South Park

Season 5 Episode 9

Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • My Favorite Episode. Plus it's true Osama Bin Laden really does have Farty Pants.

    This episode aired on Wednesday, November 7th, 2001. 8 Weeks after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. After 9/11, Things started to change in our community, Everybody was afraid of terrorists. Nobody was scared of anything more than Terrorists. USA flags were eveywhere. We found out Al-Qaeda terrorists were Hijacking the 4 american airlines planes that crashed into the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and the American Airlines flight 93 crash in Shanksville Pennsylvania during September 11 attacks. And the Al-Qaeda leader was Osama Bin Laden. Stan's Mom has been watching the news for 8 weeks. Everybody (Except Butters) has gas masks. And George W. Bush is declaring an Invasion of Afghanistan. Kids are told to send $1.00 to the children of Afghanistan. Cartman refuses to send $1.00 because Its what he spends on Chocolate Milk everyday. That must be one of the reasons why he's so fat. He drinks too much Chocolate Milk. There are Afghanistan versions of the 4 boys Cartman, Kenny, Stan, and Kyle in Afghanistan have Money from the Americans while being bombed by Military US Army Jets. Then They send back a goat to America (Even though they despise us) Stan gets a package from Afghanistan. Everybody is scared because they don't know if there's something dangerous in the package that will kill us all. It opens and there's a goat in there. The US army has a cute effect on it. The 4 boys want to send it back to Afghanistan with Towlie showing up. They load it on a Military Plane carrying US Army troops heading to Afghanistan. They suddenly get locked in and head to Afghanistan, Cartman Farts and the boys are tortured by the smell that came from his butt. Then they're in afghanistan, and there's a Parade of Al-Qaeda Terrorists saying how much they despise america. The Boys are captured and sent to the lair of Osama Bin Laden. Its a Birthday party for Bin Laden, The 4 boys are chained up, And then rescued by their Afghanistan Look a likes (Even though Cartman, Kenny, Stan, and Kyle are Americans and Everybody in Afghanistan despises America) Then an alarm goes off, The Americans are here to get back at Afghanistan for what they did to their Country. Cartman thinks Osama's just an idiot (Which is actually true) Cartman takes care of him Looney Tunes style. The only flaw was when Cartman pulled Osama's pants down. Suddenly Planes come bombing down the Afghans. OH MY GOD! THEY KILLED KENNY!!! YOU BAST**DS!!!!! Actually they said that Afghan Language. Cartman pretends he's a hot sexy girl that Osama Bin Laden will marry and be divorced with his Original wife that died the same time as Osama on May 2nd 2011. He flirts with a camel. Then has dinner, dresses like an american, and holds a dynamite. He's surrounded by Al-Qaeda since they've been tricked by Eric Cartman. Suddenly a dynamite exploads. He looses teeth, Then speaks English and acts stupid. Then Al-Qaeda is killed. Osama Bin Laden is shot right in the head with a gun. HURRAY HE'S DEAD!!! There's a concert! Support our Country! We now have our Freedom! Support our Country. And this episode too. Its my favorite episode of South Park. :)