South Park

Season 12 Episode 6

Over Logging

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 2008 on Comedy Central

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  • perfect

    In this episode, the world wonders what life would be like, without- gasp!- The INTERNET! Randy and the Marsh family will do whatever it takes to get some internet, even a little, and Kyle thinks he has found the solution to the problem. Has he? Will there ever be internet again?

    Good episode. Pretty funny. The scene of Randy sneaking in to use the internet was nasty (watch and you'll know why), but the rest was great. Stan's sister meeting her online boyfriend was funny, and the whole episode is pretty true- people DO Rely on the internet too much. Kind of a dumb message to not use it as much, but I still thought this episode was great. A+ definitely
  • I watched this episode on the Internet. I immediately then decided to write an internet review.

    Loved the concept of the episode. South Park has the amazing ability to take the extremes of our society and then exaggerate them. It made me rethink how often I am on the internet, and what my life would be without it.

    The plot line seemed like a combination of recycled South Park episodes. Movie references from the 80's and 90's (which didn't work in this episode), dumb government officials, Kyle saving the day with a simple solution, and of course the message at the end.

    As far as humor goes, this episode was a little below average in South Park terms. I liked Randy's line about Playboy not being the same after you see Japanese girls puking into each others mouth. Shelly hitting Stan when he tried to comfort her is also hilarious. That was about it. I didn't find Randy having fun with himself with porn at the end funny. Too disgusting for my taste.

    The most meaningful part is when Shelly met her boyfriend in person, and they had no clue how to communicate with each other. It was more fun living the dream relationship compared to the real one.
  • If there's no internet I can be doing this right now!

    in this episode the internet is freakin' gone. I just thought that they use up all the internet in there house. Then they go to Kyle's house and the internet is gone too then they go to Starbucks. They never had internet at Starbucks. If i can't use the internet home I go to Apple or this Mall i know that you can use the internet. Then Randy plans a trip to california but they only get 40 seconds of internet I don't know what I can do in 40 seconds. Then Randy complians so he can Jack off what a butthole. Then he gets a lot of seamen on him and some how Kyle fixs the thing and got the internet back.

    south park has no internet.everyone goes wild.everyone panics,and randy is the one that acts to move forward.this is what i call a south park classic.using randy as a lead character to amuse almost every viewers.i loved this episode,especially randy s eagerness to get the internet.and it all ends with kyle saving everyone by using the old plug out ,p[lug in sequence,this episode made me LOL. that my brother had shout at me to shutup.bad ting is that cartman doesnt have a role in this episode.he is just a background character.but overall, a fantastic episode.overlogging season 12 episode 6.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED MATES.
  • Life without Internet.

    No doubt, Randy is now an established fan favorite and this episode is another example how hilarious the chracter can be. Season 12 have had some ups and downs so far..this episode is among the ups. Love the Wikipedia and Amazon reference...the funniest part of the episode was no doubt the artificial/Sketched poRn...Randy was priceless. And his preferences, with the Japanese, elephants and all..LMAO. The scene where Randy got what he want was superb..."it was a ghost!" hilarious stuff.
    Internet was re-established a silly way...well that`s south park.
    Overall it was a great Randy episode..not a Randy classic tho. Had some boring moments with the camps on the road to California. One thing the episode was missing was Cartman, which was surprising. Still, the best episode of the season so far.
  • Not as funny as some of the recent episodes but it does make a point. The internet does take away your life somedays

    The joke that the internet is down nationwide is clever but overplayed way too much in its severity. I know I go on for an hour sometimes and end up hours later still being on the computer. The news being down because of it was funny though.

    Saying this its obvious they just created the situation for Randy Marsh to blow his load. The internet porn simulation being a very funny thing. Shelly, Stan's sister got a little story as well with her mexican internet boyfriend which has an interesting outcome. And you can't deny an internet Rufugee camp is funny.

