South Park

Season 12 Episode 11

Pandemic 2 - The Startling

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 29, 2008 on Comedy Central

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  • startlingly fun


    doneA show of supreme quality, very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very (apologies, the former review has been moved to a new home, soon you will all be given the key) very very very veryvery very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very enjoyable. A must-see.

  • good

    What I liked: Craig continuously showing his disdain of being on this adventure with Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman, Stan saying Craig is being a dick, and then Craig recounts all the stuff that has been going on, South Park being attacked by guinea pigs, including guinea rabbits, guinea bees, amongst other things.

    Good episode. I don't hate it as much as most people do, but it's still far from a great episode. It has some good laughs and an OK plot, but the execution is mostly crap. So my final grade is going to be in the "C" range, I think is fair
  • Well It isn't perfect, or that good, but it was funny and that's what counts.

    After seeing the first few episodes of this half of the season I didn't have high hopes with this episode. it seems that two episodes back they were going back to the way they did things in the first two seasons, and in the last episode they went with a parody and a outlook on the series itself which I thought was funny but predictable as many shows that go this long evenually have at least one episode that questions the logic or the way things usually play out.

    this episode did meet what I expected, I was laughing at the "twist" in the last episode more than anything else in the last few episodes and this one poured on so much it was starting to feel milked epsecally at this episodes end joke which I feel fell flat.

    still I did laugh for a while with the first half of this episode, and I thought the parodies of Cloverfield and touching a few others like REC were pretty cool.

    although if they keep episodes at this level the series will evenually fall and be canceled I doubt south park will go lower than this as even episodes like this one end up being greatly entertaining for at least the first watch.

    hopefully Trey and Matt will make some really hilarious stuff in the future episodes but I wouldn't mind if the rest of the season was Mediocre because they already got so good having one or two "off" seasons isn't going to hurt them.
  • in a continuation of the first episode of a two part homage to Cloverfield, damn guinea pigs, and guinea wasps and guinea everything, attack earth....terrible episode ensues...

    easily one of the worst episodes I've ever seen. Not funny, very very unfunny....the camera views ala Cloverfield, don't add anything to the episode viscerally, they in fact adds an unwanted annoying aspect that helped add to the overall mediocre feel of this episode. It has a certain slapped together at the last second feel to it, and is by far the worst episode I've seen yet of this usually awesome series. Instead of the usually great multi-episode epics we've come to love, this for sure brings the average for this season down....poor...very very poor. If given a choice between watching this and watching one of my family members being eaten by some kind of large predatory animal, I'd just barely choose this episode, just barely.....wait no I'd rather watch a loved one being killed and eaten...that might just be funnier.....
  • stupid

    The episode opens with a monologue by Craig, explaining what had happened in the previous episode. Craig ends his monologue when he is shown writing in a notebook after landing in a supposed rendezvous point with two pilots, and the other four boys.
    The screen then phases to Colorado with Randy, Sharon and Shelly hiding from the guinea pigs in their home, with Randy still videotaping the events.
    Guinea pigs are shown to be attacking all around the world. A guinea pig then crashes through the wall, and the Marsh family seek refuge in a damaged bus.
    Meanwhile the pilot and co-pilot along with the five boys, figuring out their "meet at Peru" plan doesn't make any sense, decide to walk through the jungle since their plane has run out of fuel. They soon discover a giant area, filled with giant fruit and honeycombs. The two pilots are killed by Baby Guinea pig bee larva; the boys then flee.
    The focus shifts back to the Marsh family now seeking refugee on a Best Buy rooftop along with others when a new type of guinea pigs dubbed "guinea bees" (the live action guinea pigs wearing bee costumes; all the guinea creatures are likewise guinea pigs wearing various costumes) get to the roof, causing the people to flee into the supermarket itself. Randy begins to frantically film around the group. Suddenly the market is attacked by "guinea rabbits" and a "guinea mouse". They then flee into a storeroom.
    The episode returns to Craig and the boys, as they find a temple in the jungle. Inside, they find drawings depicting a prophecy and detailing all the events that have occurred within the previous episode. They discover from this that the Peruvian flute bands were essential to keeping the guinea pigs within the jungle. Yet one day it was told that the flute bands would be captured and the guinea pigs would be free. Finally, it shows a picture of Craig repelling a guinea pig.
  • dumb as hell.

    really bad. even worse than part one. seriously if they are doing this they're running out of good ideas. lets throw together a sucky episode about peru, giant guinea pigs, and pan flute bands, and lets make it some government conspiracy and lets have randy scream into a camera to be funny. that is what the writers were thinking when they made this atrocity. really south park get your head out of your butt for lack of better words and get to making quality episode that have seemed to be devoid of this season with maybe one or two exceptions.
  • not any good.

