossed me out. Gerald (Kyle\'s Dad) had himself turned into a dolphin was stupid I thought. The way he looked just grossed me out once he was the dolphin. I did feel sorry for Mrs. Garrison at the end. Another, great episode is called \"Follow That Egg\". Which explains more about Mrs. Garrison and Mr. Slave (he is one of my favorite characters). I thought that Mr. Garrison and Mr. Slave were very funny together.
  • Once again, South Park has jumped the shark, making a very funny and hilarious character into a retard. But then, I have some different feelings for this ep.

    It was already bad enough that South Park jumped the shark in season 6 - the worst SP season ever - with "Simpsons Already Did It", making the show look inferior to the Simpsons. And now they had to make Mr. Garrison into a woman. I liked Garrison more in the first eight seasons. Thanks to this episode, I don't like him that much anymore. If you're wondering what happened to him in episodes after this and you haven't seen this episode, it's that [SPOILER WARNING!] Garrison believed that he's a woman trapped in a man's body and a sex-change surgery is better for him. [END OF SPOILER WARNING] Gosh, what happened to the days when he talked to himself "Mr. Hat" all the time? Gee whiz, in that one episode in the fourth season he shouldn't have admitted he was g*y, so that this wouldn't have happened.

    And then he can capitalise off this incident to be funnier later on. Like, I just saw the "Go God Go" episodes, and Garrison uses his change to trick Richard Dawkins into dating him until Cartman reveals that Garrison actually isn't a woman for real. In those episodes Garrison still appeared to be funny. So I guess it's your decision if you think that SP is any better with Garrison becoming a woman or not. Well, in my opinion, I think as long as Garrison is still funny and not a retard, it's okay. But, this episode's story just isn't worth your time.
  • Mr. Garrison becomes a "woman".

    Mr. Garrison finally gets a sex change because he's always felt like a woman trapped in a man's body. He gets the surgery but still looks the same except for the obvious breast implants. He shocks the town with his new "womanhood" and tries to act like everyone other woman. Kyle tries out for the basketball team and fails. He goes to get a "negroplasty" which changes him to a tall black boy, under the influence of Mr. Garrison. Kyle's dad is disgusted with Kyle's actions but is swayed by the doctor to become a dolphin. When Mr. Garrison realizes the surgery is cosmetic and he will never be a woman, he goes into a rage to retrieve his male "body parts", which are placed in Kyle and his dad. Kyle explodes Mr. Garrison's "body parts" and Mr. Garrison is stuck being a woman, while Kyle and his dad are turned to normal. This episode teaches a good lesson that surgery does not change who you are on the inside. If you get a sex change, you will never be a "real" woman(or man). South Park once again raises the bar in political satire.
  • Stupid but funny episode

    Sometimes these lowly rated episodes are actually better than led on,although not the best episode it certainly is a very funny one. Mr. Garrison has a new gender change operation and Kyle also decides to get an operation to change the way he looks to become a black boy, because its the only way he can be better at basketball. Since "Jews dont play basketball", Kyle has a change to make him become what he "feels" like on the inside, a good episode with some filler moments, but overall throughly funny and satirizes the whole surgery phenomenom, pretty funny episode.
  • It's not bad!

    Yes, the footage at the beggening of the episode was rather disgusting, and Mr. Garrison is now gone, but it was still pretty funny! Seeing Gerald Broflovski as a deformed human - dolphin cross was hilarious! And when Kyle, after his plastic surgery, looked so strange. And when his knees exploded, even though it was kind of gross, that doesn't mean it isn't funny.
    And even though Mr. Garrson is gone, think of the possibilities that can be done with Ms. GArrison's character! And remember, Kenny was suddenly brough back after his long absece, there is a chace Mr. Garrison may be back. Back on the topic of the episode. It is a bizzarre, gross, outrageous and hilarious episode! Check it out! Though skip the first few minutes if you are weak stomached.
  • Mr. Garrison becomes Mrs. Garrison, and we learn the value of cosmetic surgery.

    The episode starts out with Mr.Garrison in the stirups getting a sex change operation. The process is puncuated with pictures of the ensuing surgery which honestly I felt was a little over the top. They didn't prove any points with such a display, and I felt that it was put in simply for shock value which is something I would sooner equate with jackass then I would with Southpark. Either way, Garrison emerges later fully changed into a woman...or maybe not so much. He fails to realize that he won't get a period, and he won't and can't get pregnant.

    Secondary storyline begins with Kyle trying out for the basketball team; his life dream. But when he steps on the court and realizes he's about 3-4 heads shorter then the rest of the black tryouts he becomes disenchanted and self-hating. He feels like a basketball player, why should his looks and body stop him from his dream? You can see where these two story lines meet up, yes?

    Now here's where my personal opinion comes in. Everyone mentions that Garrison has been, to say the least, anti-woman from the start of the series on. In the beginning, before coming to terms with his actual sexual preferance, he treated women like objects and overprojected his sex drive. Then, when he finally admitted to himself that he was gay, became strongly gynophobic. Everyone mentions that this seems out of character for him to have a sex change, and I disagree FULLY.