    Letdowns come from the fact that there is no clever answer in the end to why its shut down. It's just crashed so unplug and plug back in, duh. Also what was the black and white part all about, a bit of a missed opportunity at a joke I reckon but no point to it as after the break it gos directly back to colour.
  • Solid, nothing more than that.

    It was a solid episode, but nothin gmore than that. It had a clever plot but it wasn't really executed the way I had hoped. It was a solid filler episode though, I don't really care for episodes that leave Cartman out of it like this one, I know his character was in the episode but he didn't play a role in it. Although I do like episodes where Stan's dad plays a role that is funny. It's tough for me to give this episode a rating of 7 because I didn't really laugh at all during this episode. It just wasn't that good.
  • Funny

    This episode was really good. It starts off with the Marsh family all logged on the computers and wanting to stay on them. They wake up the next day, eager to go on the computers, only to find out the internet is not working. They then set out to California to find "internet." They finally reach California, only to see that the internet they have there is quite limited and most people can only get a few minutes of it each day. Randy has some great scenes in this, such as the "simulator" and when he claims there was a "ghost" in the Red Cross building. This is one of the better episodes of the season
  • Good.

    Randy found out that the internet has broken, his family has to move to California for some internet. I think this episode is kind of average because it's all about the internet connection and how Randy need to see a porn of two girls and one cup ( if that how it called), and Cartman hasn't speak on the entire episode but he appeared with Kenny. My favorite part where when Shelly beat up her little brother like the olden episode ( A elephant makes love to a pig, etc) and how Randy masturbates in room and have semen all over him with his pants wide open. Nothing to say about this one.

    Description: The citizens of South Park wake up one morning shocked to find the Internet is gone. Upon hearing news that there may still be Internet in California, Randy decides to pack up his family and head out West in search of Internet.

    Storyline: As a parody of the Grapes of Wrath, I found this episode a excellant masterpiece around the plot. The fact that the Internet was used in this episode like in real life (i.e: People using the internet too much) was historical.

    Humor: The internet jokes. All I can say: Freaking awesome! I just loved the fact that everyone treated the Internet like the most important thing in life. The ending was also funny, as they wanted to treat the Internet like a living being.

    Rating: Overall, this should be the best episode of the 1st run. The humor and the enjoyable plot makes it a South Park classic in my books.
  • "Over Logging" is episode 1206 (#173) and a parody of The Grapes of Wrath.

    The episode begins with the Marsh family performing various online activities: Stan browsing, Shelley iChat-ing with her online boyfriend Amir from Montana, and Randy watching Internet pornography. Sharon has them all get off for bed but when they wake up the next day, they discover the Internet is not working. Then they go to Kyle's home, but the internet is not working there either. Soon it becomes apparent that no one's Internet in South Park is working, and without the Internet and websites like Drudge Report to find out why, they cannot figure out what to do. The TV news, which has nothing to report without the Internet, gives vague rumors of there being some Internet access in Silicon Valley. After eight days without Internet (indicated by a time card similar to the ones in the film The Shining), the family decides to head out "Californee way." As they spend the night in a transient camp, a man delivers a Grapes of Wrath-inspired monologue that California is so crowded from other travelers that there is not enough Internet to go around.
    When the Marshes arrive they are placed in a Weedpatch-like "Internet refugee camp" which is so overcrowded that each family is only permitted forty seconds of Internet access a day, which Randy complains isn't even enough time to look at Wikipedia. Shelley is angry about being unable to communicate with Amir and beats up Stan repeatedly out of frustration. Randy quickly becomes agitated and explains to a guard that he has not "jacked off" in over two weeks. Over the years, Randy became so used to being able to find any weird fetish he wanted with a click that he "can't just go back to Playboy." Following the guard's refusal to help, Randy encounters a fellow traveller who informs him that many men have come to California because of the same problem. In the background, a visitor of the type in the pilot episode looks on and observes this conversation. Randy's attempt to use an "Internet pornography simulator" (crude hand-drawn stick figures) fails, but when the camp's computer is locked inside for the night, he sneaks in to use it in secret. As he masturbates his loud moans attract attention and he is discovered in front of the computer covered in his own semen. He tries to explain that a spooky ghost "slimed" him with ectoplasm. It is heavily implied that the camp loses the little amount of internet access it has left because of this.
    Meanwhile, the government has attempted to find a way to fix "The Internet", a gigantic Linksys-like wireless router that has stopped working for some unknown reason. Several fruitless attempts are made to repair it: negotiating with it, communicating with it musically (with the melody from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but using the wrong last note), and even shooting at it. Acting on a hunch, Kyle power cycles the router by disconnecting and reconnecting its power cord. The network indicator now glows green to indicate that nationwide Internet access has been re-established.
    Back at the camp, everybody discovers that their laptops are working (similar to real life) and celebrate the return of the Internet. Shelley, ecstatic that she will now be able to communicate with Amir, suddenly hears a boy call out her name. It is the actual Amir, whose family had also traveled across the country to get Internet. The two are initially awkward around each other, and make plans to e-mail each other instead of communicating in-person. At the end of the episode, Randy makes a speech similar to Steven Seagal's speech warning about overuse of natural resources in On Deadly Ground. Randy says they should learn from the experience and stop "over-logging...on," because they may be unprepared as a result if the Internet is lost permanently. He advises people to stop browsing pointlessly, to only use it when truly necessary and to only view Internet porn "twice a day... max."
  • All episodes previously with Randy have been awesome! And this one is no exception but I found the ending a bit of an anti-climax.