    Mediocre episode, lack of innovations or inspiration. I am one of those ppl that usually like what others call mediocre.... but this one is trully mediocre. Actually the last trilogy (imaginationland) was also not that great, but this one, pfff.

    The first sequel was somewhat better than this, but this one has a huge (and i mean huge) stall. Bad guys, huge plots with USA army leaders, i never really liked South Park's hollywood type episodes. And something last but not least, how am i supposed to fill 100 words in order to write this review? You tell me, HOW?
  • As giant guinea pigs attac cities all over the world, the boys and Craig are stuck in deep Peru, where Craig unknowingly holds the key to stopping the terror. Sorry to say, one of the weakest 'South Park's I've seen in a long time...

    Oh dear. Where to start...

    I know this one really splits the vote, but this is one of my least favourite episodes for a long time. I wasn't looking forward to it after part one, but at least hoped that things would pick up in part two. Sadly, it was as bad as I had feared.

    Straight away I will point out one problem with this episode, in that it is very much a 'Cloverfield' parody, and I haven't actually seen that movie (yet). Unlike some other 'South Park' parodies, it seems to revolve quite a lot on seeing that movie – and that's one problem; ordinarily, they'd at least throw some jokes in that everyone would get.

    And as others have commented, why 'Cloverfield'; why now? It's not exactly a recent movie, and there is plenty of other stuff happening in the world right now (economical situations, for one) that surely would have been much more ripe for the picking than this weak effort.

    As I hope my past reviews will reflect, I try to find good in even the weakest 'South Park' (heck, I even liked stuff such as 'Britney's New Look'!), but I'm sad to say that I found this story very uninteresting and dragged out.
    The whole story could have just as well been done in an average single episode – I have no idea why they thought it would be a good idea to stretch it out into a two-parter, other than maybe the expense of the graphics, and mixing in live-action guinea pigs (which, by the by, got very old very quickly).

    Where were the gags? Things like Randy filming everything got old after about thirty seconds, and even things that had potential to be funny, such as Craig stopping the threat, whether he intended to or not, just felt unusually flat and rather dull to me. The ending felt very rushed (though that's not a bad thing as it got it over and done with), and I just didn't get much out of the episode at all.

    The whole episode is VERY repetitive, and please don't say there's going to be a sequel (as hinted at, at the end). I think this may well be my least favourite of all of 'South Park's multi-parters. Although some of the past efforts have been quite good, as I said in my review for part one, I generally find that single, self-contained episodes work much better, and look forward to returning to them next week.

    Like I say, I usually find good in even the weakest 'South Park's, but this is, in my opinion, one of the weakest for a long time.
  • Good Episode!!

    This episode was funny, but i think it was kind of stupid with the Guinea Pigs, but thats what makes South Park funny... It was how Randy was filming everything, which was irritating evryone around him(It reminded me of that Film Qurantine....)
    When the boys got to Peru Stan explains that this whole "meet at Peru" plan doesn't make sense, and the pilots agree.. Than they walk throu a jungle with huge things, and when they go to the honey combs, but quickly run away from the area, when the pilots are attacked by 'bees' and are killed. Than they just go somwhere and Craig keeps remarking them... After that he decides that es no longer following them so he cant get into trouble, and the boys follow him.. When they get to scene and the Homeland Security head orders the guards that came with him to shoot at the boys, claiming that they too are Peruvian flute bands and must be stopped. Stan then explains that they are not a Peruvian flute band, and tell that Craig and the bands are the only forces which could stop the guinea pigs.. So Craid does nothing and acually he stops the villan bby shooting laser from he eyes.. At the end it was really funny how Randy Finished his filming and realised that he never put any tape
  • Good old south park

