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Un-aired and longer version of "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe."

Kenny dies when he's run over by Officer Barbrady, but Kenny reappears in the end when the boys are waiting for the school bus.

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  • The first real episode. The unaired version

    This episode was only shown on comedy central once. It was 3 weeks after the first episode aired. Then wen you resevered season 3 of south park at best buy you got the disk with the episode. This episode is really hard to see but is really great. I partically liked the whole B story they took out in the real version about Pip. The animation isnt that great in this episode, but wat do you excpect they used construction paper cutouts and drawn Backgrounds. But this was a pretty good episode that should of aired instead of the real one.moreless
  • I liked the real pilot a whole lot more then this one.

    This is just like the original pilot but there are some things different.Nurse Thera is here and some other details but the worst thing is Cartmans father and sister. I am so happy that this was not the original pilot because i like Cartmans family the way it is now and his mother being a hermafrodite.There is no eighty foot satellite dish wich i really like and the whole pilot is looking different then the original ... it looks just like Spirit of Christmas Jesus Vs. Santa ...they had there and here strange mouth... i like it more the way it is now. So this is a classic episode but official pilot is better as it aired instead of this one.moreless
  • Better than the show that aired.

    Classic though the original episode may be, I love this version even more. I was amused to see that the Nurse and the Fifth Graders made their first appearences here, especially since the Nurse didn't have her characteristic conjoined twin-fetus dangling from her face. She is referred to as Nurse Schwartz, instead of Nurse Golem, and has pretty much the same voice as Mrs. Crabtree, but is otherwise the same character seen in the later episode. I suppose from an editorial standpoint that it makes sense to have eliminated the scenes with both the Fifth Graders and the Nurse because with those scenes in place in is unclear why Cartman is farting fire. In the aired version of the episode it seems that Cartman's firey ailment is a consequence of the device implanted in his rectum (which the Cancelled episode suggests is malfunctioning). In the pilot, it seems as if eating three hot tamales causes the firey gas problem. Suspension of disbelief only takes you so far. Mecha Streisand, Lemmiwinks, and aliens are believable. Somehow tamales making eric fart fire is not.moreless
Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Herbert Garrison; Officer Barbrady; Terrance; Timmy; Ned Gerblanski; Satan; Randy Ma

Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Gerald Broflovski; Pip Pirrup; Jesus; Jimbo Kearn; Phillip; Saddam; Various Others

Mary Kay Bergman

Mary Kay Bergman

Voice of Wendy Testaburger; Liane Cartman; Sheila Broflovski; Sharon Marsh; Mrs. McKormick; Mayor McDaniels; Ms. Crabtree; Princ

Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes

Voice of Jerome "Chef" McElroy

Franchesca Clifford

Franchesca Clifford

Voice of Liane Cartman

Guest Star

Rochelle Leffler

Rochelle Leffler

Voice of Wendy Testaburger

Guest Star

Karri Turner

Karri Turner

Voice of Ms. Crabtree

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Jesus throws the fireball at Santa it hits Santas shoulder dead on, then goes right through it, but Santa shows nothing that would indicate that it hit him, infering that the fireball was not intended to hit Santa.

    • When Wendy's head is shown front, her hair is long. When her head is showing left or right, her hair is little bit shorter.

      This is probably because this episode was made out of construction paper, and almost everything in the episode looks slightly different.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Stan: Whatever you fat bitch!
      Ms. Crabtree: WHAT DID YOU SAY?!
      Stan: I said I have a bad itch.

    • Pip: 'ello gentlemen, any of you know what's for lunch today? (silence) Lunchie munchies mmm?
      Cartman: Go away, Pip! Nobody likes you!
      Stan: Yeah! What kind of name is 'Pip' anyway??
      Pip: My father named me Philip, and my Christian name Pirrip my infan…
      Cartman: God Dammit! Will you shut the hell up!? Nobody gives a rat's ass!
      Stan: Yeah go away Pip!
      Pip: Right-o (he walks away)
      Cartman: Them French people piss me off!

    • Wendy: Here, Stan. This is for you. (Hands Stan a note. Stan throws up) Eww!
      Kyle and Cartman: Bye, Wendy.
      Kyle: Dude, what does the note say?
      Stan: Holy crap! It says she wants to meet me at Stark's Pond after school.
      Kyle: Whoa! Maybe you can kiss her.
      Cartman: Or slip her the tongue.
      Kenny: (or look at the cat on her feet, then touch her)
      Stan: What? How do you know she has a cat?