    Randy marsh has not jacked off in over 2 weeks, mainly down to the reason the internet has gone and his access to internet porn is now gone. Shelly Marsh cannot talk to her internet boyfriend, and gets really emotional about the whole thing, saying that she loves him even though they've never met.

    This is a great episode, mainly because of the over-serious Randy Marsh pretty much leading this one. There are some awesomely good South Park classic scenes in this one, namely the 'ghost' which sprays you with sticky ectoplasm and the 'internet pornography simulation' which isn't exactly what Randy would have been expecting.

    Again we see the exaggerated stupidity of adults in society, the kids seemingly the smart ones as usual, and of course Kyle coming to save the adult's minds once again. The ending was a bit of an anti-climax for me though. I was expecting some ridiculously random conclusion but it never came and that is why I lowered the score.

    Nevertheless, the end of the episode made me laugh when Randy said that people should only look at Pornography twice a day. Max. Was a great conclusion to a decent episode but I guess its still not up to the high standards which I usually expect from South Park nowadays.
  • The internet is gone!

    This is exactly what would happen if we woke up without the internet. I really do not think I would be able to function if I wasn't able to wake up and check my email or check the Drudge Report or! This episode of South Park was kind of an allusion to The Grapes of Wrath and they did a really good job at alluding to it. The episode this week focused on the Marshes, especially Randy who is really freaking out because he cannot check internet porn. The episode goes on to show how the citizens of South Park are going to move to Californee because that is where they heard internet is. So they head out Californee way and when they get there, they realize there is not enough internet to go around. Finally Stan is shown where the internet is kept and the problem was solved by unplugging the modem. How many times has that happened to you? This was a great episode! Can't believe next week is the mid-season finale. How sad!
  • we see how the members of the marsh family cope with the sudden loss of the internet

    this is one of the better episodes of season 12. while major boobage is the tops choice, i would put this at either 2 or 3. it was a terrifically visually funny episode, esp the scene where we see randy covered in "ectoplasm". the references to how much the internet is taking over our lives and how the world is so obsessed with things that are just not supposed to be even thought about makes south park actually what a tabloid should be, enjoyed but taken with a grain of salt. makes the 4 eight year olds smarter than a lot of grown-ups out there.
  • The people of South Park are distraught to find one morning that they have no Internet. Randy decides to head out to 'Californee' with the family after hearing rumour that there is some internet there, in this well written and very enjoyable episode...

