South Park

Season 14 Episode 12

Mysterion Rises (2)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 03, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • Mysterion revealed, Hindsight dethroned, Coon+C'thulu; why Kenny doesn't die?

    One of the best episodes of south park ever made. From a HILARIOUS reference to my neighbor Totoro, to an excellent parody of Lebron James' most recent Nike commercial, this will go down as one of the all time high points of south park. The Coon and C'thulu allegiance is visually one of the funnier images Matt and Trey have come up with. If you haven't seen My Neighbor Totoro, you won't be able to fully appreciate it, but its visually hilarious nonetheless. Oh, and did I mention that Kenny's inability to die is addressed after some 200 episodes? And nobody does a crazy cultist like Matt and Trey, "You can't stop him you know..." I don't understand the mediocre reception this episode is getting. This is truly a masterpiece, in its unique, funny references, and I for one can't wait to see how Matt and Trey conclude this most epic of trilogies.
  • Great episode, looking forward to the conclusion.

    Didn't realise this was going to be a 3 part episode. So the ending left me a little "wtf?". But it was a great episode none the less, and definately builds for a great end to the 3rd part. Finding out who mysterion is was a really great moment, delivered in the most undramatic and thus funny way possible. I wont ruin who it turns out to be (unlike some people who seem to think reviews should just be a recap of the entire episode) but it wont dissapoint. Not really a bad moment in the show, and look forward to seeing how they finish this one up tonight.
  • The Mysterion trilogy would have been funnier as a single episode.

    Hey. Not here to argue that the Mysterion trilogy wasn't cool, funny or imaginative- it was. But did the South Park really need three episodes to tell the story?

    If they had removed the character of Captain Hindsight and tightened up all the gags with 'My Neighbor Totoro' , Cuthulu attacking things Cartman hates , BP , and Lebron James... this could have been one maybe two episodes max. The way they introduced Mysterion's secret identity was really blah and underwhelming- it should have been the climax of the first episode instead of just randomly stated. A lot of this trilogy felt like filler material. With some intense editing, Mysterion could have had his very own special episode "Mysterion Rising" and more of Season 14 could have been dedicated to new ideas.
  • great

    Coon and Friends is now being led by Mysterion (they keep the name coon and friends because it 'pisses off cartman'). Cartman, meanwhile, tries to make Cthulu his leader. It's an all out war between Cthulu, the Coon, and Coon and Friends. Who will end up winning?

    Pretty good. It had an 'epic' tone to it, I felt, probably because it was really similar to comic book movies/action films in general. And it had some pretty funny lines and a nice way to end it, leading up to the 3rd part. Overall my final grade is in the "B" range
  • nothing much happened since last episode

    this was a good episode not a great one. i thought that this was going to be a 2 parter but its a 3 parter. the episode was kind of slow it felt like not to much happened. SPOLIER ALERT!!!! the rest of the review will contain spoilers. kenny is Mysterion i already knew that because who else could it have been. by the end of the episode it didnt feel like they did much of anything, nothing progressed from part 1 except cartmen taking control of the leader of the monsters (i forgot his name). nothing else happened with bp, or coon and friends, or hindsight(except he got rid of his powers).
  • Putting the Mysterion reveal aside this was a solid second part to the trilogy as it would seem.

    Well cat's out of the bag on who Mysterion is but other than that this episode had some solid joke but only dealing with reference humor. Along with the first part which I gave 6.5 due to lack of hilarious humor but a good statement about the BP spill overall when combined with this it would be a good if too long episode.

    the Next episode will really tell if this set was a sink or swim since it's not as strong as the last trilogy Imagination Land and I don't think the 3rd can bring it too that level.

    still with references to itself, comics, and stuff like Totoro and Neverending story this was a good entry fans who still like the show should see. as for anyone who jumped ship a few seasons ago this isn't going to make you come back.
  • Even though I knew that Kenny was Mysterion from previous episodes' clues, I felt like the revelation of Mysterion was very anticlimactic. I didn't expect Mysterion's revealing to be "See you later, Kenny." That definitely deflated the balloon.

    Usually when I watch South Park I'm so engaged in the episode, but last night I felt like nothing happened! Sure, it was a cute and interesting twist with the combination of 'The Coon' and Cthulhu, but this was just a filler episode to tell you the truth. After watching 20 minutes of this episode, I said to myself, "there has to be another episode to wrap up a lot of loose ends." I love South Park, and Matt and Trey are absolute geniuses, but it just felt like Matt and Trey were just screwing with us last night. I'm sure the final episode of the trilogy will pack the punch that I was expecting last night to have. Also, I absolutely loved the LeBron commercial spoof. Two thumbs up on that one. Because it's South Park, I don't think any episode could ever be worse than a 7.5. I am a diehard South Park fan who understands and appreciates references to the past. I did laugh at those instances.
  • Awesome

    In this episode it's a part 2 of the this new saga with the Coon plan I got what I wanted Yes!. In this episode it contuine were it left off in The Coon 2 and in this episode I kind of like the animation of the Monters that appear it's kind of good animation and to Think I was right Kenny is Mysterion! But it kind of suck the way it was Reveal that Kenny is Mysterion I thought people would of been surprised That Kenny is Mysterion and somehow Cartaman tamed the strong dragon monster and the rest will contuine in the next episode.