South Park

Season 11 Episode 7

Night of the Living Homeless

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • sweet

    South Park is being overrun by homeless people who want change. Kyle gives a homeless man 20 dollars and soon more and more homeless people come. The adults try to kill them, but the kids try to figure out how to get rid of them.

    Good episode, the running gag of Cartman jumping the homeless was pretty funny, as was Randy's "He's become one of them" line. It's kind of a weak premise, but they handled it in a pretty funny way, which resulted in a funny episode and a good execution of plot, so my final grade for this episode is an A+.
  • Perfect

    In this episode of South Park, the town is overridden with tons of zombies wanting change (sorry homeless people) after Kyle gives one of them change. The town is soon so overridden with them that the boys leave to another town that got rid of their homeless... only to discover that the town is ruins! Will the boys be able to save South Park from the homeless invasion!? If you don't like this episode, your crazy because it parodies every zombie movie, video game, book, etc ever made. It's so funn to watch this episode. One of s11's highlights. 10/10 A+
  • Night of the living Dead..

    LOL this episode was hilarius !!!! The number of Homeless people have increased in South Park... The boys are unable to play basketball, since homeless people are sleeping on the court, and Kyle decides that they do something about it... and its SOOOO funny when the Homeless ask for "Spare of Change" LOL>>..The town council has also taken notice of the problem, and come up with ridiculous, ineffective solutions, such as turning the homeless into tires for their cars or giving them designer sleeping bags and makeovers "so they would at least be pleasant to look at." Park County's expert on homelessness advises that if no-one gives them anything, they will leave...
  • Interpreting the homeless as zombies? Genius...

    I absolutely loved this episode! But, I hope they made a better ending.

    The only parts I hate is Cartman kept talking about how he jumped the homeless, that's juvenile.

    Not only the parts about the homeless people, but also how others in this episode treat them.

    Such as the people in Evergreen, they couldn't tell a normal person form a homeless guy since most of the homeless saved enough change to buy homes, clothing etc.

    And Because of that, they killed almost every person in the town.

    Especially how the researcher explained the ways of the homeless, that they only live on change, very crafty and creative for such good writers.

    Although awkward, the part where they sang "California love" was pretty funny, I guess.
  • The number of homeless people in South Park has increased as they eat, sleep and beg for change across the town. While the adults try to find creative solutions to deal with the homeless, the boys are trying to figure a way to solve the problem for good.

    The number of homeless people in South Park has increased as they eat, sleep and beg for change across the town. While the adults try to find creative solutions to deal with the homeless, the boys are trying to figure a way to solve the problem for good.
    The Night of the Living Homeless is snother great installment of the South Park sereis. Although this episode makes fun of homeless people, it really does bring out the message that people can become homeless really easily and rapidly.
    As I said ealier This was another great installment and I'm looking forward to another episode on the 26 March.
    Hopefully it will be good and I'll write a review about it tomorrow.
  • If you didn't get that this episode is a consistent spoof of Zombie films; there's something wrong with you!

    In it; When Kyle gives a homeless person $20, South Park becomes overrun with panhandlers who live off of change. The boys travel to Evergreen to learn how they rid themselves of the homeless while the adults find refuge on the roof of the school.

    In this episode; the word "Change" is said 103 times. Well i say that this episode is Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome (Count them).

    It's hard to tell whether it's the homeless or "Living Dead" films that this episode's main target is but they're both so silly it's irresistible. Although one notable omission is Trey Parker and Matt Stone's actual opinion on the homeless issue which would've been a good inclusion as they're opinion on topics was a key element to the show until it became centred on satire.

    The episode suitably draws a line between the adults who struggle for their lives on the roof of the school and the kids (the kids meaning Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny as no other children appear) who act as the heroes of the day. Both of them attract numerous laughs thanks to the psychotic Randy and the running gag of Cartman "jumping" homeless people which Stan often mistakes as Kyle's idea.

    It's good to see the adults at the Town Meeting's positions have remained unchanged since "Die Hippy Die" where it first appeared. They are: Jimmy Volmer's father is apparently the Chief of the Fire Department. Randy Marsh seems to be the councillor in charge of parks and public places. Gerald Broflovski appears to be the city attorney. Wendy Testaburger's mother is City Planner. Mr. Mackey is for Public Health Linda Stotch is City clerk/Treasurer Glenn (the Mayor's aide) is the head of Public Safety Department who replaced the late Chef.