    This is a truly awesome episode. It tackles something that we all use everyday and very much take for granted, and puts the unique 'South Park' spin on it.

    We haven't had a Randy-based episode in a while, and while this isn't solely about him, he gets a lot of screen time, which is a good thing.

    Cartman and Kenny only appear briefly in this episode, but do not have any dialogue. But it doesn't matter, as Randy and the family hold up the episode well on their own.

    Naturally, the town is very quickly in alarm at not having Internet, and it's always funny to see Randy in a panic.

    The parallels with searching for oil, or gold, are good, and I like how things set up like an old 1940s movie.

    I also liked the Internet simulator (complete with out-of-sight person scribbling stick pictures of Randy's gross requests).
    When Randy finally does get internet... whew, that was graphic, with him all being covered in sper... I mean, 'ectoplasm'! But did they really have to go that far? It seems to me that, especially in the most recent couple of seasons, they like to try and include something graphic (most commonly bloody violence) to try and be controversial.

    The story is well written and on target, and will probably appeal to it's many net-savvy viewers.

    After a truly terrible start to the season, things have really picked up, and this is the latest in a line of great episodes.
  • Truly amazing.

    The citizens of South Park wake up one morning shocked to find the Internet is gone. Upon hearing news that the Internet may remain in California, Randy decides to head out west with the family. This episode is yet another amazing episode in season 12. It's the 2nd best this season behind "Eek, A P*nis!".When I first heard this episode would have something to do with the internet, I knew it would be good. Any episode of anything that has something to do with computers/the internet has to be good. It was also one of the funniest episodes I've ever seen. Especially when Randy was j*cking off and got sp*rm everywhere. I can't believe they actually believed it was a ghost!!
  • The citizens of South Park wake up one morning shocked to find the Internet is gone. Upon hearing news that the Internet may remain in California, Randy decides to head out west with the family.

    The ingredients were there...but to me somehow the mix wasn't that great....

    I for one mostly concurr with previous reviews about our incresing dependency (and adiction) of the internet (I work and sell computers, so I know the daily triats of it)and maybe the scary part is that a lot of the jokes and references were just too true, the personal/web relationships it's one of them, the whole "grapes of wrath" references seemed to drag the episode somehow, but Kyle's solution to the problem was just a dead on everyday thing... I think the writers are pushing it a little bit too much with Randy's "ectoplasm" scene, but then again, I think that was the last thing remaining on the "pushing the envelope" list (we already had Explicit Cursing, Excrement, Vaginal Blood, Same sex intercourse, and although semen was already showed on the show, I think it's the first time we got an "aftermath" scene) but the "porn internet simulator" was easily one of the most funny things of this episode, and if I am not mistaking Randy's last speech was something out of a Steven Seagal movie, proving my point that most of the references used on this season are from stuff of the 80's and 90's culture, this episode had some funy stuff, but I wouldn't called the best of the season (and what a season we are having) yet...
  • This was a fairly well done funny episode about the internet.

    It wasn't an amazing episode of South Park, but it kept the laughs coming throughout and made some very good references. The most notable reference in this episode was to Grapes of Wrath. The camps which were set up as well as the people going to California are a reference to farmers moving out to California to get work on farms picking fruit, etc. and how camps of them would spring up in places depending on where the next harvest was occuring, or in this case where the internet was.

    I also liked how it poked fun at Linksys and their internet. Linksys doesn't make a bad product, and for the cheap routers it is actually pretty solid, but it does seem to often run into a situation where it is droppping off for no apparent reason.

    This was a funny episode, unlike some of the earlier ones it didn't have a ton of a message to it, there was a little in Randy's speach at the end, but not a ton of one in comparison.
  • The Internet goes down and panic follows with Randy at the Helm. A fun episode that falls weak on structure.

    The Episode starts off simple with obvious direction. This week they do something they often do well tackeling contempory social phenomenon. Our dependancy on the internet is not a topic TV comedy has delt with much, and of course South Park takes it to the extremes, possibly missing a better storyline and failing to make a good point.