    Ok, first? Garrison denys he's gay. Then, he IS gay, but obviously has some discomforts when he's discriminated against. Garrison getting a sex change was simply the next step on the way: He couldn't like women, but couldn't come to grips with being in a male on male relationship. He therefore became a woman, completely justifying his preference and remaining guilt free, however misplaced and ignorant that guilt may have been. Garrison got the sex change so he could come to grips with himself and fit into what he thought was normal.

    What I DIDN'T find normal was him freaking out at the end and wanting to change back. That seemed out of character and disbelief was severed there. Sex change operations are taken extremely seriously, and there IS no reversing them. Further, the other two would not have been reversable (if they existed that is) and I believe the wrong message was tacked on at the end, which would be "if it's not for you, things can go back to normal". Messages I did like where the doctors haphazard approch to getting everyone done, and the little "for a nominal fee" he added at the end.

    Overall this episode was done well, but could have been handled better. I got the feeling it was grasping at straws to make it's point which southpark rarely does. For an episode with major character devolopment, "Mr. Garrison's fancy new vagina" ultimately disappoints.
  • To me, this episode was South Park at its absolute best. I'll not give it a full 10 because I could have done without the gross operation clips in the beginning, but otherwise this episode was just perfect: super clever, nail-hard, insightful criticism of

    The good: Trey and Matt take a long, hard look at the world once again and point out super funny, ridiculously simple incoherences that have somehow gone unnoticed. Why on earth IS it ok for a man to become a woman and vice versa, just because they FEEL like one - but no one thinks it is ok for Michael Jackson to go from black to white, even if he HAD felt white inside all his life? Huh?

    This is what makes me worship South Park. It makes me not only laugh, but THINK. I know of no other show that does this on the same level - not even close. Plus, I laughed as well. This episode had loads of laugh-out-loud funny lines.

    The bad: Uggh, the beginning might make people simply turn the episode off. It nearly made ME turn the episode off, but luckily I stuck with it. At the same time - props for Trey and Matt for not chickening out and always going 110%. Someone has to push our limits.
  • Kinda weird.

    The first episode of Season 9 is kinda weird, but disappointing and selfish. It's a special episode about sex changes and all that kind of stuff, but it's not really that special, it's kinda harsh and lame. Anyway, this episode is above and average for all viewers who might get confused or something.
  • Not the South Park I use to know.

    This is a very poor presentation of what South Park is usually like. Very little humor in this episode, and a very stupid plot/storyline.

    All I can say is if you decided to only start watching South Park at the beginning of the 9th season, do not be put off by this episode.

    Possibly one of the worst South Park episodes I've ever seen.
  • Mr Garrison, Kyle and his dad have plastic surgery so they can become complete freaks.

    Who was the dirty little @#stard that came up with the idea for the live action sequence in the first scene? Vomit spraying everywhere in my house! I won't even buy this season when it comes out on DVD coz of that sick garbage!

    Mr Garrison looks like an idiot. They should have left him as a moderately gay man. They made homophoebia quite obvious: It's okay to be gay, as long as you aren't extremely gay.

    The Dolphin thing was stupidity in motion. Quite frankly it was a #ucked up start to a new season. The beginning of the end!
  • Mr. Garrison is getting a vaginaplasty, and becomes Mrs. Garrison. Kyle tries out for the basket ball team, but can't because he's a Jew. Mr. Slave leaves Mr. (Mrs.) Garrison because of the sex change, and Kyle becomes black having ball pieces in him, and

    I'm giving it a .1 off because of the gross sex change scenes in real life, but the rest was just funny, and now Mr. Garrison is Mrs. Garrison, and can never be a man again. Kyle becoming black was funny, and his dad becoming a fish. lol. Very funny!
  • This episode is very poor

    I thought this episode was poor.
    The episode was about Mr. Garrison (kid's school teacher) gets a sex change, and they totaly waste a good character.
    they always change Mr. Garrison, first they changed his puppet then changed it back, then they made hhim admit he was gay, then they gave him a boyfriend, now he's a woman! ok, what are they going to do next? turn him back and make Mr. Slave kill him? I hope they don't ruin this.. oh wait.. they already have!
  • The best episode of Season 9.

    This was my favorite episode out of season 9. It was very original. It's not often you see one of the characters on a show get a sex change. It was funny how Ms.Garrison was running around and going "Can you please help me find my balls!?!" And it was funny when it was going slow motion at the end and Ms.Garrison is going in slow motion and screaming "MY BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALS!!!" And then Kyle's knees exploded. It was also funny when Cartman was like "Hey guys. Mr.Garrison's got titties." The only reason that I didn't give it a 10, is because of the dolphin change. Taht was pretty stupid and disgustiong.
  • These new episodes keep gettting funnier each time I see them.

    These new episodes keep gettting funnier each time I see them. This one in particular is much better now that seeing Mr. Garrison as a woman has had time to sink in. Having my favorite character be changed so drastically wasn\'t easy. But the real film footage of a sex change was terrifically shocking, and hilarious with Garrison\'s running commentary. South Park\'s character relationships and interactions are among the best-developed and well written on television.