South Park

Season 12 Episode 11

Pandemic 2 - The Startling

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 29, 2008 on Comedy Central



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  • Quotes

    • Head of Homeland Security: (to Craig) Damn you Craig! You just don't ever stop do you!?

    • Craig: (narrating) My name is Craig Tucker. Last week, I stopped the Guinea Pirate from taking over the Earth. All the Peruvian flute bands were released, and drove the guinea creatures back to the Andes mountain. Many people have died, but mankind had prevailed. All over the world, survivors were found, living witnesses to the terror that had been seen. The Guinea Pirate lived, but was taken to prison to live out the rest of his days. And people all over the world learn to support their local Peruvian flute bands and buy their CDs for they protect us from the guinea creatures. As for me, I was returned home by Homeland Security. My parents were so happy. I realized that we don't always have control over what happen to us. We are but players on the stage of life. And I also learned to never listen when people come asking you for money.
      (Craig slams the door in front of Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman dressed up as a mariachi band)
      Cartman: That guy's an asshole!
      Kyle: Yeah, what a dick!
      Kenny: (muffled) I f***ing hate Craig!

    • Craig: (narrating) My name is Craig Tucker. Last week was my birthday. My grandma gave a check for a hundred dollars. I was so happy. But then, four kids from school came to my house and said I should use my hundred dollars to invest in becoming a Peruvian flute band. They promised I would double my money in one afternoon, but the government arrested us along with all the other Peruvian flute bands, and took us to the internment camp in Miami. We begged to go home, but instead, the government said they were sending us to Peru. And so that is why I am now in Peru. If I die, let it be known that it is because four guys I don't even like from school lied to me and took my birthday money.
      Stan: We didn't lie to you, Craig, it was a sweet idea!
      Kyle: Yeah, how are we supposed to know that the flute bands would be outlawed?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Tomb Raider: The area with rope bridges and waterfalls is similar to the Laura Croft game series. The music as they enter is also modeled after the game.

    • Cloverfield:

      This episode continues to parody Cloverfield, with the aspects of mass destruction of towns by large, unstoppable monsters.

      It also has a scene from REC, or it's American remake: Quarintine.

    • Brand-Name Stores:

      Both Outback Steakhouse and Best Buy are mentioned by name in this episode. Although they used the term Nerd Patrol instead of Geek Squad as Best Buy's technical specialists.

    • Times Square:

      In the shots of Times Square, NY various allusions to advertisements can be seen. Including Cucci, a play on the high-end clothing store Gucci, as well as D-Mobile, a reference to the cellular service, T-Mobile. There are also signs for the Broadway show Hairspray.

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