    Nevertheless this episode is quite original and clever. It was also good to see Stans sister back, not also forgetting having everyone favorite prat - Randy - as the episodes main charecter. Randy is the highlight of this episode even if it does get a bit gross! The stupid government idea is getting a bit old, and Kyle being the person to come to rescue is a bit overused too.

    This episode tried to do too much in 20 minutes, its ideas and points feel a bit mute and fragmented. Again they picked an idea with so much potential and didnt fulfil it. The first and last 5 minutes are where all the good stuff is the rest in the middle is a bit drab. Animation quailty continues to get better however and dispite any grumbles it was better than most this season so far.
  • Favourite episode of season 12 so far.

    South Parks internet it down so randy takes his family on the road in search of some internet. Okay so I have to say I really liked the idea of this episode as soon as I heard it. I'm a massive fan of when the town over acts and have always liked Randy. Over Logging is a very funny South Park, I enjoyed the old folkie style internet talk and song. When shelly met her online boyfriend that was perfect and true to life with how awkward it was. The solution was hilarious being wonderfully daft . This could have used the other south park characters better but is still highly entertaining without them.
  • Wow. A real downfall for South Park.

    The internet is gone in South Park, which is bad for the citizens because by now, their addicted to it. Stan's family sets out for California, since there they have little internet. Enough to supply them. But when they get there, they found out that it's just as bad.

    Meanwhile, Kyle's family is back in South Park. Kyle thinks of a way to get the internet working again. In fact, it does work. All he does is put the cord back in from the computer. I guessed that so that seemed a little obvious.

    For some reason Shelley has a boyfriend. I don't know where HE come from or if he's becoming part of the show or what.

    This was a parody of The Grapes Of Wrath, otherwise the Great Depression. Look, I think that South Park could've been a lot more clever and funny with this plot. I just hope to see another good episode. Hopefully South Park doesn't take that really long break thing like they did last year.
  • The internet's gone but what does that mean for South Park?

    Well it means widespread panic apparently. The idea that most of our lives are ruled by the internet these days is a fair comment. Not long ago I myself was without internet in my flat for a fortnight and it's a bit worrying how much I missed it. Having the web is kind of a substitute for pretty much anything as far as news and updates goes so not having it can seem quite restrictive. I think the line that best summed this up was "what did we do before the internet?" Other than that the episode fell a little flat.

    The episode did show all the major aspects of what the internet is for: news, chatting with friends, email, work, ordering stuff and of course pornography. However other than Randy's lack of porn and Shelly not being able to talk to her boyfriend there wasn't really enough obvious impact on how the characters were filling the void left by the internet. The two best jokes were Randy's stickman porn pictures and the incredibly disgusting image of him after he'd finally got onto the internet (not even going to bother trying to describe the scene as there's no way to sugar-coat it!).

    It was still good and had some funny references but it was nothing special. There were a couple of film parodies, some of which I got (On Deadly Ground, 30 Days of Night) some went a bit over my head (The black and white bit made me think Of Mice and Men rather than The Grapes of Wrath). Then there were some of Randy's comments about what he watches on the internet, one reference in particular I'm afraid to say I got. If you didn't know what he was talking about when he said "two girls throwing up in each others mouths" then just be grateful! How anyone can be turned on by any of the things Randy was searching for is beyond me, but I think that was kind of the point.

    Other than that it somehow felt like not a lot happened in this episode. There were no real revelations whilst the internet was down and no earth shattering ramifications of it either. Not that every episode of South Park needs to be huge but this just felt a little rushed to be honest. Although I am glad they didn't decide to have the internet be a giant monster or something, Kyle turning the giant modem off and on wasn't the funniest reveal South Park has ever done. So it was a decent effort and probably above average for season 12 so far but nothing great as far as the series as a whole is concerned. I don't think that South Park has run out of steam or anything, but they do seem to be going through a bit of a dry spell at the moment.
  • This has got to be the best episode of the 12th season of South Park so far..