    It may be just me but seeing the town actually having a proper form of government is great as there was something off - putting in the early seasons about having an entire town held up by a corrupt Mayor and a clueless cop. The episode looks amazing with immaculately detailed animation which includes a scene featuring hundreds of diverse homeless people roaming the streets and even Jimbo's vest which is now shaded around the pockets and looks great rather than having pockets sketched on. 10/10 for visuals. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have officially joined the ranks of Dan Castellaneta and Billy West and other people who are outstanding TV voice actors; both Trey and Matt deliver brilliant performances as many different characters in this episode. Although this episode pulls a few punches that would've made this truly provocative; it's plot, visuals and vocals is what makes this a spectacular episode.
  • Dawn of the homeless

    think it's pretty obvious that this episode was spoofing the "Living Dead" series, specifically Dawn of the Dead (2004). The obvious reminders are the rooftop scene, the angles they were portrayed in were extremely similar to those in Dawn of the Dead. The one guy with a shotgun. the one guy going outside, becoming one of them. the pregnant lady. the big protected bus. how they feed off change, as a zombie would feed off of human flesh.

    Anyways, I think the 11th season is sparking a slight change in the episode styles, at least for now. It seems like instead of having poltically-charged episodes, they're mostly spoofs. For instance, the snuke in your snizz spoofed the TV show 24. The easter special spoofed the Da Vinci Code. D-Yikes spoofed 300. Lice Capades may have been spoofing something, but I'm not sure what. It may just be a silly creative episode. and now, a Dawn of the Dead spoof.

    Overall, this episode was great. Definitely a Randy Marsh episode, but also a group episode, as the four boys seek a solution to the homeless. look out for great Randy scenes though, in time they will become classic moments of South Park. A good ending to the first half of Season 11.
  • Good Episode.

    Well finally an adventure with all the boys together and not one centered on one of them. The episode was pretty good....again forgettable but it had the "classic" felling: The boys together in one adventure and their parents in another one. Its the way South Park episode should be IMO. So, good format, good episode but again nothing really memorable. But I know this season do pick up big time with the next episode.
    Good to see Kenny actually in there.
    So that`s it for the first run of season 11. Well it was not weak....not great, I`ll say it was decent. But I know the second run is much better.
  • An episode where the boys are being plague by change hungry homeless people.

    This fine episode of southpark starts off with the boys discovering an increasing amount of homeless people.Cartmans idea,JUMP THEM!Kyle sees a homeless person outside in the rain and feels bad so he gives him twenty dollars.The next day There is a lot of homeless people starting to show up.The boys parents end up trapped on a rooftop surronded by change hungry homeless people.There only option is to try to wait up there until help arrives.In an despret attemp to find help Gerald Broflowski decides to brave going out in the swarm of homeless people only to become one of them.Meanwhile the boys pay a visit to the homeless researcher he tells them to seek he city of Evergreen who survived their homeless attack by devising a plan,there plan,to send the homeless people somewhere else.The boys then decide to make a bus that is safe enough to get threw the swarm of homeless and get to their parents that are trapped on the rooftop.They get their and end up luring the homeless to California.
  • Another awesome season 11 episode.

    In this episode, the number of homeless people in South Park is increasing as they eat, sleep, and beg for change across the town. While the adults try to find creative solutions to deal with the homeless, the boys are trying to figure out a way to solve the problem for good.

    This episode was just amazing. I enjoyed the plot, I found it hilarious to focus around the homeless.

    The humor was too much. I laughted through all of the episode. The homeless begging for cash, Randy freaking out, the ending song, the skateboard scenes/jokes. It was just laughtable.

    Also, I was happy to see Kenny as a main character in this episode.

    Quote of the episode:

    "NO I DON'T HAVE ANY CHANGE!" ~ Randy Marsh
  • The living homeless are gathering in South Park, surrounding their victims and begging for change, in this great episode...

    This is by far my favourite episode of this season thus far. I am a massive fan of the George A. Romero Dead series, but even beyond that, this is a top notch episode.

    The episode has nods to nearly all of the Dead series, particularly 'Dawn Of The Dead' (1978, my favourite of the series) and 'Day Of The Dead' (1985), as well as the so-so 2004 'Dawn Of The Dead' remake.

    There are nice little touches, such as everyone thinking that Cartman jumping homeless on his skateboard is Kyle's idea, how Gerald 'becomes one of them' asking for change; and as with many episodes of recent seasons, Randy Marsh has some of the episodes best moments.