    I thought this episode was the most funny one so far this half of the season you gotta love the ginni bee and thr ginni pirate lol but my only complaint with the episode was you didnt see much of the boys which was kinda annoying as every time they was on screen they just didnt do anything i would of liked to have seen butters in the mix as i thought it would of made for a much better episode but it was still a really good episode one to be watched over and over again so 10 out of 10 from me.
  • Sequel to Pandemic.....some paraody of cloverfield....who cares

    I dont no where southpark is going this second half of the season....every episode has been pitaful...I have a feeling that mat and trey dont even want to make episodes any more....for example when craig points out the flaws of the boys and how he doesn't want to continue on the adventure....also in the first episode of the second half of the season...kyle states "how he can't do this anymore".....they are only signed on for another season after this and maybe they are trying to get out....regardless I believe they've lost there touch and should take a year off.....possible have a sit down with tony robbins and sort there series out before it ends up weaker than family guy......This episode is extremely pointless and theres no reason to do a cloverfield paraody...they need to get back to the basics of southpark and do simple episodes....ive never made a post before but I felt after seeing the first 4 episodes of the second part of season 12 I had to voice my opinion.....but dont get me wrong I love southpark to death....Im just sad to see it go this route....and finally any retard that thinks the second half of season 12 was any good at all has no taste for southpark and needs a reality check.

  • The Thrilling Conclusion of Pandemic

    As we continue from the episode, Pandemic, we find the boys and Craig somewhat at the Andres Mountain wanting to go back home in South Park. Unfortunately, the two guards from Homeland Security couldn't return the boy home because there isn't enough fuel in their jet to fly back to South Park. It begins with Craig narrating and referring to the previous episode and how he should've never joined Stan, Kyle, Kenny and the fat ass in another one of their easy-money-making venture. Craig continues to break the fourth wall about how much he despises hanging out with the four boys.

    Meanwhile back in South Park, Randy proceeds to record everything tragic moment that involves giant guinea pigs rampaging. Comparing to the Blair Witch Project, the low-budget top-grossing movie, Stan's idiot of a dad points the stupid camera at his family, friends, other people who don't even know, and himself while the guinea pigs kill everybody and destroy everything in sight. The part where one of the giant furry monsters of death was devouring on the guy's arm and the other showed a man dying from a huge broke stinger to the abs. As the startling continues in South Park, Randy forgot to shed tears while filming himself to the part where he becomes startled. It was really when Sharon got so pissed off that she punched Randy and his camera because she could no longer stand having to do with her stupid husband's recording sessions.

    The boys and Craig wander around in the middle of Peru only to find themselves in a land of giant things. The peaches, apples, spider webs, and honeycombs were so huge that they should use them for props in a movie rather than making fake ones. The two Homeland Security guards were grabbed by giant guinea pigs dressed like honeybees offscreen. Then when the four boys found an ancient temple, Stan suggest they should investigate, and Craig continues to rant monotonously about how the guys are constantly experiencing dire situations. After entering the temple, the guys found an ancient inscription on the wall. First, it states why the Peruvian pan flute bands play their music everywhere in the world. Next, the inscription shows that the Peruvian flute bands are trying to protect the world from giant guinea pigs, guinea bees, guinea panthers, and other guinea monsters. Then, it shows that Craig is said to be the defender against the evil guinea pig master. Craig could no longer follow the boys any farther. He begins to walk out of the temple and to the middle of nowhere in Peru. The boys began to follow Craig to somewhere until they reached to the ancient ruins where the giant gold statue of the Peruvian god stands. When the boys, once again, meet Michael Chertoff, the Director of Homeland Security reveals himself to be a giant evil guinea pig in a pirate costume. Craig didn't really want to have anything to do with Chertoff's evil schemes to destroy the world. But when Craig stood on top of what appears to be a cylindrical stone, a beam of light energy shines on Craig, he shoots white glowing rays out from his eyes, and stops the evil guinea pirate.

    As Craig concludes the episode, he learns that nobody can control what happens all the time and how we should avoid making mistakes, especially if it has to do with the four guys trying to make easy money. The ending was really good because I like seeing how Craig handles a situation when the guys attempted to recruit him once again in a Mexican salsa band as they never learn from their mistakes. He just simply slams the door in front of the boys whom nobody at school likes hanging out with them and the boys were totally pissed how Craig is such a jerk. It's too bad that there isn't going to be part three of Pandemic. I find this second part episode of Pandemic to be really great and hopefully Trey Parker and Matt Stone will make more multi-part episodes soon.