South Park

Season 16 Episode 14

Obama Wins!

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 2012 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

It's election day and Cartman is at a polling place in Colorado posing as a lost little boy. He tells the security guard that his mom said to put him by the plastic boxes if he got lost. Cartman is then on a plane to North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, and Nevada; why he has gone to all those places is not obvious. That is until the next day. President Obama has been reelected and Cartman calls Kyle over to his house to show him something. It's something that could change the outcome of the entire election. Cartman has collected hundreds of thousands of ballots from the swing states. Cartman wants Kyle's help, but first he wants to promise not to tell anyone. Kyle refuses of course, which was all part of Cartman's plan. In his office, President Obama takes a call from Chinese General Tso, who Obama now owes a favor to since the Chinese helped guarantee his reelection. Kyle returns to Cartman's house with the police; however, it is to no avail, they find no evidence of Cartman's voter fraud. Kyle goes to the other boys for help and when he finds out Butters knows something he starts pressing him for information. Rather than talk Butters takes his equivalent of a suicide pill, an M&M with Almonds, a nut that he is seriously allergic to. At Red Lobster Cartman is meeting with the General Tso, who want to know where the ballots are and then President Obama arrives on the scene.

At the hospital Butters allergic reaction really has his face and head swelled up and puffy. Kyle and the boys are there still trying to get Butters to talk. When the fear of his father being told is held over him, Butters starts telling the boys all he knows about Cartman's plan, which may have something to do with a missile defense program started back in the 1980s. He then finally tells them Cartman can be found at Red Lobster. At Red Lobster, General Tso tells Obama that he "has" the missing ballots. Kyle and the other boys arrive on the scene. The Chinese government wants to Star Wars technology, Obama tells that he will keep his promise to give them the rights to the Star Wars films from Disney as long his presidency was secure. It might all be a little convoluted of a plot, but fortunately Morgan Freeman is on hand to explain everything. It's Cartman of course who holds the upper hand, he will give up the ballots as soon as his demands are met. He wants to play Luke Skywalker's son "Cartman Skywalker" in the next set of films. General Tso refuses, which leads to Cartman wanting to play a game of chicken with him. Cartman disappears. In Romney's office, two aides come in to tell him that there are rumors of stolen ballots. Back at the Cartman house, the boys are searching for the missing ballots. Outside of the house, Stan spots Boba Fett's spaceship. The pilot of the ship is none other than the head of Disney himself, Mickey Mouse. He is looking for the missing ballots. In Butters hospital room, Cartman tells Butters that he has hidden the ballots somewhere where nobody will ever think of going, a Hummer dealership. At Disney headquarters Stormtroopers have brought Cartman to Mickey Mouse. Cartman tells Mickey what he wants for the missing ballots and Mickey is more than happy to make that happen. To retrieve the ballots, Cartman requests a blaster and a Tauntaun.

Breaking Election News reports that ballots for the election were stolen. Kyle is being interviewed on camera when he inadvertently makes the 1,000,000th "General Tso's Chicken joke" and wins a $5000 gift certificate to P.F. Chang's. Later Kyle sees a Hummer commercial on TV and he gets an idea. Kyle and the boys go to the dealership and finds the missing ballots. The Chinese also arrive on the scene; followed by Cartman on a Tauntaun. Everyone is on the scene and everything gets convoluted again; fortunately Morgan Freeman appears again on the scene and explains the latest plot developments. All the Chinese want to protect the greatest film series ever made from the Disney influence. The boys decide to burn the ballots.