South Park

Season 12 Episode 11

Pandemic 2 - The Startling

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 29, 2008 on Comedy Central

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  • stupid

    The episode opens with a monologue by Craig, explaining what had happened in the previous episode. Craig ends his monologue when he is shown writing in a notebook after landing in a supposed rendezvous point with two pilots, and the other four boys.
    The screen then phases to Colorado with Randy, Sharon and Shelly hiding from the guinea pigs in their home, with Randy still videotaping the events.
    Guinea pigs are shown to be attacking all around the world. A guinea pig then crashes through the wall, and the Marsh family seek refuge in a damaged bus.
    Meanwhile the pilot and co-pilot along with the five boys, figuring out their "meet at Peru" plan doesn't make any sense, decide to walk through the jungle since their plane has run out of fuel. They soon discover a giant area, filled with giant fruit and honeycombs. The two pilots are killed by Baby Guinea pig bee larva; the boys then flee.
    The focus shifts back to the Marsh family now seeking refugee on a Best Buy rooftop along with others when a new type of guinea pigs dubbed "guinea bees" (the live action guinea pigs wearing bee costumes; all the guinea creatures are likewise guinea pigs wearing various costumes) get to the roof, causing the people to flee into the supermarket itself. Randy begins to frantically film around the group. Suddenly the market is attacked by "guinea rabbits" and a "guinea mouse". They then flee into a storeroom.
    The episode returns to Craig and the boys, as they find a temple in the jungle. Inside, they find drawings depicting a prophecy and detailing all the events that have occurred within the previous episode. They discover from this that the Peruvian flute bands were essential to keeping the guinea pigs within the jungle. Yet one day it was told that the flute bands would be captured and the guinea pigs would be free. Finally, it shows a picture of Craig repelling a guinea pig.