    • Officer Barbrady: I just want you boys to know that absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happened here in South Park last night.
      Kyle: We know about the visitors, Officer Barbrady. You don't have to cover them up to us.
      Officer Barbrady: Visotors? Huhuhuh. That's a hoot! Say, you guys haven't seen a herd of cattle around here, have you?
      Stan: No. Did you ask those people over there? (Four aliens are seen in a field of cattle carcasses)
      Officer Barbrady: Yeah, they didn't know anything.

    • (At the schoolbus, day after Kenny died)
      Stan: Gee, the bus'll be here any minute, and Cartman still isn't around.
      Kyle: Yeah, we're running out of friends.
      Kenny: muffled Hi guys, what's goin' on?
      Stan: Oh. Hey Kenny.
      Kyle: Hey, you're looking pretty good, Kenny.
      Kenny: muffled Thanks.

    • Mr. Garrison: Okay Mr. Hat, why don't we talk to the children about Columbus' uterus? Mr. Hat? Oh great, now Mr. Hat's all pissed off!
      Kyle: F**k Mr. Hat!
      Mr. Garrison: No, no, no. F**k you!

    • Chef: Hello, there, children.
      Boys: Hey, Chef.
      Chef: How are you doing?
      Kyle: Bad.
      Chef: Why bad?
      Kyle: Chef, have you ever had something happen to you, but nobody believed you?
      Chef: Oh, children, children, that's a problem we've all had to face at some time or another. Here, let me sing you a little song. It might clear things up.
      "I'm gonna make love to ya woman
      gonna lay you down by the fire
      And caress your womanly body
      make ya moan and perspire
      Stan: Uh, Chef.
      Chef continuing his singing: "...Eget those juices flowin'..."
      Stan: Chef!
      Chef: "...we're makin' love gravy..."
      Stan: Chef!
      Chef: " gravy, love, love, love, love, love GRAVIH!"
      Stan: Chef!
      Chef: "...Love lo-- (Stops singing) huh? (Silence) Now, do you feel better?
      Kyle: No!
      Chef: Oh, come on children, what could be so bad? It's Salisbury steak day.
      Stan: Visitors took Kyle's baby brother.
      Chef: What?!? What the hell do you think you're doing in school eatin' Salisbury steak?! Go find him damn it!
      Kyle: Our teacher won't let us out of school. He thinks we're making it up.
      Cartman: You are making it up.
      Chef: Uh - you can pretend you're sick. They'll send you home if you're sick.
      Kyle: Nurse McSchwartz won't send you home unless you have a fever!
      Chef: Uhuh-a fever. Uuuuuh hold on now hold on now. (Wanders away, talking to himself)Uhyouyouyou gotta help the children.
      Cartman: You guys sure are going a long ways to try and scare me. I want my Salisbury steak!
      Chef: (Bringing some tamales) Okay, okay. Just each of you eat one of these. They're Chef's special extra-hot tamales. They'll raise your temperature long enough to get you all out of school.
      Stan: Rad! Killer! Thanks, Chef.
      Chef: Just be careful with those, now. They'll make you breathe fire!

    • Kyle: Vi--visitors, this morning you took my little brother, Ike. He's the little freckled kid that looks like a football. At first, I was happy you took him away. But I've learned something today. That having a little brother is a pretty special thing.
      Stan: Yeah.
      Kyle: Ah, heck, Mr. Visitors, I'm just a kid all alone in this crazy world, but if you could find it in your hearts or whatever you have, to give my brother back to me, it sure would make my life brighter again.
      Stan: That was beautiful, dude.
      Kyle: Did it work?
      Stan: No, they're leaving.
      Kyle: Hey, you scrawny-eyed (beep), what the (beep) is wrong with you?! You must be some kind of (beep) to be able to ignore a crying child!
      Stan: Whoa, dude!
      Kyle: You know what you (beep) like! You like to (beep) and (beep) and (beep) and (beep) and (beep) and (beep)!
      Stan: Hey Wendy, what's a (beep)?

  • NOTES (12)

    • This Episode marks the first apearance of Butters, but only as and extra.

