South Park

Season 9 Episode 1

Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 2005 on Comedy Central

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  • Misunderstood as usual.

    While this episode may not be one of the greatest of South Park's run, people seem to take the wrong message from it. No, it's not transphobic. This episode's focus isn't the morality of plastic surgery. The theme is revealed as each of the characters realizes that "plastic surgery is cosmetic only". Kyle's dad is not really a dolphin, Kyle is not really an African-American, and Mr. Garrison is not really a woman (as he was born a man). Despite what people may like to tell themselves, biologically speaking, penis equals male. However, sometimes the mind believes differently. Plastic surgeries were made for the purpose of trying to accommodate as much as possible for this. I feel that, according to precedence, Matt Stone and Trey Parker understand and accept the disorder's existence. This episode, however, shows how the surgeries are simply accommodations, and nobody should try to kid themselves in thinking otherwise. I have yet to meet someone who has become intolerant of transsexual people due to this episode, and I have yet to find where this episode is so offensive. Overall, people need to become less sensitive to satire or else it will always be doomed to misinterpretation.