    The conclusion is fair, although I found the boys' song a bit too sickly-sweet, and is my least favourite part of the story.

    But that doesn't matter, because this is an excellent episode, a great parody of zombie movies, and one of my favourite episodes from the past couple of seasons.
  • Californyahyah!!! :D

    Whoever thought of this storyline is a genius. Matt and Trey didn't merely copy the "Dawn of the Dead" idea, but actually changed it to make it more original. That is exactly what makes them such great writers. What happens in the end is very unexpected. But then again, this is South Park, so you can expect for them to do something totally random like that. The fact that all the people are asking for change, is really something that happens all over the United States, so a lot of people watching the episode could most likely relate. California is one of the most homeless person filled states in the country so: "California, is nice to the homeless....Lots of rich people giving change to the homeless" makes a lot of sense to sing. This is definitely one of my favorites.
  • Some homeless people begin to appear in South Park and go around asking for spare change, but when the people give the occasional penny they realise they needed the money and become beggers and as more people give moner more homeless people arrive.

    One of the best episodes of South Park. It is a very funny episode with a great story line. Who ever thought of the story is pure geniuss and should wirte more for them as it was sooo good. The idea of people giving change and then finding out they needed it themselves was fantastic and really fits in with the story. It is taking the mick out of Night Of The Living Dead and other zombie horror films. in the end all is well but only after a many people have become homeless. Well worth watching if you have the chance. Not exactly for a young audience as it has much adult humor in it and strong language.
  • Homeless people will literally live off change. That's hilarius.

    Being a homeless person is actually contagius.
    They have a memory span of about two seconds and will begin begging for change soon after.
    Totally silly but par for the South Park course.
    The final solution was pretty clever, when they induce the homesless people to finally move to California.
    I also found it quite amusing when Cartman claimed to jump many homeless people with his scateboard when he barely cleared one. It was pretty devious how the other town near South Park managed to pawn their homeless population off on South Park. It wasn't the best of episodes but it definitely was among one of their better productions.
  • Californahnana!

    With the homeless people increasing Stan Kyle Kenny and Cartman try to put a stop to it. Some parents are trapped on top of a mall when the homeless surround them. The entire episode was just one big parody of Dawn of the Dead, and thats why I liked it. It was really funny at the parts where Cartman jumped the homeless and it was funny of how stupid their problem really was. I also enjoyed the California song.
  • "You only jumped over one homeless person." "I easily could've cleared another 30 or 40." Classic

    IMO, best episode of the year. This is classic South Park at its best, a hilarious satire of a situation that also raises awareness to the problem. Trey and Matt aren't merely poking fun at homeless by relating the situation to "Dawn of the Dead", they're posing the issue that homelessness is a huge problem in this country and most people aren't aware of just how big the issue really is. Classic South Park, this is why I keep watching year after year. The show just continues to get better.
  • Definitely one of my favorite episodes to date!

    This episode was a personal favorite because I looove zombie movies, the fact that South Park made another zombie episode was absolutely amazing...and to think, I thought the Pink Eye episode was best. The allusions to Romero's Day of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead were hilarious! It went along to the same plot as the movies did. They really did a great job with this episode and I will not soon forget about it!
  • Chaaaaaaaange....

    Hilarious episode. Pokes fun at zombie movies with droves of homeless people who feed on change. Chaaaaaaaaaange... California (nyah nyah) is super cool to the homeless and trying to "take the easy way out" when the homeless overtake your home in their never ending search for change doesn't end quiet as you'd think. The random fights with Kyle about the whole situation not being about jumping the homeless people cracked me up every time and the episode ending in a completely not predictable way (at least to me). This one really makes you think twice about giving homeless people change, though I'll probably still do it anyway (curse my bleeding heart).
  • This is a great way to end S11 part1

    I loved this episode, it was awesome. My favourite part of this episode was when Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny went into Evergreen, and Kyle finds the brochure for the homeless, telling all the homeless to go to South Park.
    At the end when Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny go and modify a bus and they drive up to the community centre, and start singing a song telling all the homeless all about how California is super cool to the homeless.
    My least favourite parts of the episode was probably nothing, this was an amazing episode. It was the perfect way to end S11 Part 1.
  • This was definetly a decent episode to end the 1st half of the season 11.

