South Park

Season 12 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 22, 2008 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • The first tune that the boys play on their pan flutes outside Gacy's is 'Mary Had a Little Lamb'.

      The second tune that the boys play is "Three Blind Mice."

    • Craig mentions about the boys being in some foreign country and in outer space. This happens in the season 5 episode "Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants" and the season 3 episode "Starvin' Marvin In Space", respectively.

    • During the scene where Randy Marsh had the camcorder when the family was watching TV, the commercial for Wild Wacky Action Bike from the Season 3 episode "Chinpokomon" can be heard.

  • Quotes

    • Cartman: Por favor, buy our CD's de música!

    • Randy: Oh god! Oh god oh god I'm.. I'm so startled.

    • Craig: Was there ever a moment, when you guys first came up with the genius plan to become a Peruvian flute band, that any of you said "Hey, you know? This plan might backfire." ... No. That never occurred to you. Because you guys are jerks. You never learn from your mistakes. And that's why everyone at school thinks you're assholes.
      Kyle: That's not true! Kids at school like us. Don't they?
      Stan: Yeah dude. The kids at school totally like us. Craig's just being a dick because we're having a tough time right now.
      Craig: I'm being a dick?
      Stan: Yes!
      Craig: You guys took my birthday money, got me arrested, sent to Miami with no way home except to take down the country of Peru - and I'm being a dick?
      Cartman: There's no talkin' to this guy!

    • Craig: Do you know why nobody else at school likes hanging out with you? ... Because you're always doing stuff like this. You're always coming up with some stupid idea to do something, and then it backfires, and then you end up in some foreign country or in outer space or something. That's why no one likes hanging out with you guys.
      Cartman: ... You're being extremely negative Craig.

    • Cartman: No! No es bueno!

    • Craig: You guys never hang out with me, you never invite me to do stuff, but now you want me to be in a band with you because my Grandma gave me a hundred dollars.
      Cartman: Craig, don't be an asshole.
      (Long pause)
      Craig: I'll go get the money.

    • (Cartman, Kyle and Kenny are playing a board game)
      Cartman: I will this card to move Kyle back seven spaces. (Moves Kyle's piece) Screw you Kyle. And, alright your turn Kenny.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • LG:

      When CNN shows a shot from intervention against Peruvian Flute bands, there's an illuminated advertising in the middle on a building, which strongly resembles the brand logo of the LG, except L is replaced with E.

    • The China Probrem/Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull:

      When the boys are first told that they have to go to Peru by the head of Homeland Security, Kyle freaks out and says that he cannot go to Peru. Stan explains that "one of our friends was raped in Peru". Refering to both the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull(where a major portion of Indy 4 was shot) , and the South Park episode "The China Probrem" that aired two weeks earlier, an episode that heavily ridiculed Indiana Jones 4.

    • The Blair Witch Project:

      During the guinea pig attack, Randy turns the camera toward him, and he says that he is startled. This is a parody of the scene in The Blair Witch Project, when Heather looks into the camera and begins crying, and utters the actual line "I'm so...scared".

    • Scarface:

      The boys and the Peruvians are detained underneath a network of roads and bridges in Miami in a location identical to one in the movie Scarface. In the movie, Tony Montana, along with other Cuban refugees, was held in a detention center also in Miami that looks exactly like the one in this episode.

    • Macy's:

      When the boys are in the strip mall area performing, there is a store called Gacy's, which is probably a play on the large department store chain, Macy's.

    • Cloverfield:

      The portrayal of the attack of the guinea pigs, in which they are only vaguely seen and objects are hurled through the view of handheld cameras, is a parody of the 2008 monster movie, Cloverfield.

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