      Les Cleypool walks through South Park throughout.
      Every time the boys say their lines the staff credits appear.
      1.On "I'm goin' down to South Park, gonna have myself a time", Les walks past the billboard with the clip from "The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs. Santa"
      2.On "Friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation", Stan and Kyle appear pop up and say their line.
      3.On "Goin' down to South Park, gonna leave my woes behind", Mr.Hankey bounces on screen. Les walks past South Park Elementary.
      4.On "Ample parking day or night, people spouting,"Howdy,neighbour!"",Cartman appears on screen and says his line.
      5.On "Headin' on up to South Park, gonna see if I can't unwind", Chef appears on screen.
      6.On "I like women with big vaginas.I'm also a fan of big, fat, titties.", Kenny appears on screen and mumbles his line.
      7.On "Come on down to South Park town and meet some friends of mine.", three pink rabbits appear on screen, Les walks past a rainbow, and the pilot begins.

      1. From the back window of the bus Kyle yells at his brother to go home.
      2.The farmer mentions a government cover-up.
      3.Mr.Garrison mentions Christopher Columbus' uterus, Kyle disses Mr.Hat, and Mr.Garrison returns the dis.
      4.The name of the nurse: Thera McSchwartz.
      5.Chef's special extra-hot tamales.
      6.Pip going down the slide and flying into the swing support then going to the nurse's office.
      7.The fifth graders, and Cartman's having to eat all the tamales.
      8.Everything that happens in the nurse's office.
      9.Chef driving up to the kids in the forest to see what the kids are doing there.
      10.Chef calling out for the aliens to return and offering them a nice, juicy fat kid.
      11.Cartman's father and sister.
      12.Officer Barbrady asking the boys if they have seen a herd of cows.
      13.Kenny returns, even though his head has been removed from his body and the rats had taken it away.
      14.Ike being kicked once more, and into Cartman's house, no less.
      15.Pip at the bus stop, and Cartman stating that he will kick Pip's ass as soon as he can walk again.
      16."God bless us,every one." has been used in the following Trey and Matt projects: Cannibal! The Musical, Timewarped(Tiny Tim), and Orgazmo(Ben Chapleski/Choda Boy ---Dian Bachar)

      1.The anal probe, and the 80-foot satellite dish that it turns into.
      2.Chef calling out the aliens to return and claiming that we are ready for their wisdom.
      3.The three small ships that come before the mothership when they come for Cartman again.
      4.The aliens talking to the cows, with one of the aliens apologizing for his experimentation on them.
      5.Officer Barbrady catching up to the cows.
      6.The radio device that causes officer Barbrady to sing and dance like Cartman did.
      7.Cartman remembering what happened to him the night before, but as if it were a dream.
      8.Cartman with pinkeye.

      1.In the pilot, the boys walk through a doorway to the cafeteria kitchen hall, where they meet Chef. In subsequent episodes, the kithecn isn't in a hall, but in the cafeteria itself.
      2.Pip's introduction during lunch (it was moved to the episode 105 "An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig")
      3.The kids eat their lunch out on the playground, not in the cafeteria.
      4.Wendy giving Stan her note(and the kids offering their suggestions)on the playground rather than in the cafeteria. The scene was moved to the cafeteria and joined to Stan seeing Wendy for the first time as they wait in line for lunch.
      5.Cartman farting fire in the playground rather than in class and in the cafeteria.
      6.The picture of the human skull on the wall of the nurse's office appears on the wall of the clinic in the episode 107 "Pink Eye".
      7.When the kids wait for the aliens to return, the mothership rises behind Cartman rahter than descends on him.
      8.Live coes, not carcasses all over the field with four aliens standing among them.

      The closing credits start normally, but at the end, a bunch of semi-naked guys in a chorus line appears."Barniff Airlines" is sun. The Comedy Central Logo follows, with one last fart from Cartman.

    • The uncut version of this episode is available in the South Park: Season 2 DVD set on a separate disc as a Best Buy Exclusive. Also of note, it has a droning, drugged out version of the old theme song.

    • M.C. Goldstein and Tupac Schwartz which were credited on screen are just pseudonyms for Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

    • This episode was made with more than 5,000 construction paper cut-outs.

    • This episode took 3 months to make.

    • When Kyle kicks the baby again, this time he goes through Mrs. Cartman's window.

    • The nurse is named Mrs. Schwartz and she doesn't have a dead fetus attached to her head.

    • There's a short dinner scene with Cartman's family, besides his mother Cartman has a father and a sister.

    • There's a deleted scene where Pip slides down the slide and hits his head on the swing set. He eventually has to go to the nurse's office.

    • In this episode the cause of Cartman farting fire was from eating Chef's tamales and no satellite dish popped out of his ass.

    • This episode was 26 minutes in length. Finding out that it was at least 6 minutes too long, the episode was restructured to the "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe" that we know today.