South Park

Season 14 Episode 12

Mysterion Rises (2)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 03, 2010 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Mysterion recounts the events of the previous week and the sequence finally ends with him mentioning that he has a secret power that even his neighborhood friends don't even truly understand. Outside of the Food 4 Little "Coon and Friends" are selling their lemon bars to raise money for the victims in the Gulf region. While America wonders what has happened to Captain Hindsight, a group of Colorado kids have taken it upon themselves to help out. Tool Shed asks Mysterion why they are still calling themselves "Coon and Friends" since Cartman is gone. Mysterion says they do it because he knows it pisses Cartman off and he finds that very funny. The Coon is waiting for his flight to New Orleans, but it is constantly being delayed due to interference from "The Dark Lord Cthulhu." A little girl asks The Coon about "Coon and Friends," the girl wants to know what Mint Berry Crunch is really like. He responds by attacking her like she's an evil villain. With the lemon bars finally sold, "Coon and Friends" are told by their final customer that they'll never defeat "The Great One" by whom he means Cthulhu. He has risen and soon all will be as foretold in the mythos of the Necronomicon. "Coon and Friends" decide to return to base to find out more, but when they arrive they find the place has been trashed. At first they suspect the Coon, but Mysterion identifies that it was someone who was looking for something. And that someone is there in the room with them, it's a drunken Captain Hindsight. Captain Hindsight knows they are the ones who were trying to blackmail him. He wants to the pictures of him having sex with Courtney Love. Mysterion tries to reason with Captain Hindsight, the Captain has a gun trained on them all. He intends to use it. The others realize they can stop playing superheroes and go home, which Mysterion encourages them to do. He on the other hand is going to stay behind and "deal with this prick." Meanwhile in New Orleans, the Coon has arrived and attempts to make contact with Cthulhu. He wants to join forces with Cthulhu; mainly so he can get revenge "Coon and Friends" by having them sent to a dark oblivion. Captain Hindsight talks to Mysterion about his curse of perfect 20/20 hindsight. Mysterion reveals a curse of his own, he can never die. He's experienced death countless times, and each times wakes up in his own bed and his old clothes, with no one ever remembering a thing.

Tony Hayward, the DP president; Captain Hindsight; Mysterion and The Coon all reflect on their past and speculate on what they should do next. The Coon, rather than repent decides to go on being a stupid dick. In doing a computer search "Coon and Friends" find pictures from a cult of Cthulhu that meets right there in South Park. In one of the pictures they see Mysterion's parents from about 10-years ago. Back in New Orleans, The Coon decides to be all cuddly and cute to manipulate the most evil thing in the universe. He sets about his plan while the Dark Lord Cthulhu is resting. Back in South Park, Mysterion confronts his parents (who are getting high) about their participation in the Cthulhu cult ten years ago. They tell him that the cult still meets in the same place it always did at Jim McElroy's house. Mysterion quickly disappears.

In the gulf region, Cthulhu calls a press conference with The Coon as his spokesman. The Coon announces that they have joined forces as the all new "Coon and Friends" and anyone using that name is breaking the law. Since there is a group doing just that, The Coon announces they have the right to banish them to a dark oblivion. Back in South Park at Jim McElroy's house, the cult of Cthulhu is having their meeting and the original "Coon and Friends" are outside watching them through the window. Amongst others in attendance are Mr. Adler (the shop teacher), the two geeky computer guys and the Goth Kids. The Goth Kids are most delighted that Cthulhu is going to "squash all the happy-go-lucky conformists." Mysterion notes there is nothing more Goth than unrelenting despair and a 1000 years of darkness. The original "Coon and Friends" overhear a the phrase "and with strange eons; even death may die." They wonder what it means, but the mysterious Mysterion has disappeared, it appears the phrase has him deeply disturbed. In New Orleans, reporter Jack Brolin (who was formerly Captain Hindsight) reports that Captain Hindsight is nowhere to be found and that rumors have it that the captain got sick of it all and went back to his chair and removed all his powers. Something Jack Brolin thinks the captain might regret. Back in South Park, the Goth kids are walking down an alley when they are confronted by Mysterion. He wants them to explain to him the meaning of the phrase. They indicate that all the posers are going to die and everything is going to get all black and cool. Mysterion comes forward, demanding to know more. The youngest Goth Kid pulls out a knife and says that no one is going to stop Cthulhu now. The Goth kid utters some phrases, which the Cthulhu priests who've just arrived on the scene confirm. The priests indicate that Cthulhu wants them to dispense of Mysterion. The priest and the Goth kids converge upon Mysterion. Meanwhile, up in the sky The Coon is riding high on the back of his new ally, Cthulhu. In a musical montage they are causing mayhem everywhere, but their ultimate destination is South Park; where The Coon plans on having all his former friends sent to oblivion. Mysterion is about to be attacked, when his teammates come to his aid. One of the priests tells them they are too late, he grabs the little Goth kid's knife and stabs Mysterion. Mysterion falls to the ground dead, blood pouring out from underneath him. Suddenly Kenny wakes up his room, just like he said he would. Outside his bedroom door are all guys, who wonder why he ran away. They tell him to get into his costume and help them fight these guys. Kenny sighs.

To be continued next week.

* Kenny (Mysterion) dies when he is stabbed by the leader of the Cult of Cthulhu.