South Park

Season 12 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 22, 2008 on Comedy Central

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  • superb

    What I liked: Craig telling Stan and friends why nobody at school likes them, the city of South Park being attacked, the man at the end revealing the only one who can stop the madness is Craig, Kyle's parents and Sharon telling Mr. and Mrs. Tucker they think Craig is a bad influence on their kids, amongst other things.

    Good episode. I liked the 'epic' feel to it, and I laughed a lot. It was also a good cliffhanger ending, which I liked because it made me excited to see what would happen in part two. Not one of the best episodes, but it was enjoyable, and as such, I give it a B- or so as my final grade
  • far from good like imaginationland, but a superbly done episode

    okay i knew this episode was going to be good as soon as when kenny was dancing around with the pan flute music. then they started to make money by becoming a flute band with cartman, kyle, stan, kenny, and craig. and it was written well, plot is stale, but the setting of this episode was superb. do not know why people did not appreciate this episode, but for me it was a funny and cleverly plotted episode. and the shocking ending gave me a huge glimpse in my eye saying that i must watch the second part of the episode.

    overall, not as good as the other 2 or 3 parters, but a good way to start a 2 parter.
  • We don't need another "Imaginationland"

    Ok, now let me start off by saying the beginning looked promising. Cartman coming up with a get rich quick scam is always hilarious. But it just took a wrong turn when they started their "Cloverfield" references.

    I'm starting to get sick of their two-three part episodes. Imaginationland was cool but do we really need another one? I want to see more use of Trey and Matt's creativity, and not what they think people would like. I will seem like a bad South Park fan but I don't think I'll watch part 2 of this. I hope once this storyline is over, they go back to their other ideas that are somewhat good. Because I liked the last two episodes, and this, is not right.
  • Gearing Up For Another Great Season!!!

    This Episode Was Great Why Everyone Has A Problem With It I Dont Understand. After Watching South Park Over It Life You Must Eventually Realise That What Makes This Show So Funny Is It's Complete And Utter Randomness.

    Yes The Idea Really Didnt Mix Which Is What Made It Funny You Didnt Expect Them To Be Giant Guinea Pigs Or Pan Flute Bands Thats What Makes It So Funny.

    Craig Was Funny In This Episode With His Point Outs And The Parody Of Cloverfield Was Classic Only Because Randy Did It He Is So Funny And Kenny Doing That Random Little Dance Aswell. Classic Episode

    Cant Wait For Next Week
  • we need to watch the next episode to judge this one

    this episode was one of the show classics, i just wonna wait for the next episode, to see why Greg is important, what i like in this show that they involve everyone, like in this episode and in the next "Greg".
    however,, the thing with Stan's brother was hilarious, i mean he kept holding the camera, and wanting to tape everything regardless of whats happening, typical south park act hehhe.
    they did something new in this episode with peruvians, and how the kids acts stupid.
    but i dont know why they make this episode in two parts, i dont think it needs that much of time, i think its a waste of time.
  • Not a bad episode, really

    I can't say it's all that great. We've seen plots like this before. But wait, we've seen plots like this before? Yes, people, this actually feels like a South Park episode. That's what brings my score up for this one. It was a little above average, it was funny and it sticks closer to SP's routes than most other episodes of today. Randi was funny as usual. I'm just glad they can never screw his character up no matter how far they go with others. My only real issue right now is that Craig hasn't flicked people off lately, and this episode kinda adds to it. Overall, an okay episode.
  • How come everyone likes this one so much?

    Okay, I am really confused as to why everyone seems to think this episode is so great. It's not. It's unoriginal, weird, and stupid. First of all, who's ever heard of Peruvian flute bands, ever, before this episode. Maybe some people, but not me. And the Furry Death? Guinea Pigs? Jeez. They decide to do a Cloverfield parody 9 whole months after the freaking movie! The plot was rehashed from other episodes, and they seriously should have picked something more relevant for an "epidemic". The next part better be good, because this episode was very disappointing. The only things I really liked were Craig's observation (and the fact that he's a major character in this episode) and the Cloverfield parody, despite it being very very late. And also, I have to say that I liked the Oprah episode. I didn't like this episode.
  • Awsome Episode!!!!!

    This Episode was AWSOME!! I dont know why some people think that South Park is getting worse ITS Acually getting better since that Indiana Jones Episode.. This episode was soo funny and theres a continued one coming up next week , and i cant wait to see it :D...
    The episode was about when Stan convinces the other boys to start their own pan flute band. They convince Craig to invest his $100.00 USD birthday money that he got.. Than they next to the mall and get some money by playing the peruvian music..and they made some bucks but than the government decides to Ban all the Peruvian pan flute bands they take them to Miami than Peru to stop all the bands... When all the bands stopped playing , Huge guine pigs atack the world.. haha its a really funny episode!!
  • Season 12, Episode 10.