    This was definetly a decent episode to end the 1st half of the season 11 and definetly fit their mold of making fun of everything current in the world today, although it didnt quite have the completely random quality that we have to come to expect from the last episode of these runs. It was a little depressing although the whole part about cartman jumping the homeless on the skateboard is actually very funny and I like how they keep bring it up at random places where you never expect it and how Stan continues to mention that it was Kyle's idea. That definetly was a funny moment in the beginning and the end. I guess its a good way to end a series of political and social satires.
  • One day the boys find homeless people on the basketball court. All homeless people want is change and the a homeless expert says you are not supposed to give money to the homeless because more will be coming. All of a sudden South Park gets an epidemic.

    I loved this episode because South Park has a new and funnier crisis on their hands. Who would think of homeless people as being scary? It is sad though that this will be the last episode for this season until...I think this fall. I love the part at the end where they start singing California love. The writers are geniuses. They are way better than Family Guy and maybe even the Simpsons. No I don't think I will go that far. But it is a very smart satire. I love when Cartman says Califor-nya-nya!!
  • change got seome change?

    gread storry line and really funny just as always. i cant wait untill the next episode airs, ooooh i am so exited.
    but does anyone knows if the air date of the next episode is right or not??
    can you please let me know.
    i really want to know!!
    any way, the thing witch the homeless say (change got seome change?) is just as hard to ge out of your head as 'they took our jobs!!'.
    if you havent saw this episode you need to see it!!
    i know a really good site of a friend of mine, it has all the south park episodes, you can wach them for free.
    this site is

  • South Park this week deals with the problem of the homeless and society's view of handling them.

    One thing I'll give credit to this show is that no subject is taboo. I liked the way they approached this. It was mean spirited yes but that's the only way to bring the points home that the episode was trying to make.

    First off, the episode was obviously exposing the indifference that people have toward the homeless. Parodying the "Dawn of the Dead" movie they were showing how the homeless are seen as monsters that people don't want to get close to much less help. The homeless in this country while they gather a lot of sympathy are tossed aside lot nothing. The other problem about the homeless which this episode exposed is the fact that part of the homeless population is dependeded on handouts and doesn't do anything with the charity they've given. A lot of people may not accept that fact that it's true. There's cases with people on the street often instead of trying to better themselves end up "feeding their habit" (i.e. drug habit).

    So instead of feeding their habit by showing them taking drugs, the writers showed their dependency by continually asking for change. Likewise, the way Cartman was trying to exploit the homeless for entertainment reminded me of the sick and pathetic "Bumfights" video series that shows a sick company's way to profit of the homeless.

    If you didn't laugh in this episode as much as the other episodes, it's understandable. Episodes like these in my opinion while they can be funny are more about making you think about the issues. In this case, they in a satirical and lampoon way did that just fine.

    This was a great episode, I don't quite know what it was making fun of but I know it was a movie. I loved this episode it was great funny classic and amusing. This show is so stupid and crude but I love it this is another episode that shows the specialty of the writers. The previous episode is funny too. I love South Park and it never really gets repetitive I could watch an episode 3 times in a row and still laugh he 3rd time. All the episode s is really funny and this one is no exception to that rule. A lot of people don't like the upper seasons of shows but South Park still has it.
  • Yet again, South Park shows it has aged passed its prime.

    In this episode, homeless people (zombies) invade south park where at first there was one, next day more showed up. This episode blatantly shows how this country poorly deals with its homeless and stereotypes towards them. However this is a show that was built on making fun of people... and being funny at the same time. I didnt laugh once... not once during this episode. The problem wasnt the storyline... the problem was the jokes were poorly written.

    After this season the show should call it quits.
  • "I can't possibly jump this many homeless people. I wont risk it! I could jump two homeless people maybe three. But asking me to jump this many, is asking me to risk my life Kyle" One word can describe this episode... awesome!

    Words can't say how much I like this episode. I just love everything about it. One of the funniest episodes of South Park ever. It's my personal favourite for season 11 so far

    The whole idea of Cartman trying to jump the homeless on his skateboard is great. And then how they always relate it back to Kyle and it being his idea... so funny. "I really don't understand what you see in this Kyle"

    The Zombie parody is just great. The Homeless and "Change" are such a great substitue for Zombies and "Brains". It's just a really good parody of Dawn of the Dead... a movie i don't even like that much. But they make it funny. Randy on the mall roof is hillarious. The bit where he hold the guy up, whose head he blew off before to show him the homeless leaving, is one of the funniest things ive ever seen.