    South Park doesn't seem to be afraid of making fun of things, but they are also not afraid to put things on television that people don't usually put. For example, Randy Marsh jacking off to internet porn and people seeing semen all over him. Finally, an episode starring Stan Marsh's crazy family, and Kyle the Jewish boy saving the day. This was a wonderful episode, and I am glad that it aired.

    The internet.. is gone. There is not much internet around. The government is trying to reason with the internet's router, but it won't work. Stan Marsh and his family, along with many other people have moved to a camp where they can only get fourty seconds of internet if it is their turn. But, that is not enough for Randy Marsh and his masturbating needs. He breaks into the room where the computer for internet is after everyone is told to go to bed, and he jacks off. His load is all over his face after people come in hearing him moaning. He claims it was a ghost. Also, Kyle looks on the news report and finds out what to do to fix the internet. He fixes it and the internet is back.

    This was an amazing episode. I mean, it was hilarious. Not that hilarious since I was very hungry the time I watched the episode but it was awesome!
  • Another great addition to a great season 10/10

    This seaosn Trey and Matt are on one hell of a role this season.Each episode so far had been better than thelast and this is shown in the latest episode Over Logging which is the best episode so far this season and with episodes like this Season 12 will defantly be in my top 5 South Park series of all time.
    ]Now on to what made the episode so good it had an hilarious plot about how society as a whole has becomes so depandant on the internet that we no longer need phones or tv's for communication even the news get there info from the internet shopping,games even porn are all subjects of the internet and without it we would be doomed and like the Marshes probably move miles away just to jack off over internet porn or even just use it for 40 seconds.

    The story begins with Sharon telling the family they have to go to bed and get off the internet .when Randy wakes up the next day and he runs into Stans bedroom stating he needs 2 use Stans internet his isn't working leaidng to the Marshes discovering none of there internets are working.Desprate they go to Kyles house and are let in and promised they can go on the Brovlawskis internet only for them to discoer theres is also out.Soon they discover the whole towns internet is out they try several places but it is deemed the nations internet has gone even the news cannot live witohut it.IN a desprate need for some internet the marshes pack up and head for calafornee.Its there Randy joins a camp fire refuge before heading to Calafornee with the rest of the desprate nation.Meanwhile the goverment attmepts to reason with the giant router that controls the net.The marshes discoer that due to the high number of people wanting to use the internet in Calfornia its been rashoned and everyone only get 40 seconds on the internet.No were near enough time for Randy to jack off to porn or for Shelly to talk to her online boyfriend .Randy tries an internet porn simulator but its not the same cauisng him to steal the only working internet computer and jack off untill he cums all over himslef[funniest thing all season]Everyone walks in and are the discussed Randy claims its ectoplasm from a ghost[funniest line tihs season]With no luck in getting the giant router to turn green Kyle attempts to help by unplugging then plugigng back in the plug which causes the nations internet to return.
    Great episode i love the episodes ere everybody overracts to the slightest of things.I also love Randy episodes there so funny and inventful.Another great addition to a great season 10/10
  • something is missing!

    i dont know what it is aboutt hi season but something is really msiing from south aprk.

    in the this epsiode the people of south park have toruble with there internet.

    The whole thing takes over the town and coauses a roit to find internet. While randy and his family go to California and kyle stays at home.

    The ingerdiants for agreat epsidoe was all there but it wasn't to be! Something was missing! It was medicorly funny and not that entertaining. Did show how obsessed u can get witht the internet but it lack funny humour. Was very disappointed once again!

    Nothing new with this season I guess.
  • "What did we used to do to get the news before the Internet?"