    I really enjoyed this episode. The whole Mexican band thing or whatever wasn't too bad. It didn't really phase me. They were jerks to Craig, though. But it was humorous, so I don't really care. :) I really loved one certain aspect of this episode. It was done wonderfully. It was the Cloverfield essence in this episode that makes it a series classic. Cloverfield is one of the best movies ever, and I was not expecting it to be a part of a South Park episode, ever. It was done wonderfully, though. Kudos to Trey Parker and Matt Stone. 10/10, definitely.
  • The guys learn how to make some $$$$$$$$$$

    When an international crisis strikes, the boys discover a way to make money that seems easy and profitable. Cartman manages to convince Craig that he should help the guys with their scheme. Cartman knows Craig has what it takes to make their dream a reality. This episode was alright, it was funny with the peruvian pan flute guys and stan learns he and the others can make money by starting a peruvian pan flute ban. With a donation from craig. One of the reasons i like this episode is Craig is a prominant character and he isnt normally a prominant character he is just a background character or just a minor characterr but its cool to see him playing a major role being the only one who can stop the attack.
  • Realising that they can make money imitating the Peruvian pan flute players that are appearing everywhere, the boys recruit Craig to join them, but end up being mistaken for real Peruvians and sent on a dangerous mission. An average instalment...

    This review contains spoilers.

    This is the first of two-parter (well, I assume it's a two-parter; it may be more, like last season's popular 'Imaginationland'). I have to say, it was mostly average in my view, and didn't have many moments of real laugh-out-loud moments.

    It was an interesting twist for the boys to recruit Craig. Craig usually only has a couple of moments each season; and it made a change from always using Butters.

    The story also has a subplot of Randy and his new camcorder (which turns out to catch the invasion of the giant hamsters at the end of the episode). The plot of camcording everything may be 15+ years out of date, but it did make for the only outstandingly amusing moment of the episode, where Stan and Kyle's parents are frantically asking Craig's parents if they've seen the boys, and Randy turns out to be filming the whole thing!

    There are some nice moments as Craig comments that the boys never think their plans through, and as Kyle says he can't go to Peru (his friend was "raped there", a reference to 'The China Probrem' a couple of episodes ago), but all-in-all this was a rather flat and average-at-best instalment. I generally prefer self-contained episodes to multi-parters (with a couple of exceptions), and this episode is an example of why.

    I hope things pick up in part II.
  • Why does Craig thinks the guys are jerks?

    After watching this episode, I thought to myself, "The pan flute bands sound really tranquil and nice." Kenny seems to be the only one who enjoys pan flute music like I do sometimes. Stan just found out that the Peruvian Pan Flute Bands are making money by selling their CDs. So the boys went to recruit Craig Tucker by tricking into spending a hundred dollars Craig received from his grandma on his birthday. Craig didn't feel like being apart of the boys' whole new scam, but he decided to join anyway since he probably had nothing better to do. While performing folk music, the government started to capture every pan flute band, including the boys featuring Craig. The indifferent boy in the blue coat and yellow poof ball blue hat began to articulate why nobody in school likes Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and the fat boy because they're constantly coming up with money-making scams and end up getting in trouble with the government. Michael Chertoff, the 2nd Secretary of the Homeland Security, assigned the boys featuring Craig to go to Peru and destroy everything and kill every Peruvian people so that they'll never invade the world with their pan flute music.

    Meanwhile back in South Park, as tranquility and composure finally sets in after the all of the Peruvian pan flute bands got incarcerated by the government, something disastrous approaches. When the pan flute bands were trying to warn everyone about "La Muertes Palueda," which is Spanish for "the Furry Death," they are actually the guardians who are playing pan flute music just to sooth the monstrous Guinea Pigs from destroying the world. It turns out that Chertoff knew that this would happen and that he is an evil demon plotting world domination. The episode ended in a cliffhanger with Chertoff looking at his folder with a picture of Craig Tucker. Also, Randy Marsh is being annoying once again with the damn camcorder. He seems to enjoy filming everything the family does. As the Furry Death continues their rampage in South Park, Randy went outside to film whatever is provoking the catastrophe a la The Witch Blair Project.

    For all we know is that Craig didn't want to have anything to do with the either Stan, Kyle, Kenny, or the fat boy. However, the guys convinced Craig to join the pan flute band to make easy money. If there was a moment that led me to this kind of situation, I'd be like Craig because he really does point out things like understanding how the boys are constantly getting into trouble and never learn from their mistakes. This turns out be another one of my favorite multiple-part story arc episodes of South Park like Imaginationland.
  • The boys pose as a Peruvian flute band to make money.

    "No trabajar aqui!!!! No es bueno!!!!"

    Absolutely loved it. This comedy never gets old unless you don't like parodies of movies, politically comedy and all around funny jokes.

