South Park

Season 12 Episode 11

Pandemic 2 - The Startling

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 29, 2008 on Comedy Central

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  • As giant guinea pigs attac cities all over the world, the boys and Craig are stuck in deep Peru, where Craig unknowingly holds the key to stopping the terror. Sorry to say, one of the weakest 'South Park's I've seen in a long time...

    Oh dear. Where to start...

    I know this one really splits the vote, but this is one of my least favourite episodes for a long time. I wasn't looking forward to it after part one, but at least hoped that things would pick up in part two. Sadly, it was as bad as I had feared.

    Straight away I will point out one problem with this episode, in that it is very much a 'Cloverfield' parody, and I haven't actually seen that movie (yet). Unlike some other 'South Park' parodies, it seems to revolve quite a lot on seeing that movie – and that's one problem; ordinarily, they'd at least throw some jokes in that everyone would get.

    And as others have commented, why 'Cloverfield'; why now? It's not exactly a recent movie, and there is plenty of other stuff happening in the world right now (economical situations, for one) that surely would have been much more ripe for the picking than this weak effort.

    As I hope my past reviews will reflect, I try to find good in even the weakest 'South Park' (heck, I even liked stuff such as 'Britney's New Look'!), but I'm sad to say that I found this story very uninteresting and dragged out.
    The whole story could have just as well been done in an average single episode – I have no idea why they thought it would be a good idea to stretch it out into a two-parter, other than maybe the expense of the graphics, and mixing in live-action guinea pigs (which, by the by, got very old very quickly).

    Where were the gags? Things like Randy filming everything got old after about thirty seconds, and even things that had potential to be funny, such as Craig stopping the threat, whether he intended to or not, just felt unusually flat and rather dull to me. The ending felt very rushed (though that's not a bad thing as it got it over and done with), and I just didn't get much out of the episode at all.

    The whole episode is VERY repetitive, and please don't say there's going to be a sequel (as hinted at, at the end). I think this may well be my least favourite of all of 'South Park's multi-parters. Although some of the past efforts have been quite good, as I said in my review for part one, I generally find that single, self-contained episodes work much better, and look forward to returning to them next week.

    Like I say, I usually find good in even the weakest 'South Park's, but this is, in my opinion, one of the weakest for a long time.