South Park

Season 12 Episode 11

Pandemic 2 - The Startling

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 29, 2008 on Comedy Central

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  • The Thrilling Conclusion of Pandemic

    As we continue from the episode, Pandemic, we find the boys and Craig somewhat at the Andres Mountain wanting to go back home in South Park. Unfortunately, the two guards from Homeland Security couldn't return the boy home because there isn't enough fuel in their jet to fly back to South Park. It begins with Craig narrating and referring to the previous episode and how he should've never joined Stan, Kyle, Kenny and the fat ass in another one of their easy-money-making venture. Craig continues to break the fourth wall about how much he despises hanging out with the four boys.

    Meanwhile back in South Park, Randy proceeds to record everything tragic moment that involves giant guinea pigs rampaging. Comparing to the Blair Witch Project, the low-budget top-grossing movie, Stan's idiot of a dad points the stupid camera at his family, friends, other people who don't even know, and himself while the guinea pigs kill everybody and destroy everything in sight. The part where one of the giant furry monsters of death was devouring on the guy's arm and the other showed a man dying from a huge broke stinger to the abs. As the startling continues in South Park, Randy forgot to shed tears while filming himself to the part where he becomes startled. It was really when Sharon got so pissed off that she punched Randy and his camera because she could no longer stand having to do with her stupid husband's recording sessions.

    The boys and Craig wander around in the middle of Peru only to find themselves in a land of giant things. The peaches, apples, spider webs, and honeycombs were so huge that they should use them for props in a movie rather than making fake ones. The two Homeland Security guards were grabbed by giant guinea pigs dressed like honeybees offscreen. Then when the four boys found an ancient temple, Stan suggest they should investigate, and Craig continues to rant monotonously about how the guys are constantly experiencing dire situations. After entering the temple, the guys found an ancient inscription on the wall. First, it states why the Peruvian pan flute bands play their music everywhere in the world. Next, the inscription shows that the Peruvian flute bands are trying to protect the world from giant guinea pigs, guinea bees, guinea panthers, and other guinea monsters. Then, it shows that Craig is said to be the defender against the evil guinea pig master. Craig could no longer follow the boys any farther. He begins to walk out of the temple and to the middle of nowhere in Peru. The boys began to follow Craig to somewhere until they reached to the ancient ruins where the giant gold statue of the Peruvian god stands. When the boys, once again, meet Michael Chertoff, the Director of Homeland Security reveals himself to be a giant evil guinea pig in a pirate costume. Craig didn't really want to have anything to do with Chertoff's evil schemes to destroy the world. But when Craig stood on top of what appears to be a cylindrical stone, a beam of light energy shines on Craig, he shoots white glowing rays out from his eyes, and stops the evil guinea pirate.

    As Craig concludes the episode, he learns that nobody can control what happens all the time and how we should avoid making mistakes, especially if it has to do with the four guys trying to make easy money. The ending was really good because I like seeing how Craig handles a situation when the guys attempted to recruit him once again in a Mexican salsa band as they never learn from their mistakes. He just simply slams the door in front of the boys whom nobody at school likes hanging out with them and the boys were totally pissed how Craig is such a jerk. It's too bad that there isn't going to be part three of Pandemic. I find this second part episode of Pandemic to be really great and hopefully Trey Parker and Matt Stone will make more multi-part episodes soon.