South Park

Season 3 Episode 15

Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 01, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • Amazing Episode !!!

    I remember watching this episode many many years ago (was very young), I never thought anything of it. I watched it there just again and WOW!!!! Classic, very very good overall.

    Out of all the episodes I have watched of South Park (which I have wanted every single one over the last 14 years 8 times+ this episode has to be in the top ten.

    ! 10/10, Great. Classic, also very true the songs and overall great!!!
  • a Poor South Park Holiday episode.

    Mr.Hanky's Chirstmas Classics episode is a musical episode. The songs on this episode is taken from south park’s Christmas CD. There is only one good song/video sequence on this episode. The only good one is Merry F***ing Christmas. This episode could be called the weakest episode in the entire series. It is the weakest Christmas episode for sure and also the weakest episode in season three also. None of the songs are funny either except the one I mentioned. This episode is the bottom of the barrel for Southpark. Don't waste your time watching this piece of garbage, the CD failed and so does this episode.
  • The spirit of christmas is dieing and Stan and gang wants it back. Except for Kenny who dies.......... So they team up with Mr Hankey and his kids and his drunk wife who wants to strip.

    Oh No!!!!!!! The spirit of Christmas is dieing and who is there to rescue? MR. HANKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!of course. So as people start forgetting Christmas Stan and the guys make a short anime film where they try and teach people that its not about the love and kindness or anything like that. It's really about the presents!!! They play around with the idea of the idea that there is no point of christmas............ exce[t for presents of course. So I think that even though it wasn't the greatsest or most e[ic episode, I still think that it is a very good episoede.
  • I don't think I'll ever rate another episode this highly. 100th review!

    My god! How close do you want to get to a perfect episode? I was in hysterics for the whole episode, except for the Jesus/Santa duet part, that's why this episode didn't get a ten. The Mr. Hankey song at the start was a great introduction and the dradle song has been on my personal playlist for years. Hitler's Ein Tannenbaum song was touching, showing that even evil masterminds can celebrate Christmas. The three funniest things in this episode were Christmas Time in Hell, little Hitler nailing the jew with a snowball and Cartman's version of 'O Holy Night'. If there's ever an episode better than this, it'll be getting a 10.
  • This episode was made in memory of Mary Kay Bergman, whose bipolar disorder caused the death of her.

    Most of this episode was trash. I hate that piece of crap (literally!) Mr. Hankey and I hate the episodes that make jokes of God, Jesus, and Satan, but this one was different. I thought it was nice to see Matt Stone and Trey Parker deticate this episode to the woman who could do over 20 voices: Mary Kay Bergman. Those flashbacks at the end were so sweet, and I feel so bad that she commited suicide. So anyways, I give this episode a good score (which I rarely do on any show) not because of the clever plot, but because it was deticated Mary Kay Bergman, a wonderful voice actress, who died way before her time.
  • Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics

    After a couple of bad episodes in Season 3 - there are at least three (the same number as in the Season, three!)excellent episodes in the series. Rainforest Schaminforset, Hooked On Monkey Fonics and this fresh plot treat - Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics which is full of offensive and hilarious little colourful songs that make you laugh, cry and dance.
    Some of the classic tunes such as "Hark Hear The Bells" are remade by the Mmmkay`-ing Mr. Mackey and a very funny little racist tune "Merry F****ng Christmas" by Mr. Garrison. Enjoy this classic :D
    :D Let us not forget Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics.
  • The 3rd Christmas episode.

    What else would you use to describe an episode about a family of talking crap? Silly? I think so. This is the only episode from season one to eight that I have not seen the whole thing. I have it on DVD, but I just never really wanted to see the end of it. There were always betetr episodes to watch. Maybe one of these days I'll pop it in and watch it til the end just because I'll have to eventually see it in order to say I've seen every episode. The part I saw was good, but thats it.
  • Easily the weakest of the Christmas specials, this episode is merely a series of songs.

    Easily the weakest of the Christmas specials, this episode is merely a series of songs. The songs themselves are very good. They are well-written and funny, with plenty of visual gags. However, this just doesn't seem like enough to carry an entire episode.

    I would have rather seen a Christmas adventure or even a new character, something that the best of the Christmas specials ("Woodland Critter Christmas") was able to offer.

    This is not to say that this episode is BAD. I have yet to see a BAD episode of South Park... but because it is a Holiday special, it must be compared to the others.

    Oh well, better luck next year.
  • Mr. Hankey shows up 10 Christmas Songs sung by our favorite South Park characters.

    We hear songs such as The Mr. Hankey Song; Merry F*&$%@* Christmas; Sweet Silver Bells; Oh Holy Night; The Driedel Song and many others. Basically this is just a mix of a Christmas and a musical episode. There are other songs but I can't remember them. I think everyone should watch this episode. It has many classic episode such as Mr. Garrison singing about Christmas, Cartman screwing up Oh Holy Night, Cartman making fun of the Dreidel, and many others. There's not much else to say, but I always like watching this episode on the holidays. My favorite song is Merry F*&%$@# Christmas. Yay, 100 words!
  • Merry ^*^%^%) Christmas!

    This is a very funny show and at times can
    Offend people but you have to have a very weak
    Stomach and heart to faint. I cracked up until I about
    Peed in my pants watching this show. And that seeing Santa
    And Jesus sing a duet I mean that was priceless. As
    Well as seeing Sheila throw a piano on Kyle and Stan!
  • I wait for this episode every Christmas, like other people wait for Frosty, Rudolph and the rest.

    I can't have Christmas without my "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics". I wait for this episode the way kids wait for Gifts and Adults wait for Parties and Parents wait for the day after and the old claymation shows like Frosty, Rudolph etc. I laugh my a%* off everytime I watch it, and find myself humming and singing the songs throughout the year. My friends stare at me, but they won't take my advice and sit down with a warm fire a warm women and a cool drink and fall into some adult humor of the raucous best kind. Do yourself a favor and enjoy this episode with someone you love, someone you hate and all the friends you can gather together. It's Christmas Time In Hell.
  • Don't miss this episode whether you consider yourself a South Park diehard or a South Park hater.

    This episode is fantastic, showcasing the creators' talent in the field of songwriting. Most of the segments were extremely memorable and quite funny (Mackey's "Carol of the Bells" and Cartman's "Oh Holy Night" being highlights). Though one or two of the parts fell flat (like the Shelley song), just about everything is original and entertaining. You have to admire Parker and Stone turning the Dreidel song into a round with Kyle and his family or the inspired bit between Santa and Jesus where they sing songs about themselves. Overall, this episode, which could be considered by some as merely a novelty, is much more than that: a classic South Park episode that should be saved and cherished and watched again every holiday season.
  • Time to retire Charlie Brown and make this episode a holiday tradition!

    I was shocked to see this episode so poorly rated. In my opinion, this one focuses on an element of 'South Park' and its creators that often takes a backseat to its crude humour - the songwriting talent. The entire episode is basically a ripoff of Christmas specials from the 80's like 'The California Raisons' one which were basically a list of musical numbers. The quality of the songs in this episode are actually quite unbelievable. 'The Dreidel Song' is quite simply an amazing masterpiece, using the simple tune and spinning it into a five-part harmony. 'Christmas in Hell' is another fine example of the boys songwriting talents with a great score by Marc Shaiman, as is Mr. Garrison's 'Merry F***ing Christmas', a delightfully un-PC assault on non-christian religions, all done in good fun. The rest of the songs are christmas classics sung by the characters, and are worthy to played throughout the holidays (Mackey's 'Hark go the bells' had me rolling on the floor). A quality episode.
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