    But the best bit of the episode would have to be the boys singing there own Homeless version of "California Love". This scene just cements the episodes greatness and puts it over the top.

    Just fantastic. 10/10

    Here are a few of my favourite quotes.

    Stan: Dude, what are all these homeless people doing infront of your house?
    Kyle: I don't know.
    Cartman: There's a bunch outside my house too.
    Homeless Women: Spare any change sir?
    Cartman: No! (bleep) Off!
    Stan: I don't get it. My dad said as long as nobody gave them any money they would move on.
    Kyle: He did?
    Cartman: Well this is bullcrap, somebody has to be responsible.
    Kyle: Well, I kinda gave a homeless guy $20 last night.
    Cartman: You what?
    Kyle: Oh come on that can't be why there all here, there has to be another reason.
    Stan: Kyle what were you thinking?
    Cartman: Yeah, I can't possibly jump this many homeless people. I wont risk it! I could jump two homeless people maybe three. But asking me to jump this many, is asking me to risk my life Kyle.
    Kyle: I don't want you to jump them retard!

    Cartman: Yes! That's three homeless! Suck on that! F*ck yeah!!!
    Stan: Honestly, I don't know what you see in this, Kyle.

    Randy: No, no, dammit! That's it. That's it, everyone. We're out of Pop-Tarts.
    Jimbo: No! We can't be!
    Randy: Face it, we're gonna starve.
    Linda Stotch: No, no, wait! There's still a box over here.
    Randy: Those are Cherry! Ick!

    Stan, Kyle, Cartman: (singing) California...
    Cartman: Is nice to the homeless.
    California-nya-nya, super cool to the homeless.
    Stan, Kyle, Cartman: In the city!!
    Cartman: City of Santa Monica.
    Lots of Rich people, giving change to the homeless.
    Homeless Man: Change?
    Stan, Kyle, Cartman: (singing) In the city!!
    Kyle: City of Brentwood, they take really good care,
    Of all their homeless.
    Cartman: They're listening, let's go! (Stan changes the bus marquee from Denver to California)
    Stan, Kyle, Cartman: (singing) In the city!!
    Cartman: Marina Del Ray. They're so nice to the homeless. Built the port-a-potties
  • You can make fun about anything with (almost) anyone... but not any way...

    As I first saw the title, I thought this episode was "too much", comparing homeless to zombies. I really love South Park most of the time, when it is cleverly written with many ways to understand what it is about, when it criticizes the insanity and the incoherence of the world we live in.
    In most episodes, they make fun of people either to show how stupid these ones are or to show how intolerant people can be. But this time, they seemed to make fun of homeless people just because they're bored of them asking for "chaaaaange". This episode was heartless and insulting, opposit to what SP is generally.
    My opinion is that season 11 has some really good, well-written eps (i.e Easter Special was extraordinary) and some eps that are just stupid, almost unfunny.
    This one was of that second bad kind... with a little few fun stuffs like the song at the end or the boys thinking Kyle does want Cartman to jump over the homeless...
    But the rest of this episode was just about homeless treated as barely human...
  • In a paradoy of the Dawn of the Dead, homeless people who need change to survive have taken over South Park. The boys come up with a plan to get rid of the homeless once and for all...or at least get them out of South Park.

    It was a funny episode with some memorable moments. I still have the song the kids sing at the end of the episode stuck in my head. I love the line Cartman where says "they are super cool to the homeless." I loved how the episode parodied the Dawn of the Dead. I felt they did a good job with the parody without going overboard and losing any sense of originality in the episode itself. It was a strong episode to end this part of the season with. It has left me wanting more South Park, hopefully in October the episodes won't disappoint us!

    Thank you, Matt & Trey, for another one of those episodes that HAD to be made. The situation in the town of South Park, when it was overrun by homeless, reminds me a bit of the city where I live. The main shopping street is full of homeless people, and it's impossible to not be asked for change. It's annoying to have to say no every two minutes, and it's especially annoying here in Germany, knowing that it's virtually impossible to be homeless, unless it's your decision.

    And to all the folks who find the episode offensive, insulting and politically incorrect: if that's not why you're watching South Park, you're watching the wrong show.
  • Ok.

    I thought this episode was ok. I liked the part about cartman jumping the homeless and everyone thinking kyle was always talking/impressed with his performance. I also liked when the homeless analyst tries to commit suicide but he cant kill himself because he keeps shooting himself in parts that wouldnt bring about immediate death. Other then that, I thought the episode was pretty stupid.
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