South Park

Season 12 Episode 11

Pandemic 2 - The Startling

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 29, 2008 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The events of the previous episode are recounted as Craig Tucker is writing down his thoughts and continues slamming the other boys at every opportunity. The boy's plane has landed in Peru, but there is no one there to meet them. The pilots get on their radio, but they only hear some of the guinea pig carnage going on back home. In Colorado, Randy is still covering the devastation with his video camera a la Cloverfield. News reports indicate there are guinea pig attacks all over the world. A guinea pig breaks into the Marsh home as the family flees. Back in Peru, Stan tries to figure out what is going on and the pilots admit to him that anything they've done based on the orders of the director of Homeland Security hasn't made sense. Stan asks if they can be flown back home, only to be told that they don't have enough fuel. To find another way out of there the pilots and the boys start wandering through a remote area of Peru. Craig again says what's on his mind, but Cartman reminds him that no one likes a complainer. In Washington DC the guinea pig problem has been a distraction, but the director of Homeland Security still demands that all the pan flute bands be sent on a boat to Guantanamo Bay. The Marsh family is on the run, with a startled Randy documenting it from every angle. In Peru, the pilots and the boys find themselves in a "Land of the Giants / Lost World" with giant peaches, apples and beehives. Craig again dresses down the boys for the situation they are in, when suddenly the pilots are attacked by something. The boys run off and are now on their own. In South Park the Marsh family meets the Stotch family on top of the roof of a Best Buy. Now they are being attacked by giant bees. The bees look like guinea pigs in bee costumes. In Peru the boys find an ancient temple and go inside, bringing along a reluctant Craig. They find a wall of ancient drawings that documents exactly what is happening out in the real world, pan flute bands arrested and the rise of the guinea pigs. In the final drawing they see a figure that looks just like Craig. Much to his delight the director of Homeland Security gets a report that they've lost complete control. The director wants to go to Machu Picchu in Peru. In the grocery store, the Marsh & Stotch families and others are attacked by guinea rabbits and guinea mice. They make their way to the storeroom, where Randy startles himself yet again. In the temple the boys find an awesome passage, which they want to check out. Craig decides he is not going to be part of this anymore and leaves. The boys follow him out. Craig indicates that he likes it "nice and boring". It's been three days and the Marsh family has taken shelter at the Outback Steakhouse. Outside there is a "Guineasarus Rex" that really startles Randy. Sharon has had enough and grabs the camera from Randy. In Machu Picchu, Peru the director of Homeland Security pees on a statue of Incan god screaming that nothing can stop him, when Craig turns up, followed by our boys. The director wants them captured, but Stan explains what they found at the temple, raising doubts amongst the soldiers present. The director explains what's going on and tells the boys they are all going to die; this causes one of the soldiers to shoot him. Then the director reveals his true nature, he is a guinea pirate in disguise. Craig promises to walk away and not ruin the plan, but he steps of something, which causes sparks to shoot out of his eyes and it subdues the guinea pirate. Craig Tucker, sums up all that has happened, including the release of the pan flute bands and their successful driving of the guinea creatures back to Peru. Randy realizes that he never had a tape in his camera; all his precious video was never recorded. The guinea pirate was locked away and Peruvian pan flute bands are now flourishing around the world. Craig learned to never listen when people come asking for money. In Washington DC the new director of Homeland Security learns that his predecessor has escaped; the guinea prisoner is on the loose!