    When the Internet goes down nationwide, Randy packs Stan and the family up to go to California, where the rumor is that they might have Internet. Meanwhile, after watching the news, Kyle thinks he knows the way to fix the Internet for everyone. This episode is such an accurate representation of what happens when the Internet goes down that it is scary. The mass scale of the epidemic only makes it funnier as life stops without the Internet, and we see that people feel they can only communicate with each other or satisfy certain... desires... through the Internet. South Park hits a homerun with this one.
  • The internet suffers a massive failure-chaos and funniness ensue.

    Though this episode was more oriented towards the social commentary aspect, it was still humorous in a subtle way. Much like last week, it wasn't totally laugh out loud funny, but still very humorous and very enjoyable. The Marsh Family loves the internet-Stan has his things, Shelly has a boyfriend, Sharon checks her email, and Randy loves his pornography. Though the internet suddenly shuts down nationwide and life mostly grinds to a halt. Randy packs up the family to go to "Californee" to find a signal and ends up in a camp in the sillicon valley. Meanwhile the government tries to fix the internet, by going to the internet-an incredibly large router. Seems that the little yellow light is blinking when it should be green. In a nod to "Close Encounters" they try communicating with it and firing a warning shot to no avail. Kyle figures it out and unplugs the internet, and plugs it back in-problem solvd-society goes back to normal.

    The episode kind of dragged at times, but it was rather funny too. The part with Randy in the trailer with the computer was both gross and hysterical. Additionally, the part with him and the pornography simulator was priceless. The commentary involving the internet and how we almost cannot live without it was rather funny. The part with Kyle unplugging the internet was brilliant-people overreact way too much.

    Overall a solid episode, a couple of laugh out loud moments, and dull spots but pretty good.
  • Finally an amazing episode, South Park loses its internet and freaks out.

    This is totally me because I hate losing the internet and am very very bored without it. I thought that this was hilarious because it reminded me of the episode where they all go into hiding because Family Guy was going to air an image of the Musilm prophet uncensored. South Park has been kind of lousy this year so it was nice to finally see a South Park episode that wasn't absolutely disturbing. Loved the preface of this show and hope that there are many many more like this to come. As usual Randy was the overly dramatic character and I love the exremely simple solution to the no internet problem.
  • The ingredients were there...but to me somehow the mix wasn't that great....

    I for one mostly concurr with previous reviews about our incresing dependency (and adiction) of the internet (I work and sell computers, so I know the daily triats of it)and maybe the scary part is that a lot of the jokes and references were just too true, the personal/web relationships it's one of them, the whole "grapes of wrath" references seemed to drag the episode somehow, but Kyle's solution to the problem was just a dead on everyday thing... I think the writers are pushing it a little bit too much with Randy's "ectoplasm" scene, but then again, I think that was the last thing remaining on the "pushing the envelope" list (we already had Explicit Cursing, Excrement, Vaginal Blood, Same sex intercourse, and although semen was already showed on the show, I think it's the first time we got an "aftermath" scene) but the "porn internet simulator" was easily one of the most funny things of this episode, and if I am not mistaking Randy's last speech was something out of a Steven Seagal movie, proving my point that most of the references used on this season are from stuff of the 80's and 90's culture, this episode had some funy stuff, but I wouldn't called the best of the season (and what a season we are having) yet...
  • This was probably one of the best episodes of the season, if not the series.

    The more and more that network TV and the media become less relevant to reality, the more and more South Park seems to hit things head on. The Britney episode earlier this season wasn't as well executed as this episode, but the points it made were dead on. This episode perfectly captures our society's current growing dependence on being interconnected on the Internet. At the same time, it shows that we are increasingly isolating ourselves in our own virtual bubble of the world wide web. Case in point--Shelley's internet relationship.

    The episode even points out that newsgathering is increasingly dependent on the net as opposed to real reporting, especially when it comes to international concerns.

    I loved how they managed to work in references to Drudge, Close Encounters, the Linksys Router, actual web memes like the 2 girls 1 cup video. I fell out of my chair when Kyle fixed "the internet" by unplugging and then plugging the router back in. I have the same router and I've had to do the same thing many times to "fix the internet".
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