    It started of as a plot about the boys wanting to scam people by posing as a Peruvian flute band but it turned into something more. I loved the Cloverfield parody (which was very easy to spot) with Randy walking around like a girl.

    The boys eventually get "detained" as a threat by the military and are threatened to be sent to Guantanamo Bay without any due process of law (thank you Trey and Matt for pointing out another abuse violation by George W).

    The lines with Craig are funny because you remember last week with Cartman posing as this wanabee bad ass dumbfounded by the fact that he isn't cool, then this week you had the kids dumbfounded that they also aren't cool.

    It all made sense and was funny. I was expecting a different monster of course but still I got that they were doing and it made me laugh.
  • South Park is better and better visually and worse and worse dramatically.

    It is all about a same thing. Partly the driving seniors, living homelesses, smugs, hippies. Partly the army solving stupid problems. And I tell you it's neither original nor funny anymore. In my opinion, this episode shows how much the creators are cribbing themselves. Parker and Stone make use of a pattern and don't want leave it. No matter how much I agree with them I'm saying I didn't enjoy myself.Although the creators make it visually better and better, South Park is dramatically weaker and weaker.
    On the top of it, I can't understand why Randy is here with the camera shooting everyone.
  • Monsters attack South Park, kids pull a crazy scheme, Randy stays annoying, and racism...everything that makes this show is all coming together in what is sure to be the weirdest two parter ever!

    This is an interesting episode and perhaps surprisingly well written in terms of suspense becaused you have NO IDEA where it's going. Well I guess you can say that about all the episodes but this episode is different because I have never heard of a Peruvian flute band epidemic before (except at Disney's Animal Kingdom). Matt & Trey must be really annoyed with these bands to devote more than two episodes to this.

    It's interesting for them to bring Craig into this although his voice is a little different. I love the lines he has in this episode just completely tearing at the boys with what seems to be the audience views on the show as of late (pure funny although they already did a similar Cartman centric statement in last week's episode). I also love how they made reference to the Indiana Jones rape again!

    I had a feeling that Randy's obsession with the camera was gonna be of some importance because it's an usual thing for him to be obsessed over. As soon as the camera started shaking and you hear that first thud in the news report I immediately thought "Cloverfield parody!" LOL. A giant guinea pig, what the hell?! Talk about weird and that last scene just made it all the more weirder.

    I cant help but think despite the weirdness, this episode seems to be taking a journey back to its season one roots in terms of story and mayhem. Not a bad thing if you ask me. I cant wait to see how insane things get in part two!
  • Peruvian bands increase, the boys try and cash in on the situation, to their detriment. Once again Randy is enthralled by technology.

    How could Peruvian flute bands be dangerous, and cause the collapse of the economy? Only in South Park!

    It has been some time that South Park did not touch on a weighty subject. It was very good to see the the old South Park craziness. It is an episode you could just sit back and enjoy without thinking. Kenny doing his little dance whenever they passed by a Peruvian flute band was, for lack of a better word, cute. The story progression was quick, and the twists were very funny. The allusion to Cloverfield was good too. Glad to see South park still on track!
  • Peruvian Flute Bands and the Furry Death? Looks like we're in for a wild ride.

    I was not aware of this episode going to be more than one part, but it was becoming aparent that this was not going to be resolved in one episode. I will not lie, the beginning was a little stale but was setting up the plot.

    Craig's lines where funny and are something not to be missed. The boys denial of everything he says is great. And Craig does kind of put this whole series into perspective.

    I was expecting some Cloverfield parody the moment we see Randy with a camcorder. The revelation that they are being attacked by Gunia Pigs was amazingly hilarious and I can't wait to see where this one goes.
  • Dear, this episode sucked.

    An episode of South Park being bad? You say, "no way!". Well, yes way. Yes way indeed. What's the deal with making a parody of a movie many have forgotten about in the worst way possible? A hamster? I would have accepted a giant Peruvian flute band, attack of the Peruvian flute band, or a giant Celia Cruz.. Well, maybe not the last thing. But what the hell does a hamster have to do with a Peruvian flute band? Why is there even Peruvian flute bands everywhere? I don't see a Peruvian flute band in the mall. What happened to South Park making fun of things that actually happen?

    Craig gets a hundred dollars from his grandma, and Stan and all gets an idea that if they start their own Peruvian Flute Band, they will double that to a thousand dollars. Little did they know is that the government wants to stop Peruvian Flute bands from ruining America's economy or something like that and.. well, they send them to a prison. Some sort of camp. And the boys now are going to Peru cause the government believe they are a hybrid of someone from a Peruvian Flute Band and an American because they aren't Peruvian.

    Then all hell breaks loose.. No, just for some reason a hamster starts attacking. Let's see if there's a part two and if it is good. Either I missed it or the ending was so soon. Before I knew it, Black News was on.